Miles Edgeworth sat in his office, enjoying a well-earned cup of tea after a hard won trial. Suddenly, Edgeworth heard a loud bang. In surprise, he dropped his tea. As he searched for a roll of paper towels, Ema Skye broke down his door.

"Would it kill you to knock?" shouted Miles "I broke my favorite teacup because of you!"

"Edgeworth!" exclaimed Ema Skye, " It's me Ema! What's a prosecutor like you doing in a place like this?

"This is my office!" replied Miles, " and If I recall correctly, you were the one who broke down the door"

"Touché," replied Ema, "I see your infamous logic is still as powerful as ever"

"Ema," started Edgeworth, "even Gumshoe can remember events that happened within the past thirty seconds."

"Whatevs," replied Ema, "Phoenix Wright and some guy named Larry were driving together and got into a horrible car accident! I'm training to be a forensic scientist again, and part of the certification process in this country is an internship at the hospital morgue. I happened to be walking past the E.R when they came in all mangled and bloody!"

"Is this story going to lead to a good reason why you broke down my door?" asked Edgeworth, his features belying his deep concern for his friends. Ema gave him a strange look.

"The doctors were struggling to keep them alive, until I suggested a scientific therapy!" continued Ema, a note of pride creeping into her voice.

"And what was this 'scientific' therapy?" asked Edgeworth impatiently.

"I injected them with illegally obtained DNA!" replied Ema gleefully, "Isn't science amazing?"

"I'll let that comment about the legality of the DNA slide." commented Edgeworth, "How are they doing?"

"Weell," began Ema, "You know how Nick's hair usually has those ridiculous spikes? It's starting to grow into some kind of curtain-cut, kinda like what you have. That Larry guy's is too. I personally think it's an improvement, but the doctor wanted me to tell you"

"Why would the doctor have you tell me specifically?" asked Edgeworth.

"You know how I injected them with stolen DNA?" asked Ema tentatively, "It's yours. I injected Nick and his weird friend with your DNA."

"You injected Phoenix Wright and Larry Butz with my DNA." said Edgeworth, incredulously, "and now they're copying my hairstyle?"

"Pretty much!" replied Ema, "Both of them had all of their hair burnt off, and now it's growing back like yours!"

"Why do you even have my DNA?" asked Edgeworth.

"Wait, doesn't everybody collect your DNA?" asked Ema, "That security lady was pretty intent on purchasing my jar, even though she already had one!"

"Ema," replied Edgeworth with a sigh, "My DNA is not collectible."

"It is to me!" replied Ema. The prosecutor and the young woman stood in an awkward silence for several moments.

"Can you drive me back to the hospital?" asked Ema, "I'm technically still on duty."

"Why not," replied Edgeworth, "I may as well visit my friends."