My name is Lucy Heartfillia, and not so long ago, I transferred from Sabertooth College For The Talented, to the public college Fairytail. Actually, today was my first day, so I guess it really wasn't that long ago. I know, you're probably thinking why I transferred from Sabertooth, the point is actually quite simple.


My father sent me to Sabertooth to learn how to become a successful businesswoman, so one day I could eventually take over the family business. As you could've guessed, I refuse to have any part in it. So I changed colleges to Fairytail, the most outgoing, outrageous, and apparently the most competitive college around. It was located in Magnolia, far away from Sabertooth. Already I loved it. The teachers were supposedly phenomenal, the lunches were apparently edible, and their students were actually tolerable. There was two college dorm houses on the campus, the fraternity, and the sorority houses. But there was one flaw to this haven of a school:

The two were at war.

I woke up like any other day, with the birds chirping outside my window, the blue sky bright outside, but today was different. Today was the first day I was officially a Fairytail student, there first time I'd meet my dorm mates, the first weekend I'd have to explore. I moved in yesterday, which was Friday night. There was no one home exactly, probably out partying, but I just shrugged and lugged my luggage up the stairs to my room.

There was another bed in the room, which I wasn't surprised to see. I shared a room back at Sabertooth with a girl named Minerva, who was a total bitch. I was just praying that the girl that slept in that bed wasn't.

Today, however, was different. Instead of the bed being empty, a girl with short blue hair slept quietly. I silently got up and made my way to the small bathroom we shared. They way the girl decorated it made me feel younger. The bathroom was pastel colors. Baby blue, baby pink, baby yellow tiles, a cream colored wallpaper, tiny little Rilakkuma San-x (You may wanna look it up to see what it is..) bear rugs along with the rest of the set such as the soap dispenser, the toilet dress, shower curtains, even the light switch cover. It was adorable.

I quickly showered and changed into the red shirtsleeved v-neck and black jean shorts I brought in with me. I quickly blow-dried my hair and pulled it into a high ponytail before walking back out to my room. When I opened the door and walked over to my desk, I noticed my roommate was sitting upright, rubbing her left eye and yawning. Her opened brown eye darted around the room. "Wha? What time is it?"

I smiled. "It's only eight. Nice to meet you, I'm Lucy. I would've introduced myself sooner," I tapped my chin. "but you were out last night. Now that I think of it, I think everyone wasn't here last night."

She gave a small smile before yawning again. "I'm Levy. I don't think anyone was here last night because we were all across the street."

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Across the street? Isn't that the fraternity? What was all the girls doing over there at such a late hour?"

Levy got up and walked to the large window in the center of their room, that was now hidden behind white curtains. She pulled one back a little and rubbed her other eye with her free hand. She sighed. "Oh poor innocent Lucy…We don't call it the fraternity, we call it the Dragon's Dungeon. Home of the Dragons. As for what we were doing…" She glanced at me and beamed. "We were pranking!"

She giggled at my confused expression. She sat down on my bed, across from me. "You see, in the beginning of the year, the boys gave us a ginormous present as a peace offering since we were at bad terms for three years. They didn't tell us what it was, just smiled and retreated into their dorms. We opened it in the back yard, at night I think. Oh man Lucy, you shoulda seen how excited we all were to see what the guys got us!" She giggled. "Some of us were jumping up and down, others were whispering back and forth about what our guesses were, so when Erza opened the huge gift to fifty squealing, muddy pigs, you coulda guessed the outcome. Now, we're at war."

I nodded. "It seems reasonable…but why do you call them dragons? Where the heck did that come from?"

Levy shrugged, venturing into the bathroom. On her way, she explained everything. "Simple, dragons are huge, hideous, murderous creatures. We only gave the boys their proper names."

I nodded again, slower than last time. Processing everything, I looked up at Levy before she shut the bathroom door behind her. "So what are we?"

Levy looked at me, her eyes filled with proudness. Before she shut the door behind her, she exclaimed her response with confidence. "We're the Fairies. Welcome to Fairy Falls, my dear Lucy!"

Once Levy was done showering, and changed out of her pink and white polka dotted pajamas, she led me out into the hallway. She grinned at me as she quickly slid on her green light jogging jacket over her white tank top. She didn't zipper it up. "You're going to love it here! The girls are all like family!"

She pulled down her short jean shorts. I glanced over the rail that alined the circular hallway. There was only one stairway that led up to the second floor, it led up to a hallway that wrapped around in a circular motion, a rail lining the outer floor. She peered down to the second floor where girls were talking and walking behind the stairway. Before I could ask, Levy appeared next to her and answered her question. "They're all going to breakfast."

She peered over the rail and her face lit up as a white haired girl walked by. Levy almost fell over the railing from leaning over too much. "Mira! Mira! Mira come quick!"

The white haired girl turned around and her blue eyes met us. She gave a kind smile and waved. "Good morning, Levy!"

She looked at me, confused. "Oh, who's this? Another Fairy?"

Levy nodded quickly. "Yes! This is Lucy, my new roommate!" She nudged me. "Go on, tell her!"

I smiled and waved. "Hi, I hope we can become friends, and you all will welcome me into your family of Fairies!"

Mira smiled and motioned us to come to her. "Nice to meet you Lucy! I would come quick you two, breakfast is already being served. If you want to get a non-burnt pancake, you may want to hurry!"

The weather here was beautiful. Since Magnolia was its best in the Summer, the sun always shone, and the temperature never dropped from 90 degrees. Meanwhile, it was snowing at Sabertooth. I seemed to take a liking to Fairytail better...

I stretched out my arms, as I laid in the grass, looking up at the clouds as they drifted by. I wondered how pissed off my dad was right now, he probably got the memo that I transferred colleges by now, and I would pay to see his reaction. It made me a little upset I want there to witness it first hand.


I sat upright at the peppy voice. Levy was running towards me, a flash of red following behind her. When she got to me, she smiled brightly even though she was breathing hard. "This is Erza, most of us call her Titiana, Queen of all Fairies."

I smiled at the girl behind me. "Nice to meet you, I'm Lucy."

Erza walked next to Levy, her long red hair trailing behind her. "Nice to meet you, Lucy. Tell me, how are you enjoying Fairy Falls so far? Had any trouble with the Dragons?"

I shook my head while she scanned the back yard with her brown eyes. "Hmm. This is unlike them. They're too quiet. I knew it! They're up to something over there!"

Levy shook her head and smiled. "Just because we haven't heard anything from them after we pranked them Thursday doesn't mean they're up to something. We even checked by sneaking over there last night to see if we could get them twice."

Erza tapped her chin, a dumb look plastered on her face. "Yes, we did, but they were all sleeping. It was unusual for them, it was a Friday. That's when they're all up until four in the morning."

I watched as Levy tapped her chin along with Erza. The bluenette shook her head. "You're right! This doesn't make any sense! Every friday they stay up late, planning something devious, so why were they all asleep at eleven?"

I shrugged. "Maybe they were just tired? Staying up late a lot does a toll on your body, you know."

Erza shook her head. "No, that can't be it either. They make up for their lack of sleep during the lectures during the week." She looked over the fence, across to the boy's front yard which was empty. "So what the hell are they planning?"

Levy jumped upright. "I got it! They don't know Lucy's a Fairy, Erza!"

We both looked at the bluenette. I looked at the two. "So? What does that-"

"We can send her over there! She could go undercover for us! Maybe even plant a prank inside the Dungeon!" Levy exclaimed, jumping up and down. Erza glanced at me. "You got a point Levy. No Fairy has ever stepped in the Dungeon, it'd be a perfect opportunity for us to snag another prank in."

I looked at them. "Um, hello? Where the heck would I benefit from this?"

Levy giggled. "You'd become a hero! You may even be promoted to Fairy Princess, or Fairy Spy!"

"You have ranks?" I deadpanned. "What kind of dorm house is this?"

Erza smiled devilishly. "One that's going to win this war once and for all."

I squirmed uncomfortably infront of the doors. There was no one on the balcony above, no one out front, no one out back, it was like they were all huddled up inside. I pulled down my shirt, nervously. I peered back to the bushes the aline the square yard. Levy and Erza's head popped out from two. They both smiled and gave her a thumbs up before vanishing into the green plants once again.

I sighed and knocked on the door, dying to get this over with. There was no answer at first, but a minute later the door opened revealing a shirtless, yawning, pink haired boy. My eyes widened at the sight of his hard chest. I slowly raised my eyes to met his onyx ones, which were looking me over. I looked at his pink hair and my gaze slid back down to his chest. I nodded, looking to the corner of my eyes. "College."

I could hear him smirk and I closed my eyes and sighed. I opened my eyes and looked at him. "I'm Lucy."

He smirked as he looked me over again, which made me beyond uncomfortable. I noticed a pointed fang in his smile as he leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms. "Natsu. Now Lucy, what's a girl like you doing over here in the Dragon's Dungeon, hmm?"

I acted like I was confused. "Dragon's Dungeon? That is…?"

He just continued to smirk at me. I straightened my posture. "Anyway, I'm here for my cousin, Loke. He's looking to transfer to Fairytail. He wasn't able to get out of school today and I was off due to testing. I'm here to look around for him, that's all." I crossed my arms as he raised his eyebrow. He bit his bottom lip. "Funny, I wasn't informed about a transfer student checking around…"

I narrowed my eyes. "He didn't want it to seem like he was staying here off the bat. He could change his mind, you know."

He nodded slowly. "Alright, fine. I'll let you in if you tell me who answered your cousin's phone call."

My face started to turn red with anger. "Can you tell me why you have such a high end security?"

He shrugged. "It shouldn't be a problem, right? I mean, if your cousin really called, he'd have to talk to one of us. I never got a phone call, Princess."

My jaw ticked. "Well maybe you didn't get the phone call."

He leaned towards me. "Then who did?"

"How the hell am I supposed to know?" I hissed, leaning closer to his face. "All I was told was to come here and scope the place for him. Why, is there a problem? What exactly are you doing in there, sweetheart?"

He just chuckled as he lifted her chin. "Nice try, Fairy. You almost had me, I'll give you that, but next time, don't have your backup hiding in a bush with dark red hair."

I wrenched my chin away from him, glaring at him as he kept eye contact with me before waving to the two bushes. Erza and Levy's heads popped up, red with anger before they stormed over to me. Natsu just smiled smugly as Levy grabbed my arm and Erza poked his bare chest. "You were supposed to invite her in! Who the hell doesn't invite a girl like Lucy inside?!"

Natsu shrugged, chuckling. "I almost did. You guys are getting better, I'll give you that, sending the hottest ones over. I almost gave away all our secrets we keep inside."

He looked over me again before smirking again. He smoothly spun from where he was leaning inside, closing the door behind him. Erza balled her fists. "This means war, you know that right?!"

Levy started to pull me away to Fairy Falls. She looked back at her friend. "Erza, you do know you're yelling at a door, right?"

She stormed away with us. "Shut up Levy. This means we're going to have to go all out."

An hour after Erza explained what had happened to the rest of the Fairies, we all agreed to sneak out tonight to their side again. Now, however, we were all outside either helping with the barbecue, having swinging contests on the two swings, laying on the hammock, swimming in the ginormous pool, or like me, tanning on the chairs surrounding the pool. It was peaceful and quiet, other than the girls chatter and giggles. Levy sat down on the chair next to me and handed me a glass of lemonade. I thanked her as I took a sip. She smiled. "Sorry for pushing you earlier. I know you didn't have much say…"

I shrugged. "It was worth a try."

She smiled. "Yeah, I guess so. Aren't you going swimming? I mean, your dressed for it."

She motioned to my green and white bikini. I shrugged as I looked around. Every girl was dressed in their bikini. "Isn't everyone dressed for it?"

Levy giggled. Suddenly, the gate connecting the backyard to the front was burst open violently. A battle cry erupted loudly as hundreds of boys charged into the yard, decked out with what looked like water guns. Except they weren't filled with water.

Levy screamed as she was hit in the stomach by a boy with multiple piercings. I wiped some off and sniffed it. It was almost clear, but extremely liquidy. I looked at her horrified.

It couldn't be…was it really-

"Egg! They're shooting rotten, raw eggs at us!" a girl screamed. Suddenly, the whole back yard erupted into screams as girls started to run from the boys, while some were fighting back, trying to steal the guns from their hands. I looked at Levy. "We need to get inside-"

"Ah, no you're not." a familiar voice said amusingly.

I felt the nozzle of a water gun pressed to the back of my neck. I cursed. He laughed. "Come on, now. Don't want to fight back, now do you? We took two days making these eggs rotten enough."

I turned around and looked him in the eye. "Aw, I almost feel bad for doing this then."

He looked at her amused. "What?"

I pushed him back, into the pool. Before he fell in, I grabbed his gun and pointed it at him as he surfaced for air. Instead of a reply of outrage, like I was hoping, I was met by a smug smile. Without breaking eye contact with me, he called for his 'troops' to retreat. I blinked and he was gone.

Levy jumped up, beaming. "Lu, that was amazing! You managed to get them to retreat!"

Erza nodded, walking up to them. "That was quite impressive, Lucy."

I released my aim on the gun and dropped it to my side. "Thanks."

Mira came up nodded. "Thanks Lucy, you managed to get them away before they got any of it in our hair."

An agreement arose from the girls. Levy kept jumping. "You did it like a Warrior! Ooh, that has a nice ring! Warrior Fairy, Lucy."

Erza nodded. "Congrats Lucy, you are now a Warrior Fairy. Welcome to the family."

I smiled. "Thanks? Just one thing…"

Mira looked confused. "What?"

I looked at the gun and held it on my shoulder. "I want to help plan these battle plans. Count me in."

The girls began to cheer.


Alright, so I have writers block on two of my stories, so until that's done, I'm going to start this one. It was an idea I had for a while…

I hope you like it!