I went back to the room after their little fit of giggles.

It wasn't that I was giving them the sense of satisfaction that they got to me, oh no. They were giving me a major headache with all the squealing and giggling. Summing up the short ends, I was currently brushing my teeth in my pajamas. Still with a headache.

I hoped Levy was serious, crashing at Mira's, because I one-sidedly kicked her out for the night. My jaw ticked as I thought of their little puns as I brushed furiously, trying not to get any on my makeshift pajamas.

The mall didn't sell pajamas.

So I was just winging it, really, with a yellow and white tye-dye sports bra and red pajama like shorts. Not the best for clashing colors, but who was I trying to impress? My hair was still damp from the quick shower I took once I got home, and was drying slowly due to the messy side braid.

I sighed when I heard the knocking on the door. I trudges over to it, my toothbrush still in my mouth. I swung open the door, expecting to see Levy. I saw Natsu instead. I raised my eyebrow. "What?"

He smirked at me as he brushed passed. "That's attractive."

I rolled my eyes, not caring how the toothbrush slurred my words. "No, please, I insist, come inside."

I slammed the door, glaring at him as he flopped on the couch, staring at me. I balled my fists as I trudged to the bathroom. "Not like I was doing anything important."

"Barging into a girl's privacy…" I mumbled, wiping my face after I was done. "does this guy know anything about girls other than to get in their pants?"

Cursing inside my head, I plopped down on the other couch and closed my eyes. He snickered. "You can't possibly be tired already."

"Sorry to disappoint." I hissed, not opening my eyes. Oh no, these bad boys were staying shut until I fell asleep. I could hear him get up. "Fine. I guess I'll just have to wake you up."

I silently snorted as I heard him come closer and pick me up. He didn't do anything, which caught me off guard, but instead carried me somewhere. I had a strange aurora we were in my room. My insides started to panic, but I squished them down as I heard the squealing of the sliding windows. I was confused at first, until I felt the coldness of the Summer's air on my back.

Then my face.

My eyes bolted open to see the small, flat, ground. The fucking idiot was dangling me by the legs outside a fucking 100 floor hotel. I yelped and quickly sat up from being against the glass and held on to him for dear life. "You fucking idiot! Are you trying to kill me? What the fuck!"

He snickered as he pulled me back inside and slid the window shut. "Calm down Princess, you're fine now. As much as I hate it, you can let go of me now. You have a killer grip."

I wanted to, but I couldn't. I commanded my arms to unwrap around his neck but they didn't move. Same with my legs that were wrapped around his waist. "I-I…can't…"

He started to chuckle. "You can't really be frozen in fear, can you?"

My face, that was currently in the crook of his neck, heated. "Sh-shut up."

He sighed as he plopped down on my bed, I unwillingly followed. "Of course I don't mind it."

"Of course you don't. " I hissed, trying to gain control over my body. "I bet you're enjoying every second."

His chest rumbled with laughter. "You're the one scared of heights."

"Only when your dangle me from-!" I sighed. "Never mind. Look, I'm tired. If I'm going to be stuck like this, try not to move so much."

I sighed tiredly and snuggled my head in his neck, trying to get comfortable. He stiffened and fell silent. He caught me off guard as his arms slowly wrapped around me. I blinked in surprise. They weren't his normal 'prey-catching' grip. It was like he was almost holding on to me, afraid I'd vanish. It dawned on me then that Natsu, the great Dragon King, the womanizer, may not have er...snuggled/cuddled with someone.

I sighed. "Good night, Natsu."

He grunted his reply.

Just between us...I wasn't really frozen in fear. But why give him the satisfaction?

When I woke, Natsu was gone. Like before. But this time something stabbed me. I quickly shook my head. "Nope. No way that was disappointment."

"What was?"

I yelped as I jumped. Pretty high, too. Levy just rolled her eyes as she got up from sitting against my room's wall. "Come one, everyone's downstairs. It was a little disappointing to come home and fine your lover didn't stop by."

"Huh?" Was all I could manage. Levy's ears perked. "Why? Did he?"

I shook my head slowly. "I was just caught off guard. Why do you seem so down to go swimming?"

Levy grunted. "Because we had to split the cost and the water park with this college of jerks."

I got my other bikini, a white one with red crowns, and stalked into the bathroom. "You know the name?"

"Nope." Levy groaned. "I tried, but I couldn't get them to squeak."

I nodded, quickly getting changed in the bathroom. I could hear her opening the fridge. I walked out, quickly getting an over sized shirt to slip on. "Fine, let's go."

"Well, if it isn't little Heartfillia."

I peeked open my eye at the voice. I sat up slowly, my eyes widened in shock. Levy sighed, opening her eyes and sitting up from her tanning chair next to mine. "So much for relaxing. You know these guys, Lu?"

I sighed, not looking at them. The blond shook his head. "You can't possibly turn shy now, Heartfillia."

I glared at him. "Fuck off, Sting."

He smirked, grabbing my forearm hardly. I gasped in pain as he yanked me up. "We wanna know why you left Saber, Heartfillia."

I spat on him, a venomous glare in my eyes. His grip tightened as I yelped. Levy started to panic. "Lu!"

He glared hatred at me. "You little bitch."

"Woah, woah, what's going on here?"

I glanced over to see Natsu. I sighed in relief. Sting didn't look over, just made his grip harder. I could feel my bones rub together as a dangerous look on Natsu's face emerged. Sting smirked at the pain on my face. "Just giving Heartfillia the Sabertooth farewell."

"Yeah, well let me give you the Fairytail greeting." He growled, his fist breaking contact with Sting's face. Levy pulled me away as soon as the punch started. Sting staggered back, dropping me in the process. Levy picked me up and pulled me away from the two. She grabbed my arm and looked at it. I bit my lip in pain as I craned my head to see behind her since she mad me sit down.

"This doesn't concern you." Sting hissed, charging at Natsu. Natsu sidestepped and kicked him as he passed. "If it concerns her," he pointed at me with his thumb, not turning around. "it concerns me."

Levy squealed, nudging me. I blushed, but then died. Natsu cracked his fist. "Fairytail never let's a fellow student get hurt, no matter the dorm room."

Levy's face dropped as she mouthed the words, Romance Killer. Tell me about it.

Sting rolled his eyes, but he seemed to be smug. "So you're not little Heartfillia's other half. Good. I was planning to take her to Saber, planning to take her."

Natsu glared as he sprung at him. "Like hell you will."

I shielded my eyes away the minute I saw red spray. I didn't care whose it was, but it made me sick. Next thing I knew, a minute later Juvia and a black haired boy rounded the corner. The boy's eyes widened in anger as he jumped into the fight. Juvia cried out in shock. "Gray-sama!"

She noticed us and ran over. "What is wrong? Lucy, why is your arm all bruised?"

I cursed. "Already? I thought bruises didn't happen that quickly."

We flinched as we heard the skin on skin contacts. I looked at the two girls. "I feel sick. Can we please...just go to the room? I...wanna lay down."

Juvia pulled out her phone from her bag and nodded. "It's getting late, we should head out-"

She stopped when she looked up at Gray, being punched in the face. Rage pooled her face as she abruptly stood up and stalked over to Sting, who only had a bloody gash over his eyebrow. Natsu just watched her with a bloody lip and gash under his eye, smirking. Sting raised his eyebrow as Juvia punched him square in the face. Gray started to snicker along with Natsu. Sting raised his hand and slapped her, making her cry out in shock. Gray fumed with anger as he pounced on him. "Don't you dare hit her! You're gonna die, you know that?"

Juvia was yanked away by Natsu, who joined his friend back in the fight with a grin on his face. I watched how Sting took them both on, remembering he was in Saber for combat in the first place. My eyes were glued on Natsu, biting my lip in worry. Sting saw this and got even more furious. He punched Natsu in the ribs. "You don't deserve her, you piece of Fairy trash."

Gray punched him in the nose. "Watch who you call trash, low-life."

Sting staggered back, then regained his balance. "Me? I'm not the one who sleeps with girls for fun."

He kicked Gray's chest, making him fall with a thud. "You guys are the biggest womanizers out there. It's outrageous you think you'd land a stable relationship."

"And why the hell not?" Gray said, slamming Sting into the wall, his hands closed around Sting's neck. Sting smugly smirked. "Because. Soon you'll get bored. You'll ditch the poor girls for another."

Sting looked at us. Juvia glared. "G-Gray-sama would never do that to Juvia!" her confidence wavered as she spoke. "W-would he?"

Gray looked at her. "Juvia, that's insane!"

"Are you going to believe him? Tell me, Juvia is it? How many girls do you think were in your position before?" Sting asked, glaring at Gray. Gray's grip on his throat tightened. "If you don't shut the fuck up now, I swear I will crush your windpipe, got it?"

Juvia stared at the floor. Sting looked at her with forced pity. "You mean, not even you know? Sweetie, what makes you think he won't leave once he gets bored? I mean, he's done it to others."

"Ju-Ju-Juvia doesn't know anymore…." Juvia mumbled, her eyes tearing up. Her eyes glued to the floor. Gray looked at her. "Juvia-"

"What did he call you 'special'?" Sting said, snickering. Juvia started to shake as tears started to fall. "B-but…."

Gray stared at her. "Juvia. Juvia, look at me."

Sting smirked as Juvia balled her fist and looked away from him. She looked at us. "J-Juvia wishes to leave as well."

Gray glared at Sting. "You're gonna fucking die, you know that?"

Natsu placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Let him go Gray."

"Oh, that doesn't leave you out of this, Pinky." Sting hissed. The blond looked at us walking away. He called after us. "Oi, Heartfillia!"

I balled my fists and turned back, glaring at him. I said nothing as he smirked. "The same goes for you. When you remember what these guys do, you can always come back to Sabertooth. There, I won't treat you like an object. Can't say the same for these two gentlemen."

I froze and looked away in disgust when Levy pulled me away. I could feel the immense hatred radiating from both Gray and Natsu as we stepped into the lobby.

After me and Levy agreed we shouldn't leave Juvia alone, since we were the first three to leave the water park out of everyone in Fairytail. Juvia just stood there, sniffling as Levy unlocked the door. "Ju-Juvia's such an idiot…."

I looked at her. "No, you're not."

Levy nodded. "Yeah, we fell for it too."

I bit my tongue, thinking about what Sting had said. Had….he really been tricking me? I nodded slowly, my eyes tearing up as the reality hit me. He just….wanted something else. Rage filled up my chest, along with another tightening emotion. Levy sucked in a breath. "Woah. You two really got hit hard…."

I glared at her, wiping a falling tear. Juvia threw her arms around me, crying into me. My voice was hoarse but I didn't care. "Just….open the door."

Levy shot me a glance full of sympathy as she opened the door, letting us run into the room. Levy shut the door behind us, watching as I sat Juvia down on the couch. I looked at the ground, my eyes still tearing. "Levy, don't let anyone in the room, okay?"

Levy nodded. "Alright."

I glanced at her. "I mean it."

She gave me another look of sympathy and nodded as I trudged to my room. "I'm going to bed."

"But it's only seven-!"

She was cut off when I closed the door on her, slipping off my bathing suit and getting changed into shorts and a tank top. I collapsed into my bed with a heavy heart. I cried into one of my pillows until that even exhausted me. My arm, head, and my heart hurt. Giving up, I just let sleep take over.

I should've known.

Deep down, I did. But I just didn't want to believe it.