Unlike their fox cousins the Kitsune, Werewolves could get sick. Maybe it was Zeus punishing Lycaon's descendants for finding a loop hole with the druids. They didn't get sick often in fact there wasn't much that could make them sick, but there were a few things that still affected them. Usually when they did their symptoms were more severe than in normal humans like a higher fever or sometimes more pain with something as simple as tonsillitis.

All of this was something that Ethan and Aiden knew all too well. Aiden never really got as bad as his brother did when they did get sick; Ethan always got Tonsillitis if he did get sick, he'd end up getting better with both help from his brother to take away the pain and also by taking antibiotics. Finding doctors who understood werewolves was often hard as if someone runs a higher than normal fever they would be hospitalized.

The last time it happened the whole pack had gotten sick Ethan had been one of the worst mainly because of his tonsils. Once he was better he talked to Melissa about getting them taken out she ended up arranging with the same Doctor who had taken out Scott's tonsils a few years back. When she took Ethan to see him the doctor casually asked him if he was a werewolf. He then explained that well he wasn't one he had dealt with them before and given the lack of Ethan's medical history he assumed that he was one and Melissa had also told him that Ethan was a little different. Ethan told him that he was one and the Doctor said to not worry about anything happening during the surgery as from his experience dealing with werewolves that once they are under general anesthesia there pretty much like anyone else he also told him that he would start to heal faster once he was more awake.

It had now been a few weeks since Ethan and Melissa had visited the ENT surgeon about Ethan getting his Tonsils out. It was now the day of his surgery, as Ethan was now 18 he was scheduled a little bit later in the morning as there were a couple of younger kids also having theirs out that day too. Ethan had gotten a phone call from a nurse at the hospital the night before telling him to not have anything to eat past midnight the night before his surgery, and also confirmed with him that he had someone that would be accompanying him, Melissa had actually arranged to be off so she could be there for him.

The day began like any other for Aiden the alarm went off in the room he shared with his twin brother Ethan, in the McCall house. As he reached over to turn it off he realised that Ethan was still asleep on him as he had been comforting him a few hours before when he had woken having a nightmare. Ethan had them every now and then although now that they were living with Scott and his Mom they were becoming less frequent. Ethan now mainly had them when he was stressed out now. Sometimes when he had them he'd wake up others he'd fall back to sleep with Aiden cuddling him, this had been one of the later.

Well Aiden was thinking about all that Ethan was slowly waking up and had shut off the Alarm. Aiden noticed Ethan and said "Morning bro, could you get off of me so I can get up?"

Ethan nodded as he started getting up Aiden then said to him "you don't have to get up remember Melissa said you could sleep in well the rest of us are getting ready for School, or have you forget you're getting your Tonsils out today."

Ethan walked off to the bathroom and said "neither I just want to get up now anyway, plus I don't really feel like sleeping in if you're not."

Aiden laughed as he released his twin brother had just locked him out of the bathroom. At that same moment Melissa came in to tell Ethan that he could sleep in. Aiden said "if you're coming to tell Ethan that he can sleep in I already tried he's not game for it today." Aiden then banged on the door and said "open it up Ethan it's not like I haven't seen you naked."

A few seconds later Ethan opened the door and said "can't you give me a few minutes alone?"

Aiden then jokingly said "what I gave you seven minutes, how much more do you want?"

Ethan came out of the bathroom and said "really that's your come back Aid?"

Aiden laughed and said "yeah it is," as he walked into the bathroom.

Ethan then made his way out of the room. Melissa followed him out as he said to her "I know I can't have anything to eat but, can I have a cup of coffee at least?" She thought about it for a second and said "ok just one and only because you're not scheduled until noon, but nothing else ok."

Ethan nodded as he poured himself one before heading to the living room. Scott, Mike and Isaac had come downstairs and were grabbing some cereal as Aiden came in to grab some too. He turned to Ethan and said "not wanting to join us because you can't have anything to eat today."

Ethan then said "yeah I just don't want to be that close to food right now if I can't have any."

Melissa then came over to him and said "don't worry you'll be able to once you've had your surgery."

Aiden then said "I really should be there for him too."

Melissa replied "Aiden we've been through this OK, Ethan said he'll be fine and besides someone has to get his work for him, after all you're both in the same classes this year."

Ethan then said "I'll be fine OK bro; Melissa will call you if I'm not or if she needs some help with me ok."

Aiden nodded and hugged his brother and said "OK I guess I think it's harder on you then me being apart from each other sometimes."

Ethan replied "yeah but sometimes we need to do things apart, besides Melissa cares about us now and she's a nurse so I trust her and it's not like I'm checking into some motel where people committed suicide and had wolfs bane blown in my face without knowing it."

Aiden laughed at that, hugged him again and said "good luck then OK, I'll see you after school."

Aiden then rode off on his motorcycle to school.

*- at School that morning -*

Once he got there he went to his locker to grab what he needed, he could tell that Danny was approaching him and was already looking at him when he said "hey Aiden where's Ethan today?"

Aiden replied "he's getting his tonsils out today."

Danny replied "oh crap that's today; I forgot about it, I should call him." He then pulled out his phone and got in touch with Ethan just as he was on his way to the hospital.

*- Back at the McCall house -*

After everyone else had left and Ethan had taken a shower and gotten dressed, he had put on a pair of track paints a t-shirt and a hoodie as he had been told to wear something comfortable and easy to take off. He left the house with Melissa once they were in the car she asked him "how are you felling?"

Ethan replied "a little nervous I've never really had surgery before."

Melissa then said "what about when you and your brother had your necks snapped?"

Ethan replied "nope Deaton pretty much gave us stuff to keep us alive and jump start our bodies healing. Even then it was only because of the lunar eclipse and we kind of lose a lot of our abilities like healing and stuff then."

Melissa then said "don't worry everything will be fine."

Ethan nodded and said "I know it takes a lot to kill a werewolf even if we are knocked out. If you really want to know how to do it you can always ask Chris or Allison I'm sure they could help you out."

Melissa laughed and said "I have no plans to kill any of you; you're all my boys now. I'm going to be there for you just like I was when Scott had his out when he was ten."

Well they were making their way to the Hospital Ethan got a phone call from Danny. Ethan answered it "hey Danny... yeah I'm getting my tonsils out today... yeah I'll be fine you can come over to Scott's house after school if you want... yeah I'll see you then... I'll text you if I'm up to it ok. Bye Danny, love you and thanks for calling me."

Melissa said "that was nice of him to call you,"

Ethan replied "yeah he missed me at school today and wanted to know if I was ok."

As they pulled into the parking lot of the Hospital Melissa turned to him and said "it's nice when you have someone who cares like that."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah it is, he wanted to come and visit me here, he's going to come over after school instead,"

Melissa than said "that's good of him."

Ethan then said "yeah he kind of feels guilty for getting me sick last time still when I visited him when he had tonsillitis. I told him a few times once I was better that it wasn't his fault that I got sick or that the rest of us did."

Melissa then said "he's just concerned for you, wouldn't you feel the same if you got him sick or hurt."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah I definitely would, I guess we need to go inside now."

Melissa nodded as she got out of the car; Ethan got out of the passenger seat and yawned, Melissa than said "a little sleepy still?"

Ethan nodded and said "yeah I had a bit of a rough night last night, between having a nightmare and being nervous about today I didn't get much sleep."

Melissa then said "can I ask what the nightmare was about."

Ethan replied "you can but I don't usually remember them too much, when I do it's mostly stuff from our past or stuff I don't like to think about."

Melissa then said "if you ever want to talk about them you can always talk to me."

Ethan nodded and said "thanks but like I said I don't remember them too much after they've happened and then I'll usually only talk to Aid about them. There not as bad as they used to be though and there less frequent now, I mainly have them if I'm stressed out about something now."

Melissa replied "that's good that there becoming less frequent."

Ethan nodded "yeah I think also talking about my experiences with the rest of the pack has helped too. Talking to Aid about it is ok and I know he's listening to me when I do talk about it to him, but it's different saying something to Scott or Stiles hell even Isaac. I talk more about them to Danny though."

* inside Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital - *

Once they got in Ethan went up to the admin desk with Melissa and signed in, Ethan was given a bracelet with his name on it. Melissa was given one saying that she was with him. After waiting for a few minutes they called Ethan to a room where they had him change into a hospital gown and a pair of pants for his surgery, they gave him a second gown to help cover his back. When he picked them up one of them ended up being way too small for him so Melissa ended up helping him put the first one on well the other nurse had to go find another gown. When she returned with it she apologized and said that she had no idea how it had happened

After he had changed into his hospital attire he was taken to an exam room where he was weighed, measured, and had his vital signs taken. His temperature was slightly elevated but nothing that concerned the nurse taking it. She also commented how relaxed he seemed as normally someone's blood pressure would be up slightly if they were going to be having their first surgery. Ethan replied to her "I'm a pretty relaxed person most of the time."

The nurse nodded and said that he was a very healthy young man, Ethan then said "well other than having Tonsils that keep getting infected when I get sick."

The nurse then said "well that's what your here for."

Ethan mumbled "yeah," The nurse then said "you must be quite the lady killer at school."

Ethan replied "yeah but I don't play for that team. My boyfriend likes me though, I do notice girls looking at me, but they don't do anything for me."

The nurse then replied "That's OK too my son Josh is gay as well."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah I've met him he's OK. He and Danny used to date."

She then said "so you're the Ethan that left town and broke Danny's heart."

Ethan replied "yeah I was kind of stupid but my twin brother and I had some things we had to work out, it's complicated."

The nurse then said "don't worry I'm not judging you. I'm only going by what my son said about you, besides he said that Danny broke up with him anyway after you came back."

She then took him back to his room and saw Melissa there and said "are you taking responsibility for this young man today?"

Melissa than said "yes he's living with Scott and I now along with his brother."

The nurse replied "wow you must have a full house then."

Melissa nodded and said "yeah we do but they all help out a lot. This one needs some extra care for the next few days though."

The nurse then said "keep an eye on this one he's a cutie."

Ethan jokingly said "she better or my brother will have something to say about it."

Melissa then said "his brothers a little protective of him."

Ethan grabbed his phone from the table where he had left it and texted Danny telling him that one of his nurses was Josh's mom. Danny texted back asking if she was mad at him about Josh, Ethan texted back nope she was cool with it.

A few minutes later a boy who was about 10 came in the room. Ethan turned to him and said "hey my names Ethan what's yours?"

The boy turned to him and said "it's Jack and I'm having my tonsils out today."

Ethan smiled at him and said "so am I."

The nurse that had been looking after Ethan earlier came in and apologized to him and said "we have a few tonsillectomies today so we had to put him in a room with you if that's OK."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah I'm cool with that."

She then lead Jack off to the exam room where Ethan had been a few minutes ago, well him and his mom where gone the anesthesiologist who would be looking after Ethan came in and introduced himself as Doctor Mitchell. He then said to Ethan quietly "I know what you are."

Ethan had a panicked look on his face and said "what do you mean by that? I'm just an 18 year old having his tonsils out."

Doctor Mitchell then said "relax I'm not a hunter nor do I work with any particular pack. Just to let you know there are a number of Doctors that have extra training with Emissaries in what to do with werewolves. I only came here in the last couple of months and you're the first werewolf I've had come in for surgery. I've spoke both with your surgeon and also with Doctor Deaton. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. OK."

Ethan nodded and said "OK that makes me feel a little better, I get a little panicky sometime when someone outs me as a werewolf and I don't know them heck I was even when my boyfriend did."

Doctor Mitchell said "I can completely understand that, now if you don't have any more questions I'll explain how I'm going to put you under ok."

Ethan shook his head and said "no not right now."

Doctor Mitchell then said "with my older panties what I'll usually do is hook up a syringe with the anesthetic in it to their IV and let them inject it themselves."

Ethan's eyes opened wide as he said "wow sounds cool."

Doctor Mitchell then said "then that's what we'll do now for you I need to do a little extra prep so I can put the IV in ok."

Ethan nodded and said "what are you going to inject me with wolfs bane or something."

The Doctor replied "no I'm just going to use some in a little rubbing alcohol that has some in it to clean your skin where I'm going to put the needle ok," he then turned to Melissa and said "I know you're a nurse here and I could use a little help OK."

Melissa garbed a set of gloves from the dispenser in the room and put them on after washing her hands she then unpacked the kit with the IV port in it. Doctor Mitchell did the same after he put a bottle of alcohol on the small table beside the tray and said "use this instead of the one in the kit as it's premixed with wolfs bane in it, don't worry about it not being startle the only time you really need to worry about stuff like that is if you're dealing with a severally injured werewolf."

He then turned back to Ethan and said "this might sting a little" as he put some of the alcohol onto the wipe that Melissa handed him. He gently swabbed an area on his arm.

Melissa then took an elastic band from the kit and pulled it tight around his arm and said "this is just so we can find a vein easier OK."

Doctor Mitchell then said to Ethan "OK now you're going to feel a little stick from the needle OK." As he put the needle in Melissa could see a little bit of pain go across Ethan's face and his eyes glowed blue for a second before turning back to their normal brown.

The Doctor had fished and attached the tube and put a piece of tape on it keep it in place and said "there that's not too bad now is it."

Ethan replied "yeah it didn't hurt too much, it was more of a reaction to wolfs bane more than anything else. "

Melissa then helped dispose of the materials from the kit and put the bottle that had wolfs bane mixed with alcohol in her purse as she got told to keep it in case she needed it.

A few minutes later Jack came back in just as another nurse was putting an IV into the port that had been put into Ethan's arm, Jack than asked if he was going to get one too, the nurse said that Ethan was getting one because he was going to get his medicine in a different way because he was older.

Dr, Mitchell came in again and this time he went over to talk to Jack. Melissa leaned over to Ethan's ear and whispered to him asking if Jack was a werewolf. Ethan shook his head no.

Meanwhile Dr. Mitchell was explaining to Jack that he was going to go to sleep for his operation by breathing in some special sleepy air through a mask.

After the doctor had left Jack turned to Ethan and said "can I ask you something?"

Ethan nodded and said "yeah sure?"

Jack then said "have you ever had an operation before?"

Ethan replied "no, but I have some friends that have and they all said that it's no big deal having your tonsils out."

Jack then said "are you scared?"

Ethan thought about it for a minute and said "yeah a little but sometimes being scared isn't a bad thing."

Jack looked at him and said "what do you mean?"

Ethan then said "being scared about things when you don't know what's going to happen is normal."

Jack then said "have you ever been scared before?"

Ethan replied "yeah lots of times but things always worked out most of the time."

Just then a nurse came in to take Jack to the operating room. Ethan said goodbye to him, wished him good luck and said he might see him when they both wake up.

About an hour later it was Ethan's turn to go to the operating room. They stopped at the pre op room where a nurse put a cap on Ethan's head. He tried to take a selfie of it when Melissa took his phone from him and said "her let me take it." Ethan then sent the picture to Danny who texted him "you look cute in that get up hope everything goes well."

A few minutes later it was time for him to go into the Operating room; he asked Melissa if she could come in with him and get some video on his phone of him going under.

Once Ethan got into the operating room they took off the second gown and opened up the back of the first and then had him lie on the operating table. Josh's mom was one of the nurses in there and she apologized if the table was cold. Ethan replied "nah it's not too bad I'm a pretty warm person."

She next instructed him to put his head on the doughnut at the end of the table. She next hooked him up to the heart monitor, well she was doing that she said "you have some nice mussels there you must work out."

Ethan replied "yeah I do a little."

Melissa laughed at that as she knew what workouts for the boys consisted of. The nurse also put a blood pressure cuff on his arm and a pulse ox meter on his finger. Melissa took a glance at the monitor and notice how stable all of Ethan's vital signs were normally she'd see slight fluctuations especially in a situation like he was right now. She wondered what they would be like when he was like when he was in full on werewolf mode.

Dr. Mitchell then came in and said "Ok Ethan, are you all ready to go under?"

Ethan then said "yeah I'm as ready as I going to be."

He then took a syringe of some thick white liquid and conceited it to Ethan's IV tube, handed it to him and said "ok now just take it in your right hand and squeeze it all in."

Ethan picked it up and looked at it for a second, before pushing on the syringe, he didn't push too hard as he didn't want something to happen that shouldn't as only three people in the room knew he was a werewolf. As he was injecting himself his surgeon walked in and said "he should be out in a little bit."

Ethan was already feeling it as Dr. Mitchell said "ok you should be getting a funny taste in your month soon."

Ethan replied "yeah got it already." Dr. Mitchell started counting backwards from five, before he got to one Ethan muttered "did you get the number of the truck?", and passed out cold. Dr, Mitchell then placed a tube down his throat to help Ethan breathe during the surgery. Melissa kissed him on the forehead and said that she'd be there when he wakes up.

* - back at the High School at the same time -*

A little while later Aiden was having lunch with the rest of the pack when he got a weird feeling that he'd never really had before. Stiles guessed it might have been because Ethan had been put under the anesthetic, Aiden agreed and made a quick call to Melissa who said that he had just been put under for his surgery. She told him that she had taken some video on his phone and one of the doctors had it was going to take some picture of Ethan during his surgery.

* - at the hospital -*

About an hour later Ethan was slowly waking up from the surgery, Melissa was there by his side holding his hand just like she had about 8 years ago with Scott. As he was waking up Melissa herd him muttering something that sounded like Latin, One of the other nurses' heard it too and said "was that Latin?"

Melissa looked up and said "it might be he learned it somewhere."

She then looked back to Ethan and said "come on Ethan wake up for me."

Ethan then mumbled "ah but I don't want to go to school today."

Melissa said "don't worry you don't have to until you feel better ok. Just open your eyes so I can tell Aiden your ok."

Ethan opened his eyes at the sound of his brother's name. Melissa then said "that's beater," as she pulled out her phone and sent a text to Aiden telling him that Ethan was starting to wake up. As she sent it Ethan closed his eyes again partly and grabbed the blanket on him and tired to curl up and sleep again.

Just as he was dozing off again the song Miss you started playing from Melissa's purse. She fumbled threw it well Ethan became a lot more alert when he realized his brother Aiden was calling him. She handed it to him and he answered it and fairly hoarsely said "Aid hurts too much to talk now ok." Melissa could her Aiden say "that's OK bro I just wanted to know if you were ok and I'll see you after school ok." Ethan gave a little growl it wasn't the type that Melissa had usually heard from them it was more playful. She then herd Aiden say "can you pass your phone to Melissa." Ethan passed it to her. She talked to Aiden for a couple of minutes and told him that Ethan was doing ok and was going to be moved to another room soon where he could spends some more time waking up before they head home.

After she hung it up a couple of orderlies came to take Ethan back to the room he had shared with Jack earlier. Ethan smiled as he saw Jack in there when he was brought in. Jack smiled back at him and said "hey"

Ethan waved at him and said "hey" back.

Melissa then said Ethan's throat is a little bit sorer than Jacks because when you have your tonsils taken out when you're older it hurts a bit more. Ethan also thought to himself plus I'm not used to this much pain, the last time he had pain this bad was when his family died and he almost died.

Jack than said "Ethan needs a Popsicle."

Just then Josh's mom came in and said "only if he wants one."

Ethan looked at her and had a grin on his face a mile wide. Melissa than said "it looks like he does Janet."

Janet then said "I'll go and see if I can find him one. It always seems that the bigger they get the more of a baby they are when they're sick."

Melissa muttered to herself "tell me about it," as she thought about having to deal with all five boys being sick at once; of course Ethan had been the worst of them and she only one who ended up with Tonsillitis.

A few minutes later Janet came back and said "I'm sorry all we had left was a pink one."

Ethan smiled and said "that's ok," as he took it from her. The cold from it felt good on his sore throat.

About an hour later it was time for both of them to go home. Well Ethan was putting his shirt on Jack noticed his mussels and said "wow your really strong," Ethan nodded as Melissa said "he works out a lot."

An orderly came with a wheelchair for him and he gave Melissa a look that said no way, she turned to him and said "it's hospital policy ok and besides you might be a little week from the anesthetic OK."

Ethan nodded as he got to his feet and almost fell he got a helping hand from both the orderly and Melissa, as she said "see what I mean."

Ethan nodded he wasn't in the mood right now to try and ague with her, heck his throat hurt too much to even talk.

They stopped by the hospital pharmacy to pick up a couple of prescriptions for him one was some antibiotics and the other was something for the pain. Melissa told him that he only had to take those if he felt like it. Ethan was about to take out his wallet to pay for them when Melissa said "I had all of you added to my plan you guys are covered if you need anything just like Scott and Mike are."

Ethan nodded and mouthed "thanks."

Melissa then left to go get the car, once she got back with it both her and the orderly helped Ethan into the car.

* - at the High School - *

A little while later Aiden got a text from Melissa telling him that Ethan was just waking up, as he had some time between his classes he pulled out his phone to say hi to his brother. The first thing he heard was him says was that it hurt for him to talk. So all he did was to tell him that he'd see him later when he got home. He then talked to Melissa to find out how he was doing she filled him in on everything and told him that Ethan was going to be fine.

*- Back at the McCall house -*

Once they got home Melissa helped Ethan into the house, he was a little more awake now. Once they got in he went to his and Aiden's room and took off the hoodie he had on grabbed one of Aiden's from a drawer and then grabbed a couple of pillows from the bed they shared, he then headed to the living room and made himself comfortable on the couch. Melissa came over to him and said "comfy." Ethan nodded as he stretched out on the couch.

Melissa then said to him "I've got your antibiotic here and if you want I can give you some of the pain meds too." Ethan nodded and said "yeah pain meds too."

He took both of them and fell asleep on the couch.

He was sound asleep when Scott. Isaac, Mike and Aiden came home. Aiden went over to him immediately rubbed his shoulder. Ethan woke up and growled a little at his brother it was a playful type of growl from him and not threatening like the ones they gave when they were mad at each other or other members of the pack. Aiden then gave his brother a big hug and said "I missed you at school today, feeling better now."

Ethan shrugged as Melissa came into the room and said "the anesthetic is still in his system and his werewolf healing won't kick in until it's worked its way through his system."

Aiden then said "what if I do something to kick start it?"

Ethan shook his head and said "don't it will just hurt me," Aiden than said "OK but can I still do this," as he put his hand on his arm and took some of the pain.

Ethan than said "thanks that helps," Aiden then saw he had on one of his hoodies and said "you missed me that much that you wanted something with my sent."

Ethan nodded just as Danny knocked at the door. He came in went over to Ethan and said "how are you feeling."

Ethan then said "I've been better. It hurts to talk."

Danny nodded and said "I know, I had mine out just after you got sick."

Ethan nodded and sent a text to Danny that said "it hurts more because I can't heal right now." Danny then said "why can't he heal right now?"

Melissa then told him how the anesthetic needed to work its way out of his system. Danny then reached into his bag and said "I have something for you. When I saw it, it reminded me of you, and I found the t shirt online." Danny pulled out of his bag a stuffed wolf that had a t-shirt on that said "I had my tonsils out."

Ethan took it from him and smiled and said "it smells like you too."

Danny then said "well I figured it should as the one you gave me when I was sick smelt like you. Mind you it smells more of werewolf than anything else."

Ethan laughed at that, Aiden then said "yeah that can kind of linger on something."

Melissa then came over to Ethan and said "do you need anything to drink or do you want some ice or a freeze?"

Ethan thought about it for a second before trying to say the word freeze. Aiden rubbed his back well he had his other hand taking some pain from his brother and said "lucky guy getting Melissa to bring you a freeze."

Scott then said "Mom can I have one too?"

She turned to him and said "did you have to have your tonsils taken out today?"

Scott then said "no but we don't have them in the house that often."

Melissa said as she was holding opening the freezer "just leave them for Ethan for now ok."

She was about to ask which one he wanted when she saw his hand reach in and grab one. He then tore it open with his teeth. Melissa than said "you could act somewhat civilized and use scissors."

Ethan nodded and Aiden said "he knows he's just does stuff like that to be goofy."

Ethan made his way back to the couch well he was sucking on his freeze. Danny then said "it looks like your enjoying that."

Ethan nodded as Aiden wet to sit beside him again this time Ethan pushed him off as he tried to take some pain from him. Ethan looked at him and said "not now I'm good for a while."

Aiden than said "are you sure bro?"

Ethan nodded as he continued sucking his freeze; Aiden then said "Ok but let me know if you want me to take any pain from you."

Danny then asked "why did he push you off from taking pain away from him?"

Aiden replied "it's his way of reminding me not to take too much as there's a danger if you take too much from someone or something you can kill yourself. He worries about it though."

Melissa then said "that shows he cares for you just as much as you do for him."

Aiden nodded and said "yeah I know he does. I just hate to see him in pain and feel him in pain too."

Danny said "so do you always feel what he feels?"

Aiden replied "no just if were in pain, we share thoughts a lot though, but pain is the only thing we feel when the other is in pain."

Later that night when Ethan was heading to bed Melissa gave him some more pain meds and told him to get some rest and that he could stay in bed as long as he wanted to the next day. Ethan nodded and said "thanks."

Aiden then said as he helped his brother to their room "thanks for being there for him."

Melissa replied "it's my pleasure, and I'll say to you what I said to him I'll be there for him just like I was when Scott had his out."

Aiden nodded and said "good, now I have to get him to bed. If he tries to get up in the morning I'll try and make him sleep in, no promises though he may just want to crash on the couch all day."

Melissa nodded and said "that's fine too."

A little while later Melissa went in to their room to check on them. She saw Ethan had almost no blankets on him and looked a little cold, she pulled it up over him and herd him mutter thanks "pack Mom"

Later that night Ethan was in a bit of pain and Aiden took some of it away from him, Ethan mumbled "thanks Aid" as he rolled over and went back to sleep. Aiden slept with his arms around his brother that night just in case he woke up again.

Authors note I decided to rewrite chapters one and two into a single chapter so it flows better as they both had parts that they shared with each other.