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Prologue: The War to End All Wars

A lone cockroach dug itself out of the cracks in the stone; its legs carried it over the ground and rubble that covered the ground. Its antenna flickered around in the air, but nothing much had changed from the day before, if it had any sense of thinking and didn't act on instincts, it might have noticed the impressive sight ahead of it, but it was just another insect in the world, and continued on its journey. However for others, the sight would have caught their attention as in the distance was a city, but not just any city. Out of the sky swooped down a black raven, it extended its legs and perched itself on a sign. If it could read, it would see that the sign read the words, Amity Park.

Suddenly the ground shook and a sound filled the air, the raven, squawked and spread its wings taking off to the sky. Seconds later a massive, green aircraft flew overhead, the only thing was, it wasn't a modern aircraft. The aircraft was an old World War II bomber, filled with bullet holes, missing plates, cracked cockpits and glowing with an eerie green glow. The bomber headed towards the town, it was soon joined by others of its kind. Seconds later they came under fire, below them, turrets and anti-aircraft batteries were pointed towards the sky, firing at the aircraft in an attempt to repel them. A few fell victim to the blasts and exploded, heading towards the ground in a ball of fire and death. However those that escaped flew over the city, and dropped their payload onto the city, a massive assortment of bombs and troops.

These troops all varied in appearance, some were just blobs, others had a more humanoid appearance. Their skin ranged from different shades of green to blue, grey to white, all of them glowing and heading towards the ground. They landed on the streets and raised their hands; they started to glow in various colors, green, blue, pink and red. Seconds later beams of energy shot out of them. Soon the streets were filled with citizens of the town, either fleeing or fighting, as more and vaster ships appeared over the sky and more of these strange beings filled the streets.

Humanity was at war, for years the nations of the world have united in a single goal, to exterminate a great threat to them. A few years ago, these threats were just a daily occurrence in this town, but that all changed one day, now humanity was at war with a supernatural species, Ghosts. The ghosts were the first ones to attack, they completely took several cites by surprise and completely obliterated everything and everyone in them. Humanity planned retaliation with one goal, to exterminate the ghosts forever, however as time went on, their goal evolved from destroying, to surviving.

The once peaceful and beautiful town, like all others across the entire planet have evolved and been torn by war. However the only difference between Amity Park and the rest of the world was it was now the biggest, and last city on the planet; humanity's last stand. Even now it was under attack, exhausting itself to defend the citizens who reside in it, under attack by the Ghosts. The very air smelt of death and fire, discharges of Ecto weapons and Ecto blasts zigzagged across the blood red sky and an explosion always followed. The streets were full of armed citizens defending their home, the remaining but united armies of the world, and fleeing civilians looking for safe haven. They have come under attack before, but not on a scale of this magnitude, it was like every ghost was now at their doorstep, a last effort to win, it was a war to end all wars.

One soldier ducked behind rubble of a building as a ray of Ectoplasm passed over his head, he then looked over to see a disturbing sight, one that all humans dreaded, a fear they wished not to be so. He spotted a ghost walking across the battlefield, it came across a fallen human soldier, freshly fallen. The ghost then bent down and stabbed its arm into the soldier, which started to glow green and shake violently. Green markings started to erupt from the skin, the eyes sunk into its head, pupil less white bulbs remained, and the soldier screamed. Seconds later the ghost removed its hand and the soldier picked itself up.

The one soldier watching the event felt sick, this was one of the ghost's ways of fighting. Since they were dead and Ectoplasm was what kept them alive; if that was the right word. They have injected amounts of it into the bodies of the dead, which would temporarily reanimate them for their use. They always did this, either reanimate the fallen or possess and overshadow them, either way, the ghosts always turned the dead into reanimated husks. But the worst part was, there was no fixing it, or at least what they knew off, they've tried everything shooting, decapitating, the only thing that stops them are total incineration, due to the fact that Ectoplasm is now infused to their systems. The soldier just watched the thing run towards the city, unable to do anything other than fight, but he wouldn't last long on his own.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, a man and his family were trying to make it out of the war torn city. Trying to push their way through the masses of fleeing people, dodging the ghost infested streets and avoid the occasional explosion or air fighter crash. The only thing the man cared about now was getting his family, his wife, daughter and baby boy out of the city, all in one piece and alive. He remembered when Amity Park was an average size town, when it was peaceful, then ghosts started to show up and attack. That was just the beginning, if only they knew back then what it would lead to, they might have prepared more, they were no match for the Ghosts at first, but they got better; but now both sides were on the verge of losing everything.

The man was brought out of his thoughts by an explosion a couple feet from them. The air was filled with the screams of the poor souls caught in the explosion, and it caused a building to collapse onto the streets, blocking the path. While other citizens scrambled away from the scene turned around to find another way, the man steered his family though them and down an alleyway, hoping that it would be deserted and a short cut to their freedom. With luck he was right, it was empty and they started to make their way through it, they emerged at the end, however they were greeted with a more unfriendly sight.

Just ahead of them, walking through the smoke were the shapes of several humanoid figures, they had red glowing eyes that pierced the smoke and dust. They spotted the family and started to move towards the family. The man felt fear and dread fill him as he stretched out his arms and acted as a shield for his family. He hands were shaking and he felt like his legs turn into jelly as he realized he might have just not only doomed himself but his whole family. The figures ahead of them moved closer to them, there was about eight of them, they were all wearing armor and carried guns. Their armor was white, the light of the blazing fires and explosions of the war torn city were reflecting off them, they were decorated with spots of mud, Ectoplasm and blood. They circled the family, one walked towards them while the others raised their guns. The Man started to think of a way out, hoping that these men were not the ones he was dreading, he was being paranoid; however that feeling soon disappeared as another shape erupted from the smoke in front of them.

It towered over them all, easily the size of a small building or house, it was covered in an eerie type of metal, and although it was painted black, silver and white, it somehow gave off a green glow. It walked on two legs, each foot having razor sharp talons that gripped the ground and could crush a car with ease. It had a hunched torso attached to the legs, with a glass dome on its back where a green liquid was being stored. On the sides were two arms that looked more like wings, and attached to each were an assortment of weapons that could provide armament for a small militia. But the most terrifying thing was the head, it looked down at them. It resembled a human skull, except it had a single robotic eye that blazed red like the fires it could create, the last and terrible attachment this monster had was a long tail, with a sharp needle at the end used to harvest the precious resources of their victims. This monstrosity and its mechanical brothers were feared throughout the world, and their name fit them perfectly, The Reapers.

The man sighed in defeat, wanting to fall on his knees and cry, but wouldn't not in front of his family, not in front of them. He looked at the approaching soldier, and spotted the GIW insignia on its shoulder, he had doomed his family, and he realized that as soon as he spotted The Reaper. The soldier reached them and looked over them, his expression or thought being impossible to read while his face was hidden behind his helmet.

"Well what have we here, trying to escape the city are you?"

"Please, we want no part of this, we just want to live, please take me if you must but spare my family." The man said.

"As much as I would like to do that we have orders, you're from Amity Park, the city of Ghost Lovers, and we can't have Ghost Lovers populating this world."

"We are not Ghost Lovers, why would we love them, look at what they've done to our world."

"Shut Up." The GIW soldier said as he hit the man with the butt of his rifle.

"Please, why are you doing this?"

"Men, Prepare to fire."

The man stretched his arms around his family, embracing each other in their final moments. The guns of the soldiers were clicking as they raised them at the family. The lead soldier raised his arm, when it dropped; their lives would come to an end, they closed their eyes, his children and wife had tears in their eyes, scarred of what comes next. The man held them closer and closed his eyes, waiting for the end to come. But before the soldiers could carry out the execution an alarm came from the giant machine of death towering over them. The soldier's attention immediately turned to their creation.

"ALERT, ALERT, THE PHANTOM HAS BEEN DETECTED!" The giant machine boomed.

"Phantom?" the lead soldier said in disbelief.


"Alright men, leave the citizens for now, we have a bigger prize."

"Sir, it said Phantom right as in THE Phantom?" said another solider.

"Yes, The Reapers are programmed with a higher objective, they are to eliminate ghosts, however if one of them detects Phantom, they are to seek, locate and exterminate it."

Suddenly The Reaper turned its attention to the west of them, looking directly at a building that was barley holding together. It raised its arms and readied its guns, which started to power up. Just as they started to fire a green light shot out of the building and collided with The Reaper. The building gave way and crumpled to the ground and The Reaper fell back from the force of the impact and fell to the ground. The soldiers took cover as their giant machine fell. The Reaper started kicking, trying to regain its footing. Put before it could get back on its feet it started to convulse as metal started to pop off the thing. The Reaper's lights started to dim before coming to a complete and udder stop. Seconds later a giant explosion erupted from within the Reaper and it fell to the ground in giant pieces. The head fell on the ground, its mouth open like a death scream, its eye flickered and shut off, the glass dome shattered and the green liquid covered the streets.

The streets and air was soon covered with the dense smoke of the crumbling building, temporary blinding all those in the area. The soldiers looked around and panicked as they tried to get a sense of their surroundings. One soldier tripped on something and fell to the ground; he picked himself back up, feeling a foot, which was what tripped him. He then started to investigate; glad he found one of his comrades. However he was in for a horrifying surprise when he felt his buddy, who was now missing his head. The soldier dint even have time to scream, as something sharp pushed through his back and erupted from his chest in a blood spurt. The man could only hear what was going on, and what he heard wasn't pleasant, one after another the soldiers screamed in horror and pain. A few gunshots went off every now and then, but he couldn't do anything, he just held his family closer to him. A minute later the cloud started to clear, and they could finally see what happened to their executers.

All of the men were lying on the ground, each one of them was badly hurt, and some were missing body parts, others having huge gashes or having been impaled. The Reaper was also taken offline; it was a scene of carnage, but there was one soldier still alive, trying to crawl towards them. He was trying to talk, but the transmitter in his helmet couldn't pick up his words, all that came out was a sickening gurgling sound, the sign the soldier was choking on his own blood. Then a figure erupted from the smoke, and walked towards the soldier, it kicked them in the stomach, flipping them over. Before anyone could do anything, the figure reached down and grabbed the soldiers head, seconds later there was a sickening snap and the soldier was looking the wrong way.

"Don't you move!"

The man looked behind the figure to see one of the downed soldiers get back up; he held and Ecto pistol in his hands. The figure just cocked their head back to see the soldier, before making it's move. The solder tried to hit the figure, but none of his blasts hit and the figure soon had their hands around his wrist and neck. The figure squeezed his hand until he dropped the weapon. What happened next was even more horrifying; the figure raised their free hand and stabbed it into the soldier's gut. Blood splattered over the figure and on the ground, but the soldier was still alive, barley but still. Then a light started to emerge from the wound, and the soldier started to twitch, like his spine was shivering. Seconds later, ice started to erupt from the wound, erupting from the figure's hand. Within seconds the soldier was frozen alive, both inside and out as ice erupted from cracks in his suit and icicles erupted from within. The figure then removed their hand form the soldier, but before they turned away to face the family again. They raised their hand and smashed the soldier into pieces, the shards of ice which sparkled like diamonds scattered across the ground and a layer of frost started to cover the area around the figure.

The figure then looked at the family, the man could not make out any identifiable features, but this thing just saved their lives. He looked back at his family, worried about how this traumatic event would have on his children. But at least they would be around for it to have an impact on them; he gave his wife a quick kiss on the cheek and stood up, facing the figure.

"Thank you, you saved our lives."

"What makes you think I'll let you live?" the figure said.

The figure then turned around and took a step towards them, allowing the man to see them in detail. The figure had glowing red eyes, sharp fangs, long, beautifully kept and styled white hair, sharp claws and a lust for violence in their eyes. The figure wore an outfit that was black and white, tight and revealing. Before anything could happen, the figure raised their hand and fired a powerful blast of ectoplasm, the area was blinded with light, seconds later, the only sign of life was a lone figure standing atop the dead soldiers and a couple charred bodies; with their jaws hanging open in an eternal scream.

"I don't know why my father wasted his powers and life protecting you humans, especially after what you did to him and mom, you're so weak and fragile, but I will admit, the only thing I like about you is that you are very fun and easy to kill."

Danielle Phantom looked around at her handiwork, another group of dead GIW, a Reaper, and innocents, and it wasn't even noon yet, not a bad start to the day. However her pleasure of death was interrupted by a loud alarm, she turned around to see a familiar sight approaching. She looked down to see two more Reapers making their way towards her. That was the problem with Reapers, when one goes down, there are always more ready to take its place. However she didn't mind, The Reapers were the only real challenge she has left, they were designed to find and eliminate ghosts. She charged up her hands, before making a dash towards The Reapers, today was going to be another great day of killing, war and slaughter; and she was going to relish every single second of it.

Clockwork watched the events take place, although he didn't really have to. He's seen them many times before, he's seen how they came to be, and he sees how they will end. The Observants had come to him to show him what they discovered. What was interesting was that The Observants were scared; they were terrified of what would lead to these events. The last time they came to him was when they discovered Danny Phantom's alternate future and ordered him to stop it from happening by eliminating the boy, but if only they knew. The scene continued to play out and repeat, the destruction, the death, the horror. Clockwork turned away and faced the two Observants who were behind him.

"Now you see our concern."

"Yes, but then again I know everything, before the end of this year there will be an event so traumatic that it causes not only a full out war between humans and ghosts; resulting in the near extinction of both parties, but also causes Danielle Phantom, the daughter of Danny Phantom to become an even more evil and powerful ghost than her father's alternate self; and you want me to stop it from coming to be don't you?"

"Indeed Clockwork, to save the future, and both our species, Danielle Phantom must be stopped."

"You do understand that I can't simply stop it from happening."

"What do you mean?"

"For one Danielle Phantom is a ghost child, the biological creation of Phantom and Samantha Manson, therefore by Ghost Law she is protected from harm, secondly remember when Daniel thought his daughter was dead, he almost turned into the monster you first asked me to stop, it'll be trading one horror for another, there are so many variables in play."

"Clockwork we understand this and unlike last time we don't want you to kill the child, besides even if we did you would work around it like last time; we want you to prevent it from happening, we leave you with this task, do whatever you wish, but stop these events from coming to pass."

With that the two Observants vanished, returning to their headquarters, leaving Clockwork alone in his tower. Clockwork returned to the screen, watching as the older Danielle kill and destroy everything in her path. It was almost impossible to believe that the little Ghost girl could turn into this monster. They wanted to stop it from happening, if only they knew, if only they remembered that he was the Ghost of Time. He knew everything that has ever happened or could have happened and he knows everything that will or might happen. He knows what event will cause the young ghost girl to turn into this monster, he knows the spark that sets off the war between Human's and Ghosts, and he knows everything. As much as he wants to stop them from coming to be he can't, his duty prevents him from interfering, the events can be changed but it's not up to him. He looked at a different monitor, one that showed a unique family from Amity Park, watching a movie, little did they know but the fate of the future belonged to them. Their choices over the next few weeks would determine the fate of everyone. Clockwork sighed and went back to monitoring the events going in on the world right now; he took one last look at the future.

"Everything is as it should be."

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