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Fang Vice Addiction: Pureblood Edition

Entry: From the top

By Traingham

Chao Lingshen's family wasn't typical in the way that they lived, or the way they came together. The first reason happened to be that her father, Negi Springfield, was the overlord of the vampiric underworld which made her royalty, so she didn't live the humble lives that the common people that didn't attend her school awoke to every morning, and even then, it couldn't be said that her classmates had lives as cushy as hers. The second reason that her family wasn't what you would call orthodox was due to the fact that her mother, Chao Xue, shared her father with other women, which lead to the natural fact that she had half-siblings, most with purer blood than of that which raced through her own veins. It lead to some insecurities.

"Ohhhh..." Little Lingshen pressed two hands to the ground, a couple of inches away from her dropped wooden sword, to help herself curl into a hunched position on the floor. She felt like someone had punched a hole in her stomach; logical because her half sister, Freya McDowell, butted her in the stomach with the hilt of her wooden sword. She hadn't done it maliciously; they were in the middle of a friendly sparring match, one that had been scheduled at her own suggestion.

Freya, a strawberry blonde with proud green eyes and sharply trimmed brows, looked down on her half sister with a triumphant smile. "Want a hand, Ling-ling?" She took a few steps toward her hunched sister and offered her free hand. "You may have the upper hand in martial arts, but I think its safe to say that I outclass you when swordplay is involved."

Lingshen knocked Freya's offered hand with a backhand. "No, no." The half Chinese girl of short black hair and twin buns insisted in a throaty voice, still partially winded by the sharp blow. "I'll get up on my own."

Freya quirked a brow at the sore display and shrugged her shoulders, dropping her own sword to the floor. "And they call me proud." She said with a roll of her eyes.

Lingshen raised her head when she heard Freya's wooden blade thump upon the training mat with a question of, "Where are you going? We're not done!"

"Yes we are." Freya declared, resting a hand on her hip. "I understand your frustration—"

"How could you?" Lingshen cut her off. "You have advantages over me. Evangeline McDowell's blood runs potently through your veins, and so does the best of father's genes. Your physical aptitude and magical aptitude will always outclass mine. You'll always be better than me."

"Well," Freya smirked at her words. "You said it. Not me." She flipped her hair and turned on her heel to leave the sparring quarters, crossing the room with elegant strides that caused her lustrous hair to sway left and right. "I'll be going. Mother is waiting for me in the library for magic study..." She slowed upon spotting her father standing at the chamber passage way and promptly squealed out, "Daddy!" In the giddiest way that only a daddy's girl could manage.

"Hey, baby!" Negi Springfield greeted his daughter affectionately, holding his arms open just in time to catch Freya when she jumped into his chest for a hug that carried with it enough love and affection to snap a man's spine in two. The vampiric overlord's dark cloak swathed around his child as he embraced her, pressing his cheek to hers when she nuzzled against his face.

"How long were you there?" She asked him excitedly, her eyes wide with welling pride. "Were you able to witness my victory? I'm getting better everyday!"

"I was just strolling by." Negi lied to her, wearing a playful grin on his face that was infectious for her. "Your mother is waiting for you though, isn't she?" He set her down on her feet, but she remained clung to him. "You should get to the library before she gets impatient."

"Why don't you accompany me, daddy? I'm sure mother would love to have you sit in on our study. You know how she adores your input." Freya wore a pleading expression that should have, by all means, stolen the very will from him, however, seeing his daughter Lingshen stand off in the background full of shame hardened him to her attempt. That, and Evangeline McDowell did not so much adore his input as she did the opportunity to rope him into the study along with his daughter.

"Another time, Freya." The flame haired overlord turned her down, eliciting a puff of the cheeks from the diminutive McDowell. "I'd like to talk to Lingshen."

Freya looked over her shoulder at her sister, still holding her father around the waist, and made a protesting sound in her throat before reluctantly letting go. "Yeah, okay." She groaned, letting her head rock back and forth loosely to emphasize her disappointment. "Hey..." She beckoned him with a finger to bend down.

Negi knew exactly what his daughter wanted from him, pecking her on the forehead. "Now hurry off."

"Right." The strawberry blonde giggled before leaving the room with a jig in her step. With Freya gone Negi approached his other daughter, frowning when the little girl turned her head to avoid his stare as he got closer to her.

"Lingshen." He got down on one knee, placing a hand on top of her head. "Are you always so melancholic? I hate to see you this way, you know that?"

The half Chinese girl bowed her head even lower with a mumble of, "I know, father. I just feel like I'll never be as good as Freya."

"Wait a second." Negi removed his head from her head and gently cupped her chin to raise her head. "If your mother heard that you would be in so much trouble." He shook his head, eyes wide to emphasize just how displeased Xue would have been to hear such words out of her treasure's mouth. "And you know that's not true. You're the most capable little girl I know; you were the first of your brothers and sisters to stand on your two feet and run."

"But Freya is so strong, and smart." Lingshen said, grudging admiration in her voice. "She's so popular too. All of the girls in our class just gather around her like a bunch of dumb moths."

"That's just because she's far more willing to flaunt herself to others than you are. You've always been the sort of kid that stays to herself for some reason." He smiled at her. "Why not brag every now and then?"

"I don't have much to brag about."

"You're seven years old and you're almost as good at cooking as your mother. That's no small feat." Negi complimented her. "You're also the fastest to understand how your mother's inventions work, even helping her refine them whenever she asks for your input, and Xue never allows anybody to have a hand in the refinement process. It takes a complex mind to really understand what going on under your mother's hood."

"She lets me do it because I'm her daughter." She stubbornly depreciated herself. "Father?"


"I want be a great adult when I grow up. I want you and mom to be proud of me when I grow up, but...I don't know." She averted her eyes away from her father. "I'm sure you were already so much better than me when you were my age. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough."

Negi took a seat on the training mat and crossed his legs, patting his ankles for his daughter to take a seat. When she settled in between his legs and laid her back against his chest he embraced her, allowing his cloak to envelop her so that all that poked out was her head.

"I was a real mess as a kid, actually." He confessed to her. "I had to get help from a lot of people before I could become a capable person."

"Really?" Lingshen asked, looking up at him with doubt. "That's not true. You're the greatest man in the universe. You've never been weak."

"No, no. I was eleven years old and I was still pretty weak."

"Eleven?" Her eyes widened. "No way!"

"And you know what?"


"You were one of the people to help me overcome my weakness."

Lingshen scrunched her nose. "What do you mean? I wasn't even born yet!"

"You traveled through time to see me." Negi explained to her with a chuckle, enjoying the look in her big eyes when she heard him say it. Time travel wasn't an impossibility in her head, after all. Her mother invented the Cassiopeia. "Oh, you were so cool; so strong and smart. All of the girls couldn't stay away from you because they admired you so much!"

"How old was I?"

"Fourteen, I think." He answered her, narrowing one eye in recollection. "I'm not really sure. You were so mysterious that it was hard to know when you were telling the truth. You could have been any age, really. Time travel is weird."

"I helped you become strong..." Lingshen said to herself, her voice taking on a dreamy quality. Negi could see the cogs working in her head, the wonderful fantasies coming together in her mind as she envisioned the person she was when she traveled back to see him. She bounced excitedly in his arms, hungry for a story. "Father, tell me how you became strong!"

"That's a really long story. A person doesn't become strong in a day or a week. It normally takes years for a person to grow into a powerful individual."

"Then tell me bit by bit." Lingshen pushed. "We can do this every night."

Negi thought on it and surely enough he resigned himself to his daughter's request.

"Okay." He looked to the ceiling. "My journey began at Evangeline McDowell's cottage."

"You already knew her when you were a kid?" The information didn't seem to please her very much. "When did you meet mother?"

"I didn't meet your mother until after I met you."

Lingshen scrunched her nose again. "That's so weird."

Negi laughed. "It really was. Now, as I was saying, my journey began at Evangeline McDowell's cottage. I'd gone there with Konoka and Setsuna the immediate day after I recovered from my injuries in Kyoto. After witnessing Evangeline's awe inspiring power I knew she would be the perfect teacher to guide me.
I threw myself at her feet and pleaded her to become my master."

"At her feet?!" The little girl cried out incredulously.

"Yes. There was no other way for Evangeline McDowell." Her father explained. "For her, to be granted anything by her you had to be willing to give up everything." A bittersweet smile graced his handsome face before he went on, "My humanity was no exception."

To Be Continued

I will, no doubt, draw ire for this, but I've decided that I am going to rewrite "Fang Vice Addiction" in its entirety. I read over the original in my spare time and felt that my highschool self could have done a much better job with handling the story. There was so much potential to do things differently and all I really did was throw twists here and there. This doesn't mean that the plot will change, but I do intend to make the story more character focused, particularly between Negi, Chao, Dorothy, Takane and Evangeline. I want their relationships to tie more cleanly into "By Your Enrapture", and with it I want to make alterations to events (including those established in my original design) that will eventually tie the stories themselves together.

This means that I'll be cutting out the harem filler related to the less prominent girls (Those who aren't Mana, Chisame, and Nodoka) for a more concentrated read. The other girls will make appearances, but the tone will be more Negi x Eva centric as was my original intention when I wrote the story, which is good news for fans of the pairing. (YEAH! High five? No? Okay...)

There will definitely be references to the Dark Mistresses and Lords (I'll be cutting out the glimpses of the future from the original. Bad design choice on my part), with more focus on their relationship with Evangeline, and Negi's training will be given more focus. Overall, this is going to be, what I was hope to be, a far superior tale in the developmental respect.

Updates will also be more frequent (Already working to release the first official chapter). I'm aiming for a two to three new chapters every month so that it doesn't soak up too much time in furthering the storyline.

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