Author's Note:

Main Pairing: Loki/Tony Stark

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, violence, maybe other pairings eventually

Note [06/04/14]: Once a one-shot, now a multi-chapter

Disclaimers: The world and characters of the Avengers belong to Marvel. The world and characters of Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling. I own nothing but the plot and make no money from this story.

Chapter One

Loki had been acting odd for the past few weeks, and it was beginning to worry Tony and the Avengers. But for very different reasons. Clint was sure that Loki was up to something dangerous and had taken to stalking the god, while Thor was so worried that he brought Loki poptarts every day as a "way to cheer you up, brother!"

Tony didn't want Loki to talk about it if he didn't want to, but still... he loved the god, despite Loki's faults, and he wanted to help. So Tony finally made up some hot chocolate (with Bruce's help, but Loki didn't need to know that), and hunted Loki down.

He eventually found the mage in the library a few doors down from their bedroom in the penthouse. Loki was on the sofa, feet hanging over one arm, head pillowed under his hands. There was a book on his stomach, but it was clear to Tony that it had been sitting there a while, unread.

'Hey,' Tony said. Loki didn't turn, but hummed to acknowledge Tony's presence. 'Hot chocolate?' Tony asked and brandished the large mug at Loki.

Loki chuckled and glanced up when Tony came into view. 'Why do you believe that chocolate fixes everything?'

'Uh... 'cause it does?' Tony huffed. 'Especially when mixed with alcohol.' Loki wrinkled his nose. 'Hey, don't hate my double-chocolate rum cake 'til you try it.'

'Your double-chocolate rum cake?' Loki asked and sat up. He took the mug and eyed Tony as the genius sat down.

Tony licked his lips. 'Okay, so it's Bruce's double-chocolate cake, but I mix the rum in when he isn't looking.' Loki chuckled and settled back, one leg tucked under his body. Tony made himself comfortable, leaning against the armrest behind him. 'So...'

'So?' Loki echoed.

'What's up with you?' Tony asked. When Loki sighed, Tony added, 'Don't give me that crap about nothing being wrong. I've caught you lost in thought at least seven times this past week alone. And Clint actually managed to sneak up on you with a super-soaker. So come on, Lo, what's up?'

'You wouldn't believe me if I told you,' Loki replied. 'Or perhaps you would,' he continued, head tilted, 'you seem to understand and believe me more than anyone I've ever met.'

'S'cause I'm awesome,' Tony joked. Loki chuckled. 'Come on, Lo,' Tony repeated. 'If you don't wanna tell me the details, that's fine. But I'm worried.'

'You really are,' Loki commented. He was wearing that soft, pained smile he usually did when he and Tony discussed serious matters; like he didn't believe that Tony really loved him, or that he deserved someone's love. They'd only been together a year, and Tony was still working to make Loki realise that he was worth it. Loki would never be a "good guy", but he wasn't inherently evil, either; he deserved to be loved.

Tony sipped his hot chocolate, and waited.

Finally, Loki seemed to gather himself, and wrapped both hands firmly around the hot mug. 'You are aware that I've visited Midgard before, yes? Before Thor's banishment and the invasion, I mean.'

'You've mentioned it, yeah,' Tony nodded.

'I visited for quite a bit longer than I led you or my family to believe,' Loki continued. Tony knew that he was referring to Thor and Frigga; Loki still didn't, and would never, consider Odin his father, not any more. 'One time was a while ago,' Loki admitted. 'I was on Midgard for twenty-five years, pretending to be somebody else.'

'Who?' Tony asked.

'A boy, nobody terribly important,' Loki sighed. Tony got the feeling that there was more to this story. 'I needed to get away from Asgard for a while,' Loki explained, 'and I found that Midgard had its very own magical community when I travelled down here.'

'Wait, what?' Tony interrupted. 'We have magic?'

'Yes,' Loki confirmed. 'There is a whole hidden world of people who refer to themselves as witches and wizards. Normal people aren't able to detect them. They have whole governments committed to keeping their world a secret.'

Tony gaped a bit. Okay... magic. Right, of course; why the fuck not?

'I joined them,' Loki said when Tony failed to speak. 'As a boy, a magical boy.'

'A boy?' Tony echoed.

'Yes,' Loki repeated. 'There was an older couple, very well-known in the magic world, who were unable to have children. I stumbled across them when I was exploring the new world I had discovered. I changed my appearance and made them believe that I was their son.'

Tony gaped a bit more.

'I just wanted to belong somewhere,' Loki admitted, his voice soft, now. 'Somewhere where the locals didn't sneer at me because of who I was or what I was capable of doing. To finally be in a place where I wasn't compared to Thor. And I made that couple happy until they passed; they believed that they had finally sired a son, when they were unable to do so.'

'Right...' Tony blinked a bit.

'I fell into my alias a bit too thoroughly, though,' Loki continued. 'I was sent to a magical school, where I finally got friends. I eventually fell for someone who loved me, the other me. I was happy.'

Tony frowned as Loki's voice cracked on the last word. Oh, no... 'Something happened,' Tony guessed, and Loki nodded, eyes on his mug.

'We had a son,' he said, and Tony nearly fell off the sofa. 'The woman that I had fallen in love with, she fell pregnant,' Loki told Tony. 'He was beautiful, Anthony; a head of dark hair to match mine, bright eyes that matched mine and hers. He was... just perfect.'

'What happened?' Tony asked, his voice soft.

Loki closed his eyes, and his fingers tightened around his mug.

'I had to leave for Asgard,' he said after a few moments. 'Heimdall eventually found me, when my son was one. Odin sent warriors who dragged me home. I had to go, they threatened my wife and son. I left a clone so as not to alert anyone to my departure. By the time I returned, she... they...'


Loki finally cracked, tears spilling down his face. 'She was murdered,' Loki choked out. 'My son somehow survived the curse of a dark wizard and was taken to live with my wife's relatives. I didn't know where he was, I couldn't find him by the time I returned. His mother was dead and I could do nothing!'

Tony put his mug on the floor and reached out to do the same with Loki's. When he was done he pulled Loki into his arms, and patted his back as the god openly wept. It wasn't a side of Loki that he saw often, and when he did Tony wished that there was a way to take away Loki's pain. But all he could do was be there for Loki, comfort him, and help him put the pieces back together.

The genius had no idea how much time passed before Loki sniffed and pulled himself back together. His eyes were puffy and bloodshot, his cheeks red and stained with tears. Tony wiped them away as best he could and pecked Loki on the mouth. 'I'm so sorry,' he said. He couldn't imagine what it was like to lose a partner, and a son, and not be able to do anything about it.

Loki sniffed again. 'My apologies,' he whispered, 'I didn't mean to lose control like that.'

'Jesus, Lokes, it's fine,' Tony said. 'After what you just told me? Cry all you freakin' want.'

Loki smiled a bit, but his face was still distraught.

Tony chewed on his bottom lip, already thinking. 'You said that your son survived?' he asked. Loki nodded. 'How old would he be now?'

'Almost twelve,' Loki admitted. 'He was born July 31st 2000.'

'That's good,' Tony said.

'Why?' Loki questioned.

'Well...' Tony hesitated before storming ahead, 'we could- if you want, only if you want- find him?'

Loki blinked. 'Excuse me?'

'We could find him,' Tony said. 'He's living with relatives, right?' Loki nodded. 'I could have JARVIS search for him. I'd sure as hell want to know that my dad's really alive.'

'I left him, Tony,' Loki said. 'I left him and his mother to die.'

'You didn't mean to,' Tony argued. 'Explain it to him. Kids are smart, adults don't give them enough credit. I bet you anything he'll forgive you and want to get to know you.'


'Just let me find him, okay?' Tony interrupted. 'At least let me find some pictures. I bet he plays little league or something. You could see how he's grown up.'

Loki sighed and scrubbed his face. 'He most likely lives in England,' he admitted.

'Cool,' Tony grinned. 'So your accents will match.'

Loki snorted. 'I'm not sure this is a good idea, Anthony.'

'You don't have to contact him if you don't want,' Tony promised. 'Let's just see some pictures, okay? Besides, he's practically my step-son.'

Loki raised an eyebrow, a hint of his normal self returning to his eyes. 'And you believe that I would agree to marry you?'

'Yeah,' Tony grinned, ''cause I'm awesome.'

Loki chuckled and leaned forward, pressing his forehead to Tony's. 'Thank you,' he murmured.

'No worries,' Tony said. 'So, uh... give us a name, yeah? JARVIS will get started.'

Loki smiled softly against Tony. 'Harry,' he said. 'Harry James Potter.'

Author's Note: I've just always liked the idea of Harry being Loki's son, because it gives me an excuse to put the Harry Potter world and the Avengers world together, with some FrostIron added in 'cause I love it.