"Aaaah... C-come on, s-stop aaah I don't want you t-mmph."

How did it come to this? What did I do to find myself pinned to the wall by my best friend in our garage, feeling me up and kissing me with such passion that I can't resist him even though I'm trying very hard to reason with both him and myself.

His way of surrounding me and caress my chest under my suddenly opened shirt, makes me feel like we have been a couple for as long as we have been friends, but that is not what makes this far out.

The fact is, that Chance Furlong, my best friend, fellow ex-enforcer and SWAT-Kat pilot is kissing ME, Jake Clawson, and he is straight, isn't he? How did it come to this?

Author's Note:

I apologies for the very short prologue for my very first SWAT Kats fanfiction but there are plenty of chapters waiting, I just want to see your reaction to it and is if it is worth continuing ^_^

As this is my first fanfiction, I would love comments on the story. Both praise (if there are any(^_^')) and constructive critique.

Looking forward to hearing from you.