Chapter 5

I arch my back at the sensation to my member in Chance's mouth. I can hear my moans as I reach for Chance's head and start caressing that light golden fur on his head. I know, I should be pushing him off me but I just can't. Anything I ever imagined me and Chance having together is happening. The sensation is so sweet a taste that I just want more. Suddenly, I feel a blunt pressure just by my tail. I look down at Chance and I notice a tube next to him. I can feel my cheeks heat up as it dawns on me what it is Chance is doing.

"How do you know such a thing, Chance? Did Vincent tell you something or did you look it up on your own? And why would you? You're straight!"

Granted, my own experience with toms is only something I have read up on. And then umm, cough, tried with myself. But I never really went far beyond kissing and cuddling. Call me old-fashioned but I don't give my tail to just anyone. That doesn't mean I'm going to be ignorant about what goes on in the bedroom.

I try protesting to tell Chance that he didn't have to do this. Our eyes meet and it's like we're reading each others' minds, like we usually do but deeper. His eyes beaming with certainty and no sign of doubt.

"Aaahh, mmmmhnn, mmmewrrr"

All that comes out of my mouth is high-pitched whimpers and low mews, which sounds more like willingness than protest. Next I feel is a dull, hot but moist feeling as Chance pushes a finger past my tail-hole. I hiss and arch again but Chance places a paw over my thigh and hip, keeping me down on the bed. The sensation is searing and electric at the same time, making my head spin whilst my body tries to contain these surges. I can hear my breathing getting heavier and my heart bounding in my ears. I look down at Chance with a fuzzy haze over my eyes. Our eyes meet again and for a moment Chance stops. "Why's he stopping? Is he regretting it? What's that on his cheeks. Is... is that blush? NO! No it can't be that... that he's turned on! He can't be. Can he?!"

"Aaaah, nnnhmm, aaah, Aaaannnhh."

I don't get much time to think further as he returns to my still hard member, but also starts thrusting his finger into me.

"Crud! I can feel his tongue around my member. It's so rough. I didn't think a kat's tongue could feel so goooood."

I feel every nerve in my body sparking as the sensation flows through me, howling out my pleasure into our bedroom. The hot and fuzzy feeling starts to expand and the mixture of ache and pleasure is driving me insane.

"AAaaaaaaaooohh!" A surge rushes through me, making me roar loudly and shudder.

"What? Did he just? Oh, crud. He's found it! Kats alive, I'm going out of my mind! It feel so good. It, it's going too fast! I can't. No, I got to stop him. This is wrong, but it feels so good. Crud, he's brilliant, gorgeous, sexy. No I can't think that! I have to stop it"

Chance looks up at me in surprise of my roar but quickly returned to nudge that point making that same surging feeling rush over me. He had barely started before I could feel I was reaching my limit.

"Ch-Chance... No, stop. I-I can't ...aaah I'm aaah Aaaaaagh!"
I grip Chance's hair as I feel it all coil in my stomach before it comes undone. I can hear my voice howling as I come. I try to keep my hips still so I don't choke him. I arch my back high of the bed and soon I can hear Chance choking and coughing on my juices. I rest myself on my elbows, panting hard. I can see him trying to hide his coughing and faintly I hear him swallow.

He then looks up at me, again. His eyes showing that emotion again.

"It just can't be. It can't."

"Jake...I." Chance looks at me with such passion, such tenderness. My mind is in such a haze of pleasure. My body is still shaking from my orgasm and I know I shouldn't. Everything that has happened tonight, should never have happened.

"It's all wrong. Chance and I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't give in to this. Chance is not thinking straight and I shouldn't use him by giving in to my selfish needs, because they won't come true, anyway. Then why. Why is he looking at me like that? Why is he making my head spin, when he does? Why is every fiber in my body saying I should let him. Let him leave marks on me. Let him fill me with the passion his so clearly shows. Let him show that he..."

I reach out and cup Chance's cheek and gently caress him with my thumb. His fur is so soft aganst my palm. I had often thought it would be a lot more coarse, but it is as soft as an undercoat. I can feel him lean into my palm while he looks at me. He seems to like the feeling. His eyes are full of uncertainty and there is only one thing I want to do. At this moment, after all that has happened, I don't care what will happen in the morning. If Chance pleads a moment of insanity tomorrow, I won't care. Tonight, I want to feel, what I can never have and not worry about tomorrow.

So, I lean in and kiss Chance for the first time, since it all started. I gently lick Chance's lips, wanting to pass them. Chance seems stunned at first but he soon catches up and deepens the kiss further, letting our tongues duel. I feel him climb on top of me. and his paws sneak up under my shoulders, reaching my head where he starts caressing my fur. I purr into our kiss while he bucks against my hips.

"Mmhhnnn." I moan onto the kiss and wrap my legs around his hips. He seems to pause for a moment and look at me.

"No. You're not wrong, Chance. I want this." I feel one of his paws leave my head and move down to his hips. After the rustle of satin fabric, I feel his paws grab the back of my shoulders and he pushes in.

You would think that Chance would just ram in, after all the Milkyways he had had to drink, but despite feeling the pain of him opening me with each thrust, he was steady and slow, taking each inch with care. I cling to his back, shaking from both the pain and the overwhelming pleasure as he fills me.

"Mhmm, AAaaaaaanh, Mhmm!"


I break the kiss as I groan at the sensation, Chance claiming my lips again and growls into the kiss as he starts bucking his hips against mine. I claw at Chance's back and I can feel my claws catch the fabric of his shirt and tear it. I can't help it. The way he is thrusting into me, hitting my gland over and over is driving me up the wall. Our mouths criss-crossed in fever-like kissing with our tongues duelling like swords all the while Chance thrust into me with such precision and force that I was losing myself in a blaze of both feelings of passion and sensation. I can't hold on much longer.

"Chance aaah I'm nggh I can't."

I try to whisper in his ear. My voice distorted by my ragged gasps and moans. My mind just can't string a sentence together. Chance growls even darker and I feel his teeth pin down my fur on my neck. I gasp at the pressure and feel Chance wrap his arms under me. My back leaves the bed and I am now straddling Chance's hips. Feeling the folds of his open trousers against my butt, the new position causes Chance to reach even deeper.

"AAAAAArrghh! NNNNhnnn! Aaaaaaah!"

I start shouting out my pleasure as Chance holds on to me and thrusts deeper still. The force he put into each thrust was like riding a piston in the motor of an 18-wheeler truck. Long, steady and powerful and keeping me steady in his arms.

"AAAAaaah! Chance! Naaaaah!"

I cling on to him as best as I can as I convulse. The climax comes crashing over us and I can swear I can almost hear my entire soul being torn apart. I feel Chance tense at the same time and we take one last long kiss, cling on to each other and ride it out, matching each other's instinctively driven hips, feverish kissing as our orgasms send out waves like a sonic boom.

After what seems like forever, I feel my body start to go limp. I lean my nose against Chance's head, nuzzling my cheek against his as I can smell everything. Him, me, us and what we have just done. I can hear him do the same. I rest my head against Chance's shoulder and I suddenly feel very tired and close to blacking out. I struggle to straighten myself up so I can look at Chance. We lock gazes again as I struggle to stay awake.


He just looks at me and I can almost see his mind spinning 100 miles per hour.

"Chance...?" I try to ask again but I can feel I'm closer to blacking out. I need to know why.

"I'll tell you in the morning, Jake. I promise." He says and just before everything turns black, I hear the words I can't believe.

"I love you, Jake."

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