The Cain residence

Moroun's room (more. own. this is how you pronounce his name)

"Mom, have you seen my book bag I need it I'm going to be late for school again." Said the 12 year old.

"No sweetheart I haven't seen your book bag is it in your sister's room or your 2 brothers room." Said Cora to her youngest child.

"I don't know let me check…"

The child went to his brothers' room hoping to find his long lost book bag but the door was locked so he went to Mona's room he knock to make sure he didn't walk in on her there wasn't an answer suddenly a crashing sound came from her room he barged in to find a man about 6 ft. 5 and wearing a racing suit that was purple and silver instinctively he was going to scream but his mom just left for work knowing her child would go to school with or with out his book bag but what the 12 year old did was not screaming but yelling "who are you, Where's my sister and what are you doing here." Yelled the boy who feared for his sister's life but the man just stood there with no movement except breathing that when the youngest Cain used his abilities to examine the problem

He thought to himself "Ok, Mona's not here to help me this guy is creepy and what is he doing with Mona's jewelry box this place is a mess looks like he as looking for something but what wait a minute this looks like a…SILENCER, No he must be here to kill Mona or for dad's old research either way he's not going to get it ok use our abilities Moroun use them!"

All of a sudden and to the silencer's surprise this boy conjured up a light around him. It swarmed around the boy giving him enough time to activate the device on his arm making the light grow stronger, then the light stop so fast that the silencer barely notice the boys abilities he had a form of glowing blue crystals that casted his arm in an armor and the device which was on his right arm was now on his left and it didn't look like a device it looked like wooden bracelet with blue diamonds in it the boy just looked at the silencer, the man thought to himself,

"This boy is a Cain, he has abilities like his sister and brothers ok think by the way he's dressed he's a cool kid but by the necklace he has with his dad on one side and his sister and his sick brother on the other I can tell his brother means a lot to him and so does his sister but given his brother weak condition he's probably upset about so he's probably distant at school by the blue highlights in his hair he wants to be like his sister. Which comes back to his abilities she probably taught him how to use them which is probably why it didn't take him long to activate them so how will I attack."

Then the silencer pulled out a metal rod, which extended to full length with little shocks of electricity coming out he tip. The man swung it at the boy he missed when the kid jumped out of the way and flip behind the man the man wasn't quick enough to dodge the young man's attack the silencer barely escaped but the boy didn't know whether to celebrate victory or cry because his sister was missing but that's when he heard a car park he was beat up and bleeding he was ready to fight again but only inches from her face he stop it was Mona he fell to the ground but got up and didn't let go from his sister's warm hug eventually she got him off and tended to his wounds she asked him what happened

"Little brother what happened who did this to you." She said in a worried tone of voice

"It was a silencer he was here for you or dad's research I don't know but I'm scared Moe

"It's ok Mack it's over now don't be afraid." Said the loving older sister wiping a tear from her brother's face

"But what if he comes back what if he is going after Ronnie or Mom."

"Don't worry by the way you look I bet you beat the stars out of him and don't worry about mom she doesn't have these abilities dad gave them to us remember even if he did go after mom she can hold her own remember we got that from her we got her big attitude and brains from both of our messed up parents and dad might be dead but he's always with us he loved us he didn't do this to us because he hated us or because he loved his research more than he loved us he did it because he did love us and he didn't want us to die." She told her brother to calm him down

"Ok, I love you Moe."

"I love you to, Mack"

The siblings said putting the nicknames that they made for each other in the I love you's

At UCLA Medical center

Room 232

There laid the 23-year-old son of James Cain oldest out of the 5 of them there was him Ronnie, Drain, Moe, and Mack (I use their nicknames so is you see me talk about someone with these names it's the Cain kids)

Rusty just laid there wondering what went wrong he was thinking of what happened

When this happened

"Rusty! Rusty! Where are you." Said the young little Mack

"In the shop Mack, come here I need your help with something." Said the eldest son of the Cain's

"Ok, coming have to help Moe with something real quick, be there soon."

All of a sudden Mack and Moe hear a painful yell then a SMASH

They ran to where their brother was they found him under the car he was fixing

Mona thought "he must have past out from something and hit the car lift release because he yelled before the car crash on him."

Mack scream for some help from his 2 other brothers the car wasn't crushing him just pinning him to the ground

The ambulance got there in 30 minutes afterwards but when they got to the hospital the doctor said that he past out when he had a "brain overload" they said he talk to the young man and he said that he had an awful migraine but went to the workshop anyway then after a few minutes of working he felt light headed and all off a sudden everything went black and before he black out completely he felt something hit his head hard so that is when the car lift release gave out because he had fell on it but what caused this whole mess was a parasite that is when the doctor held up a container with the parasite in it

When the doctor was talking Mack went in to see his brother and he felt like it was his fault he wouldn't have past out and wouldn't be in this mess "Hey, Rusty how are you."

"Fine I'm alright don't worry but I will be in here for a while so I wont be home."

The LUV garage

In the present

"Ok why did you come back here if this is the place you got attacked?" said the 12 year old

"Because we need evidence and we cant have that if we aren't in the place it happened now can we?" said his annoyed older sister

"You just answered a question with another question." Said Mack

Moe just looked at Mack for a few moments before she smacked him upside the head for that mockery

They searched for hours trying to find something but they didn't find anything

Back at the sweeper

Lani was thinking and something hit her Mona had a onboard camera she could see where she was

She got onto her laptop to see where Mona was and she seen a sign that said the LUV girl's garage and looked up the name online and found it located in Los Angeles, on the beach bum side of town (no offence people of California I love you why do you think I wrote them In California) she told them and they drove as fast as they could to the garage and they found Mona they ran up to her and apologized to her a million times she said it's ok and that she forgives them they devised a plan

(The silencers base)

Mona went by herself until everyone came later

She thought to herself on how to take down the guards "Ok there is a big one and a larger one ok think Monacee how to take them down the big one on the right is not putting pressure on his leg. And the bigger one on the left seems to not be able to see out of his right eye so this could cause him to not be able to fight as good as he used to when he was able to see. I almost have a full plan need to scope the area more…ok…wait! There's

another guard but this one isn't as easy to read its like he's a closed book" Hey, you there this is a restricted area you must…wait a minute that's Monacee Rosetta Cain, get her!

Mona thought to herself "Oh, no run girly run…ok if I just keep run WAIT I already read two of them I can take them out and deal with the new one later or vice versa" she thought with a exhausted face, "Ok, so we got the plan, Rhoda you go and attack when Moe says that its ok to engage, Jazz you create a diversion with your ability to create alternate time in space like when Abraham got shot anyway just make a time to where they are distracted. PJ you go in and use your sonic blast and stuff, and that's when I use my karate chop, and…" Lisa was saying before she got cut off. "Ok, how bout this, Lisa you strike with a sonic flare to blind them, Rhoda you attack with your ability to create weaponry, that's when PJ you go and engage with a nuclear blast to destroy the front, that's when Monkey, Taro, Karma, me and Vert drive in through the front inside the sweeper, and that's when we can pick up Mona after she has detonated the energy bomb, and if we time it perfect we've won. Said Kurt "Let's do it YEEEEEHAAAAAA" said Pork Chop

"Ok, everyone ready, because we only have one shot and if we mess up its all over" said Vert in a serious tone of voice

but everyone just look at him like "what the Heck man seriously, yeah nice pep talk"

so this is how it went.

Who are you and where did you come from

I'm your worst nightmare and I'm EVEYWHERE Mwahahaha. Said the spastic teen

Ok your coming with us

I don't think so…BOOM all of a sudden the flash bomb that Lisa threw exploded making the back guards go blind for a few minutes that gave Rhoda some time to attack with a sword made out of light, and she then started fighting the guards left and right. PJ then threw the nuclear blast, which caused the door to fall apart. The gang hopped on the back of the sweeper.

They drove in with every second Vert worried about Mona, images of her dead or bleeding floated through his mind, causing him to blurt out "Mona, NOO!" everyone just stared at him and he looked so worried but to him he felt worthless to him Mona was the world to him and if something was to happen to her he felt his heart stop for a moment and it made him worry about Mona even more

He fell to the ground in agony trying to comprehend what was happening he felt his world falling apart again. The first when his mom died right in front of his eyes.

Tears gathered as he let everyone of them fall from his crystal blue eyes, drain down his imperfectly perfect cheeks. Remembering the same image of Mona in high school when she just moved there the girls picked on her and he remembered all those little tears fall from here deep brown eyes to her small yet beautiful neck.


"Hey are you alright?" said the 16year old Vert

"Yeah,..sniff…Ill.. Be ok"

"You got to watch out for those girls they're mean as pythons"

"Haha! So Casanova whats the name"

"the first name's Josef the Middle Vert And last is Wheeler"