ElZero Chapter 1: A Hunters Never Gets To Rest
(A/N: I'm using megaman zero and megaman X1-8 and I thought to give this new story a try)

Zero and X start heading home after a longest last battle with faces of happy and victory. As they head back to the base remembering the Final moments of sigma's defeat.


"No I wouldn't be defeated I WILL KILL YOU!" Sigma screams slash at zero who dodge after sigma being exhausted of almost no more power. "Give up sigma you are done, you have no one to help you now" zero says darkly getting his saber ready. Laughing maniacal sigma tempts to go for a slash at X who fires a couple of plasma shots back at him hitting him. "It's done sigma it's time to end you one and for all!" Screamed X having blaster on his head.

"Wait X...I want to do it" x turn his head seeing his friend eyes full of vengeance wanting to avenge the fallen and slowly move away "do it zero for everyone"

"Hehe kill me you fool just like u kill your beloved little what her dumb name oh iris~" sigma says already losing his mind like before. "Sigma...this is for IRS ABD EVERYONE!" Zero scream and let the blade slash though his armor cutting him in half and then slash his head open continuing his assault on the now already dead leader. "Zero! Stop it's enough!" X yell pulling zero back. He stop his attack and look at the body of the one great commander.

"Haa..it's over it's done.." Zero say which x puts a hand on his shoulder "it's done zero..you beat him" X says which zero nods and the both heroes begin to head home.
(Flash back-end)

As they both see though the camera of a spy bot recording the destruction of sigma base turning to rubble.

(Hours later Home base)

Opening the gate and closing they wonder looking inside to see anyone. "Anyone here?" Ask zero then a bright lights come on and everyone yell "SURPRISE!" The two turn around seeing ceil, alouette,fefnir,leviathan and harpuia. "Hey guys what you all here" ask zero.

"Congratulating you on your defeat on killing sigma for good this time" say ceil which smile happily. Zero and X both collapse on the couch tired as heck and hurting a bit from damage they took. "Well boys you too come to the repair room for your damages~" said ceil who giggle seeing zero sleeping like a baby. Both boys got up and head to be repair. Later on the day they end up parting while reports of the remaining bases own by sigma are being destroy were coming in. Zero thinks on the top floor of what he's going to do in his life now since there no more sigma.

"Zero..?" A small voice which zero turn to see the little blond reploid come in with a cute face.

"Yes alouette?"

" Are u going to go to that hibernation thingy?" She says a bit worried

"No I'm not this time..I want to live my life stead of sleeping" he says which he see her face change to a happy look".

After that she leaves to go find X and zero begins thinking to himself and remember the old times with the other friends and iris. Zero felt guilt and wouldn't love again for a long while...yet. Returning back to his old room he prepare to sleep for the day to restore everything back where it belongs.
(Time-skip 2 years later)

"Boys wake up now!" A young woman's voice ring out through the base which now became a large home with the weapons put away but defense still active incase which everyone soon got up and head for morning. Minutes later everyone arrive at the old used to be main room for meeting instead replace with breakfast. "Hello everyone it been 2 years haven't it and the world looks so great now" ceil says which everyone nodded surprise at the quick recovery. Alouette now 10 been playing around with her pet dog with harpuia watching her. After breakfast everyone went back to their chores , zero and fefnir argue at times before scolded by ceil like she was their mother least fefnir had kept himself controlled and didn't try to kill zero.

"Zero may you and X come later in 2 hours to my room I have some stuff to talk and something to show you" ceil says which zero responds "sure I'll get him". Chores been done and the reptoids begin to have fun like humans do harpuia get splash in the face by water balloons.

(Hours later)

Zero and X came to Ceil's lab with no knowledge of what's going to happen. "Hey ceil we are here what did you need us for?" Zero ask and the girl turn around meeting the boys. "Hello and I created a dimension machine that let a person travel through worlds and other dimensions. Both x and zero where shock yet curious to see. "I was wondering if you two will want to try it out if you want to I try it with a metal bolt and it works so I wonder of two people will be able to travel" she says. "Ok but we gonna need our weapons incase the world is hostile" says zero both eyes closed. "Step into that platform please" she asks as both boys enter in and turns on the power, in it they began to receive their power as X felt the armors he get (a/n: after the fight ceil kept all their weapons and armor to that spot to be safe and use again if needed). Yet the armors all fuse into one and on his body gaining all the attacks and abilities.

Coming out the machine they went back to her "huh I feel not much different yet all my files on the skills I have are here" X says checking though his armor. "Oh that's because I fuse them all into your regular blue armor it was kind of difficult task but I got it done only your Ultimate Armor which can be transform for periods of time and you will have to unlock your other skills during your travels same with you zero you have all your skills" she explains to the both retired hunters.

"Ok we are ready ceil" says X who curious of the place

"Ok both of you stand on this panel please" ceil instructed which the both hunters head to the green panel floor and stand there. Ceil turn on the handle and the machine started to glow a light green and moments later they disappear. "I forgot to tell them that it's a one use and will have to wait later uh oh~" ceil says with a finger on her chin as she checks where she send them looking over the computer the words spell "ELRIOS". "Hmm Elrios...seems like an ok place I hope". With a little hint of worried over she begins to work on the machine.

(A/n: And I am done yes I fuse all of X's armor in to his regular blue armor we all known and love ouo. Anyway I'll explain the elsword classes on next one and I had this idea to see if any luck it could work and yes sorry if I went OOC on X and Zero I have some experience and didn't see much into them ether leave a review if you like it or not Sapphire out!)