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Chapter 5: Realignment.

"Space-ship. Aliens. Unbreakable soul linking bonds… Are you kidding me?!" Tsunade voiced out her thoughts in an incredulous tone at both Miya and Naruto. She then shook her head in a bewildered manner. "Well then, excuse me if I'm having a hard time believing all that."

In her lifetime, she had seen and heard many things that could be considered as bewildering. But this just really took the cake. Something like extraterrestrial species coming to earth from outside space in select number of spaceships, and taking residence in the said planet to find suitable mates. A setting so clichéd that she had only ever seen in one of those movies in theaters.

Jiraiya didn't utter a word. But, the serious and utterly curious expression on his face told that he was intending to fish out as much information as he can in regards to the topic. And thus, the reason why he remained silent, while willing to let Miya do all the talking.

Miya, who had been observing all the reactions, just stared at them with a calm amused expression. "It's not such an outlandish theory…if you consider the fact that you Shinobi also perform feats of miracles in the eyes of civilians."

"That," Naruto, who sat beside her, interjected with slight smirk on his face, as he looked at his pseudo-mother/grandmother. "-is something that you cannot refute to, Baa-chan."

In response to his remark, Tsunade merely grumbled at her seat. Not before she threw a mild glare at Naruto at his nickname for her.

"Still," Jiraiya interjected, breaking off the casual atmosphere that was occupying the room. He looked at both Naruto and Miya, primarily the Sekirei, with a serious expression. "Do you have some kind of proof, that would lead us to believe your theory?"

Even Tsunade looked intrigued by Jiraiya's remark, as she nodded in agreement to the Toad Sannin's words.

Naruto idly scratched his chin in contemplation, as he heard his Godfather's words. "Well," He started off in a hesitant tone. "It would be quite hard to immediately present a proo-"

He was unable to complete his remark as he was suddenly cut off from his words, when a pair of hands grabbed both sides of his cheeks and pulled his face sideways…

Into a scorching passionate kiss with Miya.

The now bonded Naruto's Sekirei swapped her tongue passionately while locking her lips with her Ashikabi, as a pair of multiple bright wing of light erupted from her back, in turn almost blinding the other occupants of the room.

The light continued for a few seconds, before it completely died down. But, even then, Miya continued to press her lips against her Ashikabi's, as she showed a rare lustful expression, that she would not have, in her million dreams, ever showcased it in public.

"Woah…" Jiraiya was left speechless by the sight in front of him. Both by the unbelievable phenomenon that happened and also the passionate lip locking. He was sure going to have a lot of inspiration and materials for his research.

Tsunade, it seemed, was imitating her teammate's expression and thoughts…of course, minus the research material one.

After finally separating his lips from that of his heavily reluctant Sekirei, Naruto looked a bit flustered by the latest development. "Um, Miya…" Naruto voiced out with a slight blush staining his cheeks. "Was that necessary?"

"I couldn't think of a better way to prove our bond to them."

Naruto sighed to himself when he heard that response. Though, he had to admit that she did have a point in the way their bond could have been proven to the two elder people in the room.

It was still embarrassing though.

"That…was interesting." Tsunade remarked from her place with a small flush on her cheeks. She was no doubt surprised by the sudden steamy scene; initiated by the last woman she had thought would do such a thing, considering Miya's reputation and personality.

"I guess they have proved themselves, Tsunade-hime." Jiraiya looked at the blonde Hokage with a smirk, as the said woman sighed in resignation at the latest development. He then turned towards the Ashikabi Sekirei pair, as his smirk turned into a grin. "Still Naruto, I can't help but feel proud of you!" He exclaimed out, while giving his godson a thumbs-up, accompanied with his lecherous grin. "For you to bag such a hot powerful woman, you are definitely my godson!"

Naruto's eyebrows gained a massive twitch, as he threw his dirtiest look at the Toad Sage. "Go to hell, Ero-sennin!"

"Aw come-on, don't be like that!"

"I would be, you lecherous Sage!" Naruto gave a slight pause, before resuming fiercely. "Besides, don't call my woman hot!"

"Ho oh! Your woman, eh. My godson has definitely become a man!...well, considering what I have seen this morning…"

"Screw you!"

While Miya looked amused at the scene that transpired in front of her, Tsunade just let out a sigh in defeat, as if she had long since given up reacting to such type of occurrences.

The Hokage then decided to divert her attention to something else, as she turned towards her fellow female in the room. "Uzukage-sama-"

"Miya, Tsunade-dono." Miya interjected with a smile. "You can call me by my name, considering you are someone my Ashikabi considers as a part of his family."

Tsunade donned a smile of her own, as she faced the Uzukage. "That would be perfectly fine." She gave her a consenting nod to affirm her statement. She then got a slight mischievous smile on her face, as she continued. "And could this informality have any relation to me being Naruto's pseudo 'grandmother'?"

Miya gained a mysterious smile on her face, as she didn't back away from the teasing. "Who knows." She responded with her smile.

Tsunade merely chuckled in response, before she decided to steer the conversation in another direction. "Miya-san…I'm a bit curious about your last name." Even while being bridled with curiosity, Tsunade's expression took a serious turn. "Is it common among the…Sekirei," She worded out, while testing the unfamiliar term on her tongue. "who react to their Ashikabi to take up their last name, or is it something unique to you?"

At Tsunade's question, all activity in the room halted, as the godson-godfather duo, who had been continuously trading barbs, also stopped in their arguments. After all, it was a question that had been on the minds on many people in the elemental nation. It was a highly discussed topic, since most had already speculated of her being a non-Uzumaki.

Then again, many had also speculated that maybe she had took up that name as a sign of honoring the land she was currently ruling. Though, many had speculated of her having a distant relation to the Uzumaki clan, while there were also some, who had humorously speculated of her secretly marrying an Uzumaki and taking up that name.

The people with that last thought just didn't know how closer to the truth they were.

Miya gave out a brief sigh, as she contemplated on how to respond to the question. But, after looking at her Ashikabi sitting beside her, who also looking curious for an answer to the question, she decided to proceed with this honestly. "For a Sekirei," She began, as she looked at her audience. "their bond to their Ashikabi is the single most precious thing that they could hold their importance to. It even transcends beyond the boundary of marriage set by humans. It's sacred to our race." She stressed the importance of 'sacred', as she looked seriously at all the others. She then continued. "That's why, for us, when a Sekirei reacts to their destined Ashikabi, it is considered to be a moment worth more than heaven. And…when rejected, it is considered to be nightmare exceeding hell itself." She then lowered her face to the ground, as she stared forlornly at the floor. "And I have experienced both of them."

Naruto slightly flinched, when he was reminded of how had rejected the Sekirei who had reacted to him. Looking at his Sekirei now, he decided that the least he could do is reassure her. Bringing his hand forward, he laid it on top of that of Miya, and squeezed it slightly in reassurance.

The response he got from her was that of a smile, which spoke of gratitude and love for him.

Tsunade looked at the Uzukage with a interested look. Even though she looked curious at the new information that Naruto had at first rejected Miya, she decided to hold herself back, as it was his private life, in which she had no right to pry herself in.

Miya went on to continue her explanation. "For a Sekirei, there is only one true destined Ashikabi they could ever have. It's not just their physical composition we react to, but it's also about the resonance in souls between a Sekirei and an Ashikabi." Miya took a deep sigh, as she looked unflinchingly at both Tsunade and Jiraiya in front of her. She dared not to look at her Ashikabi beside her, because she didn't know how he would react to this particular explanation. "It may be possible that a Sekirei could have another Ashikabi candidate, if the first one they reacted to rejected them. But, that's only possible if it's only on the basis of physical reaction, and their destined Ashikabi doesn't exist in the first place. On the other hand…" Miya trailed off with a nostalgic look, as she discreetly glanced at her Ashikabi.

"I see." Jiraiya spoke up for the first in a long while, as he looked uncharacteristically serious, yet also sympathetic and understanding at the explanation he had heard from her. "Naruto happened to be your true destined Ashikabi, because of this soul resonance thing. Yet, you also had the misfortune of being rejected by him.

Naruto looked irritated by the straightforward remark by his Godfather. "Can't you be a bit more subtle about this?" He grumbled lowly under his breath.

Miya wore a slight smile on her face, as she continued on. "I would have had no other Ashikabi in my life, because Naruto was my destined one. And," Here, for the first time, she turned fully towards her Ashikabi, as she showed a true genuine smile that was slightly laced with joy. "Even if I was given a choice to have any other Ashikabi, I would not have taken it. And…that is the very reason why I made myself Naruto's wife, even if he had not wanted to be husband. Because, for me, Naruto is my only one."

Naruto felt his face heat up, as well as being left speechless by the earnest words from Miya, that seemed as if they were spoken from innermost depths of her heart. And it was something, he decided, that he was going to cherish for the rest of his life. Because up until now, he had been thirsty and hungry for such kind of love that was deprived from most of his life.

"Damn Naruto," Jiraiya remarked, while discreetly trying to pen down the scene transpiring in from of him. Though, with the way Tsunade's eyebrow was twitching, it seemed he was not that successful. "Just how cruel were you to reject such kind of woman?"

Naruto was unsuccessful in masking his flinch at that question. "I know," He weakly defended himself. "And I fully intend to make it up for all that."

With the way Miya's smile took a more delighted turn, Naruto knew that he had said the right words.

"Still," Jiraiya also smiled slightly, as he saw all this. Though, a teasing glint suddenly appeared in his eyes, as he continued. "You must have been gay at that time to reject such a hot woman."

Naruto's eyebrows twitched violently, as both Miya and Tsunade looked on at the transpiring scene with amused eyes.

Jiraiya, continued his charade while simultaneously ignoring his godson in a mocking manner. "Hah…I guess it's up to me now to show you the correct path. The hardships of a Godfather showing his godson the right path." A lecherous grin then suddenly broke out on his face, as he pulled out his Icha-Icha book out of nowhere; an action that immediately brought deadpan expressions on both the women in the room. Jiraiya wisely ignored them, as he then held that book towards Naruto. "And I will give you this to provide you the right enlightenment!"

"You…you hopeless damn Sage! I don't need a smut as a guide for my love life!"

"If you were rejecting such hot women in the past, then you damn as well need my books!"

"Go to hell!"

In the end, the post meeting argument between Naruto and Jiraiya had gone favorably on the blonde's side, only on the account that Tsunade intervened in between and smashed the living light out of the old Sennin on bringing out his smut book.

From there, it was quite the task for both Naruto and Miya to escape from all his friends and sensei's, who had decided to hound around the Hokage tower like a bunch of Hyenas, so that they pounce upon him at his mere sight.

As such, it was at the top of the Hokage monument, that Naruto, accompanied by his Sekirei, found a relief from the hounding of all his friends and acquaintances. Not that he could blame them, as it's not every day that you find a person sleeping with arguably the current most powerful existence in the whole world.

Quite a distance away from the edge that no one could notice them, Naruto and Miya cuddled to each other, as they sat against a rock behind them. They were also safely at a large distance away from the Anbu headquarters and elder's house that were on the top of the monument. It was just by the stroke of luck that they had found such a secluded place with a nice privacy and view of the village in front of them.

Naruto held Miya in his arms, as the said woman happily absorbed the warmth of her Ashikabi, while tightly embracing him.

"It must have been tough on you."

At Naruto's sudden remark, Miya looked up at him, to see the blonde gazing at her softly. When she saw this, she directed at him a faint smile.

"It was." She replied back with a soft expression along with her small smile. "Waking every day after that incident, I used to ask myself a million questions. Was I not beautiful enough for you? Was I not woman enough for you? Was my love not satisfactory for you-"

"I'm sorry." Naruto suddenly apologized with a pained expression, as he heard all the things she went through after his rejection. He himself knew that the cause of his rejection was quite noble, but it still didn't excuse him from all the torment his Sekirei had to go through all this time.

"It's okay." Miya reassured him with a sincere smile. "After all, I know why you did that."

Naruto looked surprised at that response, as he stared confusedly at her. "Wh-What?" He asked dumbly, as he looked at her with her perplexed expression. "How do you know that?"

Miya got a mysterious smile on her face, as she looked at her Ashikabi with bemused eyes. "We heard the recorded conversation between you and Yume"

"Wha…When? How?!" Naruto stammered incoherently, as he tried to make head and tail of this new information. That's when he suddenly realized something. "It's one of Matsu's gadgets, isn't it?"

Miya giggled elegantly into her sleeve, all the while clinging tightly to his chest. "That lecherous beast is trying to prove herself more and more as a peeping tom with her new creations." She responded back with a borderline smirk.

Naruto sighed resignedly to himself, before letting out a chuckle to himself. "I guess she hasn't changed a bit." He said with a slight smile.

"Nothing has changed, Naruto-kun." Miya said with a smile, as she rested her head back on his chest. "Everything is still the same…even our love for you."

"O-Oh." Naruto stammered, as he was suddenly reminded that Miya was not the only Sekirei he had rejected.

"Give them a chance, Naruto-kun. Just like you gave me one." She whispered to him in a soft voice, as she caressed his cheek lovingly. "I'm sure you will not regret it."

Hearing that, Naruto was suddenly reminded of another similar conversation he had. 'That's the second time I'm getting the same type of advice.' Naruto thought to himself, as he remembered Yume's words by the end of their last conversation. Shaking off any other thoughts, Naruto smiled at his Sekirei. "I'll be sure to remember that."

Their interaction after that remained peaceful, as both of them remained cuddled to each other. With the sight of the village just on the edges of their vision's horizon, they had quite possibly found the most secluded area in an open environment. The fact that any building and establishment on top of the monument was quite a distance away from them only added to their privacy.

All of this, for Naruto, was just like one of those setting he read in one of his godfather's smut novels.

Wait. What?

Naruto blinked to himself, as he was left baffled by that sudden thought that came out of nowhere. He would ashamedly admit that he was not as ignorant of Icha-Icha series written by his godfather, as he would like to claim. After all, when you train with a super pervert for two and a half years, then you were bound to be influenced by him, one way or another.

But that last thought he had, especially with Miya in his arms, was something that left him quite bewildered. He was definitely not thinking anything perverted of this situation, especially with Miya in his presence.

'I'm not turning into a pervert.' Naruto thought to himself in a reassuring manner. Unfortunately, it sounded more along the lines of denial. 'I'm definitely not turning into a pervert!'

For God's sake, he just had sex with Miya the previous night without even much sleep.

But…he had admit, as he looked at the woman in his arms, that she indeed looked quite beautiful and enticing. It was quite enough to instantly attract him to her and even induce emotions of lust in him at such a time.

Maybe that was the reason why he was having such thoughts out of nowhere.

Miya, sensing her Ashikabi's stare, looked up at his face, as a confused expression dawned upon her visage. "Naruto-kun?" She asked in a concerned tone, as she noticed something akin to a faraway look on his face. "Is something wrong?"

It might have been due to all the lust Naruto had obtained after trying to put distance from some hot sexy women chasing after him. It might have also been due to being with a super pervert for two and a half years, that might have left a lot more impression in him than he had initially thought. And above all, even though it never occurred to Naruto's thought, it might also have been because of Kyuubi's chakra messing with his hormones. But in the end, the way she asked that question was with such an illegal combination of elegance and cuteness, that it finally snapped something within Naruto.

In a sudden move, that made the Sekirei yelp out in surprise, Naruto pushed down Miya to the ground, as he hovered over her surprised form. She looked quite shocked at the unexpected action from her Ashikabi.

"N-Naruto…" Miya voiced out with a stunned expression on her visage.

"Damn, Miya." Naruto muttered, as he brought his face closer to his Sekirei, with his face just inches away from that of Miya. "Why are you so enticing? So…intoxicating." He whispered to her in a hoarse tone, as his eyes started to get clouded in slight lust.

"Naruto," She forsook the way she usually addressed him in her heavily flustered state. "Why are y-"

And her words were cut off, as her eyes widened at the feel of her Ashikabi's lips on her, resulting in her wings emerging from her back. Her eyes widened even more, when she felt her dress sliding off her body, leaving her body bare for whatever purpose Naruto had in his mind.

Miya was once again left quite disarrayed and stunned for the uncountable time in the same day. Not that she was complaining about this, but they could at least do such a thing in privacy. After all, after preaching to many about manners and dignity, the current situation would only highlight her as a hypocrite.

Besides, what if someone were to spy on them in such a situation?

Spy on them a group did. And they did it with a sense of morbid fascination.

Naruto and Miya had done all sorts of things that aroused both the parties to their very limit. The act of performing sex with the danger of getting caught brought a new level of orgasm to both the parties. Miya, to her own horrification, discovered that she was quite aroused by such a guilty pleasure. And throughout all this, Naruto dominated over Miya as if he was a beast in possession. Lust had completely clouded his mind in the face of the beauty of his Sekirei.

Despite Miya's hesitations on performing intimate lovemaking in an open environment, she just didn't have it in herself to deny her Ashikabi anything. It was something that she definitely blamed on her Sekirei genes for being so submissive to her Ashikabi's demands.

And while Miya might have thought that no one had caught them performing sex in an open environment, unfortunately for her, some people did watch them doing the deed. And this group happened to originate from the very village she ruled.

"Holy…crap." Matsu muttered in a dazed tone, as she gazed at the screen in front of her with a stunned expression. Yume, who seemed frozen at her own place, couldn't do anything but stare at the screen with morbid fascination.

"My, My." Karasuba, who had admirably recovered from the ridiculous scene on the screen, intoned with an amusing and condescending voice. "If I weren't seeing this, then I definitely would not have imagined Miya of doing such a thing in open."

"This is so unfair." Matsu moaned out in complain, as she pouted in a childish manner. "Miya-tan not only got winged, but she also got to experiment with Naru-tan too!" Her pout increased even more. "Matsu also wants her Naru-tan time! Don't you agree Kaze-ta…"

Matsu's voice trailed off, as she along with the other members of the room realized that there was one person missing from their group. Matsu seemed to be the first one to realize that Kazehana had ran away from the room, if the mildly swinging exit door was any indication.

"Kaze-tan." Matsu muttered worriedly, as she realized why Kazehana fled the room.

"Hmph." Karasuba snorted, as if she seemed amused by the latest development. "You bunch are really proving yourself to be crybabies. Even Miya being no exception."

Yume frowned at her proclaimed rival. "Give her a break, Karasuba. The pain that you experience in love is not something that is trivial."

Karasuba sneered at the response she got from her rival. "Which is why I don't need it, if this is how you end up as." Without waiting for Yume's response, Karasuba went out of the room, probably to train off in solitude.

Yume shook her head in disappointment over how her rival perceived things as.

Matsu sighed, as she turned back to the screen , which showed the scene of Naruto and Miya having long since finished their session of copulation, as they now cuddled against each other.

'I wish I could cuddle with Naru-tan like that.'

Kazehana stared emotionlessly at the ocean from the Cliffside, as her mind continuously replayed the scene of lovemaking that happened between Naruto and Miya.

Even though she knew that she should be happy for someone whom she considered as a big sister, her traitorous mind and heart always betrayed her, as they just seemed to drift off to another thought. A thought that consisted of betrayal and jealousy.

Why…Why didn't Naruto chose her? Why did Naruto chose Miya first? What did she lack, that made Naruto happy? What did Miya have that made him chose her?


The words continued to echo in her mind, as she thought on the torturous time she spent after Naruto's rejection of her. She now knew why he did it, and she had taken satisfaction in that fact.

But now, after seeing Naruto accept Miya, her mind was now once again in unrest, as it continuously swam through topics that made Kazehana even more uneasy.

As her mind drifted to even more dangerous areas, that bordered on negative thoughts she never would have possessed for Miya before, she tightly shut her eyes, as she forcibly banished away all her thoughts.

As she once again her eyes, this time there was stern determination in it.

"I won't wait anymore." She said in firm voice. "If Naruto-kun can't accept me, even after all that has happened now, then…then…"

The first time around, when Naruto had rejected her, it had felt as if her heart had been stabbed by a hot molten knife. But, even then, she had continued to love him unconditionally, since Naruto, unlike any other, was her one true Ashikabi. As in, she just couldn't have any other Ashikabi, as it was not just her body but also her soul that resonated with him. He was already her Ashikabi without even the winging process. Such was the resonance between a Sekirei and her one true Ashikabi.

And if Naruto were to reject her again, then…

Her life would just not be worth living.

Miya sighed, as she exited from the aircraft behind her onto the land of Uzushio she ruled over. It was a model designed by Matsu, which she had used to travel to Konoha in significantly less time than any shinobi could hope to achieve.

It had been with extreme reluctance that she had decided to come to Uzushio, as the village couldn't be left behind without its leader for extended period. Even then, she had remained clingy to her Ashikabi till the end, who had finally accepted her as his Sekirei after all this time. As such, it was only fair to expect Miya to be this reluctant.

In the end, it was Naruto who had coaxed Miya into going back to Uzushio, by commanding her that it was her duty to preserve the dream of her Ashikabi, which was none other than Uzushiogakure.

Thus, after some great many uncharacteristic partings gifts to her Ashikabi, most of which had left him a stuttering and blushing mess, Miya travelled back to the village she ruled.

Leaving the aircraft at its designated landing area that was specially built for such a purpose, Miya strolled into the village. In the process, she was greeted by great many civilians and Shinobi, who were all blissfully unaware that their leader was not even in the village for quite a few days.

She then strolled into the Kage tower, while walking up to her main office, where she knew she would be greeted by her potential sister Sekirei, who were all reacting to the same Ashikabi. An Ashikabi from whom she just got her wings.

Now that…was a subject she didn't know how to broach. While she knew that a majority of them would be happy for her new status, she also knew that that this would only result in them getting restless in acquiring their own wings.

With that thought, she walked into her office room, where she was greeted by Matsu, Yume and Karasuba. All of whom she was expecting to be here. All except Kazehana.

Miya blinked a bit in surprise. "Where is Kazahana?" She inquired curiously, as she looked around to notice the said woman's absence.

Matsu and Yume shared concerned glances with each other, while Karasuba appeared to be unaffected by the latest development.

"She went to Konoha, Miya-sama." Yume responded to her leader's question.

"Konoha." Miya repeated with a mild surprise in her tone, before she furrowed her brows. "Why would she do that? Didn't I say that I would handle the situation there? Then why would she go there after me?..." She asked on, as suspicion started to leak into her voice at Yume's response. This can't be mere coincidence…

"Because we know what happened in Konoha after you went there."

Although Yume instantly gave out her response, she immediately regretted it, as her complexion grew pale, while realizing what she had unleashed.

Miya stared at them blankly for few seconds, before the temperature of the room dropped to freezing level. Miya, with that same blank expression, turned towards tech Sekirei. "What is she saying, Matsu?" She asked in a terrifyingly flat tone, while wearing an expression that told 'I dare you to lie'.

Matsu suddenly gained a nervous expression on her visage, as she tried to avert her eyes away from her leader. "Ah…that Miya-tan…" To Miya's slight disbelief, Matsu appeared to be slightly flustered. Something she had not seen before. "Well…you see…"

Karasuba gave out a loud snort, as if she was unaffected by the intimidation, though the slight tensing of her muscle said otherwise. "What she means is that all of us watched what you were doing in Konoha the entire time." Here, she grew a vicious smirk on her face. "…And that includes what you did with your Ashikabi…in open."

With each word that Karasuba spoke, Miya's expression had grown more and more mortified and humiliated. It might have brought some sort of satisfaction to the grey haired Sekirei, if not for the fact that Miya suddenly gained a complete blank expression on her face, along with her eyes being overshadowed by her hair.

The instant change was downright spooky.

And, to further fan their fears, Miya was suddenly surrounded by a dark, frightening aura that was all too familiar to them, much to their misfortune. And this time, it seemed that the level of this terror would be on an unchartered realm.

"Spying on my precious private moments with my Ashikabi…" Miya spoke up in a terrifyingly cold chilling voice. "..is forbidden."

The unimaginable horrors and harrowing experiences that Miya had unleashed upon them were so extreme that even Karasuba thought that she might have bit more than she could chew.

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