Don't ask. I'm on a roll with mindless writing these days, so bear with me.

Hate That Lip-gloss

Natsu leaned back against the bar counter, staring. Or gaping.

His day had been going pretty well. He won his fight with Gray. Erza was in a mood good enough to spare them both. Lisanna and Mira were not shouting at him for burning up the counter and he felt proud of himself as he crossed his arms behind his head.

That was until the Celestial Mage walked. Her blonde hair was swept to one side today and she wore that kinky noodle-strap top and a denim skirt, which exposed more of her pale skin than needed. Lucy Heartfilia, queen of mini clothes.

Natsu watched her from afar as she settled herself at one of the stools and started to speak to Mira. Then Mira smiled and went behind, leaving Lucy alone. Lucy then reached into her pocket and took out something Natsu couldn't see.

He moved his head closer. Then he saw the thin lip-gloss in between her fingers. She gentle uncapped it, revealing the thin brush. Then she raised it to her full, pink lips.

She crossed her legs so that the underside of her thigh was exposed as she carefully ran the brush over her upper lip. The thin lip-gloss glided over her lip, as the cherry-red gloss was applied. She parted her lips now, in a positively yet unintentionally seductive way, as she ran the brush upwards now.

Natsu had to remind himself to breathe.

Lucy slender fingers dipped the brush into its hold again, taking it out after a second. Then, her eyes looking upwards carefully, she glided the brush over her full lower lip. The glistening red colour spread across her lower lip as she ran the lip-gloss across it once more. A subtle, glossy lustre showed off her lips.

Oh, if my lips were that stupid brush. Natsu gulped.

Again, she moved the brush in a slow downward motion, giving it a mere touch of finality. Like a piece of art.

Natsu forgot how to inhale again as Lucy pressed her lips together, running them against each other before increasing the gap with a soft 'pop' sound which left her admirer glaring at that lip gloss. She pouted her lips once, and then put the brush back in its cage, pushing it back in her pocket.

Can I be that gloss? Please?

Then she looked around for a minute and broke into a delighted smile when she saw Natsu. He quickly snapped out of his reverie and coughed. "H-hey Luce!"

As she moved closer to him, his sensitive nose caught the scent of cherries coming from her lips. He caught himself staring at them before he met her confused brown eyes again.

"Hey Natsu," she greeted. "Do me a favour, tell me, do my lips look okay?"

"Uh…what?" Okay? They're better than okay…They're lips sent from heaven to the girl who dropped from there.

She blushed a bit, a tinge of pink spreading across her cheeks. "Well, I don't really have a mirror right now, so…"

"They look great."

She beamed at him. "Thanks! And uh, can I ask you something, Natsu?"

"Sure," he composed himself, making sure to keep his eyes on hers. "What is it?"

"Um," Lucy bit her lips softly, and released it slowly. Natsu tried to concentrate, gritting his teeth. "I just wanted to know…"


She pointed to his mouth "…why are you drooling?"

Damn that lip-gloss.