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Five years later

I sit down and look across the table seeing that my husband of four years is pouting at me.

"Stop looking at me like that, Edward," I say, when the pout stays on his face.

"But she doesn't want to go. Little one, you want to come with daddy to work again, right?"

Mia looks up at Edward and bobs her head.

"Yeah, Mommy, I want to stay with Daddy."

I roll my eyes when Mia matches Edward's pout perfectly. They are like two peas in a pod.

It wasn't until Edward had gone back to work, that we realized Mia was quite the daddy's girl. At only three months old, she quickly showed us who her favorite person was. I was upset and a little jealous. Edward, being the sweet guy he is, tried not to spend as much time with Mia, but that only hurt him and Mia both. So I did what a lot of mom's do, suck it up and go on with it.

"Edward, honey, school is important."

"But this is only silly kindergarten," he replies right away. "What about all the B-O-Y-S that go there? And then what if she makes a B-F-F?"

I chuckle at the jealousy I hear in Edward's voice.

"I really don't think anyone can ever take your place in her heart, Edward."

If just to prove me right, Mia leaps into Edward's arms.

"I can't make a B-F-F, I already have one of them, you Daddy," she says giving him a hug.

I watch as he wraps his arms around her talking softly in her ear. She jumps off his knee and comes over to me.

"I'm going to miss you mommy," she says wobbling her lip.

I glance at Edward who looks on with a shocked face.

"I told her to give you a hug, the lip is all her," he says as he points to her.

"Daddy, you could've just gone with it, she would've caved," says our very smart daughter.

I chuckle shaking my head.

"Mia, go brush your teeth, and wash your hands and face."

As soon as she's out of the room, I look back at Edward, who's not making any attempt to get ready.

"Edward, you need to get dressed, too."

"I don't want to go. I'll just stay here," he says still pouting.

"You need to come, and beside we have appointment with dad at ten"

"We do?"

I nod at him biting my lip.

"Are you okay, are you still feeling off?" I again nod at him and Edward walks up to me feeling my forehead.

"You look a little pale, but you're not warm. Why didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have behaved like an ass at breakfast if I knew you were unwell."

"I'm fine."

He just looks at me.

"Edward, I ... I think there may be something in the oven"

"No, I never put anything in there," Edward says as he looks at the stove.

"Not that oven, this oven," I say pulling his hand to my stomach.

"Really," he gasps as his eyes light up.

"Yep, my boobs are sore, I've been sick as a dog, and I have missed two cycles. So either that or I am going through the menopause."

"You're too young for that," he says picking me up. "I'm going to be a daddy again?"

"Yeah, I hope so, but I want dad to confirm it first."

"Okay, I'll get dressed. Should we take Mia? She should be a part of this, too," Edward says with so much hope on his face, I almost cave.

"Let just get it confirmed first, and she can come to the next one."

Edward pouts, but nods as he walks away to get dressed.

Within half hour, we are outside Mia's school, taking pictures of her as she stands with a grin holding on to her school bag.

"Mia, you remember what I told you?"

"Yes, Daddy," she says and Edward raises his eyebrow at her.

"I'm to work hard, but also have some fun. Listen to the teacher, and if any boy or girl hits me, I'm to hit them back as hard as they did to me."

"Edward!" I yell, and sigh. "No hitting," I say to Mia, who nods her head at me, knowing momma's word is gospel.

We walk her to her class, and help get her settled. As I walk back out without her, I feel the tears running down my face.

"Maybe you were right, she's still so small, and young," I say turning to go back and get my girl, but Edward stops me and pulls me to him.

"She'll be fine, doll, come on, we're going to see dad, and I'm going to enjoy a few quiet hours with my wife."

We walk into dad's office, and he gets on with doing blood work.

"Your hormone levels are a little high, if you think you're only eight weeks, I would like to scan you."

I nod at him and start to drink loads of water as he gets everything set up.

He puts the gel on me, and starts to move the wand around.

"Ah, just as I thought," he says, and I can tell he is grinning without looking.

"I'll tell mom to start her knitting early, here is your babies," he says turning the screen to us and there is, not one, but two babies there, side by side.

"Are they okay? I mean, what does this, not mean higher risk?" I ask in a panic.

"Yes, there are more risks with two, and baby B is a little smaller than baby A, but that's not uncommon. Due to your last pregnancy, I would like you to come in every two weeks until you're at twenty weeks. After that, I'll see you every week. I would advise you to start thinking about reducing you stress, and at work stresses, which means no taking on big cases for now. Edward, you could help by making sure you're not stressing her out with big parties."

Dad looks at Edward, who looks a little sheepish.

Mia had turned five in April, and Edward threw a really big party. Big enough for the whole street, town, just about everyone was there. I ended up having to make more food, while Edward kept all the kids entertained with his balloon making and face painting. The party was great, and Mia loved it, but it was a very stressful day.

"Hey, I said I was sorry. I just got carried away, and I made it up to her."

He wiggles his eyebrow at me.

"That you did," I say pointing to my belly.

"I can't believe we're going to have two more," Edward says, as he kisses me the whole way to the front desk to pick up our scan pictures, and set our appointments.

"Hi, Edward," I hear a young female voice say, but Edward just keeps kissing me down my neck.

"Hi, we're picking up our scan pictures, and need to book another appointment with Carlisle in two weeks."

"What's your name," the nurse asks me, as her eyes keep going to Edward.

"Cullen," I say.

"I need your name to get your scan pictures," she says.

"My name is Cullen."

The nurse looks at me confused.

"Edward?" she asks, and I sigh knowing I'm not getting any a where, so I tap Edward's chest, and pull back from him.

"Come on, doll, a little PDA won't hurt."

I chuckle kissing his lips.

"No, the nurse here seems to be confused to why I'm asking for the scan pictures for Cullen."

He looks to the nurse and pulls me closer to him.

"Tanya, this is my wife, doll, this here is Tanya, we went to school together. She apparently doesn't listen very well. Tanya, our scan pictures are under CULLEN."

"She's your wife, but she's ..." Edward cut her off.

"Beautiful, I know! I can't believe that she would even look my way, let alone marry me. And to top it all off, we just found out, we're having another two babies," he say placing his hand where my bump will be. So now you know my last name, could you go and get our pictures, NOW?"

She looks upset, but nods and gets them, and then books my next appointment. As we walk out, I raise my eyebrow at Edward.

"Tanya used to follow me around all the time, and as you can see," he says with a tilt of his head.

"See what?" I ask a little afraid of what he going to say.

"She's clearly swinging from the ugly tree."

I slap his arm, shaking my head at him.

"She's not that bad," I say thinking back to her. Sure her glasses are a little thick, and her teeth were a little large for her thin lips. I suppose in the dark she could easily be mistaken for a man, but that doesn't mean she's ugly, right?

"Doll, I know it's not nice to say that, but come on! Anyway, she followed me around all the time and she asked me out. This was many years ago, and I wasn't seeing anyone. I felt bad for her and I said yes."

I grin at him and hug him.

"She seemed nice, and the date went okay. Anyway, freshmen prom was coming up, so I asked her. To cut a long story short, she started stalking me, and would write Tanya Cullen everywhere. She even stole my shirt after one of my games. Then during a routine locker search, I found out she had this shrine to me. It was all very full on, and I was only eighteen, so I just about ran away from her every time I saw her. This is the first time I've seen her since then, and I'm still a little afraid of her."

I chuckle and shake my head. "I don't blame her for making a shine to you. You're very dashing."

He grins and leans down to kiss me.

"Is it time to pick up our girl yet?"

I look at my watch and see that it's just past eleven, and we still have a lot of time before we go get her.

"Nope, we've got another two hours to go."

"Hmm, well, let's go home and spend that time in bed."

I nod at him, and he helps me in the car, and then speeds home.

The rest of the day, Edward pampers me. Mia, much to the disappointment of Edward, had a great day, and is now looking forward to going back to class tomorrow. All in all, it was a great day.


The weeks pass, and as my bump seems to have appeared overnight, we've called everyone to come to Sunday lunch. Sue is the first to arrive, she is Mia's nanny. I've been doing only thirty hours a week, and Edward does twenty five. On the days that he's unable to take Mia in with him, Sue comes over and watches her for us. She's a lovely woman in her early sixties. We met her when she bought Edward's house from him.

Next through the door is Carlisle and Esme. I met Esme, when she got fed up waiting for Edward to take Mia and me to see her. I was so glad that we got on well.

"I'll go sit with Edward and Mia," Carlisle says, kissing my cheek and walking away.

"Mommy, can you sign this," Mia asks, handing me a paper.

"Sure," I say, "I'll do it once I'm done with dinner and had a chance to look it over"

"Don't you trust me, mama?" she asks handing Esme and Sue their own papers to sign.

"Daddy and papa signed theirs."

I raise my brow at her.

"What are you up to, Mia, and who did this for you?"

"Uncle Aro did it for me," she giggles, skipping off again.

I shake my head.

"Something tells me they should've read this," I say, and look up at Esme and Sue, who are chuckling at their paper work.

"Oh, they really should have, is right."

"Bells," Charlie shouts, as he walks in. He comes to me, and kisses my cheek. He then walks over to Sue, and I watch as he smiles at her and wraps his arms around her.

Four years ago, just after Sue had started watching Mia for us, my dad popped in and they hit it off. Shockingly, within the year they were married, which took me by a huge surprise, since Sue is five years older than him. But she has done wonders for Charlie, and he's really changed. He's a better father and grandfather, because of those changes.

"Grandpa, will you sign this, please," Mia asks, handing him paper work just like she's been doing.

Without looking at it, he signs his name and picks her up and spins her around.

"Come on, let's go and play some games with your dad and papa before dinner."

I watch them walk out and pick up the paperwork to read it. I just started, and I'm already chuckling at what she has put in these papers.

"Shit, she's a master-mind, and I think she's going to be millionaire before she's six."

I can't believe she's tricked them in to paying her for each time they swear. It's even noted that anything she can't say is a bad word. Every time she does something cute, they have to pay her. When in her presence, they have to pay for her entertainment time. She also has it down that they have to get her a horse. I'm laughing so much, I can't even read the rest of it, and there is loads of other stuff.

Sue and Esme help me set the table, and we're just done, when Aro and Aro's wife Sara come in. I glare at him, and he just shrugs at me, and gives a grin.

The men come in and sit at the table, and Edward frowns at me. "What?"

"You didn't tell me she had a swear jar. I've lost hundred dollars already."

I shake my head and hold up my hands.

"You're the one that signed the papers without reading them."

"What?" he says pulling out a paper from his pocket.

I watch him as he reads it.

"Mia, who did this with you?"

"Uncle Aro, and by the way, when am I getting my horse?"

Edward grins, but shakes his head.

"That form is legal and binding, you have to," she says crossing her arms.

"Oh, so you want a horse, okay, give me two minutes."

He walks away and comes back with a toy horse. He gives it to Mia, who looks between it and Edward.

"It has to be a real horse, Daddy."

"Oh, but it didn't say that, it only said I had to help get you a horse."

She looks at the paper as Edward shows it to her.

"I can't read that word," she says pointing it out.

"It says, hereby," Edward says softly to her and Mia starts to pout.

"You said it would work."

She turns and stares at Aro, who chuckles at her.

"You, my lady, will end up making a great lawyer."

"Is that what daddy does?"

"No, that's mommy's job," Edward tells her.

"But I want to be like you, Daddy."

He chuckles and pulls her to him.

"I love you, sweetheart, but you're still not getting a horse. Mia, mom and I have some news to share."

He takes my hand and everyone looks our way.

"We're having twins," Edward says, as he looks at me. There are few yells at the table, and then Sue, Charlie, and Esme come and hug me.

"I'll make sure you start getting a lighter load at work," Aro says, as he pats Edward's arm.

I just nod at him, knowing there's no way I want to go through what I went through the last time.

"Mommy, Daddy, it'll be boys, right?" Mia asks softly.

"We're not sure yet, we have to take what we are given."

"But, I want to be daddy's girl, and I don't want to share," Mia says, looking at us as her eyes fill up with tears.

"You will always be daddy's girl."

Mia shakes her head at Edward.

"No, if mommy has girls, then it'll be your girl, too, and then I'll need to share, make them be boys, please, papa," she begs Carlisle, knowing he's a doctor.

It takes us a little time to calm Mia down, and Edward was a little upset over that fact she thinks he'll forget her if we had a girl. The mothers all helped us explain things to her, and she eventually calmed down.

As the months passed, and I got bigger, Mia began to relax. She enjoyed coming with us to see her siblings, and when I had only three weeks left, she told us she'd be happy if they were girls or boys, because she will always be daddy's first girl.

I went in to labor two weeks early this time, and the delivery was normal. First came our son, Masen. He was quickly followed by another son, Mathew. This time we were only kept in for two days, and I came home to find my dad had organized a small welcome home party.

When it was over, he and Sue cleaned up, and he told me he had a month off, and wanted to spend it with us and the boys. I knew a lot of it was about regret over what had happened when Mia was first born. Where we can't change the past, we can shape the future.

On Mia's sixth birthday, she received her first life like baby-doll. I had always worried about giving her one, but she loved it, and I got to see it from a different perspective as she would walk around playing house.

Edward would hold me as we watched her make those little dreams, and of course wanting to marry her daddy. I knew that she'd someday meet someone just like her daddy, and she would be okay.

Edward is the real bonus I got in life from having my own fertile dreams.

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