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- Story Start -



In the midst of a forest on an uninhabited mountain, Issei was fleeing for his dear life (again). The incarnation of anger was hot on his tails as she destroyed everything on her path in order to get her hands on him. Trees, boulders and every obstacle that was in front of her was either obliterated without mercy or lifted and was thrown towards him as she, little by little, gained more ground and closed in on him.

In response, Ise used every advantage he could think of to shake her off or slow her down. If it hadn't been for the various hellish training with Shirou in these mountains, he would never have lasted this long in this life threatening chase. Never in his wildest dreams that he would thank Shirou for his merciless training regimens which was what was keeping him alive right now. He used to swear in his mind to payback all the blood, sweat and tears that he shed during those times to Shirou by ten folds at the earliest chance he got. Now however, he decided to take it all back.

No thoughts of trying to directly fight against his pursuer ever surfaced in his mind. He was too scared out of his mind to ever think of something like that. Not to mention that his current predicament was entirely his own fault for incurring the wrath of his pursuer due to entirely of his own perverted desires, so guilt was also one of the reasons he didn't have any guts to fight back.

The root of his current misfortune stemmed from the events during school earlier that day.

"I have a super VIP seat. It has the value of an S-Rank seat for the concert of an idol."

Like that, he was roped in by his two evil compatriots into peeking on the female juniors in the changing room. Of course, he wholeheartedly agreed. His two accomplices had made some preparations by sticking a piece of paper which read "Don't Use" on two lockers that gave them the best view of their victims. He had one locker all to himself while Matsuda and Motohama had to squeeze inside the other and just like that, all three of them had a complete view of a forbidden paradise when their female juniors would strip and be in their bras.

However, just when the girls were just starting to take off their clothes, it was then that the last female member of that class entered the changing room by kicking the door open with such force that the door almost broke off its hinges. It was Koneko. Unknowingly, the three perverts had stumbled upon her class in their quest to fulfill their perverted desires.

"Ko-Koneko-chan? Y-You startled us. What happened? Why are you so agitated?" A girl who was just getting ready to take off her skirt, which Ise guessed was the Class Representative from the chatter, tried to appease Koneko who looked like she was about to give someone a serious amount of ass kicking.

"Peeping toms." Just like that, Koneko immediately pointed in the direction of the two lockers the perverted trio were hiding in.

It was at this moment that Issei's training kicked in.

"SCATTER!" Decisively kicking open the locker, he gave immediate instruction to his two accomplices. Taking advantage of the confusion that the girls were in, he immediately went for the window since the only door was being guarded by Koneko.


Ignoring the surprised cries of the girls who finally realized what was happening (while taking quick glances at their partially nude bodies), he opened and jumped out of the first floor window. If it was the previous him, this act might have caused him some leg injuries. The current him that had an enhanced body of a Devil and his training to further strengthen it however was enough to ensure that he wouldn't be injured even if he jumped from the fourth floor.

"H-Hey, wait a minute! Stop! OW! OOF!"

"C-Can't we just talk this out! UGH!"

Rest in peace. I'll definitely remember your sacrifice.

He could faintly hear the voices of his two accomplices who weren't able to get away in time but he didn't hesitate to abandon them while praying for them in his heart. After all, he had already warned them. It wasn't his fault that they couldn't keep up.

Gotta find a place to hide.

The first safe place that popped up in his head when in school was the Occult Research Club room. Unfortunately, since Koneko was also part of the club, it could no longer be called a safe haven in his current crisis.

Speaking of the club room, the teleportation magic circle to the mountains is also there. I should be able to activate it by myself if I Boost myself a few times.

Deciding on that course of action, he immediately headed to the old building where the club room was located. Once he arrived, there was no one there which suited him just fine.

It would be embarrassing to have to ask for the club members to cover for him after what he'd done.

Standing on the teleportation circle, he anxiously waited for the Boosted Gear to multiply his powers a few times while praying that Koneko wouldn't catch up to him just yet.

"Come on! Come on! Come on! Just one more Boost!"

It was at this time that he heard running footsteps from the ground floor.

"Shit, is that Koneko!? Hurry it up, Ddraig!"

He knew it was useless to try to urge his Sacred Gear to work faster but he just couldn't help it. That was how panicked he was at the moment. Fortunately, as if to answer his prayers, his Sacred Gear responded.




Once his preparation was complete, he unhesitatingly activated the magic circle and escaped. Bright red light surrounded him and the moment it subsided, he found himself in a familiar room. It was the room he was used to seeing everytime he came to the manor in the mountains to train with Shirou.

"Phew. Made it. Now I just have to wait for a while until the whole thing blows over."

Stepping off the magic circle, he cautiously looked back. It was a spur of the moment decision but once he considered it again, coming here wasn't exactly the best choice. Everyone in the club knew of the magic circle and all of them could easily use it to come here. Not only that, there were no witnesses here. If Koneko managed to track him down, she wouldn't need to hold back her powers at all.

Just thinking that far, gave him the chills.

"Calm down. I managed to get away before Koneko arrived. She wouldn't necessarily think that I'd come... here... right?"

Just before he finished his sentence to convince himself to calm down, the magic circle he'd used activated again which meant that someone from the other side was coming here.


He made a run for it.

Recalling that event made him want to cry.

If only he had covered his tracks better or had decided on a safer and more hidden hiding place, he wouldn't be running for his life right now.

I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!

He chanted this in his mind as his imagination ran wild as he imagined what Koneko would do to him if she ever catches him.

Unbeknownst to Issei, his desperate situation was currently being watched over by the whole Gremory group from a distance.

"Incredible. Koneko-chan seems to be really into Ise-san's training. It feels like she really is trying to kill him." Asia innocently remarked.

"Of course. This is the only way for someone like Ise who's a total newbie to get strong faster. He has to experience life and death situations more often. Still, this method is really risky so we'll have to count on you if an accident happens." Archer answered Asia with a completely straight face without showing any hint of the amusement he was feeling inside on his face. On the contrary, his face was the absolute mask of seriousness.

"I understand, Shirou-san. I'll do my best!" She answered earnestly.

The others who saw this exchange, could only smile wryly.

Other than Asia, all of them knew that Shirou was the one who had planned Issei's downfall. He was the one who informed Koneko about the Perverted Trio's plans after he eavesdropped on them using his Reinforced hearing. Afterwards, he had made plans for all of them to be excused from the remainder of their classes to the teachers.

He had already predicted that Issei would most likely come to this place so he made sure that nothing would obstruct Issei from coming here. In fact, other than Koneko who was tasked with pursuing him, the others were already here since the very beginning to watch the show. Asia was the only one who was told that Issei was undergoing a risky training exercise for the sake of becoming stronger.

You're a Devil.

All of them exclaimed in their minds, while appreciating the irony. Akeno however, was the only one who looked at Shirou with a heated expression while licking her lips.

About half an hour later.


"AAAAAAGGHHHH!" A loud rumbling followed by a scream of despair could be heard in the distance.

"Looks like Koneko has finally caught up to Ise. Let's go Asia."

"Yes, Shirou-san."

The two of them released their Devil wings and flew towards the scene. However, they weren't in a hurry. Archer had deliberately slowed down to give time for Koneko to beat up Issei to her heart's content while Asia just followed his lead.

"A familiar…?"

Issei replied with a suspicious voice, and Rias nods.

"Yes, a familiar. You and Asia still don't have one."

The time was after school and they were having their regular club meeting.

He was currently being given a lap pillow by Asia due to his ordeal. It felt so wonderful that he felt being beaten to a pulp by Koneko a few moments ago was worth it. At the same time though he also felt guilty that he was lying to her. It didn't take long for him to figure out that he was setup by Shirou so he felt quite resentful at the guy but at the same time he was also grateful to him for giving the impression that it was all just a training exercise to Asia.

He hadn't the guts to admit to her that the reason for everything that happened was because he was peeping on the female underclassmen.

Especially after seeing the admiring look that Asia was looking at him with after misunderstanding that he was willing to go through such danger just to become stronger.

Damn it! If it's like this, I'll just turn that lie into reality! Just you wait, Shirou! I'll definitely become stronger and make you submit!

While etching that oath in his heart (for the nth time), he also paid attention to Rias's explanation on familiars.

Familiar. An existence which becomes the hand and foot of devils. They are handy for the devils job. Normally, handing out the leaflets are the jobs of a familiar along with newcomers.

"This is my familiar." A bat which had the same colour as Rias's hair appeared.

Koneko was going to show her familiar next but-

Haa... Ahhh... Ahhh...

-faint female moaning sounds could be heard coming from somewhere inside the old building.

"Did everyone hear that?" Asia innocently asked.


Everyone answered her at once with varying red faced expressions ranging from jealousy, awkwardness, gloomy and annoyance. It should be noted that Archer and Akeno was currently absent from the room.

"Was it just my imagination?" Asia tilts her head cutely not realizing the reactions of her colleagues.

"…This is Shiro." Ignoring the previous scene, Koneko made her familiar appear in her hug. It was a white kitten. Her gloomy expression from before was lifted a little bit.

"Mine is this." Following Koneko's lead, Yuuto made a small bird appear on his shoulder.

Seeing that Koneko and Yuuto had finished showing their familiars, Rias continued her explanation. "A familiar is a basic for devils. They can help their masters. They can be used for information transmission. They can be used for persisting. You, Asia and Shirou also need one since it can be used for adapting to certain situations. Furthermore..."

As Rias continued explaining about the advantages of having a familiar, a few minutes passed by.

"We're back."

Akeno and Archer came back from their 'errand'. At their return, Ise gave Archer the stink eye which he ignored while the others had an expression that says that it couldn't be helped.

"Welcome back Shirou-san, Akeno...-san?" Only Asia had welcomed them but in the middle of her greeting, she had somehow stumbled.

"? Is there something wrong, Asia-chan?" Seeing her unusual behavior, Akeno worried that there was something wrong.

"Eh? No, it's nothing. It's just that... somehow it felt like Akeno-san was glowing for a moment there." Asia had a puzzled expression. She wasn't sure why but she felt that Akeno was more dazzling than before.

Understanding her puzzlement, Akeno decided to 'educate' her kouhai. "Fufufu. Asia-chan, this is something that happens when you have a happy moment with the person you like."

"Really? Ah! Is this what they call someone with overflowing happiness?"

"Yes, it is. I'm sure that Asia will be able to experience it sooner or later with Ise."

"I can't wait!" Asia was filled with anticipation at Akeno's words.

In the mean time, Ise himself had become beet red with a complicated expression. On one hand, the mere thought of what Akeno was insinuating made him feel like he would burst from his own imagination. On the other hand, he didn't want to corrupt the cute and innocent Asia. His mind was having a tug of war between his lust and conscience.

Yuuto had an awkward smile on his face with a tinge of red while both Rias and Koneko had miffed expressions at the two's conversation.

Before Akeno could further corrupt Asia without her knowing, Archer steered the conversation back on topic. "Sorry we were late, Master. We're ready to go now."

Not wanting to make things more awkward, Rias followed Archer's lead. "Alright, then. The magic circle's ready to transfer us so let's go and capture your familiars."

"In this forest there are many familiar devil users living here. Today, I will have Ise, Shirou and Asia get their familiars here."

All of them had arrived in an unfamiliar thick forest.

The Forest of Familiars.

This was the place where they were going to capture their familiars.

As soon as they arrived, Archer's danger senses were immediately triggered. Although he hadn't Projected any weapons yet, he was already perusing a list of them that he might need in this forest.

This place has a lot of dangerous creatures. As expected of a reserve that's being supervised by Devils. I wouldn't be surprised if there are Phantasmal Beasts in this place.

Beside him, Ise had already materialized his Boosted Gear while looking warily at the surroundings. Archer looked at him with some approval. Ise's ability to sense danger has been becoming better lately as his training continued.

The two of them were the only ones who were being so alert. Thus, they were the first ones to realize that someone else other than their group was there with them. Fortunately, they didn't sense any hostile intent so they didn't immediately attacked when the stranger revealed himself.

"Get daze!"


The sudden loud voice surprised Asia and even made her hide behind Ise. Ise shot the stranger with a menacing look while at the same time sending out some killing intent.

"H-Hey, it was only a greeting! You don't have to be that angry!" The person who appeared in front of them is a young man wearing rough clothing.

Ise didn't relax his vigilance. "Do that again and I'll beat you up." The hostility he sent to the person made him freeze up. He understood that Ise wasn't joking.

"It's alright, Ise. This person is Satooji-san. He's our guide for today and we'll be needing his services so don't threaten him." Rias stepped in before things got uglier.

"T-That's right. My name is Satooji of Madara Town. I'm a devil in training, aiming to become a Familiar Master." Satooji started to introduce himself. The energy that he had at the beginning was completely drained from Ise's anger.

"Satooji, right? You're lucky I didn't cut you down where you're standing." Archer greeted him with a cold stare.


Rias sighed. "Shirou, not you too."

"I'm not joking. I was inches from Projecting a blade and impaling him with it. This place is already nerve wrecking as it is. I don't need surprises that makes me think that an ambush is coming." Archer seriously replied.

"U-understood. I won't do it again." Satooji stiffly replied.


Seeing that the misunderstanding was resolved, Rias guided the conversation back on track. "Anyway, Satooji-san is a professional in terms of familiars. Today we will catch familiars in this forest while receiving advice from him. Okay?"

"Leave it to me! Now, what type of familiar do you desire? Strong one? Fast one? Or one with poison?" Somehow, Satooji recovered his cheerful energy once they started discussing about familiars.

"Don't say something scary like poison type all of a sudden. So, what type do you recommend?"

Smiling at Ise's question, he pulled out something that looked like a catalogue. The one he pointed at was a creature with great ferocity that is drawn out on the whole page.

"This is what I would recommend! One of the Dragon-Kings! Chaos Karma Dragon, Tiamat! It's a legendary dragon! It's also the only female among the Dragon-Kings! Even until now, there hasn't been a devil who has caught her yet! That would be obvious! Since it's said to be as strong as a Maou!"

"This doesn't look like the level of a familiar! It's like the super boss! The final Boss! And no one has caught it yet!? Do you know the meaning of 'recommending'!? I feel as if I was thrown into the last dungeon!"

"That sounds good. It seems like they will get along since they are both legendary dragons. Ise. You are my adorable servant, so it might be acceptable if you can pull that off." Rias cheerfully joined in the teasing session.

"It's impossible, Buchou! I can tell that we won't be able to get along even from this book."

Kiba joined in while sending his usual refreshing smile towards Ise. "It's just your imagination, Ise-kun. Yeah, you can do it."

"Shut up, Kibaaaaaaa! You go and hunt it, damn itttttt!" Being teased by someone he considers (one of) his archnemesis, Ise's boiling point was close to its limit.

"Hmmm. Maybe I'll be able to get it." While saying that, Archer started to formulate strategies centered around some of the Noble Phantasms that specializes in slaying dragons such as Arondight and Ascalon.

Everyone paused at Archer's reply.

"Err, he's joking right?" Satooji had an awkward smile as he was unsure of whether he should take it as joke or not. His recommendation of Tiamat was only a joke meant to liven up the atmosphere that had somehow become so gloomy. It was successful until hearing that Archer was actually planning to get it.

"Don't ask. I don't even want to think about it."

Everyone nodded at Ise's words.

Fortunately for the group's sanity, Archer had dismissed the idea of getting Tiamat as his familiar after further considerations like her ridiculous size, the expense of keeping her, the limited uses a dragon such as her could be used in situations other than battles, etc. In the end, Archer had asked for recommendations on familiars that could be used for reconnaissance and had reasonable stealth abilities. It would be more preferable if it could fly as well.

"Hmm... with those requirements it would either be a Yosuzume or a Lightning Eagle." After considering several possible options, Satooji finally narrowed down the best candidates for Archer's request to two.

"A Yosuzume? Hey, aren't they supposed to bring bad luck?" Ise wasn't knowledgeable about youkai but he still knew some of them and he had even brushed up on his knowledge base after becoming a Devil.

With manga of course. Especially those that depicted them as sexy women.

"Nah. This one is the one that gives warning when danger is near." Satooji assured them.

"You mean the okuri suzume?" Archer, who knew more due to his line of work, gave his deduction.

"Yup, that's the one! If you train them, they could even give warnings other than for okuri inus! They're especially stealthy at night or in the dark!" Satooji explained excitedly while flaunting his knowledge.

"Hmm." Archer considered the choice carefully. "What about the Lightning Eagle?"

"As its name states, it's an eagle with a lightning attribute. Unfortunately, it can't use the lightning for a strong attack but it can coat itself in lightning so that it can travel real fast. It's really hard to catch thanks to that."

"How fast are we talking here?"

"Lightning fast. Literally."

Ise whistled. "Man, that's fast. How are we supposed to get it?"

"Bait it with food."

"...What? That's it?"

"Duh. It's an animal. We could easily get it's affection by just feeding it. The same goes for a Yosuzume."

Issei somehow felt that his expectations were betrayed.

"Wasn't this supposed to be a fantasy esque adventure!? Where's the fantasy!?" He retorted in his mind but only sighed in disappointment outwardly. Not wanting to think deeply about this matter, he decided to move the conversation along, "So, what kind of food does it like? Since it's an eagle, does it like meat?"

"That's right. We could use the carcasses of small animals but a properly cooked meat would be more enticing to it. Also, if we present it as an offering, it will be less wary and we might be able to contract with it without much hassle."

"Not only that, but it's also a gourmet!?" Issei retorted in his mind again. If this went on, he might become the straight man in a gag. "Hey, Shirou. Think you could whip something up in this place?"

"Shouldn't be a problem. I can Project the needed utensils so all we need are the ingredients." Saying that, he immediately materialized a bow and arrow. Before anyone could ask what he was planning on doing, he had already shot the arrow into a bush just a few meters ahead of them. In their confusion, none of them stopped him or asked for an explanation as he went inside the bush.

"Err..what just happened?" No one answered Satooji's query as everyone was as confused as he was.

A few minutes later, their questions were answered when Shirou came back with a dead rabbit and some assortment of herbs in his hands and immediately started preparing to cook them on a grill that he materialized.

"As expected of a chef." Everyone who belonged to the club thought this.

None of them had actually expected what happened next although in hindsight, they really should've.

"Well, this is convenient."

Originally, Archer had planned to grill a simple rabbit steak to ensnare his would be familiar but halfway through, the smell from the grilled rabbit meat had attracted the nearby denizens of the forest. Currently. the group was surrounded on all sides by various types of magical beasts. Fortunately, the magical beasts had enough intelligence to recognize the Demonic power that the group was leaking out in order to intimidate them which stopped most of them from approaching further.

Except for a select few.



The whole group watched as Issei was being zapped by a high voltage electricity.

Among the few magical beasts that actually dared approach the group, there had actually been a young Sprite Dragon. It was a small cat-sized dragon with blue diamond-like scales and could generate blue lightning which it was currently using to electrocute Issei.

Curiously enough, it hadn't acted in such an aggressive way with anyone else in the group.

On the other hand, it seemed to be quite smitten with Asia to the point that it immediately snuggled up to her the moment she was in its sight. This of course made Asia happy. Not only did she managed to get a high ranking familiar, it was also quite cute and they got along the moment they met. Needless to say, everyone congratulated her. However, the moment Issei approached her to give his own praise, he was electrocuted by the dragon which was being held in Asia's arms.

"Gah! What's with this dragon? I didn't do anything to it and it zapped me the moment I got close!"

"Don't blame it. It probably sensed Ddraig and thought that another dragon was invading its territory. Dragons are quite territorial creatures. Either that or it knows that you're a pervert and it was reacting to protect its new mistress."

"Oh, that makes- Hey! What did you mean by that last part!?"

Ignoring Issei's indignation, Archer instead focused his sights on the other magical beast that had dared to approach the group which was perched on top of a tree right above them. It was a yellow bird with feathers that stood on end which made them look sharp and pointy. Electricity could be seen crackling around it from time to time. It had kept a wary eye on the group ever since it arrived suddenly without any of them noticing. Unlike the Sprite Dragon which was quite young, this predator was much older and wiser.

It was one of the suggested magical beasts that Satooji had recommended to him as a familiar.

A Lightning Eagle.

"Since when was it up there?" Archer had only noticed its arrival when his magical sense of smell had picked up its presence. He didn't even realize its approach. Before he knew it, it was just suddenly there without anyone being the wiser. It's as if the avian had a high ranking Presence Concealment skill. As he was puzzling on the mystery, it suddenly disappeared from his sight in a flash of electricity and appeared again on the same spot. This time however, it has something in its beak.

It was the rabbit meat that he had grilled just a while ago which was just beside him.

"That was goddamn fast!" The Lightning Eagle's feat amazed him. Since Satooji had mentioned that it moves real fast, he had actually Reinforced his eyes to its limits in order to be able catch it's movements when he recognized what it was. However, forget seeing its movements, he didn't even have time to react when it stole the cooked meat.

Satooji hadn't been exaggerating when he said that it could move at lightning speed.

"So that's how it suddenly appeared. It wasn't stealth. It was speed." Having solved the mystery, Archer started to contemplate on what to do about the situation. Should he try to make it his familiar? To be honest, seeing the Lightning Eagle's capability, it made him want to do just that. Such an ability is just too good to pass up.

The problem however, was how he was going to go about doing that.