Trial By Combat

Lady Rebekah Waldorf held her head high. She wouldn't let the knights of the Vale intimidate her.

-„Is that how you treat a Lady, Ser Vardis?" she asked daringly. She didn't saw his hand coming, and she was surprised when she felt the sharp pain as he hit her with his in heavy leather gloves covered hand. Rebekah felt blood on her lips, but she didn't flinch.

-"You're truly a man of honor if you hit an unarmed maiden who has a long, dangerous journey behind her only because her father pleaded faith to the Lannisters." She said mockingly, already cursing herself because she knew she would pay for this remark.

„ENOUGH!" Lady Lysa Arryn's echoed through the big, round hall of the Eeryie. „Ser Vardis, tame this girl." The pale, mad woman was sitting on her wooden throne with her son on her lap.

This time, Rebekah was prepared as he hit her, and she grabbed his hand before he reached her and tried to fight back. But she wasn't able to resist a fully armed, muscular knight. He hit her with his other hand and this time it threw her down. Ser Vardis took out his sword and hit her hardly on her back as she laid on the floor. She grimaced in pain, yet she forced herself to remain quiet.

-„The girl is right. Is this what you call honor in the Vale? Hitting young girls? She isn't even a Lannister." Rebekah recognized Tyrion Lannister's voice behind her. -„Be quit, imp." Lady Arryn commanded. „I demand a trial by combat" Tyrion shouted, looking intensely at Lady Catelyn Stark who stood next to her sister. The Lords and Ladies of the Vale mumbled shocked. The imp couldn't fight. Rebekah swallowed hardly, blinking away tears. She didn't want Tyrion to die.

-„I can fight for you, my Lady."

-„It will be an honor for Lady Arryn."

-„My Lady!"

A dozen knights raised their voices, all wanting to gain Lysa Arryn's affection.

-„Ser Vardis, you haven't say a word. Do you not want to revenge your murdered Lord and let the Lannister imp pay for his sins?" Lysa Arryn spat out the last words. Ser Vardis stood next to Rebekah, who was still on the floor but slowly tried to get up. „My Lady, nothing would pleasure me more, but there is no honor in fighting a man half my size." Rebekah had almost laughed. There was no honor in fighting a man half his size but in beating women there was? So much to his honor, she thought.

-„Oh, but I won't fight. I'll name my fighter as you named yours, Lady Arryn. I name my brother Jaime and I'm willing to wait as happy as a fish in the water until he arrives." Tyrion said mockingly.

-„No. The trial will be today. Name your fighter, imp." Lady Arryn hissed. Rebekah was standing again, now Ser Vardis gripped her wrist tightly and made it impossible for her to move. Tyrion Lannister turned around and watched the Lords and Ladys. They despised him, mocked him, but Tyrion hoped that one of the knights would remember how much gold his family had. Especially the sell sword, Bronn.

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