Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment

Fang PoV

Part 1 Flock Fright


So you know that feeling you get when something bad is going to happen, but you don't know what? I mean this has happened lots of times but it has never been this bad. It was this total gut-wrenching, utterly sickening feeling deep in my stomach.

I mean Jeb was gone. So it was basically just the six of us. Angel, The Gas, Nudge, Iggy Max, and me. Fang. Max's right wing man.

Oh yeah, just one thing before we start.

We got wings. And no, not little dainty fairy wings. Like 16 foot span of huge wings.

Okay, anyway... You can just process that a bit.

I just rolled over. I knew if Max was awake or still asleep, she was going to want a few more minutes. So I just laid here. Being thankful that we lived here. In the mountains.

Not in you know- cages. More on that long story later.

Our house was cool. I mean if you were compare it to you know, a cardboard box to a mansion, we were definitely up in the high rankings. It was a basically an E, on it's side, hanging over the cliff near-by. It was awesome. And don't even get me started on the freaking view. That a trip in itself.

So I mentioned Jeb a bit ago, right? Well he used to be like our dad, and he always took care of us. But about two years ago he just disappeared. He had saved us, and since none of us had parents, he was the closest to parents.

But now it was rule free-ish. Max was the leader because she was the oldest. Tried to feed us, but God knows that's Iggy's job, and she tries to enforce a bed time. But with the little ones it could be difficult.

Thank who ever created the internet, because we wouldn't know anything, since we never went to school. And none of us really got sick. So no doctors or anybody like that.

We were never seen, nor heard, so no one knew about us meaning we actually got to stay alive.

When I heard Gazzy leave his room, I figured I might as well get on with the day too.

I heard a muffled "Mornin, Max." And I could tell he was still sleepy, even from here.

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