The Light of Remnant



The closer you get to the light…the greater your shadow becomes


The Highwind zoomed speedily through the dark reaches of space.

Sora, the Chosen Wielder of the Keyblade was sitting in the cockpit with a focused, yet troubled look on his face. As one could obviously tell, Sora was heading somewhere. Why would he be flying the Gummi Ship otherwise? But the question wasn't whether he was going anywhere, no; the real question was where he was going.

The answer to that question, Sora did not know.

All he knew was he was going somewhere he's needed.

Sora wasn't exactly in the highest of spirits as of late. In fact he was rather stressed. After the events of the Mark of Mastery exam had ended, Sora had gone off alone to train. He was secretly disappointed in himself for not being able to pass his exam but he did his best not to dwell on it. See that's not what was bugging him.

What was bugging him was the strange dreams he had been having as of late.

After being gone training for about a month Sora had begun to experience similar dreams each night. Dreams he didn't particularly understand. They were mostly vivid, random flashes of scenes he would see of places he's never been to or people he has never met, as though he were experiencing someone else's memories. And when the dream were actually clear, they were less defined, furthermore keeping the questions he'd be asking himself constantly in his head.

Who were those people? What was that place? Why am I having these dreams?

Sora recalled one of them in particular.

There Sora was, standing in the darkness, not knowing where he was. He waved his hand in front of his face, unable to see the action. Suddenly a flash of light illuminated the darkness, momentarily blinding the Keyblade wielder. When he opened his eyes he saw a girl…a girl with a red cloak.

She stared at him.

And he at her.

Then she turned and walked slowly away from him.

Sora ran to catch up with her. He grabbed her shoulder. "Who…who are you?"

The girl turned around and Sora's eyes widened with horror. The girl's silver eyes had turned an evil yellow and she smiled insanely, darkness would envelop her body and obscuring her. Sora stepped back in shock, watching as the darkness faded away to reveal…

A Heartless.

The Heartless jumped at him, plunging its hand straight into Sora's chest.

In that instant, Sora would hear and see things he didn't understand.


You understand nothing.

We've gotta help!

This was all part of our plan.

I can't…I can't…

I wish we could there was something more we could do.

You do not yet realize the depth of your inferiority.

How can you protect anyone?

Suffer; realize your weakness and watch as your friends die.


That's when Sora would wake up screaming, wiping the sweat from his forehead as he'd try to calm his high-speed heart rate.

Sora didn't know what to make of that dream; he thought perhaps it was just all the stress of Xehanort getting to him. But after having been dealing with the dream for a while, he had decided that perhaps it was something much more.

That in mind; Sora went to talk to Yen Sid about it.


Sora was standing in Master Yen Sid's study facing the powerful wizard in mention.

"Sora, you seem troubled." The Master said without hesitation, this did not particularly surprise the boy; Yen Sid would obviously not be a Keyblade Master if he weren't so perceptive.

He nodded. "Yes sir."

"Is it because of the Mark of Mastery exam?"

Sora shook his head. "No. It's something else. Something I don't really understand."

Yen Sid stroked his beard and inquisitive expression on his face. "Tell me."

"I've had this weird dream Master…" Sora began to explain. "A dream I keep having every night, it differs each time but one thing recurs. I see someone, a girl…about my age…"

"Is this girl someone you know?"

"That's the thing sir." Sora said. "I don't know her; I've never seen her before. Not on my home world or in any of the worlds I've ever visited…the girl would just stare at me though, I I'd look back at her then she'd walk away. But when I try to go ask her who she is, she turns around and transforms into a heartless."

One of Yen Sid's eyebrows rose in question, but he did not interrupt Sora again.

"The heartless would strike me in the heart." Sora gestured to his chest and I'd hear voices ringing in my mind, so quickly and fluently that I can't grasp it all…"

"Is that when you'd wake up?" Yen Sid asked.

Sora nodded.

Yen Sid stood up from his chair and walked over to one of his crescent-shaped windows, looking out at the stars that glinted in the sky.

"Hmm, that is a strange dream indeed." He said calmly. "Sora, you are a Keyblade wielder."

Sora nodded slowly, questioning the statement. Of course he's a Keyblade wielder, he already knew that. Yen Sid continued before he could ask him anything.

"Keyblade Wielders are the natural opposition to the Heartless, which pose a threat to every world in existence. They are tasked with protecting everyone from the darkness that the Heartless spread."

"Master, I'm not sure I understand, I know all this but…what does it have to do with my dreams?"

"It's possible that your dream is connected to a person who needs your help."

"You mean, the girl?"

"Indeed. The girl, and by extension, the world she inhabits could be in danger of falling into darkness. The fact that she changes into a heartless in your dream may signify what would happen to her if her world isn't saved."

"Do you really think that could be the reason Master?"

"Yes. It explains your dream accurately enough. After all your heart is very special, you have touched so many hearts that it's only natural that others would wish for your help. Even if they do not know who you are."

Yen Sid smiled at Sora; Sora in turn smiled back, feeling a bit relieved with some answers.

"Then Master…what should I do?"

Yen Sid began stroking his beard again. "Do you not know? You must go to that world and protect it from the Heartless."

Sora looked flabbergasted. "Well how am I supposed to do that!? I don't know what world she's on! How am I supposed to figure out where—?

Yen Sid raised his hand to stop the boy; Sora immediately closed his mouth and stood at attention.

"Do not worry Sora. You will find your way there."


"Listen to your heart Sora, and it will lead you."

Sora sometimes forgot how wise Yen Sid was, sometimes he gave clear answers other times they were unclear as translucent glass. Yet even so, his words were full of such wisdom that he could believe them without a doubt, he was thankful to Yen Sid for that. Sora perked up.

"Right! I'll leave right away Master! By the way where is everyone?"

"Ah yes, I have sent them to other worlds as well to keep the heartless appearances low, this way we can forestall the impending darkness a bit longer while still sharpening our abilities."

Sora smiled. "I guess we've all got jobs to do don't we?"

"Thus the duty of a Keyblade wielder is never finished." Yen Sid said wisely.

Sora chuckled. "Yeah, unfortunately so. I'll be going now, goodbye Master."

"Farewell Sora and good luck."

Flashback End

And thus here Sora was, flying the Gummi Ship through the sea of outer space to find a world he had no idea how to get to. But he trusted Yen Sid's words, he would find that world. He would find that girl. And he'd protect them both. He swore it.

The radar alarm began sounding. Sora looked at over at it, it had picked up the presence of a world he was closing in on. It knew the name of the world as well.


Sora soon saw the world up close, and a beautiful world it was.

Was this where his heart wanted him to go? Was this where he'd find the girl?

Sora's face turned serious as he placed his hand over his heart.

"Okay heart; don't make me regret listening to you." Sora chuckled to himself as he prepared the ship for landing.

Alrighty, this here be the prologue to my Kingdom Hearts/RWBY crossover. I know its short but hey it's a prologue so yeah. Hope you liked it!