Elijah eyelids slowly opened when he straightened his back and he looked around. His eyes shot to the door when his ears focused on the sounds around him. It wad because caught the sound of sobbing.

"Hayley...", he whispered to himself.

He tossed his bed sheets aside revealing his bare chest and the pyjama pants he was wearing. He needed to go to her. He needed to comfort and calm her down. As much as he knew she didn't want his help, the urge to help her was much bigger. The woman he loved was in pain and he couldn't bare to hear her suffer like that.

He got out of the bed and vampsped to the baby nursery. He looked through the door opening and saw her. She was covered by the sheets. Crying, and trying to stop her tears from falling down with a tear drenched tissue. Still, even while she was crying, she was as beautiful as ever. Even broken and while being a mess she still took his breath away.

Elijah took a few steps into the room.

"Hayley...", he said.

Hayley shot up from her bed when she heard elijah saying her name.

"Elijah, you really shouldn't be here. Don't let me disturb your sleep. Don't worry about me, really. I'm totally fine.", she said.

"You're not disturbing my sleep, I'm a vampire remember. I don't need nearly as much sleep as a normal human being. And you're not fine. If I want to worry about you I will and no one will tell me I can't.", Elijah said sternly.

Hayley was a little taken back. Elijah was never so direct. Then, just then she noticed he wasn't wearing any shirt and she felt a strange sensation in her stomach.

"Come here, Hayley", he said while he walked towards her.

He wrapped his arms around her before she had the chance to object. She felt his cold soft skin against hers and her heartbeat fastened.

"Elijah..", she said while another sob left her mouth. "I don't think I'll survive without her. She's my baby. I need her. What mother gives away her own baby! She needs me. I just can't...", she finished her sentence in a sob while burying her head in his shoulder.

He pressed a kiss on to her tempel.

"Hayley, you will, I know it seems impossible now. But you... But we will survive this. Together. You're obligated to your baby to survive this. She needs her mother.", he said trying to reassure her.

"You promise you'll stick with me? No matter what? You'll be there for me, Elijah?", Hayley asked hesitantly.

"I promise, no matter what happens. We'll fight till that baby girl can return home safely. She'll return to her family, no matter what, Hayley.",

"Thank you..", she said while lifting her head off of his shoulder and looked at the beautiful vampire sitting on the side of her bed.

He stared into her eyes passionately, but dropped his gaze to her lips as she continued to watch him.

She placed her hands on the sides of his face. Her fingers sliding over his ears and through his hair.

Elijah put his hand on the side of her face, his finger moved over her soft lips. Bringing his face closer until his lips pressed against hers. His tongue connected with hers in a beautiful kiss.

The kiss was soft, passionate and released all the emotions they'd kept hidden away for each other.

The grief Elijah had felt when he saw Hayley lying lifeless in the arms of his brother was undescribable. For months he kept his distance, because of his morality, but most of all because he was afraid to let her in. To care for her as much as he did. Afraid of falling in love with her. Afraid of losing her. But she had gotten in. She had broken down his walls. And what he was most afraid of had happened. He lost her.

Elijah deepened the kiss and pushed Hayley on her back. Hayley clung a hand in his hair, tugging and pulling on his hair. Her other hand slid over his bare back, giving Elijah shivers, all over his body.

Just then he pulled away. Giving her a small soft kiss before finishing the kiss fully.

"Hayley, as much I'd want to continue this all night long. You should get some sleep, this day has been exhausting."

"I suppose I should.", Hayley replied.

Elijah pressed a soft kiss to her lips before he got up, but Hayley caught his arm.

"Elijah, stay. Just for this night. I can't be alone right now...", she said trailing of at the end of her sentence.

Elijah nodded and laid next to her. Pressing his bare chest against her back. Snuggling his face into the nape of her neck and wrapping an arm around her protectively.

Hayley entwined her fingers with his. Feeling safe.

"Goodnight.", Elijah whispered and pressed a kiss on her neck.

Hayley finally found peace for the first time that day. And she let the tiredness in, falling asleep within mere seconds. Still feeling Elijah's arms protectively wrapped around her.