Author's Note:

Chapter 43 has been deleted. I received a great deal of online pressure to complete and share it. I worked very hard for weeks to do so and when I finally did that, along with working hard on a pretty image for the web-log to post it on social media, yes the stats thrived, but no one, minus the lovely Helena Clara Bouchet, expressed what they enjoyed. (My discovering what you enjoy is the reason I share it at all. Getting silence is un-enjoyable and neither worth my time nor effort.)

I have written my own original material for over three decades. I was certainly never hurt that almost no one, but myself, was reading it. However I always got far more rich responses reading that work aloud to the friends and companions I grew up with.

As a few of you are aware, sharing the hardest work of my life and getting silence, detailed hate, links shared via complete strangers, and like-clicks, has done little minus driving me nuts. Melissa and I recall when people had manners.

I use the internet to better myself and I am sorry that many out there only use it to advertise their uselessness.

Am I going to delete this work entirely?


I'll be happy back in my personal space of creating it and only sharing it with people who care enough to discuss it with me. (So if my supportive friend, Helena, would like to re-read the deleted chapter? I shall be happy to share it with you privately, my dear.)

I've got lots of other goodies awaiting my attention with this novel and with the radio drama, "The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows".

If you want to talk to me about this deletion you have many ways to contact me: email, skype, social media, the telephone, PM on fanfiction dot net , and snail mail. If you can't be bothered to use any of those:

That is not my problem. It is yours.

Are life's troubles keeping you from something as simple as expressing enjoyment that was second nature to you ten years ago? Feel free to get in touch. I am all ears!

I'm exhausted from attempting to read minds via puzzling effluvia. I'm back to paper letters, email, phone calls and I love that. It isn't like living on supplements. It's like eating real food.

After all, how long have you been online?

I've been here since 1997.

I know exactly why the internet was created:

Creativity, education, communication.

I am not getting paid for this. Nor am I remotely concerned about offending people that I don't know from Adam or Eve anyway. Plenty of strangers online have already done a remarkable job of being insulting and offensive to me.

Is there too much thinking involved here? Then please go back to basic television and children's programming. It's much more relaxing and you will feel better.

(Melissa and I were discussing my new author's note to chapter one where I explain that I managed the romantic pairings as canon as I could make them, and she responded, "It's so sad you actually have to inform people of that." I agree with her. It is sad. I think a lot of you were watching The X-Files and mixed it up, badly, with this show.)

You've got 42 chapters to have the enjoyment of talking about. If you can't be bothered to want to discuss them? There's no point in my working hard and sharing more with you. Be happy with what y'got.

Unless you want to look dumb or do a spittin'-in-the-wind move, do not review this author's note. Get in touch directly. Thank you.