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Chapter Thirty-Five
Uncovering Deception

Flushing in embarrassment at finding herself standing outside of Fangtasia a few days later, Sookie tried not to allow her shields to drop as she caught sight of the patrons standing in line outside, most of which starting directly at her with a mixture of awe, annoyance, confusion and overall hated jealousy.

After her shopping trip with Pam, Sookie figured it would have been rude not to wear something she had purchased on the trip, especially considering Pam's inability to forget things from her 'vault' meant it wasn't as if she would have forgotten.

It would have been rude not to.

Still, Sookie had chosen a somewhat modest black dress. It was far from the most sexual or skimpy thing she had seen people wearing – she had seen customers in their panties for goodness sake – but considering she rarely wore anything that wasn't a work uniform or fit for church it was extreme for her!

Hugging her curves tightly it wasn't like anything she had ever worn before. If she had thought the purple dress she had purchased on sale had been tight, this was in a whole other ball game.

She had refused not to wear a bra with the outfit.

Pam may have told her that it would look twice as appealing if she went braless, but Pam didn't seem to have a self-conscious bone in her body, not to mention she wasn't carrying around a larger set of breasts that threatened to pop out whenever she wore an outfit that showed even the slightest amount of cleavage.

So no, her boobs were going to be supported, for her own sanity.

Tugging at the length, another aspect of the dress that made her uncomfortable, Sookie quickly locked her car before heading towards Pam. Her leering expression told her all she needed to know about whether or not she would fit in, even if her own outfit looked almost boring in comparison to the bright red number Pam was wearing.

It was a good thing vampires didn't need to breath that was all she had to say.

Taking note of each step she took in the ridiculously high heels she was wearing, Sookie didn't miss how Pam's eyes lingered on her legs. She rolled her eyes, cheeks flushing deeper in their shade of red as she skipped the entire length of the line. She could already see that it was long enough to curl around onto the pavement.

"Sookie," Pam purred, eyes dark and fangs on show much to the delight of the crowd.

Sookie sighed, wondering why it had such an effect on people. They were fangs! ""You called?" That had been a strange phone call. One minute she had been sitting at home waiting for pasta to finish cooking and the next she had Pam purring down her phone asking if she could come down.

So, here she was.

"I did. Eric wishes for you to search out the usual, however, underage students seem to be our biggest concern as of late," she admitted with a scowl.

"Isn't that your duty?" Sookie teased.

Pam simply rolled her eyes as she eyed the queue with distaste. "I find it difficult to access physical age as do many vampires. The modern era is not the same as the period I grew up in."

"Oh," Sookie guessed that made sense. "Sure. What should I do if I find anyone?"

"Godric is on throne duty much to his distaste, however, he does look delicious wearing tight fitting pants," she licked her lips causing Sookie to flush.

"I thought you were only into women?"

"I am," she winked. "But I can appreciate a good looking man."

"So I just wave them over like usual, yes?" she slipped past Pam who nodded. With a final leer at her behind Sookie made her way into the club, heading over to the bar to grab a glass of water only to find it packed solid. She had arrived early at opening, everyone having the idea to get liquored up early so they didn't have to fight to be served later on.

Sookie would never be able to grasp onto why people felt the need to drink so much that they couldn't remember the night before. Surely the whole point of going out was to dance, have fun or catch up with friends, so why would they feel the need to drink enough to forget about it? She knew that both Tara and Arlene liked a good drink now and again, but she had never witnessed them out of their minds with alcohol, even if they didn't show up to some shifts due to being hung-over.

It really showed just how little she fitted in with people.

She sighed, glancing around before slowly letting down her mental shields in order to test the waters. It wasn't hard to skip though all the unnecessary thoughts, finding that the more time she spend purposely training herself to look for specific information the better she was getting at it.

She didn't quite know what to think about that.

It wasn't that it was surprising that she was getting better at using her telepathy, not with all the practice she was going through, but the fact it made her instinctually pick up on certain tip bits of information even with her shields slammed up tight made her feel nervous.

She didn't want to been constantly aware of the crap running through people's heads.

Still, she hoped practice meant perfect.

Pulling her bottom lip into her mouth before chewing on it lightly, Sookie allowed her gift to run wild as she shifted thought everything as quickly as possible, only occasionally cringing at the sheer amount of disgustingly graphic material that flashed across her mind.


It was another thought that had her pausing, enough so that the thumping music around her seemed to fade away into a mute haze as she concentrated her efforts onto the sole thought that had first caught her attention.


Blonde girl…befriend her enough to gain her trust…Compton…Sophie-Ann wants her…why? Where is she?

"Sookie? Are you ok?"

Startling, Sookie span around only to come face to face with Felicia who was leaning over the bar, a blank expression on her face but concern in her gaze. It disappeared as quickly as it came.

"Do you want me to get Godric? He is in the office with Eric."

Had she been that out of it?

Craning her neck Sookie frowned as all she saw was the haze of grinding body's and intimate couples. She had no idea where that thought had come from, or who? From the sounds of it the thoughts definitely came from a female, but when it came to the direction she was at a miss.

Rubbing her face with her hands Sookie turned back to face Felicia with a soft smile, not wanting the female bartender to worry, nor did she want to disturb whatever meeting both Eric and Godric were in. She could sense using her gift that there was a third vampire in the office, she didn't want to make a fuss when she could take a seat and spend the rest of the night trying to pin point exactly where this person was.

It was clear they didn't know her personally; that she had been sent, but it was both Sophie-Ann's name and Bill's that had alarm bells ringing in her head. Sookie hadn't heard from Bill in weeks, not since she had dumped him in Dallas, and yet for some reason someone had come here directly to search for her.

It had her worried.

She had heard Eric briefly mention Sophie-Ann, and from what she could tell whoever the woman was she was important enough that even though it was clear neither Godric nor Eric liked her, that her positon meant it would be reckless for either of them to do anything about it.

Should she mention it?

While the mystery women didn't know what she looked like other than she had blonde hair and maybe her name, Sookie couldn't help but wonder whether it would be easier to simply watch for her in the crowd, keep an eye out for anyone randomly approaching blondes. There were enough of them in the club.

"Could I have a glass of water please, I'm driving."

Felicia quirked a brow, "Pam informed me of your fondness over the fruity cocktails, I could do you a virgin one."

"Just juice?" Sookie had to admit it sounded nice.

Nodding, Felicia flashed away only to return a few seconds later with a shaker and ice. It took her less than a minute before a familiar pretty drink combined with fruit slices was placed in front of her. Despite herself, Sookie found herself grinning.

"Thank you," she took a sip and almost moaned in approval.

"I apologise for making you wait-" Felicia began.

"Don't worry about it," Sookie waved her off. It made her uncomfortable the way Eric had them all waiting on her. It was strange considering it was usually the other way around. She had been a waitress for years, never going out to eat in restaurants that required servers like herself.

"Let me know if you need anything else."

Nodding with a bright smile Sookie carefully made her way over to her usual booth, the only one that was ever empty. She was sure people got here as early as possible as to grab a place to sit. It had been one of the first questions she had asked Eric when she had taken note of the fact that despite the crowds it was never filled. It looked the same as the regular booths, but it hadn't taken more than a quick explanation on his part that he explained he didn't want some 'snooty humans' constantly in his space.

It hadn't been a surprise, and Sookie found it hard to take offence when all she had to do was look around the room at some of the people that managed to get through the door.

Taking a seat and sipping at her fruity drink Sookie got to work, focusing on her shield and tracking down the source of the mystery woman. She wasn't about to keep it to herself, making a mental note to mention it to Pam, Godric or Eric when they made an appearance, but right at that minute she was going to try her hardest to find them.

An hour and a half later all she had found was one underage girl who had come in with a group of friends, and a pervert who had set his sights on said girl. She shuddered, quick to tell Chow before the girl got swept away into something dangerous.

Two hours later there was still no sign of either Godric or Eric.

Three hours later and three fruity drinks had Sookie heading to the bathroom, quickly dashing into a stall before taking care of her business. It wasn't until she was about to leave that she paused as an idea crossed her mind.

Her gift had been acting out of the ordinary as of late, picking up on key words or phrases rather than before when she had to really focus to pick apart multiple peoples thought patterns. If she focused on trying to pick up on either Bill or Sophie-Ann perhaps she would have more luck than she had been having.

Half an hour later it proved effective.

That's the third fucking blonde…bitch…Sophie-Ann is going to kill me…rip out my throat…

Where was she?

It wasn't until Pam was suddenly sliding into the booth seat opposite that Sookie actually took her attention away from her search.

"You look distracted?" Pam quirked a brow curiously.

Sookie shrugged, taking a long sip of her drink before swallowing, her eyes still scanning the place for this woman. "I'm trying to find someone."

Pam perked up visibly, looking curious. "Who?"

"I don't know, I heard something and it has me on edge," she admitted after a few seconds.

Pam definitely looked interested after her admission, scanning the club curiously, "what'd you hear?"

"Who's Sophie-Ann?"