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Chapter Thirty-Eight
Trust is a Beautiful Thing

Despite the previous unpleasantness of the week, Sookie found it hard to immediately regret her decision to saying yes to accompanying them home for the night, the fact that as she sat in the back with a surprisingly affectionate Eric making her smile at the fact he was taking care to keep his gestures non-sexual. No doubt it was taking its toll on the normally bold lover.

Holding her hand, brushing his fingers lightly against her thigh, and playing with her hair didn't alarm her in the slightest. In fact, Sookie couldn't help but realise she wasn't just putting up with the gestures, but she was enjoying them.

It was nice, not to mention it was surprisingly a turn on to see his softer side.

Knowing there would be no chance in her hiding her arousal the moment Sookie felt herself get slick in the pantie department. It wasn't a surprise, neither Godric nor Eric were unattractive to look at. It was clear she had been unsuccessful when she witnessed Eric's nostrils flaring along with the noise of stretched rubber as Godric's grip on the steering wheel tightened significantly.

Choosing to look out the window, Sookie decided to simply not to acknowledge it.

She hadn't realised she had fallen asleep until she found herself being lowered onto a bed that was soft enough that it felt like heaven, the sheets no doubt worth enough money that if she ever found out the cost it would make her eyes water.

Blinking slowly, Sookie groaned at the feeling of pressure against her feet. She squirmed.

"I'm just taking off your shoes, lover."

"Eric?" she murmured, turning to bury her head in the pillow.

He chuckled. "Do you want to sleep in your clothes or change into something less restrictive?"

Sookie thought about it, her sleep addled brain wanting to do nothing more than sleep while her brain was telling her that she wouldn't be comfortable if she chose not to strip down to something less confining.

"Do you have something I can change into?"

Eric seemed surprised. "One of my shirts should be big enough to fit you like a nightdress."

Nodding, Sookie managed to pull herself onto her back before propping up her body on her arms, swaying slightly at the cotton wool feeling in her head. She hadn't realised how poorly she must have been sleeping if she was this tired already.

"Can you unzip my dress for me, please?" she blushed.

Relieved yet surprised when Eric didn't make any kind of sexual comment, she smiled widely as he moved to run his fingers across the back of her neck, the coolness satisfying enough to have her head falling forward as a loud sigh escaped her lips. "S'nice."

Eric chuckled. "I've put the heating on," he murmured, fingers still brushing against her heated skin. "Tell me if you are still too cold."


"You'll have me and Godric close all-night, we hardly run at a warm temperature, älskare."

"I like it." She must have been high on lack of sleep considering her next move was to turn around to nuzzle her face against Eric's neck, relishing in the refreshingly cool temperature of his skin. He wasn't freezing to her, and while he was slightly on the cool side it wasn't off putting in the slightest.

She hadn't been lying when she had confessed how nice it felt.

Feeling muscular arms wrapping around her smaller frame Sookie for once didn't resist the urge to move closer to him, legs moving to wrap around his waist so she could fit comfortably in his lap without straining her thighs.

She needed to exercise more and eat less.

"Where's Godric?"

"Right here, älskling" Godric's soft tone came from behind her. "I was making sure the area was secure."

Jumping only slightly as she felt another set of hands caress her back and shoulders she didn't fight it as Godric moved to undo the zipper of her dress, most likely having heard her ask Eric before she had gotten distracted.

"May I?"

Sookie nodded, too relaxed to argue.

Still, she blushed lightly when she felt her dress loosen as Godric dragged the zipper down, shuddering at the coolness of his fingers. Her face deepened in its red at the realisation that she would have to reveal herself.

"We will close our eyes, älskling," Godric murmured.

It was sweet of him to offer, her own eyes flickering open only to see Eric grin at her briefly before he closed his own eyes. It made her pause once again, surprised that he wasn't trying to take advantage of her vulnerable state.

Had he really changed that much?

Pulling away, clutching the front of the dress against her chest, Sookie quickly located a clean shirt on the bed. Not wanting to take any chances she quickly slipped it over her head before even thinking about taking off her dress, making sure to reveal nothing encase either vampire peaked.

Surprising her again, they didn't.

Pushing the fabric down her legs Sookie stared at a still closed eyed Eric before her lips quirked up affectionately. Crawling forward she pressed her lips against his mouth, giggling as he immediately nipped at her lips before his tongue flickered out to caress her them.

Feeling another pair of cool lips begin a soft assault on the back of her neck Sookie didn't even think about pulling away. It didn't cross her mind that she shouldn't be doing this, not when it felt as right as it did. Both vampires were willing to lay down their lives for her; it meant a lot.

No human had ever shown the same type of commitment to her, well other than Gran.

"You are so beautiful, lover."

She blushed.

Moving his lips from the corner of her mouth towards her neck she hummed in approval, legs trembling as her panties rubbed damply against the junction between her legs.

"I can taste the sun on your skin."

Feeling a cool hand on her cheek Sookie went with the movement, Godric gently moving her head in order to claim her lips as his own. It should have felt wrong, should have felt like infidelity that she was kissing two men instead of one. She should have been ashamed at being in bed with more than a man who should be her husband, but she didn't.

It just felt right.

There was no guilt, no resentment or shame. It just felt like it was destiny, however unexplainable it may seem.

Feeling a pair of fangs drag against the skin of her collarbone she shuddered, gasping out "bite me" before a pair of pearly white fangs dug into her soft skin. Immediately she groaned, her mouth slack against Godric's as twin growls rumbled around her, both of which sent shivers down her spine.

Shamefully, she wanted more.

Careful of the fangs in her neck Sookie shifted just enough to straddle one of Godric's thighs, the pressure against her core enough to have her crying out along with the duel sensations of the bite and pressure.

Her eyes closed of their own accord.

"I want…I want…"

"Tell us, älskling" Godric murmured, pulling away from her gasping mouth, fingers still tangled in her messy hair. "Do you want us to make you cum?"

Hearing such dirty talk falling from Godric's mouth, a vampire who seemed to be the definition of politeness, was a turn-on that she hadn't prepared herself for. She whimpered, face flushed as one of Eric's large hands moved to her chest, cupping her right breast softly, massaging it just enough to have her grinding down further on Godric's thigh, desperate for any kind of friction she could get.


Godric chuckled huskily, the sound going straight to her throbbing clit. God did she want him to touch her.

"Tell me what you want, älskling."

"Please!" she stressed out, Eric's grip on her breast tightening as he played with the soft tissue through his shirt. "Touch me?" she whimpered.

The next thing she knew Eric was licking closed his fangs marks before sucking her nipple through the fabric, her back suddenly pressed against the softness of the sheets while Godric's fingers briefly tickled her inner thighs before pressing his digits against her damp panties.

She keened loudly as Godric found her clit.

"So fucking sexy!" Eric stared as Sookie thrashed and whimpered underneath them, her blood still staining his mouth as his lips quickly sort out her nipple. It was already hard beneath the fabric, pebbled swollen.

He watched as his maker pressed a finger against her clit, his shirt having ridden up her thighs, revealing his lovers pink lace panties as Godric's skilled fingers rubbed and pinched her swollen clit with a skill that had her trembling.

She was so fucking gorgeous it almost hurt to look at her.

Eric had been with many women over his vampire years, all of which could be considered attractive. But when put next to Sookie they all paled in comparison. Her Fae blood no doubt was partly the reason behind her flawless skin and breath-taking features, but the fact that Sookie not only didn't seem to realise her own worth and beauty, but had managed to stay pure for so long despite her attraction both inside and out…

She was made for them.

Sookie came with both their names on her lips, back arching and legs shaking as she rode out her orgasm before promptly passing out. Eric grinned, sharing a look with an equally satisfied Godric before his maker leaned across their beautiful telepath, pulling his Childe in for a kiss, tasting the essence of Sookies blood still present on his lips and mouth.

Pulling his hand away the scent of Sookies liquid arousal had both of their nostrils flaring, Eric watching in jealously as Godric lifted his fingers to his lips and sucked. Pleasure filtered through the bond they shared, enough that it had Eric's straining erection pulsing out a drop of pre-cum.

Shoving his hands down his jeans and boxers Eric swiftly ripped away the useless fabric before jerking himself off, head tilted back as he groaned loudly, wishing it was Sookies smaller delicate hand rather than his own.

The fresh scent of her arousal and the sight of her sprawled out in a orgasmic afterglow was enough to have his own climax fast approaching, imagining fucking into that tight pussy of hers while she withered and cried out for more.

He would spoil her.

He would see to it that other than his maker no other man would cross her mind.

She would be his.


The sensation of his makers' fangs sliding into his neck was unexpected yet welcome; his head tilting to the side as Godric sucked harshly at his throat, seeking out any essence of Sookies blood that would no doubt still be in his system.

He came quickly, thick strips of cum shooting out of his slit before Godric had him on his back, the bed big enough that they didn't disturb Sookie as Godric ground once, twice, before decorating his thicker thigh with his own cum.

Both breathing heavily it wasn't more than a few seconds of soaking up the afterglow that Eric moved to clean them both up, Godric turning off the lights before making sure their lover was tucked up beneath the Egyptian thread count sheets. Their combined body heat, or lack of, would no doubt bring down her own temperature in the middle of the night. Her first stay should not be one of discomfort, not when they wanted it to become a permeant altercation to their lives as soon as they could convince a stubborn Sookie of its validity.

"Sophie-Ann with have to be dealt with quickly," Godric stated as he stared fondly at a sleeping Sookie. He had not planned to make her orgasm, but it was far from something he would take back if he could.

Eric nodded his agreement. "I will make some calls tomorrow. I expect to receive Sophie-Ann's phone call within a few days, she was never one for patience."

"And her Childe, Andre?"

"He is too loyal to his maker to walk away from this." Andre would be a somewhat valuable asset, but his loyalty to Sophie-Ann made him foolish, all too willing to bow down to whatever she suggested whether he agreed with it or not. As far as Eric was aware Andre had never said no to her, no matter what she had demanded him to do for her.

Godric sighed loudly.

War was quickly approaching on the horizon. Death was something he was no longer fond of, but it was a necessary evil. Hopefully God would forgive him for his sins, Sookie certainly had.

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