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Hook was barely conscious, but he nonetheless joined Frog on the couch, where she watched Drunk History on the television in a near comatose state. He plopped down and immediately took a swig of rum from his hip flask before passing it to his companion, who also took a swig. It wasn't too long before they were both as belligerent as the actors on screen narrating the events of Rosa Park's bus boycott.

"Did this shit really happen?" Frog muttered.

"I'm not long in this land and the intoxication of the narrators suggests elaboration, but these stories appear to be true," Hook replied groggily. "I suppose it interests you?"

"It does," Frog stared at the screen. "I'm sorry I missed all this. I'll never love a place as much as I loved New Orleans in the twenties. It was… much more magical than the dumb shit that goes on around here."

"Why not return to the land of New Orleans then?"

"I did," the memory of her return caused Frog to take another large gulp from Hook's flask. "It wasn't… it was different. They said one of the hurricanes nearly blew it off the map a few years back. But I will tell you what wasn't magical about my land back then, it's what this Rosa Parks broad is boycotting. Being a creole girl, I wasn't shit to anyone that really mattered."

"That's a pity," Hook mused. "You quite tickle me, love. As a pirate I engaged in my fair share of oppression, particularly towards the fair sex. I've tried to change, but it seems Emma has found the redemption of a certain Latina queen more intriguing as of late."

Frog raised her eyebrow at him. "You aren't mad at me for drugging you?"

"I suppose I should be. I don't think I'll be able to earn the lady Swan's forgiveness for this last error. But I don't think it matters. It seems I can't compete with suitors she shares a child with. I could barely draw her attention away from Baelfire, God rest his soul, and it seems as though the Queen's parenting skills are superior to my own."

"They probably are," Frog agreed. "I wasn't surprised about that. You'd think I would be, but I wasn't. I was pretty young when Regina found me—maybe seventeen or eighteen. I can hardly remember anything anymore, you know? She always treated me better than most of her… I dunno, subjects or whatever. Which isn't saying a lot, but still. I suppose we felt a kind of camaraderie with each other. She wasn't white, came from a miller's family and all that. She was always up against white people with more advantages than her—like Rumplestiltskin and Snow White, for example. I think she saw me as the anti-thesis of Snow. I always looked at things in shades of grey, kept her confidences about this and that. Successfully did her bidding. She was out of her mind, but every now and again I would see these flashes of humanity…"

"You were quite fond of her weren't you, love?"

"I wouldn't say that. But I respected her. We respected each other."

Hook took another swig from his flask. "Emma respects her as well," he said sadly.

Frog couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him. He was a piece of shit, but he had a good heart. "You'll find someone out there that you fit better with than Emma, Cap."

Hook turned to look at her and caught her eye before smiling boyishly. She picked up a pillow from the couch and made to hit him with it, but before she could a knock on the door could be heard and it swung open, revealing Regina, who stepped over several empty liquor bottles and let herself inside in her usual dramatic fashion. "Frog, it's disgusting in here. Look at you, you're a mess. Go get dressed at once and we can begin looking for Facilier."

Frog threw the pillow at her instead. It bounced off her head, mussing her perfect hair ever so slightly. Regina's angry forehead vein showed up with a vengeance. "Keep it up, Frog. My patience with you is running out."

"I told you, I don't need your help nailing Facilier." Frog said, then burped loudly.

"Clearly you do, as you're in no condition to hunt down a squirrel at the moment, let alone a voodoo witch doctor. Now go clean yourself up before I set the pirate on fire."

Grumbling, Frog ambled off the couch. She fell over and crashed into the coffee table, then got up again and meandered to her closet. Not wanting to be in the same proximity as Hook, Regina followed her. She closed the door behind her and snapped her fingers, changing Frog's clothes from her rumpled acid green gown from the previous evening to an outfit similar to the ones Emma usually wore—skinny jeans and boots with a black leather jacket.

"Someone's got baby mama on the brain," Frog commented.

"Shut up, Frog. We're wasting time."

Frog complained for most of the ride to the woods, which Regina decided would be the best place to look first. Having both had a rough night, they each wore sunglasses, and Regina had a scarf tied around her head. "It's not like you don't have a hangover too," the creole girl rambled. "What were you doing last night with the savior anyway?"

"I may have a hangover but I didn't wake up and start drinking more. And you have room to talk. You were looking awfully cozy with Hook on the couch."

"Well, I did promise your son I'd keep him out of your way."

They arrived at the woods and began to look around, dried leaves crunching under their boots. "I still don't see why you are so intent on helping Henry with his hair-brained schemes." Regina grunted. "Sympathy with his family situation is not enough of a reason to go through all this trouble."

Frog was silent for a few moments. She looked up at the still rising sun peeking through the trees and squinted. "Maybe, deep down… I know I'm being an ass. Its not you I should be hating on, its Facilier and… well, I'm responsible for things too. I was the one who procured his services in the first place, and I'm the one who agreed to be your apprentice and let you talk me into doing all those horrible things. I know I'm not a victim of circumstance, I've just been upset and looking for someone to blame."

Regina sighed. "I did treat you poorly. I knew nothing else, but… at the time I was trying to do the right thing by you. I now see what you used to tell me about my vendetta against Snow more clearly than I ever have. I'm suddenly in her shoes, trying desperately to earn the forgiveness of someone I wished to help but ended up hurting instead."

For once, her old apprentice was at a loss for words.

At the sheriff station, Mary Margaret greeted Emma with a kiss on her forehead as she set a white paper bag with Emma's favorite burger from Granny's on her daughter's desk. "I brought you lunch."

"Thanks, ma," Emma replied, looking pleased and actually scrunching her nose cutely when Mary Margaret pulled on it affectionately. Things had improved a great deal between them recently. Baby Neal had brought joy into their lives, even if his arrival had initially nearly crushed her and Charming with guilt. Emma was slowly getting more used to having a family, however, and since her parents had begun looking for a house she didn't seem to mind spending so much time with them.

"Don't thank me yet. I came to talk about a few things with you."

Emma sighed. "Look, if this is about the instructional video—

"No, it's not," Snow said. "I think things actually ended up working out ok. Everyone had a nice time, and your dance with Regina was, um…"

Emma raised an eyebrow at her.

"What was that, Emma?" Snow finally asked.

The Sheriff squirmed in her seat. "It was, you know, um…"

"Did you leave with her?"


Snow sighed and pulled up a chair. She sat down across from her firstborn and folded her hands on her desk. "There's still a lot we don't know about each other, Emma. So I came here, actually, to tell you a story about Frog."

The blonde groaned and rolled her eyes. "How is it that she always comes up? I swear, that kid is everywhere. She's a drunk and yet she's so god damn busy all the time. Busy, busy, busy."

"I had an affair with her," Snow blurted out.

Emma's mouth fell open. "What?"

"It was a long time ago, when your father and I were separated from each other because of Regina. I… well, I was lonely. Homosexuality isn't something that's talked about in the Enchanted Forest, its just sort of there. Anyway, Frog captured me once on Regina's orders. It was amazing, really. A lot of people had tried to capture me over the years, but Frog managed to outmaneuver me. Back then, she was so young and Regina would have her wear this overtly sexual sort of uniform. Her hair would be done up very big and she had a low-cut tunic and a sort of cape with a high collar…"

Snow stared off into space, thinking of the pull she'd felt towards the younger woman so long ago.

"Okay," Emma said. "So what happened?"

"What happened was that she eventually gave me up to the Queen. She knew I was going to find your father again, and she wanted to go home to her family. But when Regina was about to kill me, she stopped her."

"And did what?"

"Convinced her to let me go so she could do something worse than kill me, or at least, that was her reasoning to Regina. Worse ended up being she sent us all here."

Emma leaned back on her chair. "That's a cool story, Ma, with no point."

Snow sighed. "The point is, you seem to have inherited my weakness for bad girls. But as my story demonstrates, they're nothing but trouble. Consider it motherly wisdom that I'm passing on to you."

"Does Pop know about Frog?"

"He does, but he never brought it up. Like I said, it's just not something you really talk about where we're from."

Emma seemed to consider this. "I appreciate the advice, Ma, but Regina and I aren't you and Frog. We have a son, and Hook is no Prince Charming."

"That's true," Mary Margaret agreed. "Are you in love with her?"

"Were you in love with Frog?"

"Your father is my true love."

"But were you?"

"Yes, I was," Snow admitted. "In a different way than I'm in love with your father."

"Well, I'm in love with Regina," Emma said, admitting it to both herself and her mother for the first time. "Does that bother you?"

"It doesn't matter, Emma. I love you no matter what."

The door to the Sheriff station opened again and this time Regina appeared. Emma's face burst into flames and her heart began to pound at the sight of the beautiful woman, who was followed by Frog.

Snow's face was equally red, and Frog was smirking, which implied to Emma that both she and Regina had overheard their little mother-daughter talk. "Hi, Snow," Frog said, her voice a low purr. "You look nice today."

Emma wondered if her mother's mortification rivaled her own, but doubted it. Regina was looking at the Savior like she was a piece of meat, and in addition to humiliation the warm, gentle feeling had returned.

"Sorry to break up this touching family moment," Frog went on, apparently enjoying herself. "We thought we'd let you know that there's a new villain in town."

Snow opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it, apparently thinking better of what she was going to say.

"We know you're in town, Frog. You've been in town," Emma grunted.

"I'm talking about Facilier," Frog said, looking Snow up and down suggestively.

"I'm sure you three have it under control!" Snow squeaked, leaping to her feet and knocking over her chair. "Nice to see you, Tiana." She said and hurried out of the office, but not before Frog inched herself towards her and managed to brush against her. She looked as pleased as ever. "I'll let Regina fill you in, Sheriff. I'm going to go take advantage of your mom's fragile state."

With that, Emma and Regina were alone.

"God, she's horrible," Emma said, her face still hot and her heart still hammering. "I don't know what you and Mary Margaret ever saw in her."

"You didn't know her back then," Regina tried, taking a step closer to Emma's desk. Her eyes were bright and never left the Sheriff's. "She was a better version of what she is now. Anyway, I got her to agree to twelve-step meetings at last. But not before I finally lost my temper with her after she tripped me on purpose. I blew her down a hill and into a gopher hole, and let her call for help for fifteen minutes before I finally fished her out."

"What did you want to tell me about Facilier?" Emma thought she might try changing the subject. She had no idea what else to do, as all coherent thought was slowly dripping out of her ears as she watched the olive skin of Regina's chest rise and fall slowly through her blouse.

"We ended up getting ambushed by some of his shadow demons in the woods. We pulverized them, but not before they told us he wants to kill her, you and me. Preferably at the same time."

"That's… a bummer," Emma managed, her voice someone strangled as Regina moved closer still. "What should we do?"

"I think we should make good use of the time we have left." She moved to Emma's desk and sat on it, crossing and uncrossing her legs.

"What's happening right now?" Emma asked.

"What's happening is that we have apparently lost our minds, and I am going to screw your brains out."

Emma needed no further provocation. She leapt onto her desk and crashed her lips onto Regina's. They pulled at each other's clothes in a mad frenzy. Emma pinned her down and rolled on top of her as various files and her pencil cup crashed to the floor.

"What if someone walks in on us?" Regina gasped as the younger woman ripped open her blouse and blazed a trail down her torso with her mouth. Her protests turned into moans after Emma spread her legs and disappeared in between her thighs. She grabbed fistfuls of long blonde hair and pushed the Savior's head further onto her clit, thrusting her hips into Emma's waiting, hungry mouth.

"Your pussy is mine now," the Sheriff growled, and the Mayor came.

Henry was still at school, so they drove to Regina's mansion at breakneck speed, nearly running over Pongo and Archie in the process. They didn't actually make it inside the house at first, and fell over on each other in the garage, tearing at each other's all ready disheveled clothes again. Regina did not manage to close the garage but assumed her car blocked them from view—not that she was thinking about it.

They left their clothes in the garage and went to the master bedroom, where Regina strapped a dildo to herself. "Bend over," she instructed the naked blonde woman in her bed.

She admired the wet, glistening folds being offered to her before plundering them. They took each other and gave to each other for several hours before they had to finally stop, exhausted and gleaming with sweat. Henry would be home soon.

They took a shower together and had sex in there too, Regina's hands pressed against the steaming shower door and Emma thrust herself into her from behind. They finally managed to get out and get dressed right as their son entered the front door. "Mom!" he called. "Is Emma here?"

Regina pressed a kiss to Emma's forehead and hobbled downstairs, not really able to walk straight yet. "Why do you ask, dear?"

Henry stared at her from the downstairs landing. "Mom, your shirt is on backwards."

"Oh… oh, is it?" She hurriedly tried to adjust it as she asked, "What do you need Emma for?"

"Well, there's a creepy man in a waistcoat looking for her at the stables. He said his name is Facilier."

Regina closed her eyes and opened them again. The stables? With their son? Frog had been correct. Facilier had made a mistake coming around here.

"Are you sure its going to be safe, Regina? How tough were those shadow demons of his anyway?" Emma was in the passenger seat of the Mercedes, looking at her lover with concern.

"Not very. In all honestly I'm certain I can handle Facilier on my own."

Emma took one of her hands from the steering wheel and stroked her palm, taking care to follow her heart line, which, she was pleased to note, pointed in the blonde's direction.

Regina looked at her with melted chocolate puppy eyes before returning them to the road.

"Besides," Emma went on. "Won't Frog be upset with you for leaving her out of it?"

"He threatened our son, Emma. And I would rather Frog be safe. She isn't rational. You should have seen her with the shadow demons. I had to stop her from burning down the entire forest."

"Well, I'm not rational right now, but its not because I'm really angry." Emma said. The corners of Regina's mouth turned up slightly again and she flashed blinding white teeth.

"I will not allow him to harm a hair on your head, Savior. I was of half a mind to leave you behind."

"Sorry, but I'm not letting you out of my sight," Emma smiled.

"I love you," Regina replied.

Emma was certain she'd reached Nirvana, but had little time to dwell on it. The two of them arrived at the stables and leapt out of the car. In the distance they could see the tall figure of a man across the field, near the tree line.

"Facilier!" Emma called. The man turned and she felt her skin crawl as they neared him. His waistcoat was purple and he had a monocle wedged in between the weathered skin of his eyebrow and cheekbone, but it was his manner that was sinister. He sneered at them and bowed, pressing an ugly cane to his chest.

"Her majesty, the Evil Queen, and her highness, the Savior. It's a pleasure." His accent was think and southern and his words moved along lazily, but there was an edge to them.

"I thought it was the Frog Princess you were after," Regina drawled, raising her hands in a defensive posture.

"I got wind of your exploits with my dear patron Tiana in the Enchanted Forest. The void is a frightening place, but whispers from the various realms still reached me from time to time. With her comes you, so I thought I might make you an offer."

"Which is?" Regina asked coldly.

"Give her to me freely so that I may have my revenge, and I will send you and this town's inhabitants back to your own land."

Emma snorted. "You're barking up the wrong tree."

Facilier sighed and adjusted his monocle. "I thought you might say that. Such a pity." He twirled his in a lazy effortless manner that deceived his spellwork.

At first nothing happened, but then the ground began to rumble. The sky darkened, and behind them the rest of the world seemed to fall away into a black void. "What's going on?" Emma shouted.

"Stop this at once!" Regina shouted. She sounded concerned, which wasn't a good sign. "Are you mad? You'll destroy my town!"

It started to rain—hard. The ground quickly softened and Emma felt fat raindrops bounce off her jacket that quickly soaked her hair. "The Evil Queen met an untimely end in Snow White's various legends. In one, she was made to tap dance in hot iron shoes until she died, but I'm a merciful man. I like the Disney version better." Facilier could be heard saying. Emma saw that he was grinning maniacally before the ground between her and Regina cracked open.

The blonde suddenly remembered the end of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. "Regina!" she shrieked.

The brunette cursed as her red bottom shoes slipped against wet rock. Small chucks of earth fell into blackness and caved in underneath her. "No!" Emma howled. She summoned up her nerve and pale blue swirled around her as she teleported below Regina, who crashed into her heavily as they both began to fall down the cliff. Seeing a handhold, Emma grabbed onto it with one hand and wrapped her arm around Regina's waist with the other. It was lucky for her that she had superb upper body strength, but holding up both herself and the Mayor with one arm onto nothing but a chunk of jagged rock didn't bode well. She felt the strain pull at her muscles painfully and winced.

"Emma!" Regina gasped, clinging to the Sheriff's waist. "We're vulnerable down here! We have to teleport back onto solid ground."

The rain had now soaked through both of their clothes. Emma looked up to see Facilier sneering down at them through the backdrop of the cloudy sky. "You two dames are sickening," he giggled. "But I suppose it will be sweet if you die together."

"I guess he's a little tougher than we thought," Emma said, not knowing why she found the whole situation comical at the moment, but chalked it up to hysteria. She had been so close to having a family of her own at last.

"You won't be able to hold on much longer, Savior," Facilier added, apparently enjoying himself while he toyed with them. "Why not let go of the Queen? It's awfully difficult to teleport when you're hanging on for dear life. The void is down there, you know. Its not a pleasant place, as I said, and its not as though she doesn't belong in Hell."

"'Course it isn't pleasant place," they heard a familiar voice say from somewhere behind him, with its own drawling southern twang. "It's the shit hole you crawled out of, isn't it?"

"Now, Emma," Regina whispered frantically, clinging to the blonde's waist for dear life. Emma was having trouble maintaining her grip on the hunk of rock they were hanging off of. The rain was starting to make it slippery. "Frog is up there. I know you're in pain, but concentrate on teleporting back up to the ground. I know you can do it. It's inside of you, remember? I'm not leaving you down here."

"Tiana," Facilier smiled at his old customer. "It's been a long time."

Frog was also soaked through, her hair clinging to her forehead. "That's my Queen you're messing with," she said, striding towards him. "I swore allegiance to her a long time ago, and I've kept her confidences, and carried out her will. All of it was in anticipation of this day, so you'll kindly leave her be, and I—

She plunged her hand into his chest and Facilier's eyes widened with shock. "Will be taking this." She pulled his heart out, a small black shriveled thing, barely larger than a walnut, and held it up. "You look surprised," Frog surveyed Facilier, who was frozen in fear. "I guess the spirits never told you, but I'm not just a waitress, I'm the Princess Frog, and I only wait on the Queen."

She crushed his heart in her hand and he screamed and dissolved into ash, just as a swirl of purple and blue smoke appeared several feet away from Frog. Emma and Regina tumbled onto the ground, their arms still around each other. The cliff and the dark void behind them vanished and turned into Storybrooke's stables again.

"Frog," Regina smiled at her old apprentice and pressed Emma's soaking wet head protectively to her chest. It continued to rain, and the Creole girl looked down at her wrist, where her sleeve was pulled up, and a syringe was sticking out of her black, frog-shaped scar.

Regina's eyes widened with horror as Frog stumbled and fell to her knees. "Frog!" She rushed over to the girl and Emma watched as she pulled the syringe out of her wrist and inspected it. "Oh, no! Frog, this is a sleeping curse! Facilier must have stuck you with it before—

The princess fell against her and Regina caught her before she hit the ground. Frog's eyes were heavy. "I got a high tolerance," she slurred. "Takin' a minute for this shit to kick in. It's ok, though. Don't bother preserving me. Eventually I can die, and I'll be back at the bayou with my daddy. We'll make gumbo together and—

Her lashes fluttered against the pelting rain. "Frog!" Regina shook her. "Don't fall asleep! Maybe I can get it out! Maybe—

"Shhhh, 's okay," Frog mumbled. "You made me a princess and gave me a life of adventure. I'm ok with this."

Her eyes closed and Regina shook her furiously, but her head lolled uselessly to the side. "Frog!" Regina's voice was high pitched and in near hysterics. "Wake up!"

Emma finally made her way towards them, her boots sinking into the mud. "Regina, she's still alive. Don't give up hope just yet. If we find her true love—

"Because that will be so very easy!" Regina wailed.

"We'll get her back," Emma reassured her.

The Princess Frog lay in a glass coffin near the stables, in a green lotus flower dress with the old crown the Evil Queen had made for her perched on her head. If there was any doubt in Emma's mind that she really had been Regina's friend, they were gone now. The Evil Queen could love, she knew that now better than anyone.

The rain had finally subsided, and the field they were in was, ironically, very swampy. The dark haired Latina stared somberly down at the coffin, her brow wrinkled in deep thought. "Call your mother."

"Regina, I don't know if…"

"Please, Emma."

The Sheriff dialed Snow, who asked why she needed to come to the stables, but Emma didn't have the heart to tell her. This was bad enough, what were they going to tell Henry?

Emma gathered her lover into her arms and Regina buried her face into her shoulder. They stayed like that until Snow and Charming arrived several minutes later. "Oh my god, Tiana!" Snow's eyes widened with shock when she saw Frog inside the glass coffin. "What happened?"

Charming had a complicated look on his face. "Are you two all right?" he nodded towards Regina and Emma.

"We're fine," Emma assured him. "Well, physically… Regina is pretty upset."

The Mayor gestured to Snow. "You," she said. "Kiss her."

Snow had tears in her eyes all ready. She wasn't one to hold back her emotions, and now her eyes widened with shock. "Wh-what?"

"Kiss her, Snow."


"Please, Snow!" Regina's voice was rising again. "It's my fault that this happened to her!"

"That's not true," Emma said. "Frog said herself that it wasn't your fault."

Charming put her hands on his wife's shoulders. "Snow, its ok. Go kiss her. Whatever happens won't change anything. I love you no matter what."

Snow looked at all of them before approaching the glass coffin and lifting the lid. "It'll be all right, Tiana," she assured her old flame. She bent down and pressed her lips to Frog's.

They waited for a minute that felt like an eternity. Frog didn't stir.

Regina's eyes moistened. "You're both useless idiots," she told the Charmings. Emma looked down into the coffin again. For the first time it occurred to her how truly young the Frog Princess was. In her lotus flower dress in particular, it was easy to tell that she had just been a girl when the Evil Queen found her, and that now she had barely entered into womanhood.

Behind them, the sound of a motorcycle engine approaching caused them all to turn. They saw two figures approaching on a motorcycle, both obviously male, the smaller one with a sword strapped to his hip. When it pulled up next to them they saw that it was Hook, who leapt off the front of the motorcycle. Henry followed him off the back.

Why did he have a sword? If the situation wasn't so serious Emma would have rolled her eyes. Perhaps he thought Facilier was still around, or perhaps he thought he was being valiant. Hook looked at the coffin with an unreadable expression on his face as Henry hurried forward. "I'll wake her up!" he announced.


But he had all ready planted a kiss on Frog's unmoving mouth. He took a step back and waited anxiously.

Nothing happened. Emma closed her eyes. This was the part about raising a teenager she knew she was going to hate. Henry's face crumpled and he ran to his mothers. They both hugged him and both he and Regina began to weep. Snow was crying too, and Charming stared solemnly at the ground. None of them noticed Hook stride forward and stare down at the young woman in the coffin.

"There there, lass," he said. "I meant it when I said you tickle me." He leaned down and kissed her now worn lips. Regina and Emma both looked up as a bright multi-colored light shimmered around them. Frog's eyes, clear for the first time since Emma had met her, flew open.

"What the—

"Frog!" Regina and Snow howled in unison. They both ran over to her and smothered her in hugs.

"What the actual fuck?" Frog yelped.

"You idiot!" Regina smacked her head. "How dare you go up against an evil sorcerer alone without my help!"

Frog rubbed her head and shrugged. "Hook, huh? But you and I… we're terrible together. We're drunks."

"I wager that makes us perfect together, love," Hook said, smiling at her in a way Emma had never seen him smile. "You had your chance, Swan. I'm afraid I'm otherwise engaged now."

Emma shrugged. "So am I."

Regina heard her and gave her a meaningful look. They both turned to Henry, whose face was stained with tears. Frog saw him too. "Hey, champ, listen—

"I'm not your champion," the boy said. He looked at Hook. "Thanks a lot." At this he ran off towards the motorcycle, probably intending to ride off on it broodingly. He really was Regina's son.

Emma chased after him and grabbed his shoulder. "Hey, kid. Let's go home."

Henry shoved his hands in his pockets as he made his way towards the lake to talk to Frog after her twelve-step meeting. The last week had been an emotional rollercoaster of incredible highs and devastating lows. He sat on the bench where he had once met her to eat lunch and to plot parent traps and waited.

"I hear operation charity auction was a success," Frog said, appearing out of nowhere. She was a sorceress, after all, like his mothers, and had a tendency to do that.

"Yeah, it was," Henry looked up at her and felt his heart shatter again. She looked more beautiful than he had ever seen her look. Her once smoky eyes were now cloudy, and brighter and clearer than he had ever seen them—she was sober. "My moms are madly in love. Emma is moving into the mansion with us this week. We're going to be a family."

Frog sat down next to him. "That's good, right?"

"Yeah its… I've never been so happy, but I've never been so sad either," Henry said, staring at the ground. "How's Hook?"

"He's well," Frog said. "We're both doing well. Five days sober and counting."

"You're leaving aren't you? With him?"

Frog sighed and ran her hands through her hair. "Yeah, we are sport. I came to say good-bye. I know you don't get it now, but—

"Don't do that!" Henry said angrily. "Don't treat me like a kid! You never treat me like a kid!"

Frog smiled down at him sadly. "You are a kid. And you're my champion too. What I was going to say was that you may not get it now, but you saved my life. I wouldn't have been able to hold on if it weren't for you. So I have to leave, because I've all ready hurt you, and I'll only be hurting you more by staying."

Henry scowled at the ground again. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going home, to New Orleans. I'm gonna get to know my relatives. The ones that were still alive back when I was around are too old to remember me. But they have children, and grandchildren. That's my legacy. Hook is coming with me. He wants to see the bayou for himself. I won't abandon my community or my family."

"Sure, you'll just abandon me," Henry retorted angrily.

Frog kissed his forehead and he had to fight to not burst into tears. "I'm not abandoning you. If there ever comes a day when you're in trouble and your moms can't help you, I'll be here." She pulled the sleeve of her jacket up and showed him her frog-shaped scar. It had returned to the color of her dark skin. "You see this? I've enchanted it. If you're ever in trouble, it'll turn black and burn, just like it did at the ball, and I'll know, and I'll come back for you. You understand?"

Henry nodded, refusing to look at her. "I'll still send you snapchats all the time, and come back and visit of course. Hell, maybe one day your moms will let you come visit me in New Orleans, right? You would love it. It's the most magical place in the world, much more so than this dump. The reason being, Henry, is that the most powerful magic is in the ordinary things. Or so they say in all those lame, nerd books you read."

She grinned cheekily down at him. "I'm just a regent Princess, champ. I'm not worthy of you. You'll see that soon enough." She stood up and stretched her legs. "Give your mom my love. Tell her I said, from one friend to another, that I forgive her, and that I'm sorry for the things I said and did. Can you do that for me?"

Henry nodded.

Frog ruffled his hair. "I do love you, Henry. I hope you know that."

With that, she disappeared in a puff of purple smoke.

Henry sat still for a while after she left and stared at the pond. Eventually he got up and made his way home to where his mothers—his family—waited for him.