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"Why did this have to happen," Add told himself. He stared through the empty halls of the library. It's been 7 years now since he had fallen and been trapped inside the forsaken library. Add kicked the shelf in pure anger. "I will destroy this place and wreck havoc to that bloody mob who killed my parents and sold me out. I will rip the absolute hell out of them. They will be on their knees, begging for forgiveness!" He smacked the same shelf again. This time, he made a hole inside the shelf. Inside the hole was a book, "Electrical Direction." Add stared at it before laughing maniacally. "At long last, I found it! The final key for my escape from this damned prison." Add took the book from the shelf, and it triggered a mechanism. The shelves around him had fallen down and the library rumbled. "What? The place is collapsing? Really! Of all times now the library starts to collapse. How unfortunate of me, like how my parents were brutally killed in front of me!" Add hurried downstairs, where the pieces of Nasod scraps are. "If I'm going to escape, I better read this book quick before this whole library falls into pieces." Like on cue, the library roof fell off beside him. Add started to giggle. He then started to laugh maniacally. "That's it! That's good. Library, you better fall down on me! I'm waiting for you to crush me into pieces." Add went back to reading his book.

2 hours had passed, and he set the book down. He was ready to start making his invention. "So this goes here, and that goes there.." Add mumbled. "This better work, and if it doesn't, I will tear this thing apart and crush it with my own foot." Once Add set down the last piece, a loud "click" was made. The invention he made, called the "Nasod Dynamo," came to life, and started levitating. "Yes! It f-ck-ng worked. Now I know this works, I can finally get out and crush this library to pieces!" Add grinned ear to ear. He tried using his Nasod Dynamo, but he failed. "Tsk. Really now?! I worked so hard for this, and this happens? B-llsh-t." He threw the Nasod Dynamo onto the floor out of dismay. "Wait… what if I make more." Add went back to work. He made more Nasod Dynamos, testing them every time he finishes one. "This is the sixth one. This better work or this damned library will fall on me." He jumped and three Nasod Dynamos instantly made an electrical field beneath him, supporting his weight. He smiled wickedly and started to laugh again. He looked up and launched himself upwards. "Particle Accel!" As he said the phrase, electrical energy charged up around him. He threw his fist forwards and a heavy blast of energy fired in front of him, crushing the roof of the library. He had gotten out before the library collapsed in front of his very eyes. He landed on the floor beside the hole he made. He looked down at his clothes, and noticed they were dirty. "Oh for El's sake, this would take forever to clean them off. Ugh!" He destroyed the ground around him in frustration. "Hey is this the place?" "Yeah I think it is. This is where the El is hidden huh? Not for long!" Add looked at the direction of the voice. "Huh. There's someone here." He stayed low and followed the noise.

Sorry for the short chapter. This is just basically the introduction of the story. The remaining chapters will be long I assure you :)