"Haley will you take your training seriously" said Lau Shi.
"But Gramper I've been taking my training seriously for the last few years" replied Haley.
"As the American dragon Haley you must be ready for anything and training helps prepare us for any kind of threat" spoke Gramps.
"You know you weren't supposed to be the American dragon Haley your older brother was to be the American dragon but the hunts clan kidnapped him" said Gramps.

"Hunts girl Hunts Boy" spoke the Huntsmen.
"Yes" they both replied together.
"I want you two to blend in with the public gain there trust tomorrow you two shall begin school". "Yes Master" they both replied.

"This is going to be an interesting year" said Jake with a smile.
"that it is Brother" said Rose they had both been in the hunts clan since birth their parents having died in a car crash and since they were already marked for the clan they took them in. However they weren't real siblings despite growing up together over time they came to consider each other as brother and sister.

"Oy out of the way loser" yelled Brad as he went to push Jake. he caught his hand and twisted it breaking his arm as he slammed him into the locker by the throat. Jake's eye's glowered with a fiery hatred
"threaten me again and you'll regret it" said Jake Brad nodded, as he was too scared to speak. "see that pretty girl over there her name's Rose she's my sister you so much as hurt her and your dead" Brad nodded again, "good" said Jake knowing he had got his point cross as he let go of Brad who immediately began gasping for air.

Trixie and Spud walked through the school doors in time to see Jake threatening Brad
"hey new kid" Jake clenched his fist as he turned around expecting to find another bully.
"We saw what you did to Brad" spoke Trixie.
"Am I going to have to threaten you to?" he asked.
"Wall slow down dude no one likes Brad anyway" answered Spud.
"Yeah we were just wondering if you won't to chill later?" asked Trixie.
"Sure" said Jake "right now I need to get to class" he said as the bell rang for class.

Later in the cafeteria Jake sat down with his new friends
"hey Jake mind if I join you" said Rose.
"Sure Sister" as he moved over for her.
"Who is this girl Jake and how do I not know her" asked Spud.
"This is my sister Rose" answered Jake as he introduced her to Trixie and Spud.
"Looks like you're making friends" said Rose. "Our uncle just called he wants us to attend a meeting straight after school" she whispered when Trixie and Spud weren't looking. Just then the bell rang
"better get to class" said Jake.
"What do you have?" asked Spud.
"Myology" answered Jake and Rose
"cya there" said Spud and Trixie as they left the cafeteria. this class was going to be so easy thought Jake not realizing how wrong Rot wood's facts would be.

"Hey Jake do you skateboard?" asked Spud as they left school.
"I love to skateboard" answered Jake. Rose smiled at this as she recalled the memories of Jake skateboarding around the hunts lair, and when there Master caught him he was punished harshly he still did it regally. However he was very cautions when he did and hadn't been caught since.

Jake put on his hunts gear grabbed his Katana. Unlike most of his clan he preferred a sorwd and was the best swordsmen in the hunts clan. It was rumoured among the younger recruits that he could even cut fire Jake wished, but he knew he couldn't. "Jake you ready?" asked Rose.
"Yes" replied Jake as he opened his door to see Hunts Girl.

"So what we doing?" asked Jake as they raced through the city. Rose smiled the one thing her brother was horrible at was listening. "Were to run though the city in area's the American Dragon has been seen regally" answered Rose Jake smiled at the plan as he savoured the moment to kill his first dragon.

"Oy we have trouble" yelled Fu.
"Dragon up" said Haley.
"It's the hunts clan there about two blocks from here" said Fu.
"It is unlikely that this is a coincidence" spoke Lau Shi.
"Let's go put some smack down on them" said Haley.
"No" yelled Lau Shi "it is quite possible that this is a trap to draw us out Fu keep watching them if they attack any Magical creatures let us know" continued Lau Shi.
"Gocth ya" said Fu as he observed them though the magical device.

Jake shook his head. "What is it?" asked Rose.
"The elder dragon his quite wise" answered Jake.
"So" snapped Rose.
"chances are he's not going to let his student come to fight us all show up himself but if we attacked some magical creatures I bet you they'll come running" It was worth a shot thought Rose. "There attacking some trolls that just came from the sewers" yelled Fu. Lau Shi and Haley dragooned up and flew off towards them.

"Dragons" yelled Jake Rose as they let the trolls run off.
Jake leapt up at the American dragon bring his sorwd up to take her head off Haley responded with a blast of fire. Jake had no choice but to activate his Jet pack. Since he was a swordsmen he would have to get close it would do no good to have a dragon blow fire at him from above. as he turned his pack off landing on the building on the side of the alley, as he parried a blow from Haley's claw. "Jake" Rose screamed. He turned to see that Rose had been cornered and was being overpowered. By the Elder dragon he turned and ran knowing he could not get to Rose and once she was down he would be left facing two dragons and would be quickly overpowered.

Jake watched as the two dragons carried Rose away. Unknown to either of them he had placed a tracker on the American dragon, and was now following them, as they arrived at the electronics shop. They dragooned down and he saw their human identifies a young Girl probably just finishing primary school. Now he had an advantage as he sat and waited patiently for her to leave alone.

It was nearly midnight when Haley left the shop. Unaware of Jake following her from the roofs as he watched her turn down a driveway, and snuck into the house this must be where she lived thought Jake. He waited a few hours before sneaking in himself, as he crept up to her bedroom he had watched her turn the light on in this room as he gave her a soft blow to her left ear not enough to kill her. But one that would leave her unconscious for a few hours as he slipped a note into her parents room.

Jonathan woke to Susan's scream. "What's wrong" he asked Susan. Pointed to the letter she had just finished reading.
Dear parents. I have kidnapped your daughter and if my turns aren't met you will never see he again. Take this letter to her grandfather the one that owns the electronic shop. He is holding a friend of mine captive, and I offer a trade your daughter for her. Your father will know what I mean, and just so you know I'm not kidding. I cut her finger and let her bleed a little on her bed. Remember Her for your Daughter.
Jonathan Gasped

"We are going straight to your father's to sort this out" spoke Jonathan.
"I think it's best if I talk to him alone" replied Susan.
"If that's what you think" said Jonathan. As Susan took the letter and left for her dads.
"You do have her don't you daddy?" asked Susan.
"yes" answered Lau Shi "the problem is can we trust this hunts boy to deliver Haley to us?" questioned Lau Shi.
"oh you can trust me" spoke Hunts boy Lau Shi was shocked this boy had snuck in without him noticing. Jake hold up a tracker "I've left Haley in a safe place for now however in about an Hours' time that will all change as a train will run her over, and as she's tied to tracks with sphinx hair here's her tracker it will take you about fifty minute's to get there" said Hunts boy.
"and while we're doing that you will spring Hunts girl" spoke Fu
"oh and there isn't enough time to fight me and rescue the American dragon" spoke Hunts boy as he gave them the tracker Lau Shi transformed taking Fu and Susan with him.

Jake rushed down to the cellar where Rose was being kept
"Jake" called Rose as he sure him enter
"stand still" said Jake as he drew his sorwd slashing though the chains to Jake there was nothing he couldn't cut. Rose pulled him into a hug before she collapsed unconscious.