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AAAN: This is how my summer break really went.

Fiction Title: A Vacation Riza Would Never Regret

Chapter 1: Paperwork Worth Doing

"Yes, finally!" Colonel Roy Mustang cried out as he slammed the last piece of paperwork down on its respective stack. "That... That thing is actually done!"

Riza sighed at her commanding officer's stupidity and continued working on her own paperwork.

Suddenly the office door bolted open with Havoc carrying a manila envelope on his arms and a huge grin plastered on his face. All the other men in the office beamed as they stared at Havoc, waiting for his announcement. Riza quirked up an eyebrow as she tries to figure out what's wrong or what's right.

"So, it finally came?" Asked Breda, a smirk creeping up his face.

"Yeah! Here it is." Havoc set down the envelope on Roy's desk and he impatiently ripped them out to get its contents.

"What does it say, chief?"

Riza paused from her work and looked up at them. Roy had a huge grin on his face it was almost scary.

"PERMISSION GRANTED!" Roy declared gracefully, causing everyone to burst out in cheers.

"Wait, hold on, sir. What is that exactly?" Riza asked him.

"This is, lieutenant, a proof of freedom."

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Just please tell me what you all are excited about."

"We're going on a vacation for a week at the beach!" He answered, and the men yipped once again.

"So that was that for. When it comes to Request For Leave papers, you always sign them immediately. It would be good if you do the same to your real work."

"Aww, come on. This is paperwork worth doing. Right, men?" Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Riza picked up her pen once again and continued signing. "Well, have fun on your vacation."

"'your vacation'? Lieutenant, you're coming with us!" Havoc told her.

Her eyes widened. "What? I did not sign any... Wait a minute... Did you just..." She glared at Roy who was fidgeting on his seat.

"I told you, it's paperwork worth doing." Roy explained. "Lieutenant, you need a vacation. Every time we ask you to spend our break times together, you always refuse. We just wanted to be with you on a vacation at least once, so we did your request for leave without telling you."

Riza's eyes softened as she scanned all of their faces. They all seemed to be upset about all her refusals and she felt guilty.

"Lieutenant, it will be fun. Trust me." Fuery assured her.

"Alright," The men cheered but she cut them off quickly. "But, I honestly have never been to a beach before. Let alone know how it looks like." She and her father had a very twisted relationship, and her father had never allotted even a single quality time for her unlike every other fathers.

"It's alright, lieutenant. We'll make you see what you've been missing." Breda smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Fine. But I'll bring Hayate with me."

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