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Fiction Title: A Vacation Riza Would Never Regret

Chapter 17: Playing With Song Titles

Day 4 continuation

It rained in the afternoon, just like Breda said. But before it started to rain, they were all dressed up and arrived at the resort's bar. The entire flat was surprisingly large. Several customer tables were everywhere, a drinks counter was placed on the right side of the room. Various kinds of wine bottles were arrayed behind the counter and a bartender was wiping up his station. A wide dance floor was located at the very middle of the room. A disco ball was also spinning on the ceiling, sending spots of light illuminating the dance floor. In front of the dance floor was the DJ's station. Singing stations were located at the other side of the dance floor. An almost loud upbeat music was being sounded at the background, giving life to the whole place.

"Aw yeah, this is going to be really fun." Havoc nodded with a pleased smirk plastered on his face. Everyone, except Riza, followed suit. Riza merely smiled at the place. She wasn't really fond of these kinds of places. She would prefer where there's more peace.

A waiter escorted them to the table of their choice, since they're the only ones in the entire resort. As soon as they lounged on the comfy red velvet seats, Havoc heaved a relaxed sigh and put his arm around Rebecca's shoulder, pulling her to him.

"So, what do you dudes wanna do first?" He asked the group.

"Do whatever you want, Havoc. You suggested all of this in the first place." Roy answered him, also throwing his arm around Riza and resting his cheek on top of her blonde head. Riza just sighed and let him do those actions for 3 reasons: 1) Fraternization laws are gone. 2) They're the only ones there anyway. 3) She and Roy are actually a couple, and frankly she just wants him to do it.

The waiter returned with a whole tray of glasses of water.

"Alright, whatever you say." Havoc replied. "Waiter, serve us your drink with a low alcohol content. We'll order the highest ones for later." The waiter nodded and moved away to get the order.

"I suggest, we play a game for teenagers. Talk about feeling young and wild and free!" He added.

"You're old enough to have a family of your own, yet you still try to act like a bloody teenager." Rebecca rolled her eyes.

"Fuery's in kindergarten." Breda joked. Everyone chuckled as Fuery pouted and denied him.

"Hey! I'm a young adult!" Fuery argued.

"Maybe too young." Falman teased, and everyone chuckled again.

"Then what is this game you're thinking of?" Roy asked, suddenly pressing a feather-like kiss on Riza's head.

The waiter returned with the orders, and set them on the table, then left.

Havoc puckered his lips to the side and scratched his chin. "Well, when I was still on my teens, my brothers and sisters would take me drinking with them and we'd play this game. But we'll play that later instead, when we order the tough drinks. I actually love playing this game, this other one..."

"Just go on with it," Riza snapped impatiently.

"We played with song titles!" Havoc answered very quickly.

"All right, sounds fun. How do you play that?" Rebecca asked.

"Someone will make a statement and you'll only answer with song titles. Other games use movie titles but I prefer this one better. There are more options. For example, I say, 'Describe girls.' then you'll think of a song title that you think would describe girls. Let's say my answer is 'Angels,'." He chuckled loudly.

"What an answer, Havoc." Breda chuckled.

"Whatever. Are you game?" He asked the group.

"It's lame but okay." Riza answered monotonously.

Rebecca laughed at her best friend's reaction. "Riza, don't worry, it sounds fun. You can make fun of the answers and stuff like that."

"Answer whatever you can. No one wins. It's just purely fun and games. How about we start the topic with Riza?" Havoc suggested.

"Go. Start." Roy smirked, earning a nudge on the side from Riza.

"Hmm.. Use song titles to describe Riza."

"Addicted To Me," Roy answered immediately, whereas everyone except Riza guffawed at his arrogant answer.

Riza flexed her head to the side to glare at Roy. "Seriously? So much for being the humble one in the group."

"What, isn't it true?" He asked her.

"There is a fine line between love and obsession. And 'addicted' is another word for obsessed. Stupid."

"Oh come on, be a good sport, love," Roy smiled and sweetly cuddled Riza closer to his body, and Riza shoving him off of her but only to fail. Roy hugged her to him even more.

"Okay, anybody else would like to answer 'describe Riza'?" Havoc asked.

Riza groaned loudly and face palmed herself. "Twenty seconds in, and I already hate this game."

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'Angels', by David A. (or various)

'Addicted To Me', by Click Five. (or various)

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