AN: Hello all, this is my first attempt at a BSG SGC crossover. This is an alternate future post season 10 of the Stargate Universe. SG-1 and Atlantis happened more or less the same but since I never watched SGU I'm not including it in my story. There's been relative peace in the Galaxies for a while but now things are going to change and the Colonies are the spark. Enjoy this into and I'm working on the next chapter already hopefully it will be out soon.

Chapter 1

Hyperspace, T.S.F. Defiant Warrior

Date: April 3rd 2045

Colonel/Captain Richards stared out of the Defiant Warrior's bridge window at the swirling green white vortex of hyperspace enraptured as always by the beauty of hyperspace travel that allowed the people of earth to travel across the Milky Way galaxy and even to neighboring Galaxies like Pegasus and Ida. To think just over three decades ago the people of Earth had no idea of their place in the greater galaxy. He remembered the day clearly himself when the major nations of the then secret Stargate program had come forth with the truth.

With the end of the end of the Ori threat, the Lucian Alliance following the Goa'uld into exile in the far corners of the galaxy and the Wraith suffering from a massive civil war off in Pegasus the North American, British, French, Chinese and Russian governments decided enough was enough. Figuring that the truth of the program and the universe would come out eventually the leaders of the Stargate program announced the truth of the Stargate and its operations to the United Nations and the world. Knowing that the truth could quite possibly bring about World War Three the five major governments made a decision that would change the world forever.

All five countries announced the complete disarmament of their armed forces and the creation of a single major military power. It was madness, insane and almost everyone said it would never work. But it was no longer about individual countries, while the armed forces fused into one the countries stayed more or less the same. Most people wondered what the point of armed unification was until the sudden influx of advanced technology started to flood the Earth's flagging economy. Maybe it was the promise of aliens on other worlds, or powerful spaceships enough to satisfy any sci-fi fan but public opinion quickly shifted from hurt about the truth being kept from them to wonder at the new world open to them.

One by one every major country gave up their forces for access to advanced technology, the cry of the public embroiled by the idea that if there was only one military force on the planet then there would be no wars, at least between the peoples of Earth and with only one armed force places like the middle east and North Korea buckled under the pressure and conformed and the Tau'ri Homeworld Defense or THD was able to go in and finally settle the regions. The THD was controlled by a consul independent of the civilian governments to prevent bias, but with nationalities blended beyond recognition there were Chinese patrolling the American coast and Russians in Australia and British in Brazil and any other combination you could think of.

The lines between countries began to blur as with nearly unlimited resources a single government was created to represent the Earth, they had no control over the independent countries but complete control over the Stargate and off world activities and the advanced technology gained from it, and they called it the United Tau'ri Federation. Now a day there was a pretty even balance between the Federation and the original governments, though the original governments did little but make sure their individual countries didn't suddenly vanish for some strange inter-dimensional reason which was actually a real possibility with the Stargate involved.

Naturally there were some problems with some previously powerful people getting their feet stepped on and suddenly finding themselves less powerful but the sudden uniting of the Earth's civilians meant that it would be political and maybe even real suicide to try and stop the progress. To be fair to all the T.H.D. and the Stargate were both moved to the moon where first a massive base and facility was constructed, followed by the first ever lunar city called Armstrong city holding just over 200 million people. Two more cities, Newton and Einstein City were nearing completion and were even bigger than Armstrong City but that was just in the Sol system as three new planets each within a few lightyears of Earth became the Tau'ri Federation's first colonies, each currently held 400 million souls and growing with the Federations current baby boom. Naquadah reactors replaced nuclear ones providing more power than most people knew what to do with and retrofitted Asgard terraforming platforms were constructed to remove pollutions from the air of the Earth preserving the environment.

Trash, chemicals and old abandoned cities disappeared over the course of several years under the touch of several ship mounted Asgard style beam transporters. A discovery by Samantha Carter combined the Asgard beaming technology with their synthesizer technology to create a whole new construction method. The idea was to use the beams to store physical matter in digital space, then using a program written by Samantha Carter in the Asgard core the stored matter was deconstructed down to the molecular level and then using the synthesizer reconstructed into a new form. They could literally make whatever they wanted including Naquadah or Trinium however they could not yet construct Naquadria or Neutronium as those were very unstable, but pretty much any other element was fine.

The Asgard had tried something similar but instead tried to turn power form their reactors directly into matter, the idea worked but it was too power intensive with little material as a result so they fell back on nanite construction for their ships. Colonel Richards smiled as he looked around his bridge at the collection of different ethnic groups that made up his bridge officers, he couldn't help but compare it to the old Star Trek TV show. "Lieutenant Brigs give me a status report on the Warrior, top to bottom if you would," he asked the British officer and his second in command.

"Ai sir," the Lieutenant responded smiling. He was slightly younger than the Captain but no less eager to be on the ship. "Hyperdrive is functioning at 100%, Shields at 100% and Sublight and 100%. We are about ten minutes from the target point sir." Richards nodded and motioned for him to continue, "These retrofitted Prometheus classes may be the smallest in the fleet sure but she is a real beauty. 28 40mm rail cannons with Naquadah potassium rounds for point defense, 12 Variable Tactical Payload (VTP) vertical launch tubes, 2 50cm Asgard Plasma Beam Cannons, 1 ICBM/Antiship missile launcher and the big gun."

Brigs paused for a moment as all eyes turned to the main weapon of the ship visible from the control tower. It looked somewhat similar to the old style antiship cannons on battleships but much more advanced. The rectangular single barrel stretched out almost to the end of the ship was mounted on a rotating platform and had a flared barrel. "The 250cm Valiant Railgun, she only has the low firing mode of 0.01C light speed but that depleted Naquadah Trinium tipped round will ruin anyone's day. She's got the same armor as the rest of the fleet Naquadah/Trinium/Carbon mix though a bit thinner seeing as the Mk2 class is a stealth frigate but with the shields it's no problem. For our fighters we have 20 F-502 Falcons for fighters 3 GS-604 Dervishes for gunboat/troop-transports, 1 T-104 hornet shuttlecraft and 1 MS-401 Crusader, thank god they made the hangers larger."

"Yes, otherwise that monstrosity would never have been able to stand up. Mobile Suits, I still can't believe they actually built the things, feels like a kids cartoon or something." Richards grumbled slightly, the Crusader was indeed a Mobile Suit built using Asgard technology and human ingenuity most people laughed when the prototype came out, but were quickly put in their places when the MS outflew the Falcons like they were toys. They ended up dominating in space and on the ground, and quite honestly the civilians seemed to love them. They were only 3 years old but they were already proving their worth on battlefields all across the Milky Way much to the ire of the Falcon Aces. "But enough of that," Richards huffed, "remind me again why we are heading to the ass end of the galaxy to do our shakedown run Brigs."

"As you know sir this quadrant of the Milky Way is unmapped as far as we know, story from the Jaffa is that a few thousand years ago a series of supernovas occurred all about the same time and set off several Naquadah rich planets multiplying the explosive force. Now a nebula covers a very large area at the end of our galaxies stellar arm that disrupts subspace signals in or out, a few gate addresses still exist to planets that once existed in that space but none connect. So it's assumed that there are no gates, no Naquadah and quite possibly no habitable planets."

"Sounds like a vacation. Well with any luck it should be a relatively quiet first voyage. Helm how long till we exit hyperspace?" In answer to his question the helms man brought the holographic screen in the air for the Colonel to see. The holographic interfaces having replaced the old style screens and computers and a large 3-D space map floated behind him with tactical. Richards watched as the timer counted down to zero and with a whoosh and a flash of light the Defiant Warrior flew out the hyperspace window and right into the face of a giant warship. Alarms instantly blared as they soared towards the head of the large ship from less than three kilometers away. "Break left and high maximum thrust, shields to full all hands brace for impact," Richards shouted in alarm as his crew reacted rapidly.

The Defiant Warrior's thrusters surged as she twisted and rose desperately trying to avoid crashing into the unknown ship that their sensors had not warned them about for some reason. The thing that saved them from a direct collision however was the lack of any form of shielding on the massive ship that Richards had been expecting, the Asgard shields powered by the Defiant Warrior's single Neutrino Ion Reactor were among the most powerful in existence, but no matter the power and design at 195 meters long 80 wide and 65 tall the Defiant Warrior was not a big ship by any means and the ship ahead of them was at minimum a dozen times the size and a hundred times the mass.

If the ship had had shields of any sort of power with the Defiant Warrior traveling at exit hyperspace speeds the results would not have been pretty for either side. Without shields though the Tau'ri ship had enough room to pull itself up and over the alien ship though their ventricle shields scraped a long scratch along the hull but not causing more than superficial cosmetic damage. "Colonel! More contacts, dozens of them. Small and all around us, looks like fighters of some kind."

Richards cursed as the ship juked and dodged to the best of its ability, the fighters were very agile he noted and scattered out of the way of the Warrior as it plowed through their formations. Finally their ship burst through the fighter formations into open space and moved to put some distance between them and the unknowns. "Sit-Rep now people I want to know why in God's name we didn't detect that ship before exiting hyperspace!"

"Sir!," Brigs shouted working at his console, "It looks like an energy wave from the nebula skipped our exit point about a hundred light years farther inside the nebula than we had intended the Asgard core has already scanned the event and compensated for the energy disturbance so it shouldn't happen again. As for the ship I can't detect any traces of Naquadah in the hull or in the ships reactor, same for the fighters. Also I'm not picking any subspace chatter, not a peep though there seems to be a lot of low level radio chatter flying around out there and it's even less advanced than my nephew's walky-talky."

There were a lot of contradictions going on here and Richards didn't like it one bit, very few ships of any kind reached the size of the one in front of him, it was just over 1,400 meters long about the same length of a Incarnate class Dreadnaught the largest class of ship in the TSF's arsenal. It sort of looked like an alligator with a curved head attached to the main body and six large main engines on the rear that looked like they used honest to god fuel for thrust, then there was two large hangers on either side of the vessel where even more dart shaped fighters were launching. It looked powerful but even cursory scans showed several disturbing things.

The first was that the ship was old, at least a few decades and had the wear and tear to prove it. Along with what looked like patched up battle scars and several sections of armor missing revealing the skeletal ribs underneath. There were at least a few hundred point defense flak guns all over the hull and almost a dozen large duel cannon turrets along the spine and several large missile tubes along the sides of the head. But unless they were hiding their ships power output he would be willing to bet that the combined firepower couldn't touch his ships shields.

"Whoever they are we should probably give them a call and apologize for scratching their paint. Hopefully we can calm them down before this comes to shooting at each other, it kind of looks like we spooked them a little." Richard noted that the dart like fighters were forming up in a defensive position around their ship, the behemoth in question was tilting on its side so that its spine mounted cannons could turn towards them, one by one they locked on but there was no sign that they were going to fire right away. It was a warning, and a defensive tactic.

"Colonel I've managed to tap into their open coms but I can't understand their language," Brigs said, "hold on. Asgard core has a partial match to….Ancient Greek? That's strange; hold on the core is giving me a 97.625% match to Ancient Greek give or take 1500 to 2500 years of isolated development." Seeing his commander's confused look he explained, "Languages change all the time sir, these people are speaking Ancient Greek but with a few thousand years of changes added in. The core will take a few minutes to formulate a translation matrix; until it's ready we could try sending the first contact package."

Richard nodded in understanding, "good idea Brigs. Send the package across their coms in all known languages; let's see if they understand any of them. While we do that put all the weapons on standby and keep the shield charged, have all the pilots board the Falcons and have Marks get his Crusader ready. Also can you translate the writing on the pod there, it's probably the name of that ship." Brigs ran the strange letters through the Asgard core and after a few seconds it came back with an answer, the ship was called GALACTICA.

Battlestar Galactica, Cyrannus System, 1 Year before planned Cylon Attack

Sasha Adama, youngest child and only daughter of William Adama hopped out of her Viper Mk. VII noting her callsign 'Aphrodite' written on the side as she made her way out of the hanger and to the CIC. At 24 years of age she was one of the younger Viper pilots in the fleet with the Galactica being her first commission at her own insistence, she wanted to serve under her father at least once before he retired and the Galactica was decommissioned. As she made her way through the ships old halls she noted the eyes of the men around her following and sighed. Her father always told her that she was the spitting image of her great grandmother, her father's grandmother, in her prime.

At 15 her mother had suggested that she try modeling and she had agreed. While she didn't regret modeling as it had paid for her schooling and all that it made being in the military now a little difficult. Her hair was a long dark ebony reaching all the way down her back when she let it down and her eyes were a dark sapphire blue that drew a lot of attention, that and she was sure the tailors had given her a flight suit at least a size too small feeling tight across the chest and hips. On one hand the Galactica crew had a large amount of respect for her father which reflected on her somewhat in how she was treated, on the other hand she had stumbled across more than one large size poster or magazine with her in it ranging from lingerie to swimsuits to partial nudity, and even one of her posing a sexy viper pilot suit which probably explained her real viper suits size.

She had done the modeling all the way up until she was 22 and then joined the military, by that time she had gotten quite famous much to her brothers and fathers ire. Her oldest brother Lee was also a viper pilot while Zak who had been scrubbed from Viper school worked as a ship designer for the fleets new warships. Surprisingly the woman who had washed him out was now his wife, Kara Adama nee Thrace codename Starbuck had failed him from Viper school and caused some strife in their relationship, but they had gotten over it a moved on with Zak admitting that he was not really cut out for a Viper.

Out of the three of them she turned out to be the best pilot, inheriting all of her father impressive Viper skills and them some which was what catapulted her through the academy and onto the Galactica with the intent that once the Galactica was converted into a museum and her father retired she would be transferred to another more important section of the fleet. Arriving in the CIC she noted the relaxed atmosphere of the main control room that still kept up to fleet standards, fact was that while they kept things running the ship only did patrols now between the colonies and the edge of Zeus's cloud located on the opposite side of the colonies from the armistice line and Cylon territory.

There was about 100 light years between the colonies and the cloud line but no colonial ship had ever gone within 50 light years of the cloud line, at least not on official record, there were plenty of conspiracy theorists who claimed otherwise. Legend was that all that was within Zeus's cloud was protected by the gods and was the domain of their children humanity but that leaving the safety of the cloud would deny them the gods protection. Her father looked up from the consul in front of him as she entered and smiled a small private smile at her appearance. Snapping a smart salute she greeted him, "Lieutenant Adama reporting sir!"

"At ease Lieutenant," he said in a gruff voice but his eyes said everything he couldn't on the bridge full of his crew. "Anything to report from your CAP flight?"

"Negative sir, same as every other flight for the past week. No pirates, no drug runners or slavers or even damsels in distress to save. Is it any wonder President Adar keeps cutting the military's budget?" She said in as serious voice as she could muster though some sarcasm slipped through and a few bridge members chuckled behind their hands. Her dad restrained a smile as well, though he was really glad that his daughter was on his ship allowing them to spend time together he was torn between being glad nothing was happening on the Galactica and sad that because the Galactica did nothing the government decided to turn her into a museum, it was enough to make him sick though he consent that it was better than having her dumped in the Scorpio junk/ghost yards.

"Good, good. Your shift should be over now if I remember right," at her nod he continued, "that's good, go get some rack time and come visit me in a few hours and we can talk some. Sound good?" Adama smiled a satisfied smile we she nodded in agreement, though he felt a little annoyed when he saw Lieutenant Gaeta sneaking peeks at Sasha's rear in her flight suit; he shot the man a quick stern look when Sasha was not looking and the young navigator blanched and hurriedly went back to work. He nodded and was about to turn back to his daughter, the bridge crew purposely ignoring the father daughter pair allowing them some semblance of privacy when the DRADIS started screaming loudly startling everyone present.

"Contact! Four kilometers directly in front of us. Their on a collision course!" Lieutenant Gaeta shouted. Adama started to yell for everyone to brace for impact but never got the chance as the whole ship rocked slightly from the impact and a horrible scraping noise reverberated through the ship's hull. The damage alarms started blaring along with the Dradis as the aged Battlestar commander righted himself and his daughter and sprang into action shouting for a report.

"Commander, minimal damage to the forward hull no breach. A few reports are coming in about injuries in the forward sections under the impact point but no deaths reported so far. All Vipers reporting in as well, the unknown has stopped moving approximately 15 kilometers off our port bow."

"Set condition one throughout the ship, launch the emergency Vipers and form a perimeter between us and them. Get me Starbuck on the horn and get ready for anything." Gaeta nodded and pulled up Starbuck on the comm. "Starbuck what's going on out there, what can you see?"

"The Frack if I know pops, Gods damn ship came out some sort of swirling green white vortex or something. Moving so fast it was blurry, doesn't look like any kind of ship I have ever seen and before you ask no it does not look like a Cylon craft. Either an old war type or any hypothetical types the egg heads thought they might develop. That and if I missed my guess on the direction it came from, it came from Zeus's cloud sir." Silence drifted over the coms as that piece of information sank in but Kara wasn't done, "It's definitely a warship of some kind sir it's got turrets and missile pods and one really big fraken gun on the top. Also it has some kind of energy shield around it."

"Repeat that last bit Starbuck, did you just say that ship has energy shields?" Adama's incredulity at the notion could clearly be heard by everyone. After all stuff like ship shields was the realm of science fiction not real life.

"Confirmed sir, this ship didn't hit the Galactica. It pulled up as soon as it exited the swirling portal that must be its FTL but came really close to hitting. The shield seems to be invisible until something hits them because as soon as they touched the Galactica it glowed bright white at the contact point then faded away after a few seconds when they flew away."

"Mr. Gaeta can you get any reading of the unknown ship," Adama asked after several other Viper pilots confirmed what Kara had seen. He had to accept what she was saying as fact, at least for the moment. "Get me a passive lock on that ship but for Gods sake no one shoot until we know what we are dealing with here."

"Commander the sensors are going crazy just trying to look at that ship," Gaeta said looking more than a little frantic, "I can't even make heads or tails of most of the information I'm getting here. But if these reading are even close to accurate sir that unknown ship is putting out…more than one hundred times the power of the Galactica sir."

"Frak me," murmured Saul Tigh speaking for the first time since rushing onto the CIC a few moments ago. Adama felt his hands clench hard a Lieutenant Gaeta's report. He wasn't an overly religious man but he felt a shiver run up his spine, his senses screaming at him that this was something big was happening as his daughter looked at him with a worried look.

"Commander," yelled his com officer drawing everyone's attention, "I'm receiving a transmission from the unknown ship across all com channels but its..…I don't understand it sir."

"Put it on over the speaker," Adama ordered and suddenly the speakers were filled with a strange language that none of them understood. The com officer switched to another channel and then another and different languages came on over the speaker but none of them were known to them. It was then that he realized what was going on, "It's a first contact message, their looking for a language we might understand."

"Shouldn't we respond," Sasha asked her previous worry tinged with a bit or curiosity and wonder, "this could be the biggest thing to happen to the 12 colonies every if they really are, you know." Nodding Adama picked up the corded phone in front of him and motioned for the com officer to connect him to the unknown ship.

"This is Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica, member of the Colonial fleet. Protectors of the 12 Colonies of Kobol, you have entered our space and are currently violating our territory. If you can understand me identify yourself and your intentions at once." As he clicked the com of to allow them to respond all transmissions ceased from the unknown ship for several seconds. Just as he was beginning to think that they hadn't heard him another message came through. It was scratchy and sporadic; varying between gibberish and a few words he could vaguely get the gist of. The message repeated three more times, each time getting a little clearer and understandable and he felt awe pass through him as he realized what was happening. "Their learning our language," he said to the stunned silence of the CIC, then the message played one last time in perfectly understandable if a little formal Caprican standard.

"This is Colonel Richard of the T.S.F. Defiant Warrior of the Tau'ri Federation. We are on a mission of peaceful exploration and we mean neither you nor your people any harm. We apologize for entering your space without permission, our Hyperdrive overcharged when we passed into this nebula and kicked us out much father inside it than we intended. Though I must say it is a pleasant surprise to find you here, we did not believe there was anyone living inside the nebula and no one travels to this part of the galaxy which is why we were here to map it. If you are agreeable we can send over a ship and speak in person."

Adama felt his head spinning and the implications, he was really impressed with the way the man spoke. He sounded just like a human, "that would be welcome, however I do not know if you will be able to exist in our environment. Not to mention any diseases that could go either way, assuming that you are really extraterrestrial."

Colonel Richard chuckled over the com and responded, "there's no need to worry about your environment Commander Adama, were human just the same as you are. I'm guessing you've never encountered another space faring race before now and we have environment suits to protect us until we can confirm that there are no diseases deadly to either of our people."

"You're human," Adama asked even more surprised. He had been sure that they were aliens of some kind; their technology from what their sensors were telling them was probably centuries more advanced than their own. There was only one other explanation that came to mind, "then you're from the 13th tribe, from Earth?"

"So you have heard of us," Richard said sounding surprised and pleased, "yes we are from a planet that we call Earth but I've never heard it called the 13th tribe before. Maybe we can save the rest of the explanation till we can speak face to face, I'm sure there is a lot we can teach each other. Though the details will probably be left up to the politicians."

"Yes," said Adama sounding nearly overwhelmed his head spinning. "That would work. We can be ready for you in 30 minutes and have a Viper escort ready to guide you in."

"Excellent," Richards exclaimed, "we will be ready to send over a delegation at that time. Richards out." The com clicked off leaving a stunned and reeling Galactica crew to ponder the cheery and peaceful first contact they had just had. Adama especially was thinking a hundred miles a minute, it was obvious to him that this Colonel Richards was used to these kinds of situations, and his jab at them never encountering other space faring races meant that there actually were other space faring races out there. He didn't know how many but he suddenly felt like the weight of all twelve colonies had just been set on his shoulders. Their world had suddenly gotten a whole lot bigger.

"Dee," he called to his com officer, "I want this ship in shape before our guests arrive, everyone to their stations in dress uniform on the double and I want a raptor with all our com records and data on that ship on its way back to the colonies five minutes ago. Give them code homecoming that should get fleet headquarters out here on the double. At the same time I want you to single every colonial military ship you can reach to meet us here on the double understood." There was a shout of yes sirs as everyone rushed to their stations and Dee started shouting orders into her com.

"Order our vipers back into formation and stand down the weapons," he ordered the rest of the crew as he started to walk off the bridge to go change. "Sasha go get changed you're going to stand ceremony with me on the flight deck." Sasha nodded and broke off towards her quarters while Adama headed towards his praying for the first time in a long time that things would go well for the colonies.

Space 100,000 Kilometers from Galactica and Defiant Warrior

A single old pre Cylon war style Raptor floated in the void, it was painted pitch black with silver trimmings. It had no weapons to speak of but it did poses a large circular DRADIS dish mounted on the top of the Raptor. It had arrived moments ago and scanned the Galactica as it had done for the last six months, why was it scanning the Galactica for such a long time you may ask. Well the reason was simple and explained perfectly by the symbol of a hand holding a lightning bolt over a planet on the sides of the Raptor.

It was a pirate Raptor belonging to the Space Pirate group known as Zeus's Wrath and their goal the capture of the Galactica and to add it to their growing fleet of stolen ships. They had been watching the Galactica for months, learning its movements and patterns and now they were ready to strike while the Galactica was alone. But as the Raptor could now see, the Galactica was no longer alone. The crew tried to scan the unknown ship but they were so far away and their DRADIS was old, not to mention that the ship was so small that it must be a civilian craft.

The Raptor scout crew in agreement they spooled up their jump drive before jumping back to the main fleet which was on standby a light year and a half away. After sending their findings back to their leaders they too decided that they should go forward with the Galactica's capture and that they could capture the civilian ship as well, the civilians would make good bargaining tools. With that decided the pirate fleet took a little more time to make sure everyone was in place for the assault and then jumped.

Defiant Warrior and Galactica

Richards boarded the T-104 Hornet and sat in the transports rear with the half dozen Marines that were going as his escort leaving Brigs in charge of the Defiant Warrior while he was gone. His hands ran over his uniform trying to smooth out creases that just weren't there. The T.S.F. uniform was much different form the old American flight suits once used. Made from a single piece of Trinium laced nano weave fiber similar but much stronger than old Kevlar the uniform like his crew reminded him somewhat of Star Trek. Skin tight and black all over with silver on the shoulders, arms, thighs, and boots and with a dark green trim the only thing that was exposed was his head.

There were thin titanium steel arm and leg guards mounted over the suit again laced with Trinium to lessen the weight and strengthen them along with a pair of shoulder guards of the same make and a utility belt around his waist. On his chest over his heart was a silver earth held by feathered wings, the symbol of the United Tau'ri Federation which doubled as a communicator and transport beacon. On his right hip attached to the belt was a standard issue 10mm "Bolter" Particle Pistol.

Looking at his Marines he would have felt envious at their load out had he not been a starship captain. Each Marine wore next generation Praetorian power armor, the armor mounted inch and a half thick Naquadah Trinium plates and an internal exoskeleton and further protected by a personal shield generator all powered by a miniature Naquadah reactor power pack. The armor had the ability to increase its users physical abilities almost 20 fold and by sacrificing the shield could cloak for stealth missions. It was painted black and silver like his uniform but had a pair of glowing blue eyes in the helmet. Each one was armed with a 10mm Evictor Particle Rifles and twin 10mm Bolters plus a cash of Zat based grenades. Particle weapons were the flavor the day due to their non-lethal setting unlike plasma or linear based infantry weapons.

The Hornet lifted up off the floor and shot off out of the hanger, quickly followed by four Falcons and the Crusader. The Falcons were shaped the same as the old F-302's but sleeker and with only one pilot each, also their V shaped wings folded up when they landed so as they launched from the Defiant Warrior their wings snapped into place without out seals due to the metal folding technology involved. The Crusader followed behind its wings similar to the Falcons in their V shape but not as wide. All the machines had their weapons on standby, which for the Crusader meant that all of its weapons were holstered and like the Marines in the Hornet they were minimally armed so as not to spook their guests.

The Hornet looked something like the Ancient Puddle Jumper fused with a bullet and an arrow head with four large sublight thrusters mounted around the rear hatch. It had a cloak but no weapons or shield due to its small size. As they flew toward the Colonial Ship the other Falcons that were their ships CAP broke off only to be replaced by the Galactica's Viper squadron. They had to slow down so that the tiny fighters could keep up with them.

Starbuck who was in charge of the squadron directed to bring the thirteeners in could only gape at the ships they were using. The transport was smaller than a Raptor but not by much and the V shaped fighters were three or four times the size of her Viper and looked deadly and advanced. As they formed up with the thirteeners the fighter on her right wiggled its wings at her and smiling she shook her Viper back a feeling on companionship coming over her at the universal sign of a fighter pilot. But it was the last machine that took her breath away.

The giant humanoid machine screamed death and grace at the same time, the head of the machine tuned to look at her and its blue eyes flashed. She shivered as she took in the large rifle mounted on the machines back waist, two cylinders like devices on either side of the waist and the large shield it carried in its left hand.

As they approached the landing bay she hailed the CIC. "Galactica Actual this is Starbuck coming in for a landing with the whole package it looks like. Shuttle, four fighters and some sort of giant robot. We're going to need to use the main lift to fit them all."

"Affirmative Starbuck," came Dee's voice over the radio, "note that the Tau'ri ships are called Hornet for the shuttle craft, Falcon for the fighters and Crusader for the giant robot." Starbuck nodded to herself looking again at the giant robot as the formation flew into the hanger. The vipers settled down about halfway through the hanger on the landing pads for their fighters while the Thirteener ships all landed on the much larger lift normally used for the supply and fuel transports. The Falcons all landed around the Hornet their wings folding up to make room while the Crusader stood behind them as the lift began to descend. Starbuck only hoped she could make it over to the greeting area quickly so she didn't miss the action.

In the Hanger-bay, Galactica

Adama stood at attention in his dress uniform with his second in command Saul Tigh, his daughter Sasha and a slightly winded Kara his daughter in law as the last setting of the turbo lift finished and finally became visible to the assembled crowd. The lift was normally used for the large cargo ships that delivered supplies to his ship and it took a few minutes for the lift to lower from the landing pad to the main hanger.

As the platform came into view he heard the gasps and shouts of some of his crew as the Thirteener ships came into view. The Hornet transport ship was surrounded by the Falcon fighters whose wings were folded against their hulls and behind them nearly reaching the ceiling even after the lift lowered to the ground was the so called Crusader Mobile Suit. He could already hear his pilots talking about the thirteener fighters some wanting to test fly one and others wanting to fight them. The whispers about the mobile suit were mixed, most were awed by it but there were some mummers of discontent. Though it looked nothing like a Cylon it was still a giant robot, the only saving grace being that it was piloted by a human inside and not self-aware itself according to the thirteeners.

"Look at that," exclaimed the chief who was pointing at the Hornet. Adama's eyes widened as he saw that the ship was not landed like the other craft but floating silently a few inches above the floor with no indication of thrust. With a smooth movement the craft swung around so its rear hatch faced them. It seemed like the whole deck was holding its breath and the hatch hissed softly and lowered to the deck allowing seven people to appear.

The first was probably Richards going by his uniform. It looked very advanced from Adama's standpoint. Skin tight with a few armor plates and an advanced looking sidearm on his wait. There was a thin hood like helmet over his head with an opaque visor hiding his face from view. The six people behind him however made his marines tense and hold their weapons tighter. They were obviously the Captain's security detail. Each of them wore very advanced looking combat armor that just screamed Sci-Fi and their long sleek looking rifles completed the picture, they looked nothing like the blocky practical rifles his marines held.

Richard's spotted him instantly and walked up to him snapping a crisp salute with a smile, "Commander Richards of the T.S.F. Defiant Warrior, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Adama smiled and saluted back, "Commander Adama of the C.D.F. Galactica, it's a pleasure to meet you as well. I'm surprised that I can understand you so well, I thought you couldn't speak our language."

"There's a built in translator in my uniform programed with your language, you hear your language and I hear mine. It's helpful when meeting new races for the first time, especially when they don't speak out language. Do let me apologize for almost becoming a splattered bug on your ships windshield, it wouldn't be the strangest first contact my people have had but it would have been the most embarrassing." There was chuckling from the floor crew and Adama smiled as well.

"It's quite alright; you must understand this is a little overwhelming for us. I will be the first to admit that I didn't believe Earth and the Thirteenth tribe even existed. And unless I've misunderstood your words you've encountered other races in your travels?"

Richard's smiled an indulgent little smile, "there's really no point in hiding it I guess. You are not mistaken Commander Adama, there are many non-human species that we have encountered across the stars and many non earth humans as well. This galaxy is a lot bigger than you've probably realized and you're not alone in it."

The deck hands all started muttering excitedly at his words and Adama looked around, "Maybe we could move this to a more secluded area. I've sent word to my people to send a delegation to meet with you as quickly as they can if that is ok with you?'

"That's fine, I will leave my marines here except for two who will act as my guards while I'm here, and I will have my pilots dismount as a courtesy. Also my second in command is attempting to reach my leaders so they can send a delegation of our own to meet with you, though it might take some time with the nebula in the way." Richards looked over his shoulder and waved his hand, the fighter pilots canopies lifted up and the people inside hopped out. As for the mobile suit, its belly opened up for its pilot to exit and then he rode a wire down to the ground.

The Falcon pilots stayed back but the Mobile Suit pilot walked over at Richard's behest. "This is Marks Brent our Crusader pilot." The man wore an armored flight suit that seemed to be one piece but flexed and stretched over his body, and his helmet had a polarized faceplate. "Marks why don't you get acquainted with our new friends here, unless I'm mistaken they look like pilots."

"Yes," Adama said motioning the two girls forward, "this is Lieutenant Kara Adama my daughter in law and Lieutenant Sasha Adama my biological daughter. Both are ace pilots though my daughter in law could use an attitude adjustment." A shout of hey from Starbuck further eased the mood as most everyone chuckled at the woman's disgruntled look.

Sasha watched as Marks lifted his hands to his helmet to remove it. Sasha like everyone was eager to see these thirteeners and from just seeing Richards she could conclude that they were just regular looking humans. However when Marks took off his helmet she was slightly taken aback by his looks. For one he was very handsome like a lot of fighter pilots though he lacked the slightly arrogant look a lot of fighter pilots had, but his hair while cut short was a very unnatural bright red color though as far as she could tell it was not dyed that way and his eyes were a bright ice blue but didn't seem to have contacts.

She blinked for a moment before realizing that he was holding out his hand to shake and she was staring like an idiot. "Oh sorry it's a pleasure," she stammered taking his hand and covertly kicking her sister in law in the shin when she chuckled under her breath.

"The pleasure is mine," he replied kindly, "it's my first First Contact situation as well. I look forward to getting to know you and your people"

PREVIEW: First contact seems to be going well for the Colonials. But what happens when the pirates drop in for a visit. And then the Government gets involved. Can the 12 Colonies keep things together or will this First Contact with their long lost brothers and sisters go south!


Designation: SF-303 Prometheus Mk2 Warship (Stealth/Frigate)

Crew Size: 145

Dimensions: Meters 195 Long by 80 wide by 65 tall

Mass: 35,000 tons

Power Plant: Neutrino-Ion generator x1

Armor Type: Naquadah/Trinium/Carbon

Flight Speed: 75,000 km/sec (25%-50% Light speed)

Maneuverability: 18/20

Weapons (Location):

50cm Asgard Plasma Beam cannon x2 (2 dorsal, forward)

40mm Rapidfire Rail Cannons x28 (14 dorsal, 14 ventricle, all over)

Vertical Launch Missile Tubes x12 (front/dorsal)

250cm Valiant Railgun x1 (Dorsal mounted, 180 degree arc of fire, fires every 4 sec, can fire at 0.01C light speed)

ICBM Launch Tubes x1 (Nose)


Equipment (Location):

Maneuvering Thrusters (All Over)
Sublight Engines x6 (Rear)
Asgard Hyperdrive (Interstellar, Rear)
Asgard Shields (Bubble type, emitters all over)
Inertial Dampeners (Tied with Shields)
Asgard Sensor Array/Long Range Transmitter (Front)
Asgard Transport (Internal)
Ring Transport (Internal)
Asgard Computer Core (Secondary Bridge)
Ancient Cloak (Internal)
Hanger x2 (Wings, Room for up to 16 F-302 Fighter Interceptors or 8 Crusaders per wing)


Designation: F-502 Fighter Interceptor (Falcon)

Crew Size: 1

Dimensions: Meters 15 Long by 25 Wide by 6 Tall V shaped

Mass: 20 tons

Power Plant: (Mk. VI) Naquadah Generator

Armor Type: Naquadah Composite

Flight Speed: 15,000 km/sec

Maneuverability: 18/20

Weapons (Location):

35mm Rapidfire Rail Cannon x2 (Nose)

50mm Plasma Repeater (Dorsal Spine behind cockpit, Retractable)

VTP Missile x12 (6 inside wing)

Equipment (Location):

Sublight Engines x2 (back)

Inertial Dampeners

Metal Folding Wings

Hyperdrive (between sublight engines)

Shield Generator (Improved Goa'uld Desgin)

Computer Targeting System

Navigation Computer

Hyperdrive Window Generator (Naquadah Powered)