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United Tau'ri Federation Capitol, Armstrong City, Luna

High above the homeworld of the Tau'ri the celestial body known as the moon was no longer the lifeless grey orb it once was. On the near side of the moon looking down on the earth three large circular cities had been constructed, Armstrong, Newton and Einstein Cities. These three cities were the technological and political center of the United Tau'ri Federation, built on the moon to be politically neutral the capitol could have been built on another planet. But those in charge wanted the Federation to be in the Sol system, just because there were plenty of earth like planets they could build on didn't mean that they couldn't build a habitat on something like the moon.

It was good practice in a way, the earths primary shipyards were located both on the lunar surface and in individual slipways located in orbit over the terrestrial yards. The ones located on the lunar surface was for dedicated ship designs while the individual slipways in lunar orbit were for special projects. The Tau'ri's R&D labs were also located on the moon as it was an ideal location for any dangerous experiments.

Originally a population of 300 million existed solely in Armstrong city, however with the other two cities just coming online in the last year and a half that number had increased to about 350 million and then spread out evenly between all three cities making living much more spacious. The combination of scientists, engineers and political leaders along with their families made up the vast majority of the population and only about 35% of the population were regular civilians.

The design for the lunar cities was not what most people might expect, most people would assume that a large dome like structure over a normal city might be the best idea. But that's not what the Tau'ri decided to do, instead the cities were completely exposed to hard vacuum on the moon's surface. The multitude of skyscrapers were a combination of earth and ancient design and were metal and glass designed and reinforced to stand up to small things like micro meteor impacts and solar radiation.

The only way to travel between the buildings on the surface was to either use the connecting tubes between buildings, take designated buses if the buildings were too far apart and not directly connected or if you were important enough to use dedicated two way Asgard beaming sites. The cities were perfectly circular and about 30 kilometers in diameter, but like any iceberg drifting at sea only a fraction of the cities were on the surface. Over 90% of the infrastructure and factories were located under the surface and a majority of the population simply traveled under the surface to get from one place to another.

But while the surface portion of the cities were exposed to hard vacuum and built to survive normal wear and tear while protecting its inhabitants it was not defenseless against conventional attacks. In an emergency situation shields that combined aspects of their Asgard shield technology and what they had learned from Atlantis's city shields covered the cities in a protective dome. They were not as strong as Atlantis's shields, both because they were less advanced and spread over a wider area but they were well considered the second strongest shields in the known galaxy.

Dedicated factories on the surface manufactured and deployed ancient drones in case of an attack, these drone platforms were designed to back up a series of orbital satellites and whatever fleet ships were currently stationed over the cities for defense. An attacker would probably have a better chance attacking the earth itself than the lunar cities, a series of satellites and ships protected the earth as well, many more than the moon but it would be easier to get ground forces down on the earth since there is so much more area to attack. There are shields protecting all the major cities on the earth but they had yet to devise a shield that could protect the entire planet.

The Tau'ri's current population was just under 10 billion and growing, three planets had been chosen as their first colonies and to start them off 400 million citizens had been sent to each planet. They were named Hope, Harvest and New Eden by their respective federation colonists but like the lunar cities the colonies on the new planets were maturing and ready the start accepting new arrivals. But this presented a problem; the Stargates were not really designed to move large amounts of people quickly. At best four people standing shoulder to shoulder could walk through together and with the gate only remaining open for 33 minutes at a time it would take years to move that many people off the earth.

To fix this problem 6 large colony ships were commissioned to ferry people to the new colonies, they were 10 kilometers long a piece but since there were not military ships they were not too complicated to build, each could hold up to 500 million civilians in stasis pods. Though it only took between 9 and 15 days to get there depending on which colony they were going to, it was easier to treat the people like cargo if they were all in stasis pods. The colony ships were large and their Hyperdrives were not as advanced as the military used which explained why it took so long to get there even though the farthest colony Harvest was only 23 lightyears away from them.

The whole operation would see 1 billion going to Harvest and 1.5 billion going to Hope and New Eden each. With the 400 million already on each colony and the 350 million on the moon that would bring the Earth's population down to a more manageable 4.45 billion citizens. It would be the largest movement of humanity in the Earth's history, possibly in the entire Milky Way's history. Standing in one of the observation rooms on the moon, officially renamed Luna by the Tau'ri, Federation Chancellor Jack O'Neill the original not the clone stood.

Though he was well into his 80's he barely looked 40 due to the genesis project, he had never wanted to be Chancellor only wanting to retire and spend the rest of his days fishing in his pond. However due to the actions of a few devils in human skin, read Danielle, Samantha, etc., he was somehow bamboozled into being the leader of humanity! Or at least the humans from the Earth, on top of that his own counsel kept re-electing him as Chancellor every 7 years for the last 21 years. It was a conspiracy gosh darn it, but no they kept telling him that it was for the best since his ratings were high and he always stamped out corruption whenever it tried to take root.

Suddenly a door opened behind him drawing his attention and he felt a small smile tugging at his lips as Daniel walked through, Daniel being head of the UTF's Anthropological and Historical centers along with Samantha who was head of R&D meant that both of them had places on the Council right next to him. It was sort of his revenge for them both conspiring to make him Chancellor. "Jack the meeting is about to begin," Daniel said motioning for him to follow.

"Alright, alright Daniel I'm coming," Jack said with a shake of his head as he took one last glance at the Earth before leaving the room. "How are things looking so far," he asked his longtime friend who had finally gotten rid of glasses.

"No one is panicking so far but they are understandably stressed," Daniel said seriously. "We have confirmed that the Supergate was activated and that the unknown ships must have gone through but they seem to have locked the door behind them because we still can't dial out. One of our fleets along with another FJN and an Asgard one have taken up guarding the gate 24/7. With them in place nothing should get through from our side or out from the other side without us putting up a fight first."

"I just wish we had a better idea of who these people are," Jack grumbled under his breath. "Someone built these ships in our galaxy without us knowing about it until it was too late. That's a major failure on the part of the F.I.A. (Federation Intelligence Agency)."

"That's true," Daniel agreed. "But unless we can open the Supergate or someone on the other side comes through I don't think there is anything we can do but wait."

"I hate it when your reasonable you know that Daniel," Jack quipped. "Well regardless here we are," he said as they reached the council room doors. Entering they found Samantha sitting in her seat, along with John Sheppard head of the Tau'ri special forces. Next to him was Admiral Drake head of the Fleet and General Morgan head of the Army, to round things off there was ambassador Klein in charge of diplomatic relations and Konoka Amari in charge of health.

"Welcome back Jack," Samantha said with a smile. "Ready to get to work?"

"Hit me," he said simply.

"Well as Daniel might have already informed you the Supergate is still locked so all we can do or now is sit on top of it and hope our bad guys or someone from Tomen comes through and tells us whats going on," Admiral Drake said. "Besides that we have already begun trying to locate where those ships came from, well the Asgard are actually taking care of their as their sensor tech is still the best out there."

"The main problem right now is from the Free Jaffa Nation, they lost three Ha'tak in that engagement. It's safe to say that they are not happy at all," Sheppard said. "In fact there has been some muttering about how their ships were so easily beaten, it was one thing that their ships were less powerful than ours or the Asgard but they have the most out of the three factions, now even some unknown force smacked them around like they were nothing. They still don't want gifts from us or the Asgard but now they really want to push their Fleet's R&D and the news of the Colonials has them eager to meet them."

"It really seems like a match made in heaven," Jack said stroking his chin. "The Colonials from what I have seen of the reports probably have the most sophisticated and complex space fleet we have ever seen, give them even Ha'tak level tech and they will probably run with it. And give the FJN the means of really modernizing their fleet and making them more than expensive targets."

"How soon will we be ready to take the Jaffa to the Colonials," Klein asked.

"We have about 2 dozen of the Jason class cargo ships filling up with resources to send to the Colonials," Samantha said pulling up a hologram of the cargo ship in question. Like the Colony ships in design but made to carry cargo containers instead of cryo tubes. "We have them filled up with various technologies, precious minerals like gold and platinum and several shipments of the Refined Tylium we have been generating. The cargo ships along with the Jaffa fleet can arrive at the Colonies at the same time it should make a good impression on the Colonials. They can leave in a few hours' time since the Jaffa fleet is already here reporting on the Supergate situation."

"But what about this Cylon situation the Colonials told us about," Sheppard asked looking concerned. "If they are still as anti-human as the Colonials said they were we could be looking at another Replicator problem if they show up again."

"From the way the Colonials describe it the Cylons became sentient and then rebelled, they really don't want them to return but they haven't heard from them since the end of their war 40 years ago," Daniel said. "It's possible they are still somewhere nearby or it's possible they are on the other side of the galaxy, we will have to look around to see if they are close. We can do that while we locate the Colonial's homeworld Kobol and help them map out their system more thoroughly. For that I will be going along with the fleet both as an ambassador between the Jaffa and Colonials and to help with them with Kobol."

"You just want to get out of the office and into the dirt again," Jack groused making everyone else including Daniel chuckle.

"Naturally but that does not change the fact that I'm the best for the job and having someone on the Council go in person would be a good sign for everyone involved. As soon as we can set up a go between the FJN and the Colonials the sooner we can begin mapping their system and checking for the Cylons," he explained.

"Alright, alright I get it Daniel no need to twist my arm. But I want to make one thing clear, if we encounter the Colonial's Cylons we do not engage unless attacked first. If they are truly sentient then it's possible we could reason with them, if necessary we should even consider moving them to another galaxy like Pegasus or Ida or Andromeda if they can't get along with the Colonials. The last thing I want to do is take on another race with no choice but to extinguish them," Jack said with a heavy voice.

"I understand Jack," Daniel said and that was the end of the meeting. Leaving the Council room Daniel made his way to the space dock where the Jaffa fleet was currently docked. There were two Ha'tak'tar's along with a dozen Ha'tak and 40 Al'kesh, when Daniel spotted the fleet commander speaking with some of the dock crew who were in charge of loading supplies onto the FJN ships he called out to him with a smile in his voice. "Rya'c!"

The son of Teal'c looked up and returned the smile quickly, "Daniel Jackson it is good to see you again," he called and pulled Daniel into a bone crushing hug causing the de-ascended man to oof in surprise. "I hear you are joining us on our trip to meet our new friends?"

"Yeah I am, it's a good idea to have someone from our Council there to help just in case things get stressed between you and the Colonials. It's their first contact after all and we all know how those can go belly up in a blink of the eye," Daniel explained as the young Jaffa man put him down.

"Too true, especially since my father has finally managed to convince the council that we can't put off modernizing anymore. Especially now that we have a way to do so without become the lap dogs of the Tau'ri," he said it was a sarcastic tone of voice and a roll of his eyes. Something he picking up during his times on earth.

"They just don't want the rest of the Galaxy to think we own them like the Goa'uld did is all," Daniel said with an understanding tone of voice. "But enough of that, how is Bra'tac doing?"

"Physically he is fine, mentally however he is still upset with himself for losing three of his Ha'tak's. Despite saving all the Tau'ri on Satellite 5 the ships he fought were too much for his ships to handle, he nearly shouted himself raw in front of the council demanding that they do something to upgrade our fleet." Rya'c said with a shake of his head.

"It's not anyone's fault," Daniel said putting a hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Even removing wanting to stand on your own two feet the FJN needed to work on establishing basic economic resources for its people and R&D suffered for it." Daniel wasn't kidding, after Anubis the Replicators and finally the Ori the number of Jaffa across the Milky Way was quite low. All told the population amounted to about 5 billion total and 95% of that was Jaffa and the remaining 5% were humans who chose to live in the FJN.

The FJN was spread across approximately 30 worlds surrounding Dakara so none of them were very densely populated most people living around their world's Stargate. Most of the Jaffa had grown up living in a medieval style environment if you didn't count the Goa'uld technology. While they hadn't accepted a lot of help from the Tau'ri they had taken some bits of advice, with all the leftover Goa'uld tech Naquadah reactors had been built on all the FJN worlds giving them power and by studying the Ha'tak shipyards they had discovered a means of supplying themselves.

The Goa'uld had always been lazy and the reason their ships had been so simple was because their shipyards were in fact automated nanite construction platforms. While the nanites were not very advanced compared to say the Replicators or anything the Asgard or Tau'ri could produce it was a simple enough task to feed the machines resources and wait for a Ha'tak to come out the other side. It also helped that the nanites were good for self-repair meaning the shipyards didn't need a lot of help staying operational.

The Tau'ri, i.e. Samantha Carter, quickly managed to reprogram the nanites in the Ha'tak shipyards so the FJN could build other things. Of the 30 FJN worlds only 7 had shipyards on them where dozens had once existed in the Goa'uld Empire, all 30 of those worlds existed within a 3000 lightyear radius of Dakara. Now those Shipyards allowed them to construct cities with electricity, indoor plumbing and air conditioning things the Jaffa seemed perfectly willing to worship in the place of the Goa'uld. Another thing they constructed were automated farming drones to help them with their food problem and nearly half the FJN worlds had major farming settlements and worlds that didn't have nanite shipyards had to have their supplies brought to them via Ha'tak which tied up nearly half of the FJN ships in transport duty.

While it was true that he FJN now had cities with electricity that were certainly as clean and well maintained as anything the Tau'ri had nowadays the thing they lacked most was diversity in ideas and technology. Sure they had the Nanite shipyards but the Jaffa were still learning how to be scientists and programming things for the nanites to build was not easy nor fast so what they had was still very simple, not to mention that with the shipyards diverted to constructing goods for the citizens and increasing their standard of living they couldn't build things for the military.

The FJN fleet while large was old with very few new ships added into the mix over the last few decades, at the moment the FJN was diverting a few shipyards to constructing new shipyards which would be spread out across more of the FJN planets via the Ha'tak's but that would take a few more months to finish. Which was why the 12 Colonies of Kobol were a God send…figuratively speaking of course, as the 12 worlds and 50 billion humans they hosted would provide a gigantic pool of ideas they could sample from.

In return they could begin providing the Colonies with basic Stargate level technology and Naquadah, the Naquadah coming from their expansive mines. Though the Jaffa mines nowadays were drilled by more automated machines Samantha Carter designed for the shipyards to construct instead of human slaves. FJN citizens had very few job choices at the moment, Political which was growing, Military which would soon be getting a boost, R&D which was small but about to get a huge boost, Mining and Farming which still needed people despite the automated machines helping and finally shipping between the planets using the Stargate but mostly the Ha'tak's to move large or bulk items that couldn't go through the Stargates.

"All true," Rya'c agreed nodding his head. "And while I'm glad that is about to change I wish it hadn't come at the expense of my son's pride and honor. I don't think he will be able to forgive himself until he is able to avenge the deaths of the men under his command."

"I'm sure he will recover in time," Daniel said patting Rya'c's shoulder. "But for now we have been cleared to head to the 12 Colonies, about 2 dozen of our transport ships will accompany your fleet. The 12 Colonies are on the verge of an economic collapse due to the after effects of a war they fought about 40 years ago against their version of Replicators. It will take us a few days to get there so we should get moving."

"Indeed," Rya'c said and they both chuckled at the old joke. They made their way to one of the bases transport pads and stepped on, the majority of the base was shielded against beaming technology. On one hand there were the hard circuited two way transporters that let people travel quickly between the three cities. Then there were the transport pads which allowed people to be beamed to and from ships with the right security clearance, the pad they took could even integrate with the FJN's ring system allowing Daniel and Rya'c to appear on his flagship via the ring system. Several of the FJN's version of marines was assigned to Daniel as an escort given his VIP status and longtime friendship to the nation and they took him to his quarters to get settled in as the fleet of FJN warships and Tau'ri transports entered hyperspace headed for the 12 Colonies of Kobol.

Caprica City…

The Cylon model 6 assigned to Gaius Baltar was known as Celeste Marius to the humans she interacted with, unlike most Cylons in the Colonies she was fully aware of what she was. Her job was to get close to Gaius Baltar, a man who was considered one of the greatest minds the 12 Colonies had ever produced. Through him she was to gain access to the Colonials primary defense mainframe, soon the fleet would be uploading new navigational software which was designed to decrease the time it took for a ship to jump anywhere in colonial space. The software would be able to calculate a jump from any point in known colonial space to any other in a matter of seconds allowing colonial forces to react almost instantly to a threat.

Her job was to install a virus into that software, once it was installed into the Colonials fleet it would spread through each and every integrated system and when the command was given by any Cylon ship from a Raider to a Basestar the affected ship would simply shut down. Allowing the Cylons to destroy the Colonials at their leisure, but all that was at risk now.

She had been on her way to the Defense Center after freshening up from another night of sleeping with Gaius; she had gone home to her apartment for fresh clothes and a bath. She was so close to the Defense Center that it was easy for her to walk to and from the location which she normally did on days with good weather like today, as she was walking however she had felt as though someone was following her when the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and goosebumps ran down her spine.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she spotted two people walking less than 20 feet behind her, one was a slightly large man with short dark hair and pale skin and the other was a slightly taller dark haired and skinned woman. Both of them were practically boring their eyes into the back of her head and her instincts told her this was no normal matter of humans following other humans with the intent of doing them harm. Both were well dressed and it was the middle of the day with the sun out and hundreds of other humans around them, her mind was screaming at her that these people KNEW what she was.

Fear shot through her at the idea that the humans knew who and what she was, especially with the Earther fleet now holding orbit over Caprica. She had received no updates from the Colony which could either be a good or bad thing so she was left with a choice. Confront these people now whoever they were or ignore them and head to the Defense Center; she decided she needed to know what these people knew. If they knew she was a Cylon they probably knew what her plan was with the navigational program and she was fraked, but if there was some other reason she could interrogate these two and find out why they were following her.

She casually diverged of her path and made her way to a nearby construction site, a skyscraper that was being built up after some old buildings were torn down. The site was currently empty and construction none existent and the metal skeleton of the half-finished building was the perfect place to confront her followers. As soon as she broke direct line of sight as she entered the yard she sprinted up to and into the building pulling a standard issue Colonial pistol with attached micro RPG launcher from her hand bag, palming the Cylon transmitter hidden there, and raced up half a dozen floors and hid behind some boxes waiting for them to follow her.

She wasn't disappointed as she heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and pointed her gun towards the stairs waiting for her prey to appear. But she never got the chance to test her programmed combat skills as the ice cold barrel of a gun pressed itself to the back of her head and a male voice spoke accompanied by the sound of other guns cocking indicating that there was more than one person behind her.

"Don't move Six, put the gun down slowly and let's talk. Your cover isn't blown and we're not Colonials, we're the final five. So unless you want to be known as the Six who shot one of the Final Five I suggest you don't try any funny business."

Six was stunned and felt her body move on autopilot, placing the gun slowly down on the floor as the two people she had originally seen following her came up the stairs smiling as they saw that she had been subdued. Looking behind her she saw Samuel T. Anders the Pyramid player of all people, two older humans a man with almost no hair and an older blond woman and the biggest surprise of all an Eight with a gun covering a man with wavy light brown hair and brown eyes. The man was also holding some sort of old fashioned camera and as soon as she looked in his direction he pressed the button on the thing.

A bright flash of red light filled her vision and she remembered, it only took 30 seconds for her memories to return but when her vision finally cleared and she found herself in the lap of Anders AKA one of her creators, a massive blush filled her face and she started sputtering apologizes and rolled off his lap only to end up on her knees nose pressed almost flat to the floor and palms splayed and said sorry over and over.

"Please, I didn't know. I didn't remember, I didn't know. One he he I, oh God I'm supposed to. The Defense Mainframe I," she rambled from her position on the floor.

"Calm down Six," Anders said as he picked the distraught woman making her stand on her feet. "You seem to be awake that's good, but I need to know. Your mission was to implant a virus into the Defense Mainframe, have you implanted the virus yet?"

"I, what? No I haven't the program isn't finished yet, the virus card is in my purse," she said stuttering eyes flashing from one of the final five to the other. Though her eyes paused for a moment longer on Daniel recognition in her eyes.

Anders took the purse and after rummaging around for a few seconds found both the Cylon transmitter and a crystalline data card which had to be the Cylon virus designed to shut down the Colonial fleet. He didn't hesitate to drop the chip on the floor and stomp it into dust with the heel of his shoe. Every other Cylon in the room beside six let out sighs of relief they hadn't realized they had been holding, with this they were a big step closer to preserving the Colonies.

"What happens now," Six asked looking at the other Cylons in the room. She felt so lost at that moment, he whole life was a lie concocted by One. She had come this close to betraying everything her parents, the five, had taught her. They were supposed to bridge the gap between themselves and the Colonials that had occurred during the first war but she was almost directly responsible for the deaths of 50 Billion human lives.

"Now," said Saul Tigh stepping forward. "We take back the Colony and take down One."

Cylon Heavy Raider

Getting to the Heavy Raider had been easy; it wasn't like anyone was looking for them or hunting them down. Though with both Saul and Galen dropping off the grid along with Boomer it was only a matter of time before the military noted their disappearance. They couldn't fly the Heavy Raider up into space with the Earther fleet up there so they had no choice but to calculate a jump inside the atmosphere away from the Colonies. Even lobotomized the heavy raider's computer had more than enough processing power to jump them from Caprica all the way across the red line and into Cylon space.

From there they had to locate the Colony, the Heavy Raider was lobotomized which prevented it from sending signals to Cylons and prevented it from resurrecting if it was destroyed. A necessary crime to protect themselves from being detected by One. Luckily between 6 and 8 they were able to calculate the location in a Nebula as the Colony could move from one location to another and the Cylons didn't have a homeworld to call their own.

Not 12 hours after they had jumped away from Caprica they sat in the nebula looking at the distant view of the Colony, it was a masterpiece of Cylon technology. Breakthroughs in bioengineering allowed them to literally grow living ships faster than any colonial shipyard could build a Battlestar. Because they were computers organic or otherwise their technological base had far surpassed the colonials both on a software and a hardware basis. The Colony itself which had grown out from and around the original SEED ship the Five had used to reach the Colonies was armed to the teeth.

The Colony looked like a giant 8 pronged flower of a dark brown bark like substance with crystal like veins of purple and dark blue shooting through it. Each of the arm prongs had a smaller prong curving up underneath it and all of it was anchored on the central bulb like structure. Two of the arms were bigger than the other six and directly across from each other giving the Colony a diameter of 40.6 Km wide on its longest side by 26.6 Km long where the six smaller arms were concerned. From the bottom to the top of the colony it was about 7.2 Km high and the whole thing weighed upward of two and a half billion tons.

The shell of the Colony was a combination of organic and metal materials which was similar to genetically enhanced tree bark, some normal earth trees have the ability to blunt modern diamond dusted saws and resist super intense flames. Add a little genetic manipulation and synthesized materials and you have an armor resistant to high kinetic strikes and intense heat, with the added bonus of being able to regenerate from damage and actually regrow lost weapons and systems given enough time. It bespoke of an advanced combination of nanites and genetic engineering the Colonials didn't have the faintest idea how to copy if they knew it existed and was fueled by a series of Deuterium based Fusion Reactors as opposed to Tylium fuel.

The Colony was everything to the Cylon Race; it held the secrets of the Five at the center of the SEED ship and was the primary resurrection center of the race. Though the actual resurrection hub was separate and mobile, the Colony was also the primary construction center of everything from ships to centurions and everything in between.

Speaking of ships the Five could see what amounted to almost the entire Cylon fleet surrounding the Colony. There were about a hundred Resurrection ships floating around but they were as unarmed as they were unarmored, in other words not combat ships in the slightest they only mounted some pulse lasers for point defense against fighters or missiles. But those were a last resort defense system because if an enemy got that close to a Resurrection Ship and it couldn't jump away it was screwed already.

But the Resurrection ships weren't their concern, the Warships were. The original Cylon Basestars had been the largest most expensive Warships the 12 Colonies could come up with for the Cylons to fight their wars for them. A pair of stacked disks one on top of the other, the disks had a diameter of 2 Kilometers and a thickness of 250 meters each giving the Basestar a height of 500 meters. They were armed with large anti-ship torpedo launchers and cannons though it lacked in point defense and carried large squadrons of fighters called Raiders.

When the Colonial Cylon War broke out there were exactly 40 Basestars in commission and an additional 15 being built in three different shipyards, when the Cylons rebelled they easily killed their human handlers aboard the 40 active Basestars and stole the incomplete 15. The 15 would take several months to finish without a dry-dock but were finished enough to take them away, because of that fact one of the first Colonial countermeasures was to destroy the purpose built dry-docks designed to build the Basestars.

As a result throughout the Colonial Cylon war while the Cylons managed to capture facilities to build Centurions, Raiders and Ammunition but not additional Basestars. The first year and a half of the war was bloody for both sides as the Colonials many but lightly armed ships stood up to 15 to 25 of the Cylon Basestars as the rest were held in reserve so the Cylons could build up their forces in entrenched areas across the 12 Colonies. This gave the Colonials time to create their Battlestars to counter the Basestars and with intact dry-docks and their entire economy behind the construction of the fleet their first 12 Battlestars quickly matched the Basestars in numbers and then began to pass them.

Only a few Basestars had been destroyed by the time the Battlestars began to roll out of their birthing strips and it still took two or three Battlestars to match a Basestar in a straight up fight. But by the time the end of the war rolled around only 29 Basestars remained active, another 7 were being repaired in deep space by Cylon crews but the rest had all been destroyed.

The lack of diversity among their Warships and the fact that they lacked the ability to build more was a major reason why the Cylons would have lost the war completely if they had not retreated when they did. With their new technological advantage they used their previous experiences to build a new fleet of ships. The Largest and most powerful of the Cylon ships of war was their new generation Basestar, it looked like a pair of inverted Y's connected to each other at their center points. From the bottom of the Y to the middle point between the V shape was about 2,100 meters or 2.1 Kilometers long, and at the connection point from top to bottom the ship was about 600 meters tall.

The official designation for the class was the Titan class Basestar and its roll was that of a Carrier Dreadnought, like the Colony and all Cylon warships its hull was the same metal/wood composite though due to its shade it had a more metal shiny appearance hiding the fact that it was biological to the naked eye. As for weapons it possessed 320 Anti-Ship Torpedo Launchers, 60 on each long arm and 50 on each of the small arms, and each launcher had a magazine of a hundred missiles giving the ships a total of 32,000 missiles. The ships omni-directional gravity drive that allowed them to move without reaction thrust has been miniaturized enough to be applied to their Anti-Ship missiles giving them an acceleration of 20,000 Gravities for up to 3 minutes.

This means that the missiles accelerate at a rate of 196.2 km per second per second. At the first second 196.2 km per second at the 2nd second 392.4 km per second and at the third 588.6 km per second, meaning the maximum speed the missiles can reach is 35,316 km per second or about 8.5% the speed of light. The kinetic impact alone is enough to destroy most ships even without the virus in the Colonial Systems they could send missiles at the 12 Worlds at relativistic speeds after launching them from light minutes away and letting them come in on ballistic courses. By the time the Colonials could detect them on DRADIS they would have less than a second before they impacted.

But given that most engagements with other ships happened within about 1,000 to 3,000 km of each other the missiles only accelerated for a few seconds as opposed to a full three minutes before disengaging their accelerating and switching their drives to directional control. The primary weakness of their missiles was not the weapons themselves however but the Cylons own DRADIS was limited to light speed signals and the farthest they could actually spot something like a ship in space was about 5,000 km away. In the vast void of space even something like a ship could hide in plain sight if you were not looking in the right direction. So unless a ship was visible on DRADIS despite the incredible range and speed of their missiles they were not as strong as they could be.

Besides the missiles the tips of each of the six arms of the ship ended in a 200cm Disruptor cannon, the cannons fired a ball of what looked like electric green energy. When it came in contact with physical matter is actually overloaded and disrupted the bonds between molecules actually causing whatever it hit to self-detonate. They were powerful energy weapons something the Colonials could only dream of in their Sci-Fi stories but they were real and a good weapon against the armor heavy Battlestars.

That covered the Dreadnought aspect of the Titan class, as for the carrier class each Basestar carried 235 Raiders and 60 Heavy Raiders. The Raiders were armed with a pair of 45mm linear cannons which fired solid armor piercing shells via electromagnetic propulsion as opposed to the Colonials gas propulsion and had twin magazines of six missiles each for a dozen anti fighter warheads. The missiles in the Raiders were too small, as was any other Cylon missile, to mount the gravity propulsion device and so had to settle for regular reaction fuel from Tylium.

But while the Cylons still used Tylium for reaction fuel a pair of smaller Fusion reactors of the same make from the Colony powered the Titan Class Basestar and the Raiders were fueled by a miniaturized fission reactor only needing Tylium for their propulsion systems. The Heavy Raiders were the same armed with six forward facing guns and space for troops they weren't really made for direct combat more for boarding actions.

While the Basestars lacked point defense beyond their own Raiders a new class of ship the Chimera class Shieldstar made up for that. Every Basestar had three Shieldstars to back it up, the Shieldstars looked like the original Basestars had shrunk to a fraction of their original size and hade the modern version of Basestars growing out of them. In other words a pair of stacked disks 1 km in diameter with three prongs like Ys sticking out of the edges. A similar design had been built during the original war but that ship had been destroyed and no others had been made, the Shieldstar was armed with primarily defensive type weaponry to protect the Basestars.

The more conventional systems started with the point defense designed to take down enemy fighter and missiles, this consisted of 75mm Linear autocannons and 4x5 Missile pods along with a more advanced array of pulse lasers. The light speed weapons were rated to take down even their own missiles assuming they had enough time to lock onto them, the ship had 125 of the autocannons 60 of the missile pods and 24 of the pulse laser turrets. For more punch against light and medium ships that might try and get in close the Shieldstars had 12 60cm Linear Cannons and 6 Anti-ship missile tubes like the Titan Class. 3 on top and 3 on the bottom of the ship, they only had a few missiles each but they could be a nasty surprise.

They had no Raiders or Heavy Raiders but they did have a few shuttles in small hangers. The entire fleet consisted of exactly 314 Basestars and 942 Shieldstars a mighty force indeed, this didn't count things like troop ships full of Centurions and armor ships full of tanks and other forms of ground forces that might be necessary if an invasion was required. All these ships were huddled around the Colony and new ships were being grown inside the Colony itself all the time, with their current forces they outnumbered the Colonial Fleet almost 3 to 1.

But for the Final Five, Daniel and the six and eight on the lobotomized Heavy Raider it served a better purpose at the moment. A smoke screen, there were so many ships out their flying in all different directions that all they needed to do to land on the Colony was turn on the transponder in the Heavy Raider and fly in. So long as no one directly contacted them no other ship would realize that this Heavy Raider had no mind.

The Raider flew into that formation slowly and cautiously as the Cylons on board held their breaths as Raiders and Heavy Raiders flew around them completely ignoring their presence. A time or two they thought one of the Raiders might be heading for them specifically but in the end it just passed them by and they made it to the Colony itself without raising any suspicion.

"There," Galen pointed to a section of the central node of the Colony. "Land there, there's an entrance we can use to get us close to the SEED ship and bypass most of the security in the Colony."

"Understood," the Six they decided to call Caprica Six just to give her a distinction from the rest said and landed the Heavy Raider it was looked like a normal indention in the organic hull. Galen placed his hand on one of the organic control pads in the Heavy Raider and his eyes glowed red with Cylon code. Suddenly a clanking sound was heard through the hull and the tiny indention they were on suddenly lowered under them and then quickly covered itself and the Heavy Raider descended into the Colony.

"Alright boys and girls let's move," Anders said hefting a Cylon made assault rifle he had gotten from the Heavy Raider's stores. Galen, Tory, Saul, Ellen, Daniel, Caprica Six and Boomer were all armed as well and wearing Colonial style body armor. The same as Colonial Marines wore; exiting the Heavy Raider they were in a small isolated room whose door was hidden on the other side and looked like a normal wall to anyone passing by it.

"Ok listen up," Saul said. "Were only about 100 meters from the core chamber. We need to move fast and quietly so attach suppressors to your rifles, we need all five of us in the SEED ship to activate the reset and regain control of the Colony. If any of us die that will alert One and put us right back in his hands so don't hesitate to put down any of the Human forms we might run across. We should be able to deactivate Centurions remotely if we are close enough so they shouldn't be too much of a problem."

"Alright let's go," Anders said and hit the button to open the chamber's hidden door. As soon as the wall folded back the hallway beyond reveale and a half dozen Centurions that just happened to have been walking by at that exact moment. There was one infinite second where both sides were frozen including the Centurions but the group with the Final 5 moved first.

"DISENGAGE," both Ellen and Tory shouted throwing their hands out at the Centurions their eyes flashing red and the six metal men collapsed in boneless heaps. The 2 and 3 flinched at the sudden collapse but didn't get any farther than that as Anders put a bullet between both their eyes and they collapsed as well as their brain matter painted the wall behind them.

"Now go," Anders said in a slightly ironic voice and the group rushed out of the room. They quickly tuned into a stair case and their entire 100 meter dash consisted mostly of running down deeper into the bowls of the Colony. They only ran across a few other human form Cylons, mostly 2s 3s 5s and 8s but they didn't hesitate to put them down, however all the gunfire was starting to attract attention to the running group and more and more Centurions began to appear.

But they were more roadblocks than real threats as the Five kept forcing them to shut down remotely and they were so big they had to climb or jump over their fallen metal bodies. "Here," Galen said as they came to a halt in front of what looked like a large metal vault door. "Tigh, Ellen open it up we will cover you."

"Yeah, yeah don't get your panties in a twist Chief," Tigh groused causing the others to chuckle at the badly concealed smirk on his face.

"Don't tease him Saul," Ellen abashed him as they took up positions on either side of the door were a pair of hand scanners were located. "What sort of Cylon are you to tease the kids like that."

Saul just grunted and they both let the scanners do their job while Daniel, Boomer and Caprica 6 laid down suppressing fire for any human form Cylon that poked their heads around the corner. Anders, Tory and Galen deactivated any centurion that came into view and the metal bodies were starting to pile up. "It's done," Saul suddenly shouted as the vault door began to creak open and the group of free Cylons slowly backed their way into the chamber firing the whole way. Once they were all inside Saul hit a button on the inner wall and the doors rattled close again before bolting shut with a reassuring clank.

Inside the chamber the SEED ship outer hull was fused with the inside of the Colony so the door they had come through had taken them directly into the SEED ship's central chamber. It looked more Colonial than Cylon in design with 5 pods surrounding the wall with a pedestal in the center with computer screens with red Cylon code running across them and 5 more interface pads.

"Why didn't One ever force his way in here," Daniel asked aloud at the untouched inside of the SEED ship.

"From the Codes he stole from us he knew that if he tried to force his way in it could have triggered a Hard Reset," Anders explained while the Five took positions around the computers. "While we were all on the Colonies it was safer to let this place stay sealed than risk everyone regaining their memories."

"Now let's nail the Fracker to the wall," Galen said and the other Five nodded and as one they all placed their hands on the interface pads. The computers began to glow brighter as they connected and began to overwrite the Colony's central mainframe, with a mental command from the Five a low powered Subspace signal was sent throughout and around the Colony in an instant. It hit the inside of the Colony first and all the Centurions froze in place suddenly as their free will was re-established and the inhibiter chips in their skulls fried.

They also received an update on the current situation from the Five and an Order, keep the Humanforms calm and SIEZE ONE. The Humanform Cylons were next and they all suddenly collapsed form the data overload as the info and memories locked inside their minds suddenly unlocked. By the time they managed to get their minds back in order and start to stand up they found themselves under the watchful eyes of what were once their loyal slaves the Centurions. The Ships surrounding the Colony were hit next and all the ships suddenly lost power as the hard reset swept through them. Raiders and Heavy Raiders staggered and floated uncontrolled for a moment before re-activating and instantly heading back to their ships.

The Centurions on those ships quickly took control from the Humanforms who were all panicking to one degree or another at having their memories restored so were in no way able to resist the Centurions efforts. Nor would they have wanted to if they could think straight. Finally the massive dish on the Colony's hull which acted as its long range Subspace transmitter sent out a pulse. Mere moments later the Resurrection Hub returned to the Colony under the control of its Hybrid as the Centurions on board detained the few active Humanforms, across Cylon space the Tylium refineries the Cylons had received the code as well though there were almost no Humanforms at these locations the signal finally reached the 12 Colonies.

The signal was very low key for a Subspace signal, so low on the spectrum that it was barely discernable from the white noise present in Subspace to more advanced sensors. The Tau'ri fleet in orbit over Caprica for the most part missed it entirely, if the signal was more complex than a simple command to hard restart they would have detected it no matter how low key it was. As it happens an officer aboard the Phoenix noticed a slight blip on the Subspace sensor but being unable to identify anything further wrote it off as a random abnormality and logged it in the system before going back to work.

Across all 12 planets those Cylons who knew what they were collapsed suddenly, a few were in dangerous situation like driving cars or high up on skyscrapers twitched and convulsed from the hard reset and the accidents caused killed them for the most part sending them back to the resurrection hub to be born in a new body. The rest received commands to lay low and slowly evac to predetermined withdraw points to await a Heavy Raider to pick them up. The humanforms who believed they were human got the update but stayed asleep, if they died they would get their memories back and resurrect but otherwise they were left alone.

If it had ended there things would have been much simpler for the newly freed Cylon race, with the Five returned and in control of their children once again it would have been the beginning of a reunification between the Cylon children and their Colonial parents. But as easy as it had been for the Five to sneak into the Colony and make their way to the SEED ship at its core there was a reason One had originally been able to dupe the Five and take control and the Five were about to find out exactly why One was so dangerous.

PAN: Hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. Its part 1 of 2, the second part will conclude the fight between the final 5 and One. After that the FJN fleet with the Tau'ri cargo ships will arrive at the 12 Colonies. We will also get a closer look at how the colonies are reacting to the existence of Ascended Beings and the fact that their God's are in fact Ascended Beings that are still alive and watching them. Look forward to it and I will work hard to get it out soon, nice encouraging reviews help make a writer write faster after all.

Ja Na!


Designation: BC-306 Eclipse class (Battleship Type)

Crew Size: 700

Dimensions: Meters 850 long by 345 wide by 225 tall. Again similar to the Daedalus and Myrddin chassis. Has the central area long and neck like with two hangers on either side but mounted under the main neck are two more 475 meter long necks at 45 degree angles to the main neck. Between the two secondary necks in the drone module containing 25,000 Drones total. Looks like a Trident in shape from above.

Mass: 150,000 tons

Power Plant: Neutrino-Ion generator x2

Armor Type: Naquadah/Trinium/Carbon

Flight Speed: 75,000 km/sec (25%-50% Light speed)

Maneuverability: 15/20

Weapons (Location):

220cm Duel Asgard Plasma Beam cannon x10 (4 dorsal, 4 ventricle, 2 back mounted)

Ion Particle Cannon x24 (All over, rapid fire energy cannon)

40mm Rapidfire Rail Cannons x72 (36 dorsal, 36 ventricle, all over)

Duel 250cm Valiant Railgun x4 (Mounted on top and sides of primary hull)

Vertical Launch Missile Tubes x66 (front, sides/dorsal)

Ancient Drones x25,000 (Ventricle Drone pod)

Equipment (Location):

Maneuvering Thrusters (All Over)

Sublight Engines x12 (Rear)

Asgard Hyperdrive (Interstellar, Rear)

Asgard Shields (Bubble type, emitters all over, 2 times the power of the Daedalus class)

Inertial Dampeners (Tied with Shields)

Asgard Sensor Array/Long Range Transmitter (Front)

Asgard Transport (Internal)

Ring Transport (Internal)

Asgard Computer Core (Secondary Bridge)

Ancient Cloak (Internal)

Hanger x1 (Belly, Room for up to 12 F-302 Fighter Interceptors or 6 MS-401 Crusaders)

Asgard Matter Synthesizer (Internal/External)

Ancient Control Chair (Bridge)

Notes: The Tau'ri Battleship. Their ultimate ship killer between the shield busting Valiant Railgun and the anti-fighter drone launchers the Eclipse Class is considered one of the deadliest ships to every grace the Milky Way or Pegasus galaxy.