Sigh. If you're seeing this update and you saw the short word count in the notification you can probably guess what this is. When I started writing fanfiction I had such ideas bouncing around it my head and honestly, I still do. But looking back on my original works I can't help but cringe at how bad they come across now. Furthermore, I promised myself that I wouldn't abandon my stories like so many others, to my shame real life and lack of drive from my original creations has made me a liar. For those of you who have read and enjoyed what I have written so far, I can only offer my sincerest thanks for you support and my upmost apologies for my failure.

However not all is lost so if you are reading this then this is what is going to happen.

I will not be deleting my original stories, they will be discontinued and offered up for adoption for any who what them. Simply PM me for permission first.

Second, I still wish to continue writing Fanfiction. However, I have discovered that taking on multiple stories at once only hurts me so I will only be writing one story at a time from now on so this sad turn of events does not happen again.

Once I have a story in mind I will be planning it out in its entirety first and then I will write several chapters before I post the first one at all. I hope to release some information on what that story will be soon.

So please stay tuned to what I have in store and I will see you all soon. Until then.

Ja Ne!