I had fun writing this. I came up with the idea randomly in class, so. Cheers.

"I have literally no idea what I'm doing," Anna muttered as she stared blankly at the empty canvas in front of her. A small chuckle came from the other side of the small bedroom.

"Oh c'mon, there has to be something that inspires you! Anything?" Elsa inquired from her perch on the bed.

Anna carefully set the purple paint laden brush on the painting pad and turned to face Elsa, biting her lip.

Oh my god, please not with the lip biting.

"You really have nothing? I don't know, something makes you want to… uh… live and be happy or something?"

Anna just shook her head. "Well, I mean, I like living, y'know, but like, I just don't see my purpose in life." Anna walked over and slumped herself onto Elsa's queen sized bed, face up. Elsa casually fell down next to her.

Together they lied there in a peaceful silence.

Elsa, however, could practically hear the gears whirring in Anna's head.

"So what's your inspiration?" Anna asked suddenly, turning her head to look at Elsa.

The question had caught her off guard.

"M-my inspiration?"

"Yeah!" Anna nodded eagerly. "I mean, a successful person like you ought to have one, right?"

Did she just call me… successful?

"What do you mean?" Elsa asked, genuinely innocent.

"Oh ha ha," Anna rolled her eyes. "Captain of the varsity Ski team, class president, A plus pluses in literally every class you've ever taken, not to mention you're pretty much the Queen of the school. Your parents are super rich and well known, although that isn't really anything you've done. Not that that's bad or anything that they're super rich but like, I don't know, my mom works at a convenience store down the block and my dad hasn't been seen for like three years or something crazy like that."

She was rambling at this point, but Elsa made no moves to stop her as she got up and paced around the cramped bedroom.

"I mean, who doesn't like you? Nobody. Nobody doesn't like you. And here I am, Barely keeping a B average. I tried out for the swim team earlier this year; yeah I didn't make it on the team. Not even junior varsity or something. They just told me flat out that I wasn't good enough. My only friend is you, which, don't get me wrong, I'm soooo thankful for, but like… you're friends with everybody. I guess what I'm getting at is just… you're so much better than me. I don't see how you can even hang around me. I'm nothing compared to you."

Anna's sudden rant caught Elsa completely off guard.

She was speechless. She was opening her mouth to say something when Anna cut her off.

"Y'know what? I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that. I guess I'm just a little stressed. I'm sure it isn't a walk in the park for you. That was… impolite of me. You invite me over and here I am complaining to you and wow jeez now I'm just rambling. I'm going to stop now." The redhead was blushing insanely with a tentative smile on her face. She was toying with one of her long braids and shuffling her feet awkwardly.

Does she know that she's literally the cutest thing I think I've ever seen? And I mean cute in a sisterly sort of way. Right? But wait, sisters don't get heart flutters over each other, right?

"Um…" Elsa managed.

"Ooookay, I've just ruined things. Aug I shouldn't have even opened my mouth, it always gets me in trouble. Y'know what? I'm just… gonna go…" Anna made a movement to leave, but Elsa sprung out of the bed as fast as lighting.


Anna jumped backwards, screaming a little.

"Sorry, I mean," Elsa took a deep breath. "Please stay? We can watch a movie or something. I don't know. I have tons of movies. After what you just said I want nothing more than to just spend some more time with you," she gave the best encouraging smile she could muster.

"Are you sure?"

Elsa nodded, smiling ever more brightly. "And also," she took one of Anna's hands in hers. "To be quite honest, I don't have an inspiration of any sorts. Although these past couple of weeks, one's been creeping up on me." Elsa didn't mean to word her sentence so… flirtatiously.

"What?" Anna asked, suddenly confused.

"Uh," Elsa cleared her throat. "I'm working on a painting. It's not finished yet."

"Well dur, why would you work on something that's already finished," Anna joked.

Elsa laughed along with her.

"So what do you think is your new inspiration?"

"Oh," Elsa gasped a little, red rushing to her cheeks. "Oh it's nothing that would interest you."

"Oh… well okay! Anyways, what kinds of movies do you have?" Anna asked, starting towards the bedroom door.

"Oh, well actually I don't really have a huge variety. It's mostly just Disney stuff."

"Oh I love Disney stuff! What do you have?"

"Hm… I have Mulan, Monsters Inc., Brave… Oh and I also have the original Jurassic Park, if you—"

"Jurassic Park, yes!" Anna's eyes lit up. She did a little dance and stopped when she noticed Elsa staring at her with a peculiar look on her face.

"Uh… sorry…"

Elsa burst out laughing, causing Anna to stick her lower lip out in a pout.

"Oh my god, you are like the most upbeat person I've ever known!"

"Hey!" Anna put her hands on her hips. "I try to make it a habit to be happy. Happiness is contagious, you know. Now c'mon! I wanna watch some stupid little kids get people killed!"

Without warning, the redhead latched their hands together and dragged Elsa down the stairs and into the living room. She practically threw Elsa down onto the couch and ran over to the cabinet nearby the large, flat screen television.

Elsa stifled a chuckle at the redhead's enthusiasm.

"In all due respect, but I think I'd know where to find the movie more than you would."

"Ta-da!" Anna exclaimed. She held the Jurassic Park disc aloft, brandishing it in Elsa's face like a trophy.

"Wha…" Elsa muttered dumbfoundedly.

Anna shoved the disc into the player, sprinted over to the other side of the room, punched the light switch to make it turn off, grabbed a blanket that was lying on the farthest armrest from Elsa and threw herself next to Elsa while also covering them with the woolen warmth.

Elsa sat there, still wondering how Anna had managed to do all of that in so little time. It was almost like Anna had lived here before.

"Shocked?" Anna asked slyly. "I'll have you know, I'm a movie night expert." She tapped Elsa's nose with her pointer finger.

"I just… I don't… what?" Elsa was struggling for words, but eventually a smile found its way onto her confused face. "How did you know…?"

"Oh please, anyone who is anyone sorts their movies by how much you watch them. And since you don't seem like a huge dinosaur person, yours was behind all of the other ones," she beamed.

"I mean… I didn't do that on purpose at all, but I guess you're right…"

Is this girl a fucking psychic? Oh god… she's sitting next to me. She's practically on top of me.

The thought of Anna being on top of her sent Elsa into panic mode.

Oh god she's so close and we're watching a movie. Wait what if she falls asleep? No, she won't fall asleep. She's too into dinosaurs, right? But what if she does? What's stopping me from -

"You okay Elsa?" Anna asked in a small voice, worry knitting her eyebrows together. "You seem… distant."

"Oh, no. It's just that…" I think I've found my new inspiration.

"It's just what?"

It's you.

"Nothing," Elsa smiled. "I'm just glad you're my friend."

Anna beamed even brighter. "Really? I mean, I know that with my spazzy nature I can get sort of annoying – and some people tell me I'm annoying all the time – so like it's nice to have someone that doesn't constantly tell me to piss off or go do something else or go—"

While Anna was rambling, Elsa was inching closer and closer. Anna didn't notice until she could feel Elsa's warm breath dancing on her lips.

Oh god how did we get so close!? Did I do this? I didn't even notice. I'm probably scaring her.

Elsa was starting to back off when Anna cupped her face with her hands and smashed her lips onto Elsa's.

At first it was aggressive, but after a moment it was more passionate.

Seconds passed. Minutes. Hours. Elsa had forgotten time itself. All she could feel or think about was that Anna was so close to her. The taste of her lips was amazing. It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. She'd kissed boys before, but this was different. This was better. She grabbed one of Anna's hands with one of hers and rested the other one on her hip.

The girl she'd been thinking about ever since she first saw her in class that first day was kissing her.

Well that solves my 'is she even into girls' problem.

Finally they broke apart, both extremely red in the face.

"Um…" Anna cleared her throat. "I'm sorry. That was… yeah…" Anna scooted a little farther away from Elsa.

Oh no, she's scared!

"What are you sorry for?" Elsa said, trying her best to give an encouraging smile.

Anna gulped.

"I didn't know if you um… if you were… into that kind of stuff before I did it."

Elsa scooted a little towards Anna.

"I was asking myself the same thing about you ever since I met you."

Anna gave her a tentative smile. She was still blushing and the tips of her ears were crimson red. "So… do you still wanna watch the movie?"


The two of them curled up together under a blanket and hit the play button.

Elsa's eyes fluttered open.

The comfortable warmth that she had fell asleep wrapping herself around was missing and the movie was stuck looping the main menu over and over again.

Shit I fell asleep.

She glanced at her blue watch with snowflake patterns etched on it.

12:43? Why didn't she wake me before she left!

Elsa scrambled out from under the blanket and into the entry way.

"Anna?" she called.

No reply.

She didn't even say goodbye… Did I scare her too much last night? Then again, she sort of made the first move. I was backing away! But what if she felt pressured into it. Oh god, I don't want her being scared of me. I didn't mean to, Anna!

She proceeded up the stairs and towards her bedroom. She flung open the door and sure enough, it was empty. She was about to faceplant onto her bed when something caught her eye.

The once blank painting canvas was now filled with a beautiful depiction of a snowflake. Its intricate patterns and weaves of ice were nothing like Elsa had ever seen before. It was the most realistic painting she'd ever laid eyes on. It was like a photograph, but better.

She took a sharp intake of breath when she noticed the writing directly under the snowflake, written in bold cursive with a dark shade of blue.

You are my inspiration.

This is supposed to be a one shot, but if you think I should write a story to go with it, let me know.

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