Summary: This is a sad fic about when Gohan gets a heart virus that can't be cured, A/U How will this effect Goku, and what about Vegeta?

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN DBZ, I DON'T OWN IT! I DON'T! {They understand that} Oh, they, ehm, well then! {Excuse her, she's mentally ill, okay?} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My son...


Narrator talking, no POV Videl busily, rocked his son, he smiled, his life couldn't possibly be any better than it was now. Even when his daughter was crying he felt happy, but over the last few days he had felt some thing new, something different, he was....sick.



"I'm going to lay down, now, ok?"

"Alright, Gohan, I'll wake you up later."


Videls POV My daughter's ear-splitting scream nearly drowned out Gohan's voice, he was going to sleep again. This wasn't right, before the last few days Gohan had always trained and helped me care for Pan, but now, he never seemed to train, maybe it was stress, I never could understand even the half-saiyans, even if Goku was my father, I didn't understand him. I jumped and layed Pan in her chair, in the other room, I heard his scream...."Gohan?!"

Gohan's POV I screamed in pain, it was like a seprerate action from my own body, what was this, this pain. I gasped for air, my head felt heavy, I felt hot. I screamed, I wouldn't stop, I couldn't.

"GOHAN!" I heard my wife's voice.

"" it was all I could manage.

"Okay, Gohan, I will!"

Goku's POV "VEGETA! STOP BEING DIFFICULT!" Why did he have to be this way, what was his problem. He was still laughing, I couldn't make him stop, why was it so funny that I had tripped, that wasn't nice. He stopped, he looked up at me, he was on the ground.

"Kakarott, you are the stupidest person, I've ever met..."

"What about Nappa, Vegeta?" I had to remind him of his former partner, I don't think he liked the thought of him to much.

"Okay, okay....whatever, Kakarott."

The phone rang, Vegeta grabbed it before I could.

Vegeta's POV "Hello?"


Vegeta heard the desperate voice of Gohan's wife. "Yeah, what is it?"

"It's, Gohan, you and Goku have got to get over here, please."

I felt my heart pounding, "Okay...we will...."

I sat there and held the phone for a while after she had hung up, I felt sweat roll of of my face, though it was freezing in Kakarott's house, I was sweating, why? Gohan...what about Gohan?

Goku's POV I saw Vegeta's expression changed drastically, now what, what had happened, it wasn't an expression the saiyan prince normally had.

"Vegeta...what is it?"

He turned and face me, "We've got to go." He hung up the phone.



"Alright, what's going on?"

"I don't know."

I eyed Vegeta carefully, sweat was running off his face, his eyes were filled with something, a feeling, I couldn't quite figure it out.

Videl's POV "He'll be here Gohan, I promise."

" said Vegeta." His face twisted in pain.

"Yeah, vegeta told me they'd be here."

Gohan halfway smiled, "Good."

"Good, but how?"

Gohan screamed again, I grabbed him, "You'll be fine, Gohan, I promise."

"Hey! What's wrong?" I turned to see Vegeta's son, Trunks. "What happened to Gohan?"

I sighed, "Nothing, Gohan's fine, Trunks."

The boy frowned, "No, tell me Videl, WHAT'S WRONG?"

I knelt down, "Nothing, Trunks, Gohan's just a little sick, alright?"

Trunks looked confused, "He'll be ok, right?"

"Yes, of course, Trunks, he'll be fine." I smiled, trying to convince myself.

I heard a familar saiyan's voice, "VIDEL? WHAT'S HAPPENED?!" Goku ran into the room, "Is he okay?"

Vegeta followed him, "Wh-what happened?" I couldn't believe it, Vegeta was in a worse state of panic than Goku, and that was a bad state.

I smiled giving it my best to make it look real, "He'll be fine."

Vegeta eyed her, "Take him to a doctor, we can at least see what he's got and hope-" he cut off, purposely I knew, I was glad.

"Yeah good idea, you guys coming."

They both nodded, Trunks, who was still there looked up at his father, "Can I come?"

Vegeta looked down at his son, "Trunks?! Yeah...sure." Vegeta hadn't even noticed Trunks was there.

Trunks looked at his father, "Thanks!" He ran off, I was sure, to get Goten, great.

Goku picked his son up, "Come on." Instantly all of us were in front of the hospital,

Vegeta blinked, "How about some warning, Kakarott?"

Goku looked at him, "Sorry."

I sighed, "Let's go in...alright?"

We walked into the hospital room, Goku spoke with the doctor and walked back over to me and Vegeta after laying Gohan on a stretcher, "Will he be alright?" I didn't want to know, I don't know why I asked.

Goku was trying to maintain his senses, I knew he was. He shrugged, "Probably." I looked at Vegeta, the prince seemed to have a knack for reading people's faces, not that that was a good thing for me.

I sat down in a chair, next to some old lady, I was pretty sure she was dead, she wasn't in fact she was snoring, loud!

After about what seemed a year a nurse finally walked out of the room, she had a weird expression. She stopped in front of Goku and told him something, in a quiet voice. Goku got stiff, then swallowed and nodded. I heard their conversation after that.

"Do you want to take him home?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Okay, you can get him."

"Alright." Goku nodded.

Vegeta watched him walk in the room, and walk out with Gohan.

Vegeta's POV I wasn't really sure what to think, I hadn't heard enough of the conversation, if he wasn't ok, they wouldn't let Kakarott take him home, or, maybe they couldn't cure him and knew- I shut my eyes, I held back tears, I had promised myself I wouldn't cry, never again.

Kakarott walked in front of me, I didn't think he wanted to confront Videl, not yet, she was staring, she WAS crying though, tears were streaming down her face, she was staring at us. I turned away from her, "What, what is it?!" I regained my normal attititude, and did my best to maintain it.

"They can't...cure him."

"Sorry." I looked up at Kakarott, his face was pale, I hadn't ever seen him like this before, it hurt me to watch him, because, as much as I wanted to deny it, Kakarott was my friend, probably my best one.

He nodded and motioned for Videl to come on, I think he knew I got the message. I saw my son run into the room and Kakarott's youngest son, Goten. Goten grabbed Kakarott's leg,

"What happened to Gohan, Dad?"

Trunks stood back, I think he knew, I'm not sure how but he did. Kakarott looked into his son's eyes, "Well, uh, Gohan's not feeling to good."

"Is he gonna live?"


I was startled, I've never seen Kakarott be so straight foward about something like that. I got up, not revealing how I felt, "Well, if you want to say good-bye to your son, I'd suggest we get him home, now." Kakarott nodded.

Goku's POV I nodded at Vegeta's comment, I knew he just wasn't showing his feelings a minute ago his voice had been shaking up, but, I had to give him credit, I couldn't believe he had been able to be so normal.


I heard my son's crying voice, "Goten, calm down, ok?" Goten's eyes got wide and tears streamed down his face.

"He can't die, daddy, he can't."


"Calm down, if he's going to die, you can st least be comforting, alright?" I looked at Vegeta, at least he was trying to comfort my other son. I sighed.

Goten shook his head, "Ok, Vegeta..."

Trunks POV After we all got Gohan home and in a bed, Videl hadn't left his side she kept comforting and reminding him of good times. She was being very comforting, she made Gohan laugh a couple of times. My dad was in the other room trying to comfort Goku.

Me and Goten were sitting in the hallway of Gohan's house, wondering what we could do to help. Dad had said, "You guys just shouldn't cry about it and that'll help, alright?"

So, we weren't, we decided we'd go try to comfort Videl and Gohan, I pushed Goten in first, I felt odd around Gohan, what could I say, he was about to die. I was glad I hadn't inherited my father's pride, or all of it at least, but I wish I could have inherited his courage.

Goku was in the room, I couldn't interrupt their conversation and niether could Goten.

"You feeling any better?"


"Did you hear what the doctor said?"


"Are you scared."

"Yeah, I am."

"My son..." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N: Was that bad? Okay if it was good, if it wasn't HIP-HIP-HOORAY! Well, I hope you like it! I had to write some sort of sad story, what's an author without a sad story, but who knows maybe gohan'll survive [I wonder if that'll kepp 'em hooked, probably not, oh well, off to do stuff]