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My Son

Misery Loves Company


Vegeta's POV

I slowly opened me eyes, and sat up on the couch, I glanced down at the couch I was sitting on, "What tha?" I jumped up immediately, no one was in the room. "I fell asleep God-dammit!"

"Good morning, sleepy head!" Kakarott had this idiotic smile on his face.

"Why did you let me sleep this late you moron?" I snarled at him, why hadn't anyone woken me up. I knew I needed the sleep, but it was unreasonable for me to just pass out like that.

"Because, Bulma said you looked to cute to wake up, Vegeta!" He walked over to me, "Feeling better?"

Actually, I needed to sleep a little bit longer, but I wasn't about to say that, "No, I'm not. I didn't need to sleep, you idiot."

He looked cross, "Yeah, whatever you say, Vegeta..." He smirked at me, which I found odd, I was supposed to be the one smirking.

"How is Gohan?" I looked at him, his eyes casting downwards.

"He's...not doing well, at all."

I noted the ending of his phrase and that meant things were not looking up in the least, "Not at all?" I repeated his last words.

"No, not at all, no better than before, worse!" He looked into my eyes and grabbed me by the shoulders, "Why won't her just get better?!" He desperately fought back tears, or that's what he appeared to be doing. He released me, I guess he saw my bewildered look, as he let go he turned away and looked slowly back towards me. Apparently, my eyes had softened a great deal, I really shouldn't be feeling pity but I had been feeling it for a long time, now.

"I...don't know." I stammered, desperately trying to get more words out of my mouth but they got stuck on the tip of my tongue.

Kakarott looked back at me, apparently regretting doing what he had just done, it had freaked me out, that was abrupt, "Sorry...Vegeta."

I cocked an eyebrow at him, "Uh...right."

He looked unhappily into my eyes, he was kind of being a little weird I kept feeling like he was going to knock me across the room, he seemed like he was about to snap, "...."

He noticed me not saying anything and continued to look at me, his eyes slowly narrowing, I was unsure what he was about to do, but I didn't think it was anything nice, "Why?" His voice was deep, he seemed mad, really mad.

"I...don't know..."

He grabbed me by my collar this time, he started shouting, "Why won't he get any better?!" He shook me for a minute before I pushed him off.

"Kakarott, calm down." I backed away from him, "I don't know why he won't get better." I officially wanted to go home now, what did I do to him?

He grabbed me again, which was beginning to piss me off slightly, but I'm not sure what his next move made me feel like, "Stop looking at me like that! You don't know how I feel so quit looking at me like I've lost it!!" Well, he had lost it, but he went on, "You're the only one that isn't sad, you moron! You don't know how to feel bad you stupid loser! What is your problem?!" He growled at me, and cursed something or other, "Whatever it is, you need to get over it! You have no CLUE what I feel like."

I snarled slightly, I wasn't going to say anything about the fact that my entire PLANET had been destroyed, but I saw him raise his hand, my eyes widened because I knew what he was about to do, but I didn't move I just watched his hand, he reared it back and hit me in the face hard, knocking me into the stupid end table where that glass lamp fell OFF, and happened to cut me really smoothly along my face, especially my lips, cheeks and forehead, I was going to scream out in anger, but instead, I cried out in desperate agony, I didn't realize how badly that had hurt, as blood spat emitted from my mouth, "Why?! It...wasn't my fault!" I didn't know what I was talking about, really. But, my jaw, I couldn't feel it, my head ached to no end and the cuts felt worse than any other cut has hurt before.


Goku's POV

My eyes were wide in total horror as I stared at what I had just done, he slowly climbed to his feet and shook his head at me, "Vegeta..." My voice cracked desperately. Why had I just done that? The only person that wasn't making me feel worse, I had just knocked across the room. I knew I had punched with everything I had in me. I felt remorse, guilt, horror, terror, worry and anguish all at the same time. He had done nothing.

He backed away, he regained him composure and gave me a cold stare, "It isn't my fault...I lost my entire planet to Frieza...I KNOW how you feel." His eyes widened and narrowed at me.

I had totally forgotten, why had I just said those things. He did know how I felt, everyone he knew, or loved was killed, everyone. "I...I didn't mean to...please, Vegeta...I'm sorry."

His voice softened a little, but I noted his eyes were slightly misty, as he turned away, "Well...whatever...I'll talk to you...later, ok..." His voice was shaking, and I saw the worst thing I had ever seen in my entire life. A drop of water had hit the floor, he...was crying.

"Vegeta!" I jerked backwards, "I'm so sorry!!" I desperately tried to express how badly I felt about it, this was not what either of us needed. "Please..."

He looked back at me, ".....ok." He looked down, not looking up, embarrassed, "You should go check on your son..."

"I don't want to!" I shook my head furiously, "Vegeta, you don't know how sorry I am! I would never purposely hurt you mentally or physically, I'm so sorry."

He nodded to me, "It's okay...I heard you."

He was being understanding, which, with how he had been acting lately, was expecting, but, with what I had just done, was not, "Thank you....Vegeta."

He nodded again, "It's all right..." He shook his head and held it slightly. "Why, though?" He looked back over his shoulder at me.

I really couldn't answer him, it was so out of my character, Gohan's dying was driving me out of my mind, "I wish I could answer that, but I truly don't think I have a reason..."

He looked at me, obviously confused, "You know...I guess since your son is dying it's understandable, but come on, can't you try to get a grip, Kakarott?!" He was still slightly angry with me.

I nodded at him, having no arguments with that little statement, I did need to get a grip, what was with me? "You're right..." I looked down and away, "I...don't know WHY I just did that..."

He scowled slightly, obviously over the pain, mental or physical, "Well...you know, that wasn't funny, don't do that again, Kakarott." He just kind of glared, "If you do, I'm not going to be so forgiving."

I smiled meekly at him, "Well...I guess I should thank you for the chance..." I was a little, ok, a lot embarrassed by what I had just done to him. "And, I 'know' it wasn't funny."

He paid my comment no mind I guess, "Well..." He looked away, "It isn't like it hurt, so there's no point in apologizing..."

He was lying, because I heard him yelp when he hit the desk, "Ok, fine whatever you say." I looked slightly cross at him, "But I know you're lying and I would never purposely hurt you."

I guess he figured I would call his bluff, because he backed it up, "I told you it didn't hurt, Kakarott, why do have a problem believing me...besides, you couldn't purposely hurt me, anyway."

"I could so and you know it." Ok, that was it, I had to say something now, he was getting that stupid ego back, "You know I could!"

He smirked at me, "Wow, someone's touchy, huh?" His smirk widened, "If I had been that upset, you certainly wouldn't be standing like I am right now, Kakarott."

I cocked my eyebrow at him, "Mhm...you go on thinking that, Vegeta." I knew this was not going to be something I wanted to look back on.

Just then, Vegeta's wife ran in and grabbed him by the collar, "Something is really wrong with Gohan!"

Vegeta cocked his eyebrow slightly, "What did you say?" He glanced at me, for a brief second then turned back to her, "What happened?"

"He's not breathing!" She gasped as she spoke, tears streaming down her face as she buried her face in Vegeta's chest.

He looked slightly concerned, he stroked the back of her head and glanced at me, "You'd better go check him, Kakarott!"

I nodded and ran off towards Gohan's room, "Gohan?!" I opened the door, I had never been so scared in my entire life, I don't think, well, not as far as I could remember.


Trunks's POV

I walked in to the den to immediately see that my father was awake, he had my mother is his arms and she was crying, "Oh God..." I muttered under my breath.

"Trunks." My father looked at me, something very awkward in his eyes.

I looked up at him, I noticed the look in his eyes and couldn't speak that look, on his face, was enough to scare even him if he was on my end of this, "Yes?"

"I want you to take your sister and go home." He sounded more solemn than usual, I kind of swallowed, "Yes sir." My curiosity was going crazy but my fear was condemning it, "I will." I ran off.

I glanced back and noticed my father had pulled my mother away and was looking her in the eyes with both of his hands holding her arms and he looked concerned, she was still crying, "Bra?!" I called her.

"Yes?" She smiled and walked out of Pan's room, "Hm?"

I hoped she wouldn't ask me why, because I do no clue why, but I could make a guess, and I didn't want to say that, "Dad wants us to go home, now."

"Why?" Of course, she asked. But, lucky for me, she changed the subject, "Daddy's up?" Her eyes lit up, "I want Daddy!"

I smiled, but for some reason words I couldn't control came out of my mouth, "Gohan is very sick and he needs us to go home, he'll come home in a little while, you can play with him then."

She tilted her head, but apparently it was good enough for her, "He will?"

"Yes, he will, he won't be over here forever, silly." I sighed, seeing that she was giving in. "So, can we go home?"

"Can I have cookies?" She smiled really sweetly ask me, so I basically couldn't resist.

"Yes, as soon as we get home I'll get you some cookies and then you can take a nap and Daddy might be home when you wake up, okay?" I hoped what I was saying was going to make her go home.

"Ok!" She smiled happily, "We can go home, then!" She looked at me curiously, "Pan's daddy is gonna die, isn't he?"

This question surprised me, but I smiled weakly, "We don't know, Bra, now let's go home." I took her hand and started leading her off.

"Bye-bye, Pan!" She waved happily with her other hand, "I hope you're Daddy feels better soon."

I winced and continued walking, gripping her hand firmly, "Bye, Pan." I dragged my sister by the hand, and again we passed the room my father and mother had previously been in, now it was only my dad.

Bra smiled when she saw him, "Hi, Daddy!" He blinked and looked at her, an awkward look coming over his face.

"Hi, Bra..." I didn't even try to keep her from hugging him, because she suddenly gets this huge burst of strength when she saw her father, I don't know WHY she was so crazy about him.

"Daddy!" She smiled and hugged his legs, he rolled his eyes but smiled and picked her up. "Hi, Daddy!" She smiled, as if he didn't know, I'm going home!"

He smiled, "Oh, really?" He cocked his eyebrow, as if he really didn't know, he was sure acting different than he had with me. I wished I was three, or two, or however old she was!

She nodded, "When are you coming home, Daddy?" She hugged his neck, but kept right on smiling. I wasn't sure she ever quit while she was around him, I wondered vaguely if her cheeks ever hurt. The only time she had not been smiling around him, was that time he had severely injured himself while training then she started crying and yelling, "Daddy's hurt!"

He pulled her off of him, "I'll be home pretty soon, okay, Bra?" He nodded towards me, "Will you go home with Trunks, now, though? I swear I'll be home tonight, all right?"

"Mmm..." She seemed to be thinking, then she smiled again, "Okay, Daddy! But you better be!" She hugged him again and walked over towards me.

"I will be." He nodded at me, this time. "I'll see you tonight, okay, Trunks?"

"All right, Dad, see ya." I suppose he was serious about being home, I wondered if he thought Gohan was going to die tonight, whatever the case, he'd be home, he never let Bra down which was why I think she might have liked him so much."


Videl's POV

I stared blankly at Gohan, as Bulma desperately tried to revive him, I heard that loud beep as tears continued to roll down my face, "G-Gohan..."

ChiChi was crying her eyes out as well, just staring at Gohan, "No, no! Gohan come back! Don't leave me, Gohan!" She sobbed louder, "You can't leave me! No one gave you permission to die!" She sobbed uncontrollably, even louder than I was, I was basically silent, but crying.

Goku kept trying to keep ChiChi quiet and kept asking Bulma how he was, same response every time, "He's...still not breathing, but I think he's beginning to come around."

Goku seemed skeptical on about the fifth round of that same answer, "Bulma! Can you revive him?!" Goku seemed more distant than any of us, more distant than usual.

"Please say you can!" I blurted out in between sobs, "He can't die! He just can't!" I sniffled slightly and just stared at him, "Gohan!"

I heard the door open and slightly turned to see Vegeta leaning on the doorway, "Hmph." He didn't seem to interested in the whole mess, surprise, surprise.

"Vegeta?!" Goku turned and looked at him, "You think you could help us a little?" Goku was just asking him as a question, not as a, "Where have you been, you idiot?"

Vegeta cocked an eyebrow at him, "I don't know, I guess I could try, but I'm no doctor." He glanced at Bulma, "You can't get him breathing?"

She shook her head violently, "I've tried everything, I can't get him to breathe." She glanced down, ashamed. "I'm really sorry."

Vegeta kept that same face and glanced down at him, "Are you sure about that, onna?" I looked down and saw Gohan gasp for breath.

"He's alive!!" I shouted, I was so happy, my heart had been so low, I'm not sure if it was even still in my body, "He's alive!" He heart skipped three beats and I kissed him gently on the cheek.

Bulma sighed, obviously relieved, "Thank God..." I heard her mutter, she looked up at her husband and walked over to him.

ChiChi was jumping for joy practically, "Oh thank God! My baby's still alive!" She was overjoyed, then I realized we were all celebrating for nothing he was still suffering from a fatal disease and was still suffering period, I still smiled, but that was all.

Vegeta took in a deep breath and looked at us all, as if inquiring, 'Damn, these people are really pathetic!' I'm not sure that's what the look was meant to say though.

He looked at me, "What are you looking at?" His voice was colder now that we were all happy, he had no reason to be nice.

"I wasn't looking at anything, I just happened to be glancing at you! Why are you so mean all of the time!?" I snarled at him, some tears still rolling down my red face.

"Hmph!" He didn't answer me and turned and walked out of the room, "I told out daughter I'd be home tonight, woman." He glanced back at his wife.

"All right, well, then let me come with you, too." She smiled at him, I guess she hadn't been paying attention to our little dispute. She followed him quickly out of the room.

Goku was looking at ChiChi and me, "Are you two ok?" He glanced at me and noticed that I was still crying.

Flashbacks of Gohan were now flooding my memory and I started to cry again, he was going to leave me, and I could do nothing to stop it, "I'm...fine." I sobbed a little more, "I just want to be with Gohan."

"Okay, if you're sure." He glanced back at ChiChi, "And you?" He sighed. He wasn't as good at consoling his wife as Vegeta was, but he was pretty good. I just wished I had a husband to console me, no, mine was dying.

"I'm fine." She sniffled slightly, "I'm going to find Pan, Bra must have left since Vegeta said he told her he'd be home." She walked out, still crying softly, after realizing what I had realized it would seem.

"All right." Goku looked down and sat down, his heart wasn't there. He had a different expression on his face, he looked anguished.

"Goku...what's wrong?" I asked him, since the guys had been the ones asking that for so long it felt awkward, I knew then he wasn't going to tell me.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong Videl..." He walked out of the room, his head never rising to even spare me one single glance.

I looked down at Gohan, "Gohan, I really need you, right now." I cried slightly, "I miss you, why does this have to happen?"

He stirred slightly, "Mm..." I supposed he was starting to come around, he always woke up after near death experiences, I didn't know what that meant, though.

"I really do, Gohan!" I sighed, "I miss you so much, I love you, Gohan." I sobbed more, "I hope you know that if you do die." It was the first time I had ever mentioned dying to him, and soon, I realized he had heard me.

"I do, Videl." His voice was weak and hoarse, worse than the last time he had spoken, he wasn't getting better, he was getting worse.

I stared blankly at him, "Gohan?! You're awake?!" I gasped slightly, realizing he had heard me mention dying. "I...I...are you feeling any better?"

"No....worse actually."


Goten's POV

I sat there playing "train" with my little sister, looking slightly annoyed and bored, and sad, "So, um, Pan..." I had nothing else to say, I was at a loss of words.

She smiled happily at me, "Yes GOTEN!?" She smiled proudly at me as she crashed our trains together.

"Nothing..." I looked down, her dad was dying and she was the most cheerful of all of us.

She blinked and looked at me, "Hey, Goten, how came Daddy has been sleeping for so long, I guess he's real tired, huh?"

I looked at her blankly, tired, I guess that was an okay word to use to describe him, "Yes...Daddy is very, very tired Pan."

"Am I aloud to see him?"

"No, he very tired and...he will make you tired too if you see him and you don't want to have to be lying in bed too, do you?" I sighed and looked up at the ceiling, I had nothing more to say. I wanted to change the subject. I lunged my train across the room, "Oops...I dropped it."

She looked at me like an idiot, "No, you threw it, why did you throw my train?" She started crying, "You don't like my train!"

Well ,wait to go me, I had made even her cry I was too depressed for my own good, "Misery loves company, Pan." I looked at her, but wondered why I had told her that, well ,at least it made her stop crying.

"Who's misery, Goten?" She tiled her head and looked at me, now interested in what I had to say.

"Misery is a very mean girl who like to make everybody feel very, very sad and mad." I stared at her, why was I saying this, I guess it was an analogy.

"Oh, she shouldn't be so mean, she should try to make people happy, people should try to make her happy so she wouldn't be sad or mad anymore!" She looked at me and smiled proudly again as she had just given some 'great' advice.

"Because, she has a reason to be and no one can help her or cheer up, she's stuck being sad forever." I looked into her eyes as she got a sad look in them.

"She has to be sad forever?" She started to cry softly, "then she should leave everyone else alone!"

I nodded to her, taking that as a shut up, "Yes, she should, that's why if you ever see her you should not listen to her because she's really stupid!" I smiled meekly at her, but she didn't notice it was meek and grinned back.

"Yep! You won't let her get me, will you, Goten?" She smiled at me, putting her trust in me, as I held back tears desperately.

"No, I won't Pan, I won't let her..." I stared off into space, "But, you stay here, I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be back in a little bit okay?" I smiled weakly at her, again.

"Ok! Thank you, Goten!" she waved as I started towards the exit to the room and stumbled upon Vegeta.

He glanced at me, I guessed he hadn't heard my conversation with my little niece, "Hi...Vegeta." I blinked and looked him in the eyes.

He cocked an eyebrow at me, "Hey." He was good at observations apparently, "What's wrong with you, kid?"

"Nothing really..." I looked down at the ground so he couldn't see my face anymore, I guessed that was what gave it away.

"Oh..." I still thought he looked worn out, so I got back at him for bringing my sadness to attention, "Hey, you still look tired."

He made a face at me, "I just slept..."

"Well, for how long?" I smirked at him, notifying him he needed rest too, "Ok, well, where is my Dad?"

"I don't really know." He glared at me, "And I slept for around an hour...so get lost." He blushed slightly, guess he didn't wanna talk about being tired, though it was apparent.

I grinned or kind of smirked at him, he always made me feel a lot better, "As opposed to missing what...at least thirteen hours?" I kept that smug look on my face and started off again, to find my father.

"Whatever..." He was watching me and I knew it then, I did a double take, realizing a bruise on the right side of his face and, a few scratches littered about his face, and his lip was busted, "Uh...Vegeta...?"

I saw an immediate concern jerk over his face, "What...?" His voice sounded more tensed than before and I just stared at him.

"What happened?" I obviously needed to specify because he just looked at me, like I needed to crawl into a hole or something, I didn't think he wanted to talk about it, though, I continued.

"Nothing..." Was his only response as he turned and started to walk away, but I had to know why he was being so secretive.

"To your face, it's all banged up." It surprised me that me or no one else had noticed, but I didn't necessarily know they hadn't.

"I...slipped...?" He said it as if asking himself if that was a good excuse, I felt sorry for him so I pretended to but it.

"Oh...man, that was a nasty fall, then." I continued walking off, but he called my bluff, or that was how it appeared from the look he gave me.

He turned and walked off as well, "Hmph."


Vegeta's POV

I watched Goten walk off, I wished he hadn't brought that subject up, I was still lingering on the fact that Kakarott had done that and said that I didn't know how it felt, "I know how it feels..." I looked at the floor, the pain was also still lingering there, that I brought no attention to, I was just glad no one else noticed.

Bulma walked into the room, I immediately looked away because I didn't want her to notice, I wondered just how noticeable it was, "Hi, Vegeta..." She looked at me, strangely.

"Hey..." I pretended not to notice her curious look she was giving me, but, then, I decided to notice, or pretend to, or whatever, "What are you looking at, Bulma?" My voice sounded slightly annoyed, and I meant for it to.

"You...Vegeta..." She looked like she was about to say something to me, so I glanced at her, facing her again, then realizing I had made a mistake, how come it took everyone until now to notice, "What happened?!"

He glared at her, "I knew you were going to ask that, why do you care?" Stupid question, I knew what she was going to say immediately, so I tried to think of a response to that.

"Because you're my husband, now, what happened to you?" Wow, that sure varied a lot, she said that every time I asked her why she cared. I guessed it was a pretty good reason, but I didn't answer her, though. I refused to admit the actual truth. Though, she wasn't going to be as understanding as Kakarott's boy was. So, the excuse had to be better.

"I...don't really know." That was probably the stupidest thing I had ever said because it looked a lot like a truck had hit me, but, I hoped she didn't catch that.

"How can you not know?!" Obviously, she did catch it, "You have a bruise the size of a baseball on the side of your face, you look like you got hit. And plus, you're all scratched up, what happened?"

I decided to keep my story that I had gone with, so, everyone didn't think I had done ten million things to my face, "I fell..."

She narrowed her eyes at me, "Vegeta, you just blew it sky high..." She crossed her arms, and glared at me, "Not even a fall down the steps could make cuts that deep."

"Hmph! Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!" I smirked at her and started off, again, with her screaming after me.

"Vegeta!" She glared at me.


I followed my husband, if I hadn't been so worried I would have been mad at him for being so sarcastic with me, "Hey, Vegeta, please!"

He didn't look back, "Are you coming home with me or not, onna?"

Changing the subject what a surprise, he whirled and cocked an eyebrow at me, it was merely impossible to stay mad at him, "Yeah, I guess, I am." I smiled at him, still worried, but it wasn't serious, so whatever.

"Well, hurry up! I told Bra I'd be home tonight, so if you're coming, come on!"

"Okay, okay! Why do you always have to yell?"

"I'm not yelling!" He smirked at me, "I'm just coaxing you along."

"All right, all right."


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