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Summary: Naruto has been adopted by Kyuubi and trained her to protect herself and she repaid her dept to the third by becoming an anbu , she also know who her parents were what will happen from now on? Consist of Kakashi being in love, and sakura bashing.

No Uchiha massacre, just a plain old Uchiha sasuke prick we all know about, and please this is my first time writing a naruto fanfic, so if there are mistakes please bare with me, for I am not perfect and does not have a beta reader.

"Kyuubi says"

'Kyuubi thinks'

'Naruto thinks'

"naruto says"

"Kyuubi's Legacy: the bloody Fang"







Prologue: the Beginning

"Demon get out of here!" "Demon just go away and kill yourself!" "Demon just die already!"

The most common sentences coming from the civilians' mouth that Naruto can hear on every civilian. It was raining hard and she was just sitting on her favorite swing scanning her bruises that the civilians made, she wanted to cry but for some reason her tears refused to shed. She was already tired, tired of villagers stupidity, tired of being alone in her room crying all night, tired of living. She was just waiting for the shinigami to take her away. Only the Hokage has anchored her to this village, to this living world.

Even the sky refused to give her a pretty rainbow; at least it felt sorry for her cause it's shedding its tears for her. 'What did I do to deserve this? Fate must have really hated me' Naruto asked herself, she was just tired of forcing herself to smile, and she was just a child after all that didn't know what she did wrong? She was curious as well as angry at those civilians, she wanted revenge but fate refused to give her any sign of justice.

She stood up and began to walk to her apartment, even though it was spacious but it was a terrible place to sleep in but she much rather have this than to put up the landlady's schemes on killing her in the orphanage. The hokage bought this apartment for her, she felt indebted to the hokage and she made sure to repay him, she hurriedly went to the bathroom to take a quick shower and go to bed. She gently closed her eyes and began drifting to sleep, later she found herself in a sewer like place, she began to walk to where her legs would carry her and finally she came to a stop when she faced a giant door with giant metal bars with a paper seal on one of the bars, a creature like fox appeared and it attacked her with one of its claws but its attack didn't reach the girl, the fox was surprised to see the girl didn't flinch or even move out of the way.

Naruto just stood there eyeing the beast in front of her (if it were someone that had been there I bet they're already wetting their pants now, but this is Naruto were talking about) she wanted to yell at it for making her life miserable, she knew she was at her mindscape and she knew how badly she wanted to die right now.

"Do you want to kill me?" Naruto asked the beast. The fox stared at her incredulously not expecting the question from her mouth, "do you want to die?" the beast ask her, now it's Naruto's turn to look at the fox incredulously she didn't anticipated this response to her question, Naruto slowly nodded her head, no one would miss her anyway if the fox killed her, so why not wanting to die now?

The fox's body began to glow; Naruto shielded her eyes from the bright light. A woman in her 20's stood there with flowing blood red hair reaching to her breasts, she wore a midnight blue kimono with cherry blossoms for its design, she looked beautiful with her shining gold eyes, but what caught Naruto's attention was the pair of fox ears and the tail swinging behind her.

"My name's kyuubi no Yoko and this is my true form" Naruto eyed her new form and she concluded that this new form is more dangerous and more prettier than her other form, cause this form had the art of being unpredictable."Why did you change your appearance?" Naruto asked her, she would be fine if Kyuubi didn't change her appearance she didn't see any reason for her too change, what she look like unless she wanted to show her what she truly look like and be less intimidating. "We need to talk and my other form is too intimidating" she stated it just like it was a matter of fact.

The surroundings began to change, the sewer like place was changed with a massive field of flowers and in the center was a giant cherry blossom tree, the sky is dark with a full moon that is shining above giving light all over the place, Kyuubi stared at Naruto he was about to ask 'why' but the girl beat her to it, "Because you deserve more than that sewer like place and this is my mind I can do anything I want with it" Naruto said answering the unsaid question of Kyuubi making her smile at her.

"Can I call you kit?" she asked Naruto, Naruto was shocked at her request but still nodded giving her surrogate mother a smile, Naruto have always wanted to have a mother that will love her as her own flesh and blood and kyuubi was the only one offering that even if the fox has done this to her but she will not judge her quickly because everything that have been done has a reason.

"Why?" Naruto asked Kyuubi, Kyuubi just looked at her and motioned her to sit down on the grass and she too sat down beside her."I lost my kits at that time and as a mother I'm heartbroken, a certain snake like man whose name is Orochimaru killed them, I was clouded with anger at that time and couldn't make a better decision and because of that he tricked me into attacking your village only to be sealed inside you, I know you won't forgive for what I've done to you, If I didn't let Orochimaru trick me then maybe you won't suffer from a miserable life and…" Kyuubi didn't get to finish her sentence when Naruto hugged her tightly with tears streaking from her cheeks, Kyuubi bit her lip to stop her tears but failed miserably, she looked at her then smiled.

"For years I was longing for a mother who would love me as one of her flesh and blood, and now that woman is here in front of me offering me that offer, I don't care that because of you the civilians hated me even some shinobi did even if children won't play with me I can manage that but living without a warmth from a mother is something I can't live with, especially with everything that's been going on now, and please don't cry I don't blame you for this cursed life it's that snake teme's fault!" Naruto exclaimed.

Kyuubi looked at her shock at what she heard from her mouth; she hugged the girl and patted her head gently. "Thank you Okaasama" Naruto said whipping her tears away "No thank you kit for accepting me" Kyuubi said still smiling, she loved Naruto dearly, just one look at the girl will make you love her , she had a shine that radiates from her and magnets people to her.

"Kit I'll train you to protect yourself and me" Kyuubi said while Naruto just smiled at her and nodded her head at her mother who just smiled back at her.


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