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"Kyuubi says"

'Kyuubi thinks'

'Naruto thinks'

"naruto says"

Chapter 3

"Forming bonds"

Naruto stared at the old hokage with wide eyes with a look of 'What the F**k' as the old monkey's eyes were still gleaming evilly while he had a small smile plastered in his face. "Let me say it once more, you will attend the academy Naruto" the old monkey said, enjoying himself as he saw his granddaughter figure's jaw hanging even the mask failed to hide it but he won't just let his guard down or she will bite him later with intensity.

"And why pray tell are you going to put me in the academy?" Naruto said as she glared at the old man, as the temperature from the room dropped, shisui had stopped snickering as he had realize that if he continued to do so he will mostly like ended up in the hospital for about 2 weeks and he speaks this because of experience.

Sarutobi was still masking all of his emotions but inside he was already sweating bullets, 'she's much tougher than ibiki, glad I didn't put her in the T&I department or she will honed her skills' the hokage thought as he thanked himself for not doing that, the rest of team alpha are already gulping hard and couldn't help but pity the old man they called hokage, as Sarutobi cleared his throat and entered his serious mode stopping Naruto from emitting anymore dark aura.

"I'll tell you if you'd just calm down" Sarutobi said as he signaled Weasel and Bear to hold Naruto, "Let me… go you…" Naruto said dangerously, Shisui is already sweating bullets while Itachi just remain indifferent, "Please don't kill us Naru chan were just Following the Sandaime's orders" Itachi said as Shisui gave him a thumbs up for thinking a plan to save their asses while hare just face palmed herself at the scene and Sarutobi just glared at the anbu captain's doings that will ensure his frail body a lot of pain.

"Yes I know that Itachi" Naruto said making both men that are holding her sigh in relief, that there jewels are safe for now but couldn't help but pity for the old hokage's well being, with a couple of breaths she finally calm down enough for both boys to let go of her, and all of them sigh in relief again that they're still in one peace with no parts missing, before retreating to hare's side, away from danger zone, leaving the sandaime muttering 'cowards' but he can't blame them a truly pissed Naruto is someone that you shouldn't underestimate for it will take 2 teams of anbu to subdue her but he was just glad that the young anbu in front of him isn't that pissed, probably because of the lack of sleep she's experiencing which her crankiness kicks in which her damages are much weaker than when she is truly pissed, which everyone in the room is glad for.

"Just think of this as a mission you'll protect Uchiha Sasuke until he becomes chuunin and probably train him with your other teammate" Sarutobi said as he inhaled at his pipe, Naruto was eyeing the old man with wide eyes until she shifts her stare to both of the uchiha's here with turn into a full blown glare, 'Serves you right for abandoning me' Sarutobi said as he saw both uchihas are trembling under her glare trying hard to hide under hare, which her name is Mio Yamanaka, which is completely unaffected by her glare, which left everyone to wonder, why she is immune to it, but all she could answer was that, 'I'm not an idiot like you that does things that can make her angry' as he continued to enjoy the sight in front of him, 'Damn that old monkey' as both of them thought in unison promising pain for the old Hokage, but they still have Naruto to worry about so they can just worry about it later, "Okay spill it up or I'll be your worst Nightmare" Naruto said dangerously clutching both of her twin dragons, that she unsealed at both of her thighs, both uchihas gulp hard thinking there was no escape and that they don't want to be the receiving end of her fury both of them decided to tell her everything which started to calm her down.

"Actually it was Dad's idea since he wanted to have someone reliable to protect sasuke in missions as well as train him since both me and dad are busy and if I handle the job to shisui then I'm afraid of that he will influence his bad traits to my baby brother" Itachi said as Shisui glared at him, and was protesting that he had no such thing, 'Aren't you a pervert too?' both girls thought but couldn't help but agree to Itachi since both of them don't want to raise another mini perverted Shisui in the uchiha clan since being a mini Itachi pervert is much more better than having a mini perverted Shisui.

"Well you do make a point, but why me exactly?" Naruto said as she then eyed Sarutobi, "Well first off you're the same age as him, 13 years old, plus you're…" Sarutobi trailed off as he saw the killing intent the young anbu is releasing, "Don't even dare of calling me short!" Naruto growled, she didn't like everyone criticizing her height and worse her enemies are underestimating her because of it but on the other side she had the element of surprise though.

"I was just saying you're young and is still experiencing a growth spurt that's all" Sarutobi said as he avoided a landmine, 'That was a smooth escape' both uchihas thought and congratulated the old monkey for the very first to avoid the deadly landmine while Mio just face palmed herself 'So just in other words she's short, well he's the first to avoid saying it' Mio thought well she was glad that she won't have to deal on healing the old monkey even though she knew a decent knowledge about being a medic nin and can use the healing justu but she was nowhere near Naruto's level, even though she is not Tsunade that can heal almost every wound and disease, and she knew for fact that, the young anbu won't heal those who underestimated her as well as call her short.

"Okay then who am I protecting Sasuke from?" Naruto asked, as she continued to eye the old hokage who gulp down hard, "Orichimaru had taken an interest in sharingan and wants one for himself and the easiest target will be sasuke since he's from the main family and currently the only genin will most likely pass this year's genin exam" Sarutobi said as Naruto stared at him eyes wide as she clench her fist hard, 'Damn Hebi teme, I'll get you now' Naruto thought as Kyuubi nodded her head in agreement, she wanted revenge to the snake bastard for what he did to her kits.

"Fine I accept the mission" Naruto said suprising everyone in the room, both uchihas were about to question her when Mio held her hand stopping them both as she gave her a folder, "Why did you accept the mission Naru chan?" the Old hokage said, Naruto's eye began to twitch in irritation as she heard that blasted nickname, only three people can get away calling her like that without getting beaten properly, first the hokage since she saw her as her surrogate grandfather, and the hokage of the village she's living, second her anbu captain weasel AKA Itachi since every time that Itachi will say that name she will immediately stomp his foot or kneed his gut etc. and only for her to figure out that he immediately used Kawarami no jutsu and switch places with Shisui receiving all that was meant for him, and lastly Bear AKA Shisui who seems that he still didn't learn his lesson despite being beaten all over again.

Everyon anticipated her answer as they all know that she didn't like to attend the academy despite her looks and her age she had the skills to be an anbu, and had an image to keep, when she will accept this mission her reputation, will be a bit ruined that will cost others into underestimating her thus lose their lives and more paperwork for the hokage which to his discomfort, but on the other hand they can protect Fudjaku's and Mikoto's son from Orochimaru and with Naruto on Itachi's younger brother's team they'll have the perfect cover since she should be a genin now on her age but she skipped them all due to some inconveniences that she needed to sort out, mainly the civilians in order to kept them from attacking her she needed the rank and strength for it and for their taxes on her on everything they sold to her.

"Well there's something I needed to settle with the snake, and if being a genin makes him come to me then so be it and besides I kind of owed Fudjaku on something, and I don't leave debts unpaid" Naruto said as she still continue to eye the old hokage, "What's the catch?" Sarutobi said smirking as he exhaled a puff of smoke from his pipe, making all shudder, how could they've been careless when she agrees to something like this there's always a catch, and let's just say that every person she agreed to do their favor and she had given her catch to all of them but never appeared before her again. "Well… Just make sure that Itachi's brother isn't a brat, let me take a student to train, reduce the d ranks me and my team need to complete to 15 so we can complete the C ranks next and don't put a fangirl on my team" Naruto said surprising all of them as she looked at her subordinates "What? Did you really think that I could those to our Hokage?" Naruto said making Sarutobi sigh in relief when he heard her request.

"So who's the lucky student to earn the privilege to be trained by you?" Mio asked her friend as she saw that Naruto began to scan the folder containing all the data of the students this year, there was only a week before the genin exam enough time to shape someone into a shinobi in mind and skill, Itachi knew that she would less likely pick his brother since she will still train him when he became a genin and be assigned to his team, well Mio thought that he will pick her cousin Ino even though that she is a fangirl but she still acts a kunoichi when in time for desperate measures, she will ask Naruto's help next time to talk her cousin out of her fangirlism and hope the blonde anbu can talk some sense to her, as for Shisui well he thought that she would pick Kiba, Hana's younger brother and his girlfriend, even though Kiba is brash and impatient he still had a lot of potential to improve the only thing he needs is a good teacher as for Sarutobi he most likely think that she will Train Shikamaru Nara heir of the Nara clan given to the close friendship of the blonde and Shikaku's wife Yoshino, but nevertheless he still couldn't think the same way the blonde anbu in front of him, since she has a knack of being unpredictable thus earning her the title of being the most unpredictable ninja on the village be it on simple minded things or her lime light of work.

"Hmmm… I'll take Hyuuga Hinata can you please inform Hiashi Jiji?" Naruto said Sarutobi was surprise, he really didn't expect her to chose a Hyuuga it's not that she had a grudge against them but she always complain that Hyuugas were stuck up jerks that had a large stick on their asses, well most Hyuugas were.

"May I ask why did you choose a Hyuuga?" Mio ask, as she was really sure that she will pick her cousin, but as they say her fellow blond anbu really is unpredictable, both uchihas were shock at the revelation of the student they really didn't expect her to choose a Hyuuga heck Sasuke have a better chance of being chosen than a Hyuuga.

"She's the first Hyuuga that is not a stuck up jerk or a bitch, well she's more likely Timid and shy. I want to break her out of it and besides Hiashi already asked me this and I promise him that I will on my day off but unfortunately Jiji didn't give me some." Naruto said as Mio glared at the old Hokage since it was his fault that Naruto can't train her cousin, and both Uchihas ran to the young Anbu's side even though Mio's anger isn't as much dangerous as Naruto's, but still Mio is scary as hell.

"Sorry about that Mio there are many clients requesting a solo missions that wanted Naruto here to complete them given to her Reputation" Sarutobi said well it was true, and he was glad that Hare have calm down a bit, "By the way crow come here" the Hokage said as he waved his hand, a figure appeared beside the Hokage wearing the standard anbu uniform. "Can you take off your mask so your new teammates can see your face" the hokage asked the anbu who complied at his order and took of the mask.

There standing next to the hokage was a young man with long brown hair; he had pearl colored eyes indicating he was a Hyuuga, he was 5 feet and 6 inches tall and is roughly the same age as Mio who is 20 years old, the new comer bowed infront of the team alpha "My name is Ryuuske Hyuuga nice to meet you all" Ryuuske said as a small smile appeared on his pale face, Naruto eye smiled at the new comer while both Uchihas patted him at the back grinning at each other, while Mio just bowed at him and smiled. "I take it you already know all of your teammates name right?" the Hokage said as Ryuuske nodded, "Yes Hokage sama, Itachi Uchiha, the anbu captain also known as 'Karasumasutā (Crow's Master)', Shisui Uchiha 'Shi no kami (Death god)', Naruto Uzumaki 'Ryūketsu no kiba (Bloody Fang)' Mio Yamanaka 'Furasshu (the Flash)' am I wrong?" Ryuuske asked while Itachi just shook his head and smiled at the Hyuuga despite their clan leaders' rivalry both parties tried to befriend each other so they can execute missions together with no problem.

Sarutobi couldn't help but smile at the scene before him, as the whole team alpha embraced their new member like they were long time no see friends, the laughter died out as they heard a knock from the door, and a tanned skin man open the door and stepped inside with a scar on his face wearing a standard chuunin attire. "Hokage sama may I help you?" the chuunin asked the old Hokage who gestured Naruto to come forward, "Here is Naruto Uzumaki she will enroll at the academy today and will start attending the last week remaining before the genin exams" The Hokage said, as Iruka eyed the Blonde girl beside him, and his eye widen in shock that he realized that she was the famous Blood fang "Uhmm hokage sama are you really sure?" the chuunin asked the Hokage as he couldn't help but pity her sparring partner at the coming taijutsu class. "Yes, I'm positive Iruka, and besides she is doing a mission, just don't reveal her name at the students and as for the heirs well they already know about her" Sarutobi said, as Iruka only nodded at the Hokage.

"Naruto I want you to see me after your class" Sarutobi said as Naruto nodded as she shunshined away leaving a static of Lightning behind her, leaving Iruka who just stared wide eyed at the display, then turned his attention to the Hokage "I suggest that you let her sleep today since she just came home from a mission and is very cranky but were glad she isn't pissed or we would have trouble calming her down, but I doubt you can control her even though she is cranky" Sarutobi said as Iruka shudder as he remember his friend who is a jounin that was send to the blonde's compound to wake her up and to remind her for the meeting, then suddenly he was sent to the hospital and stayed there for a week due to a concussion.

"I will keep that in mind Hokage sama and thank you for the warning" Iruka said as he bowed infront of the Sandaime and went to the door after a few minutes, "Now guyz help me design the teams or Naruto will have our heads" the old monkey exclaimed as all of them began to shudder well except for Mio, as they all began to plan which genin goes.

(At the academy)

Naruto was walking at the halls with Iruka tailing behind her as she pass the counter, the clerk was about to shout at her when Iruka glared at her and told her not to do it, the clerk just complied to the order and let them pass, loud screeching and laughter was heard at the designated classroom, and Naruto just looked at Iruka, "Are they always like this?" Naruto asked the older man, who couldn't help but face palm himself, and nodded slowly "Fangirls?" Naruto asked again, "Fangirls" Iruka nodded, "Figures" Naruto said as she let Iruka step inside first to quiet down his class using his 'Big Head Jutsu' making his head big and his voice louder to quiet all of the walking disasters known as his students.

After a few minutes the class went silent and Iruka gestured Naruto to come inside, Naruto faced all of the students and bowed her head gently and began to introduce herself, "Hello my name's Uzumaki Naruto , please to meet you all" Naruto said as she eye smiled at all of them, most boys are having hearts on their eyes while girls just scowled at her well mostly Sasuke's fangirls thinking she will be a rival for their crushes love.

"Why don't you sit beside Shikamaru, Shikamaru raise your hand" Iruka said enough for Shikamaru to hear, but he didn't complied to the order, "Don't worry about it Iruka san I already know who Shikamaru is" as Naruto made her way towards Shikamaru's side near the window, "Troublesome blonde why are you here?" Shikamaru whispered not opening his eyes "Just a mission to complete" Naruto whispered back as she unsealed two pillows and gave the other to Shikamaru "Want to borrow?" Naruto said as she hand the Pillow to Shikamaru who accepted the offer "Yeah, you know me too well" Shikamaru said as he place the pillow on the desk and immediately plop down his head on the pillow, "Well spending with Yoshino chan really has some ups to it" Naruto said as she mimic Shikamaru's movement.

Everyone sweat dropped at the scene, well the fangirls were snickering the boys were radiating a menacing aura towards Shikamaru and all of the clan heirs with the exception of Hinata, Ino and Sasuke just let out a sigh. Iruka's eye twitch at the scene before him and was about to wake Naruto up when he remembered the warning the Sandaime told him, he quickly dropped the feeling and continued his Lecture, while Mizuki still continued to stare at Naruto eyeing her warily (Not that he had already trusted the Jinchuuriki just because her status, it seems that his grief and hatred had clouded his judgment).

After a few hours of boring lecture, both sleepy heads were awaken by the sound of the bell and the other students fussing about something but mostly Fangirls that are fussing about how cool their 'UCHIHA SAMA' is.

"Come back here in 1 Pm, enjoy your lunch time" Iruka said as he exited the room, Naruto quickly sealed her pillow and went outside to look for a perfect place to rest, she found a nice big tree and sat and lean her back on it's trunk as it's wide branches and leaves shaded her from the sun's rays, for just a moment she thought that everything was peaceful, she was always doing her missions and didn't have the time to relax and appreciate everything this village has to offer its citizens, she gently close her eyes and began to feel the air around cooling her off, her moment of peace was disturbed when she heard a twig that snapped at the bushes just behind the tree she was resting at.

"Come here I want to talk to you" Naruto said in a gentle tone as the figure came out from her hiding place and sat beside Naruto, "Uh….mmm…I…'m so…so…rry" the figure squeak as Naruto eyed her, then she eye smiled at her reassuring the figure. "Uhmm may I ask why are spying me?" Naruto said as the figure blush, her face is beat red, "Uhhmm are you really Uzumaki Naruto?" the figure said, as Naruto took a good look at her she was a cute girl with short blue hair, having bangs that have framed her face, she had eyes pearly white eyes indicating she was a hyuuga, Naruto eye smiled at her again and answered her question, "Yes, the one and only, what business do you have with me?" Naruto said, the girl fidgeted around "My… name's Hyuuga… Hinata an…d will you…" Hinata was caught off by Naruto, "Friend? Yeah let's be friends" Naruto said, as Hinata gave her a small smile.

"Eat with me?" Naruto offered as the Hyuuga heiress nodded and bought out her bento and Naruto did the same, "Tell me Hinata would you accept me as your teacher for a week?" Naruto said, suprising Hinata, who nodded furiously, she couldn't help but blush, Naruto has been her idol since the day she save her and her sister from the ninjas of kumo that was suppose to kidnap them, she and her sister were witnessing how amazing she were, even though Naruto didn't even know them yet at that time, but ever since then they have come to admire the young anbu and it have only grown further when their father told them her life story (Without being the Kyuubi's vessel part) and she was known to have surpassed Itachi who became an anbu at 13 while she nailed it at 8.

They were eating in a comforting silence when, someone disturbed them again, "Hey Naruto can we join you, Since it's too troublesome to find another place to eat" Shikamaru said as three boys were following him, a chubby boy, whose eating chips, a boy wit a puppy and a boy with a jacket that cover his face and is wearing black round shades.

"Hey guys, I suppose you already know who hinata is right?" Naruto said as she gestured to the shy girl beside her, the boys sat on the grass, and began to unpack their lunches, "Yeah she's the shy Hyuuga heiress" kiba said as Akamaru bark, confirming his master's answer, "I already know her but I find it illogical for her to be befriending you, since we all have known that she is extremely shy, it is an extreme feet for her to befriend you, the most unpredictable one of us all" Shino said, while Naruto chuckled at this behind her mask, "Is there… munch… something… munch… wrong?" Choji said, it was really unsettling for them to hear her chuckled cause it always bring pain to them especially when she visited at their house.

"No there isn't, but I always enjoy Shino admitting something illogical, well about that I think it's time we get a new friend guys, right Hinata?" Naruto eye smiled at them all, as all four boys look over Hinata who was bow blushing furiously, but still gave them a small smile, "Troublesome blonde" Shikamaru sigh as he lay down on the grass after finishing his bento and packing it again, "Well welcome to our group Hinata" Kiba said as Akamaru went to Hinata's side, nudging her to pat his head, which she did and began to pat Akamaru's head gently, " atleast there's another responsible person in our group other than me" Shino muttered enough for everyone to hear, causing Kiba to protest, this scene caused both girls to laugh.

(Meanwhile at the Hokage's office)

Sarutobi let out a sigh as he saw the team alpha analyzed the teams, there main goal was to form a team that is all rounded, and doesn't have a weak point on their team, so far there are already teams that they have arranged together, "You're breaking the Ino-Shika-Cho team?" the Hokage asked them and saw them nodded in return, "Remember the what Naruto said awhile ago?" Itachi asked the old monkey who looked confused and tried to remember what her surrogate granddaughter said, but still got nothing, Mio face palmed herself as she lets out a sigh "She said not to put a fan girl on her team" Mio said, the Hokage looked at her then began to analyze the team set ups, "is it really necessary to break the Ino-Shika-Cho team?" the hokage asked again, as Mio and Itachi told Shisui to explain to the hokage the possible team set ups if the Ino-Shika-Cho team didn't break up. Shisui nodded while the remaining three members began to pick the appropriate teacher for each team, "Well if you want the Ino-Shika-Cho not to break up then that leaves for Shino, Hinata, Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, and Kiba, look closely, Naruto doesn't want to have a fangirl on the team, and Naruto is already on Sasuke's team, If we place Sakura on their team, not only will Naruto get our heads but their teamwork will be extremely horrible, with a fangirl on the 'Famous Uchiha sama's team' it'll boost his ego and have a superiority complex, and as for the fangirl, well let's say that she's doen for due to her habit of dieting, and if we place Hinata on her team, there won't be a mediator on Kiba's team, cause I've known that Kiba and Shino have a rivalry going on, and will tend to always fight even in the smallest things, so that's why Hinata can't be placed in Naruto's team and besides not only Naruto will have a fangirl on her team but also in Kiba's there team will be over Specialization in Tracking we don't need that kind of team we need an all rounder teams" Shisui finished as he let the information sink in the old monkey's head.

"I suppose you're right and besides those are the only students having the potential to pass the exam" Sarutobi said, as all of them began to discuss which teacher goes to which team.

(Back to the Academy)

As the group of friends began enjoying their time leisurely sitting down under a shade of a big tree feeling the breeze, falling asleep but there precious time of relaxing was disrupted by the famous 'Uchiha Sasuke' "Are you perhaps Naruto Uzumaki?" Sasuke asked the blonde girl who only opened one of her eyes to see who is talking to her, "Can you take a guess?" Naruto said as she shifter herself comfortably caressing Hinata's bangs while the said girl used the young anbu's lap as a pillow, " Fair enough" the Sasuke said as he eyed the young girl before him, 'is she really going to be my teacher doesn't she have the same age as us' sauske thought quietly then quickly flinch at the glare the blonde girl is giving her, "You better not underestimate me uchiha even your brother has some trouble on defeating me" Naruto said coolly in a hushed tone trying not to wake up the Hyuuga heiress.

Sasuke then realized something, he remembered his father's words yesterday, 'Sasuke if you meet Naruto Uzumaki don't let her looks fool you she is a strong woman who even surpassed your brother, and please don't underestimate you, I'd still like to see you in one peace when you come home with no parts missing and besides she will be your teacher when you graduate the academy and become a genin' Fudjaku said, letting the information sink in his son's head, 'So that's what father is telling me, even my brother admittied to my father's claim' Sasuke then eyed the girl infront of her and did the unexpected.

" I'm sorry, I just couldn't believe that there was someone like you in my age group and I would like to join your group" Sasuke said Naruto eye smiled at him "Sure your first assignment is to wake up Shikamaru and tell him you want to join us" Naruto said, as Sasuke complied to the order, ever since he was little he didn't really have friends, boys always avoided him due to jealousy because girls fawn over him while girls are a big no for him cause as his brother said that 'their rabid, ferocious and especially devils who want nothing but to eat you they're also called fangirls' ever since then he avoided every girl, but seeing this group of people infront of him relaxing, he couldn't help but to be happy, they didn't care he had fangirls, even the girls didn't care he was an Uchiha, he was glad to just found true friends.

he threw a small rock on the Lazy bum's head, thus awaking him up, "Troublesome blonde who did you invite this time to join our group" shikamaru said as he sit up "Yeah she invite me" Shikamaru shifted his gaze to the young Uchiha a smirk came to his face, "It seems that our group is getting more interesting welcome to the group" Shikamaru said, Sasuke smiled at him.

The bell rang indicating to return to the classroom, everyone was awakened by the sound of it, and was surprised to see the Uchiha, they look over Naruto who nudge them to befriend so they did, and they all walk back to the classroom, knowing all of them that they all gained two friends, and thus they must form a bond on their new members.

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