Sandra let the entourage of people, who were assembled in the office go.

"It's nice to actually see you our Rose, it feels like I haven't seen you for ages" Daisy said taking her father's arm and escorting him the front doors of the station. "Are you coming back with us?" She asked.

"Oh I don't think there will be enough room in the car" Richard said, taking her father's other arm and helping Daisy with him.

"That's okay, it means I get to spend more time with her" Gerry said creeping up behind Rose and wrapping his arms around her middle.

"Oh hello, I didn't see you there" she squealed as he kissed the back of her neck.

Daisy, ever the romantic let out a long "ahhhh" desperately wishing that there was more romance in Onslow.

Whereas her older sister cringed, Hyacinth never had been one for public displays of affection, especially at their time of life.

"You have met all my lot haven't you?" Rose asked.

"Yeah I have" Gerry smiled at the motley bunch before him. "Here, take my keys and go make yourself at home, I better offer to finish off here, seen as I was late" he said throwing her his keys and blowing her a kiss.

"See you later" she said blowing a kiss back in return.

"Oh, if you break my little sister's heart you will have me to answer to" Daisy said before leaving.

"I suppose you will have me to answer to as well" Hyacinth said reluctantly.

"Oh well in that case I better look after her, hadn't I" he laughed, though the prospect of Hyacinth gunning for him had him terrified.

"Oh Dais, Gerry's really different he makes me ever so happy" Rose said holding the door open for her sister and father.

"So I see" her sister smiled, walking though, dragging her father along with her. When it came to Rose's relationships Daisy had become somewhat sceptical over the years but Gerry did seem genuine enough to her.

"Oh, let's get a move on" Hyacinth added desperate to get home and return to normal (well normal for them), she still didn't know if anyone had seen her go with the retired policemen this morning and that unnerved her.

Gerry watched the bunch of people leave before he returned to the office.

"Well thank god that's all over" Jack said sighing with relief.

"It wasn't that bad Jack" Brian said.

"Well at the least the BBC will stop breathing down our necks now" Sandra commented.

"'Ere guv, I am happy to do the paper work if you want to shoot off, I told Rose I would be late home tonight."

"Oh Gerry that is very sweet of you, but go on get home to Wonder Woman, I know you are eager to and I don't have much faith in you actually staying here more than ten minutes after I've gone."

"Are you sure, I am more than happy to stay, for you."

"No go, the paperwork will be waiting on your desk for you tomorrow morning."

"Oh guv, you do know how to flatter a person, see you all tomorrow."

"Yes, and don't be late otherwise you will be writing up all cases until the end of the year" she smirked, fastening up her favourite red coat. It was so nice to have made up with Gerry, life would be that bit more bearable for the foreseeable future, at least.

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