Cristina tapped her foot impatiently as the elevator slowly made its way between floors. This had to be the slowest elevator on earth. She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest as it neared the first floor, her foot still tapping incessantly. Finally, the elevator settled and the doors opened. She pushed her way past the people boarding and walked as quickly as she could towards the ER.

As she neared the doors she spotted Meredith finishing up with a patient and making her way over to the main desk. Cristina quickened her pace in order to reach her before she could rush off to take care of something else.

Meredith looked up as she approached and said, "Hey Cristina, I've been looking everywhere for you. You'll never guess who I saw—." Cristina grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her into an empty exam room, effectively cutting her off.

"Burke is here," she said, her expression grim.

"That's what I was saying! I saw him here in the ER. Do you know why he's here?" Meredith asked, her expression concerned. Before Cristina could answer, Meredith's eyes suddenly went wide and she fired off several more questions worriedly, "Wait, is he here for you? To get you back? Does he really think he has a chance with you after he left you at the altar?"

"No, no." Cristina said, cutting off Meredith's line of questioning before it got out of hand, "He's here for the McNeil case."

"So you've talked to him then." Meredith said, more as a statement than a question.

"Sort of?" Cristina began, but was cut off by Meredith.

"What did he say?"

"He just asked me for the chart and I told him about the case before he walked away. He said he would page me when he was up to speed."

"And that's it?" Meredith seemed incredulous. "Not even a 'how have you been?' or a 'sorry I left you at the altar?' What an ass."

Cristina didn't say anything. She thought she had been over everything that had happened with Burke. It had been years since the break-up and she had dealt with it accordingly. And yet…seeing him again was bringing up all sorts of feelings that she thought she'd been long done with.

"Are you okay?" Meredith asked, her brows knit together in concern.

Cristina was about to answer, when suddenly her pager beeped. "Burke," she said simply as she read it. She looked back up at Meredith, "I have to go."


"He's paging me," she said as she left the exam room.

"We're not done talking about this!" Meredith called after her.