Caroline slipped the masculine shirt onto her body, the hem reaching just below her thighs. She sighed; the shirt was relatively big for her small figure. What did she expect? It was, after all, her boyfriend's, Tyler, shirt. Caroline made her way out of the bedroom, glancing at her ruined bed from the escapade she shared with Tyler the night before. She smiled, memories flooding back.

Caroline was very busy with her work and had very little time to see Tyler but when she did, she made sure it was worth the wait. Tyler sat at the very small two-person dining table Caroline had received as a gift for her birthday, frowning as he read the newspaper. She had stolen his shirt so all he was wearing were worn down jeans.

"Bad news?" Caroline asked as she made her way to the kitchen. Tyler looked up, frowning even more when he saw her. She grabbed two pieces of bread and stuffed them in the toaster.

"Not in the newspaper" he said as Caroline turned the toaster on. She gave him a confused look. He sighed, "Caroline we need to talk". Oh no. That never came with good news for her. She swallowed, "Ok".

He sat his paper down, looking her in the eye. "I want to move in with you".

She was quite surprised, as her face clearly showed. Should she agree? They have been going out for a couple of months, but was it really that stage. She couldn't help but feel that it was going too fast for her to keep up. She decided on her answer, but she didn't know how to say it.

"Tyler I-"

"Before you say anything, hear me out, ok?" He intervened. She nodded, she may as well listen.

"This is the first time you've gotten off work in weeks; the first time I've seen you in a month. During days you're in the office and at nights you're doing extra work and sleeping. My point is; I want to see you more often, so will you please accept?" He said.

Caroline thought about long and hard, she really wanted this relationship to work. But if it meant moving in with a guy she's known for three months, is the relationship worth it?

"Tyler, I told you before that you can visit me anytime you like." She stated. His eyes flickered with anger, the type of anger that made her spine tingle.

His fists clenched, "Is that a no?"

She quickly thought of what she was going to say, planning it out in her mind like an assignment; try to give him her answer without angering him. Caroline closed her eyes, took a deep breath and answered, "I just think we're moving too fast…." She suddenly couldn't think of the perfectly planned response that was clearly thought out in her mind. She cast her eyes down, tapping lightly on the kitchen bench next to her. She thought of all the things he could say back. She knew he had a bit of a temper but had hoped that he could calm himself like most of the time.

Once she had the courage to look up, the flicker of anger was gone. Instead it was a clear look of anger that reminded her of all the serial killers she had seen in the movies. She knew she had to say something.

"Tyler, I'm sorry-"He cut her off before she could apologise by smashing a glass bowl he was eating from, leaving the shattered shards of glass to lie on the floor. Caroline's heart rate increased hugely, her panic rising. He shot up from his seat, obviously trying to control his seething anger and marched towards the door, fists clasping and unclasping in sync to his feet hitting the floor with loud thuds.

"Tyler, wait!" she yelled after him, trying to fix the obliterated situation. Caroline rushed to the door, after Tyler. She knew that they were over. She was never any good at assignments anyway. She stood at the door, watching Tyler march down the stairs with a sad expression on her face.

"Trouble in paradise" a smooth British accent spoke from across the hall. Klaus Mikaelson. The last person she wanted to see right now.

Klaus is the most ignorant, obnoxious and the downright rudest person Caroline has ever met. He was consistently bringing home women he met from clubs, having sex with them, and then throwing them out like a toy the next morning. Every night Caroline had to put up with the noises that came from the room. Just trying to get through the night was hell with Klaus as your neighbour.

Caroline plastered an obvious fake smile onto her face, "Klaus," She even dreaded saying his name. She saw he had yet another woman on his arm, her palm rested against his bare chest. Of course he was shirtless. And of course he looked amazing in simple jeans. Klaus smirked. She realised she was staring, which snapped her back to reality. He motioned the poor girl at his side to return to his apartment while he stood outside his door, looking at Caroline.

"I heard the glass and rushed outside to see if you were alright" He said. If only such a beautiful accent was blessed upon a much nicer man, someone who she actually enjoyed being around.

"Please, you just wanted to rub it in my face that I just got dumped" She retorted.

He raised an eyebrow, "So Tyler left you?" he asked, "I never liked him anyway" he said as she nodded.

"Really, I never noticed" She said, rolling her eyes. He smiled, his perfect dimples showing themselves, as he remembered when he used to antagonise Tyler.

He shrugged, "I like to be direct, if I don't like someone I say it to their face" He smiled, "Which is why I've never said anything the least bit bitter to you, Caroline". The way her name rolled off his tongue so flawlessly almost made her smile. But then she remembered whose tongue it was.

"When will you stop doing that?" She asked, getting annoyed. She leaned onto the door frame, knowing she would be there for a while.

"Doing what?" He asked so innocently, but she knew he knew what she was talking about.

"Flirting with me" He arched an eyebrow, inviting her to say more. "You've been trying to get in my pants since you moved in a year ago"

His eyes moved from hers, slowly reaching her legs. He smiled, "what pants?"

Caroline looked down to find she still had Tyler's shirt on. Most of her legs were exposed. Suddenly it felt very cold and Caroline pulled the hem down as far as she could stretch it. A loud ding erupted from her kitchen. The toast was ready. She took the toast as an excuse to retreat from this embarrassing moment, "I must go, I can't keep my toast waiting" She said. Klaus smiled. He knew he had won. But Caroline Forbes doesn't give up that easily. At that moment she made up some rules;

1. She wouldn't ever have sex with Klaus

2. She will never give in to his flirtations

3. She Wouldn't kiss Klaus

4. She wouldn't fall in love with Klaus

They should be pretty easy to keep. Hopefully.