Tsukuyomi is probably my favorite female character of Negima, so let's ship her with Negi using any excuse I can find.

Theme today is, "The Girl Negi Springfield Likes", based on that one chapter during the sports festival at the end of the manga.

"The one I like... is Tsukuyomi Aoyama!"

For five full minutes after the reveal, not a word was spoken between the girls of 3-A.

Eventually, Setsuna croaked out a strangled, "Why?"

"Because I have a thing for blondes-"

Ayaka opened her mouth to speak...

"-that can cut me up." and then, fainted in horror at the mental image her beloved sensei had conjured up.

May do some other vignettes later, if the mood strikes me.

This was originally posted on the forums at TvTropes, at the Negima Fanfiction Thread. Fellow contributors Archivist 10 and IAmNotCreativeEnough have writ extensions upon this, though I find that this was the best place to end it.