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Chapter 1 – Uminari City

Harry Potter, the saviour of Wizarding Britain, the Boy-Who-Lived, and so many other things that he couldn't be bothered remembering, appeared in an out of the way alley near to Charing Cross, where the famous Wizarding pub, the Leaky Cauldron was located.

Preceding his appearance, was a large triangular symbol made of light. The triangle was a blackish-purple colour, and had some sort of designs within it. After that, three people appeared within the triangle, one of them being Harry Potter himself, and the other two being his familiars, Isis and Loki.

Harry, differently to how he had been before Hogwarts and even recently, wore his hair in a ponytail. The scarred left side of his face was fully visible, something that no longer bothered him. He seemed more confident than he had at this point last year, and a fair bit happier too.

He entered the Leaky Cauldron, which was rather empty as everyone was picking up their kids at the station, and hurried through to the other side. Tapping the wall with his wand, the bricks retreated and formed the archway that he remembered from the previous summer.

Not wasting any time, Harry made immediately for the Owl Office, and stepped inside. It was a rather dark and quiet building. Against the far wall were dozens upon dozens of perches on which sat a variety of owls. There some really tiny owls, ones that would fit in palm of your hand, and huge ones, like, really big.

Harry headed off to the counter and the sleepy employee there who looked surprised to see anyone enter the place at all. Stepping up to her, Harry spoke up. "Hello, I would like to rent out a drop box here for the summer, please." He nodded to her politely.

"Hello, sir. Yes, you can rent a drop box if you want. Do you wish to leave it here and retrieve it at a later date, or would you prefer to keep it in a location of your choosing?" She asked.

"Here, please." He told her.

"Very well then sir. I will require your name and magical signature." She reached underneath the counter and brought out a large black box with a blank nameplate on the front of it. "If you would please touch your wand to the nameplate, that will be all that's necessary."

Harry did so, and when the girl turned the box around to get his details for a form, her eyes widened and darted back to Harry. She licked her lips and gulped a little nervously, her eyes flickering between his two familiars which were flanking him.

Isis got a perverted look on her face, and opened her mouth to make an undoubtedly lewd comment. Until Harry stamped on her foot that was. It wasn't like the stamp hurt her, what with her boots being magically reinforced and strengthened, but she got the message and pouted at Harry, eyes wide and nearly begging. He ignored it, having gotten used to her tricks since she'd become his familiar.

"That will be five galleons a month then, sir." The girl told Harry, who gave her fifteen to cover the latter half of June, as well as July and August. Now that that bit of business had been taken care of, Harry headed to the book shop. While in there, he purchased some new books to look at over the Holidays if he ever got bored.

Deciding that it couldn't hurt any, Harry got a shrinking feature added to his trunk, making it and its contents more portable, and also purchased a bottomless bag. It wasn't actually bottomless, just rather large and had an interesting bit of charm work on it that meant items could be retrieved with relative ease.

Deciding to go a little wild, Harry bought plenty of supplies that would usually be used on a camping trip. He bought a small wizarding tent, a small one being one that only had three bedrooms, go figure. He also bought a lot of food, an awful lot of food, and a medium pot of ever-burning fire, so he could make barbecues and things like that.

Once that was done, he headed to Gringotts. He met up with Sharpclaw. After getting the greetings over and done with, Harry asked if everything had been done as he'd asked. He'd sent a letter with Loki a month beforehand, and he hoped that everything had been done.

"Yes, it has, as odd as the request was. We have converted a truly substantial amount of money into pure silver ingots for you and they are all ready to collect. We can go now and retrieve it if you want." Harry agreed to do so, and he followed the goblin to where the silver was waiting for him.

Once there, and after the silver had been admired, Isis and Loki began packing it into Harry's bottomless bag, which had thankfully had a feather-light charm added to it, so it was no heavier than a tin of beans, even with that much silver stuffed inside it.

"Why do you want so much silver?" Sharpclaw asked, shaking his head. "It makes no sense. The only time that goblins really use silver is as an alloy in weapons, not like this. Gold is the metal of money, gold is always the best." He said.

Harry chuckled. "I know that goblins truly adore gold, but I personally prefer silver, and this metal has a purpose other than to be used as a weapon. I will see you again at the end of this month. I will be out of contact for the rest of summer, but there is a drop box for me at the Owl Office."

Sharpclaw dropped the topic, but not before he shook his head and gave a disparaging "Wizards!"

Once all of the silver was put away in his bag, Harry left Gringotts with a fairly cheery, by goblin standards at least, goodbye, and looked for an out of the way corner for him to disappear from. That wasn't exactly difficult, and Harry had soon disappeared along with his familiars, not to be seen in Britain again for a good couple of months.


There was a flash of light and Harry appeared with his two familiars in a place that Reinforce most definitely recognised, Uminari City. Not really paying attention, she barely noticed when Harry ejected her from his body and slid something onto her wrist.

When she did look down, she saw some kind of bracelet. It was like a charm bracelet, one of those that had beads threaded together rather than hanging off of it, and each bead was inscribed with runes. Harry grinned at her and directed her to a convenient nearby pool of water.

She looked into the water and at her reflection, marvelling at how her appearance had changed. It wasn't a massive difference, mostly just the colour of her hair and eyes which were now black and green respectively. Harry stepped aside with Isis and Loki, both of them with their animal-like appendages hidden and looking relatively normal as well.

"The day is yours." Harry said. "Go and do whatever you want to do, I think I'm going to head to the Midori-ya to sample their food myself." Reinforce nodded her head mutely, not really sure what she should be doing, and began to wander off in a random direction.

Behind her back, Harry watched her go with a smile on his face. He knew that Reinforce, for some reason, had been very reluctant to come and meet Hayate. Now though, with a different appearance, she might feel up to at least speaking to her, and that could only be good.

"Come on, you two, let's see what the Midori-ya's cakes taste like and if they're as good as they're supposed to be." Harry said to his two familiars heading the way he knew the café was in, despite never having been here in his life before, memories were weird like that.


"Master Hayate." Reinforce murmured, tears streaking down her face.

She was sat on a roof and looking at the house she knew her former master had lived in, that she still lived in with the Wolkenritter. Through the window, she could see the large blue wolf form of Zafira, and through another she could see Vita and Signum seemingly arguing about something.

In the kitchen window, she could see Hayate trying to teach Shamal how to cook. All of them were a family, and she was so, so glad to see it. She knew she had no part of that family, no matter how much she would wish otherwise. Oh, she would be welcome, she was sure of that, but no, she was starting to make her own family now, with Harry, Isis and Loki.

She had been reluctant to come back here, to where she had both good and bad memories. It had not been far from here where that battle had occurred, her corrupted self versus the heroes of the tale. Knowing that, willingly or not, she had been that bad guy was a rather bitter pill to swallow, but she knew it was true all the same.

Maybe... maybe saying hello wouldn't be so bad. Her eyes flickered down to her wrist, where that crude-looking and hand made bracelet rested, and wondered just how long Harry had taken to make it. She also wondered how he'd kept it secret from her, the person that knew him best.

No, she wouldn't do that. Hayate was starting to have her own life now, she was out of her wheelchair and everything, and she looked so happy too. Reinforce didn't want to disrupt what Hayate had going for her, and could she even do that if she wanted to?

Hayate had her Wolkenritter, her friends, and the TSAB all looking out for her. Harry, her new master, had just her and two fairly recently created familiars. Harry didn't even have a stable home life now that he'd permanently left the Dursleys, and good riddance to bad rubbish there, so it could be said that Harry needed her more, despite how independent both he and Hayate were.

Oh? It looked like the Yagami family was going out somewhere. Reinforce descended to street level and became to discretely tail them. An advantage she had over them was that she knew them, so she knew how each one looked for threats, and how to avoid being noticed by them.


"Any particular reason you wanted us all to go to Nanoha's café right now, Hayate?" Shamal asked the young girl. The two of them had been in the kitchen, the younger girl trying to teach her how to cook without poisoning people, and she'd suddenly stiffened before declaring they were all heading for the Midori-ya.

"I don't know." Hayate replied. "I just had this feeling, you know? Like something really important was going to happen." She shrugged. "There's also the fact they do awesome cakes!" Hayate licked her lips. Since she now no longer had to go about the place in a wheelchair and since what had happened the winter before last, she had decided to live life to the fullest and try to always be happy.

"Really?" Signum asked with an arched eyebrow. "And it has nothing to do with the interesting boy that Nanoha saw, does it?" She asked. Apparently something about this boy had warranted Nanoha telepathically contacting Hayate and Fate, so Signum was understandably wary.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Hayate replied, her eyes wide and her lips in a pout, looking like a poster girl for innocence. "I'm sure that's just a coincidence, really it is. I am most definitely not curious about whoever has caught Nanoha's attention, especially seeing as it's not Fate that did so."

Zafira, in puppy form, snorted telepathically. "I really doubt that Nanoha is looking at a boy in that way, mistress, and even if she was, it's no business of ours. If she really is looking at him that way, though, she is fully capable of taking care of herself and I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate interference."

"It's too late for that." A voice off to the side said. Coming down a side road and joining up with the Yagami family was Fate Testarossa Harlaown, adopted daughter of Lindy Harlaown, and close friend of Nanoha Takamachi. "Mom has already started researching him."

"She's hacked into Earth's computer systems, didn't she?" Shamal asked, shaking her head.

Fate winced a little and nodded. An Admiral, even if they were considering retirement, really shouldn't be hacking into any systems, not even those of an unadministrated world.

"I'm betting she didn't find anything." Hayate said. "If there really was something, finding it that easily would definitely spoil the plot! No, if there was something, we would not find out about it until his diabolical plan was already in motion and the villain will tell us it all in a monologue!"

Signum sighed and rubbed at the bridge of her nose. "Hayate, real life is not like books or manga. Something like that is simply absurd, and I really don't want to know why you keep trying to equate the two. Please don't try and look for something that isn't there, remember what happened two months ago?"

Hayate winced slightly, remembering a certain incident that involved large amounts of white paint, an unstable ladder, the girls' locker room and a high jump bar. "That was a complete accident! How was I to know he was simply checking the building for structural stability?"

"You shouldn't have assumed he was trying to build an army of warrior mice in the ceiling to steal all of the girls panties." Signum replied, not quite believing what words were coming out of her mouth. Hayate had certainly become more energetic since she'd gotten out of her wheelchair, it was a shame her mind had done the same.

"Still, I'm sure something is up with this boy!" Hayate declared, folding her arms and nodding her head.

"Hayate." An exasperated Signum shook her head at her master.

"Actually..." Fate began to say a little hesitantly, twiddling her fingers in front of her.

"Wait! I was right? But it's too early to find out the bad guy's secrets!" Hayate cried. Her knights merely looked at Fate and waited for her to explain what Lindy had found so far.

"His name is Harry James Potter, and he's from England. Mom found a file on him with the police archives, but he's not a criminal. A year and a half ago, his cousin poured acid over his head which left him horribly scarred. The Dursley family, his guardians, were investigated, but no charges ended up sticking. Abuse was suspected, but not proven." Fate said, a flash of anger appearing in her wine red eyes.

"Dursleys? I thought you said his name was Potter?" Signum asked.

"His parents died when he was fifteen months old, the cause of death is unknown. Petunia Dursley nee Evans is his mother's sister." Fate explained. "His aunt and uncle took him in, seeing as he had no other relatives." Her brow furrowed for a moment. "His father might have had relatives, but Mom couldn't find any records of him prior to his marriage to Lily Evans."

"So he's had a bad home life." Hayate said softly. "What's he doing in Japan, are his relatives with him?" She asked.

"No." Fate replied. "There's something else odd as well. He has a record of going to school up until the end of primary school. After that, he just disappears. Him turning up now is the first thing that's happened since August last year. Mom thinks someone in the government knows what's going on, kids can't just disappear like that without questions being asked."

"Oh, so there's some mystery involved too, is there?" Hayate asked.

Signum sighed. "I'm sure you're about to go off and harass him now, just don't take it too far. We've arrived by the way." She indicated the Midori-ya which they were now stood outside of. Hayate led the way in, and she could instantly tell which boy Nanoha had been talking about.

He was sat by himself at a table and seemed to be enjoying one of the Midori-ya's cakes with a smile on his face. He seemed to notice her come in, and turned to look at her, letting her see the left half of his face which she hadn't seen coming in due to him sitting sideways on to the door.

For just a moment, Hayate was frozen in place. It wasn't the scars that caught her attention, but his hair and left eye. The streak of silver amongst the black and the red eye, both reminded her of someone else. The red was exactly the right shade, same for the silver.

"Hello, there. Is there something I can help you with?" The boy asked in accented Japanese.

"Hehehe." Hayate laughed a little, rubbing the back of her head, caught off guard by the resemblance he had with Reinforce. Heck, even his features seemed a little like reinforces, the angles of his face, the small twitch of a smile at the corner of his mouth, and several other things.

"Excuse Hayate, please." Shamal said. "Do you mind if we sit with you?" She asked, looking around the café and seeing how busy the place was. "I'm Shamal, by the way. This here is Signum, this one is Vita, and the wolf pup is Zafira. We're the Yagami family. This here is Fate Harlaown, a friend of Hayate's."

"By all means, take a seat. I'm meeting up with some people later, but they don't seem to be here yet. I'm Harry by the way, Harry Potter." Harry told them. Signum paused and took another look at this Harry person, something struck her as off about him, nothing bad, just a little unusual.

Hayate and her knights sat down and ordered some things to eat from Nanoha's mother who was at the counter. Hayate didn't actually talk much at first, her eyes flickering repeatedly back to Harry's red eye and silver streak in his hair. Vita was the one who decided to be blunt about it and ask.

"Hey, why do you have silver in your hair and why's your eye red?" She asked.

Signum winced at that rather direct question, but Harry didn't seem bothered by it, he seemed more amused than anything. He smiled at Vita as he replied.

"In all honesty, I do not know. It happened during the incident that gave me these scars." Harry indicated the left side of his face. "No one has been able to come up with a reason that it happened, but I don't mind it. I actually quite like the colouring myself."

"So, Harry. You sound English, if your accent is anything to go by, so what brings you to Uminari City?" Shamal asked.

"Nothing much." Harry shrugged. "I'm travelling around for a bit. My school is boarding, so I'm in one place all year round, and I've decided to use the summer to get around a bit, see new things and so on. There were some interesting things happening here a year or two ago, did you know?"

Ah, yes, the results of the Jewel Seed incident and the Book of Darkness débâcle, that had made the news after all. The tree that had entangled the city, and the weird weather caused by Fate when she had drawn the Jewel Seeds out of the sea were two of the larger ones for the former.

"Who are you travelling with, family?" Shamal asked kindly, a smile on her face.

"No, I'm not. I... don't have the best relationship with my relatives, and I currently have another guardian. I am travelling with her and two other people I know, Isis and Loki." Harry replied. "I'm sorry if this sounds offensive, but what about you? None of you particularly look like you could be related to each other."

It was true after all, none of the Wolkenritter bore any real resemblance to any of the others or Hayate. "While we weren't born with the same blood, we're a family all the same." It was Shamal that replied. "Hayate does have an uncle that sort of adopted her as well. Gil Graham, and his two girls Aria and Lotte. He lives in England, London actually."

Harry bowed his head. "I intended no offence, and the ones I am travelling with are like my family too, despite the lack of blood we share." 'And species.' Harry thought. "Although, we are trying to curb Isis' more lewd comments, it doesn't help that Loki and one of my professors flirt with each other and try and make the other blush." He shook his head. "Rein is the most sensible one of all of us, she's the one who tries to keep us in line."

The door to the café opened and Reinforce, the illusion still in place, stepped through. Harry smiled, and saw how she seemed to gather her courage and approach the table. "Hey Rein, have you seen where the other two have gone? I haven't seen them in about half an hour."

"No, I haven't. I'm sure they'll turn up before long though, Loki's probably off flirting with someone, and I'm not even going to try and guess what Isis is doing." Rein shook her head and took a seat next to Harry, looking around at everyone who was there. "So, Harry, who are your new friends?"

As Harry introduced the people there, even if Reinforce knew who they were, the others were transfixed by her appearance. They could see a definite resemblance between Harry and this Rein, even aside from the colour of their hair and eyes. That wasn't what had them looking at her like they were though.

The illusion bracelet that Harry had made Reinforce was very crude and basic, so the illusion was also rather crude and basic. The major differences were her hair and eye colour, and that was pretty much it. It was this distinct resemblance to the Reinforce they had known which froze them in place, even her voice was the same!

Once they'd gotten a hold on themselves, they all greeted this Rein woman with smiles, but they were just a little forced. Things were definitely weird with these two, the Wolkenritter could tell that, as could Hayate and Fate. This Harry had a silver streak in his hair and an eye that was the exact same shade as Reinforce's had been, and this Rein woman looked like she could be Reinforce if she dyed her hair and put in some contacts. It was a little bit freaky really.

Something then clicked in Signum's mind, and she narrowed her eyes in thought. Now that she could see this woman's resemblance to Reinforce, and thus Harry's resemblance to Reinforce, she had been about to write off her feeling as just that, her subconscious recognising familiar features, but that wasn't it, that wasn't it at all.

What Signum's mind had clicked onto was the complete lack of surprise that Harry had shown towards them. Actually, it went past just a lack of surprise, when he had first looked at them, there had been something in his eyes, joy? Recognition? Something like that at least.

Telepathically, Signum conveyed her thoughts to Shamal and Zafira. Vita was too blunt to be subtle, and if it was just a coincidence, then she'd rather avoid what Hayate would go through if they got her hopes up. She considered telling Fate too, but decided she'd get in contact with Lindy directly if anything else came up that was suspicious.

Shamal mulled the thoughts over in her head, before she too found something to latch onto. Harry had said that his hair and eye had changed when he got his scars, Fate had said he got those scars the winter before last, the same time that Reinforce had been destroyed. The timing was more than a bit suspicious.

Zafira sniffed the air in his puppy form, and recognised the scent of the woman. He recognised it, and he thought he would have never smelled it again. That woman had exactly the same scent as Reinforce did, and there was a definite similarity in the boy's scent.

They wouldn't say anything right now and cause a scene, but later was a different matter. It wouldn't be difficult to slip the boy a message when they left, and Shamal did have a handbag with her that did have a pen in. She'd scrawl a message across an old receipt and slip it into his pocket. The meeting afterwards, if he turned up, would be most interesting.


That evening, on top of the school that Hayate, Fate and Nanoha attended, Signum, Shamal and Zafira waited for two people to turn up. Hayate had been put to bed, and Vita was staying at home just in case anything happened. The three of them were... concerned about something.

The sound of flapping wings could be heard, and the three of them looked up to see four individuals flying down towards them. One of those figures was Harry Potter, familiar black wings coming from his back. Two of the other figures were unknown to them, but they guessed that these two were the Isis and Loki that Harry had mentioned earlier.

The fourth person was familiar to them, it was Reinforce. The four of them landed in front of Zafira, Shamal and Signum, but made no move to approach. The presumed Loki and Isis merely leaned back against the railing that ran around the edge of the roof.

Reinforce was shifting her weight from foot to foot and staring at her feet. Harry looked at Reinforce with exasperation, before nudging her towards the Wolkenritter. When she didn't move even then, he damn near shoved her into them. Signum caught Reinforce and felt her breath catch in her throat.

Actually touching her was what finally made her realise that this really was happening. It was Shamal that broke down into tears and embraced both Signum and Reinforce tightly. Zafira stepped back and away from the emotional display, and ended up stood next to Harry who was looking at the three of them with a small smile on his face.

"You have no idea how difficult convincing her to come here was." Harry said quietly, shaking his head.

Zafira looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" He asked.

Harry waved a hand towards Reinforce. "She's been so reluctant to come here and see all of you, especially Hayate. She remembers how much trouble she believes she's responsible for, Hayate being confined to a wheelchair only being a part of it. She didn't think that she deserved to come back and see you all." He frowned a bit then. "I also think she feels a little responsible for me too."

Zafira leaned back against the railing next to Harry. "I see. So, what's the story?"

Harry leaned back against the railing as well. "My cousin dumped acid over my head, and Reinforce appeared before me while I was crying. I remember the pain as my skin bubbled and twisted beneath the acid, and I needed to focus on something else, anything, to block it out. I focused on this mysteriously appearing woman."

The two of them watched as Signum, Shamal and Reinforce were all talking about something or other. "Reinforce stayed with me, and taught me magic. My Linker core's weird though, it's a kind of hybrid that's optimised for Belkan and Mid-Childan magic, as well as what we're calling Terran magic, that the magic users of Earth use."

"There are magic users on Earth?" Zafira asked with surprise.

"Yes." Harry replied. "Their magic is extremely varied, but they don't have very large mana reserves. Saying that, they don't really need a lot of mana, due to their spells having such low requirements. I go to a school for magic in Scotland, and the core subjects include things like Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Defence Against the Dark arts. and things like that."

Harry shook his head and drew his wand. "They don't use devices, and their technology is stuck around the Victorian times, but their magic can do the oddest things. With a wave of this wand and a few words, I could turn a table into a rabbit, change an objects colour or so many other things."

"Change something into a rabbit, really?" Zafira asked sceptically.

Harry just gave him an evil grin and pointed his wand at him. "Lapifors." He said. He'd read up on Japan's magical laws before coming here, and found some things that were better than Britain's, and a fair few things that were worse. One of the better things was that instead of having to be seventeen to freely cast magic, you simply had to complete at least one year of schooling, and not have a black mark on your record.

Their punishments for casting magic in front of or on muggles was far more severe though, but since everyone in Harry's proximity possessed magic themselves, he wouldn't be setting any sensors off. It was just such a shame that there was a massive split in Japan's magical community, there not really being a great deal of interaction between the different races that lived in the country.

"Harry!" Reinforce called out, and Harry turned to see Reinforce glaring at him slightly. Signum and Shamal were too busy watching the blue rabbit that was hopping about around Harry's feet in surprise. He couldn't help it, Harry broke out into laughter.