My good friend gamesgrl had saved some of my original one shots from the first Role Playing With John and Randy series I wrote around a year ago. She was good enough to send them to me so I will be reposting here for anyone interested. I owe her a huge thank you. :)


John Cena was feeling a little anxious as he left the corner bar. He had hung out with some friends looking for a little relaxation after a long week of nonstop work. While he was laughing and drinking with his buddies he had caught a mysterious stranger watching him from across the room. Well, watching was not the right word for it. It was more like a predator sizing up its prey before it would pounce. It was not that the man was not attractive to John. In fact, he was damn hot. Like a sex god come down from the sky was more like it. He had the slim but muscular body of a runner with full sleeve tattoos that John had found incredibly sexy. But those eyes! The man's eyes seemed to look right through him into his very soul. His smirk was pure evil as his come fuck me eyes had wondered up and down John's body, lingering a little too long on certain body parts. He had not even been fazed in the slightest that John had caught him perving only smiled wider and slowly bit his bottom lip. John was used to dealing with strangers that were hot for his body as it came with the territory of being a well-known celebrity. But this man shook him to his very core. After a while, he could not take the intense stares any longer. He excused himself and headed back to his hotel room. Feeling relieved as he entered the hotel lobby he took the elevator up to his room and opened the door with his key. He walked into the dark room and locked the door behind him.

"Don't move" John almost fainted when he heard a deep voice whisper to him in the darkness. He stood frozen like a statue in fear. "Good boy." The lamp beside of John's bed was turned on and he almost had a heart attack. The unnerving stranger from the bar was sitting on the edge of his bed wearing nothing but a pair of extremely tight-fitting jeans. Within a matter of seconds, the man had pounced on John and covered his mouth with his large hand. "Now are you going to be a good boy and be quiet or do I have to gag you?" The man took his hand off to test John.

"I-I'll be quiet." John whispered his stomach feeling a knot of dread. "W-what do you want?"

The tattooed man laughed, a dark sinister sound. "I thought that was pretty obvious at the bar, John. Isn't that why you ran away like you were on fire?"

"Y-you know who I am?" John was really getting scared now. "Of course I know who you are? Doesn't everybody? The great superhero John Cena, every kid's favorite wrestler. But I'm interested in you for a different reason. Take off your shirt."

"W-what?" John stuttered. "You heard me. I said take off your shirt like you do in the ring and throw it."

Now John was more than scared. He was so terrified that this man was a crazed stalker but he was too nervous of what might happen to refuse his wishes. He whipped off his t-shirt just the way he did every Monday on Raw and threw it across the room. The man licked his lips at the sight of John's bare chest. "Fuck, you look even better in person." John could not help blushing at the compliment. He pushed John down to his knees hard. "Now, time to get to business. Unzip my pants and pull out my cock." John slowly complied with the man's demands getting a little turned on by his show of dominance. His eyes widened as his stalker's huge member came into view. The man had the most perfect long and thick shaved cock and balls he had ever seen. Even soft, it was a masterpiece. "Suck my cock, John" The man pushed his limp member into John's warm mouth. "Let's see if that mouth is good for anything other than cutting a promo." John began to suck the man off, licking his tip with his tongue and then taking in as much as would fit inside of his mouth. He knew he should fight the man or refuse but something about the taste of the man's shaft was addicting to him. He wanted more and more. "Fuck, you have a damn good mouth on you" The man moaned throwing back his head as John started to really get into giving the blowjob. Feeling the other man's length hardening in his mouth gave him a sick sexual thrill to know that he was that good. He licked up and down the length as if it were a popsicle taking each of the man's balls inside his warm mouth and being rewarded with a wanton moan from his stalker. Getting braver from this encouragement, John went back to deep throating the now hard and leaking dick in his mouth. "Oh fuck yeah! Choke on my big dick, you slut!" The man grabbed John by the back of his head and began to fuck his face rough and hard. "Take my cock all the way down your throat!" John should have been angry by the treatment and being called a slut, but the man's dominance over him on served to make him harder with lust and his own jeans were begining to feel a little too constricting. The stranger continued his assault a few more minutes before pulling out quickly, his chest heaving with arousal. "I want you to strip for me. Show me that ass that I watch Monday Night Raw just to catch a glimpse of in those shorts." John's fingers trembled as they worked the top button of his jeans. He slid them down along with his underwear revealing his impressive cock now fully erect and dripping precum. The man sneered at the state of John's arousal. "You are such a slut, John Cena. All dripping and rock hard from sucking off a stranger. I'll bet you're just about ready to explode at the thought of me pushing my big cock into your sexy ass."

John groaned at the teasing words, unable to take it another minute. "Please, Sir, just fuck me!"

"Get on the bed on your hands and knees and spread your ass cheeks open wide for me. I want to see that pretty pink pucker I've jacked off fantasizing about every night."

John climbed onto the bed into position pulling apart his cheeks with his hands to reveal his tight hole. "Please, Mister, I want your cock so bad! Just fuck me now!"

The stranger wasted little time climbing behind him on the bed. He took the glistening precum off the head of his shaft and used it to lube up his dick. He pushed his member in hard and fast earning a gasp of shock from his obsession.

"Y-you didn't use any lube." John whined at the brutal intrusion of his entrance.

The man only smacked Cena's firm ass as he drove in until he was buried balls deep inside of his constricting walls. "Oh quit whining, you big baby. The great John Cena can man up and take a big cock. I had plenty of lube with my precum. I could have taken you completely dry." He began thrusting in and out grunting from the effort. He slapped John's ass again a little harder this time. "Open up those muscles and let me in. Fucking take my big cock, Slut!"

John moaned in submission at the dark orders and spread his legs wide allowing the dark stranger to plunge deeper inside of his ass. "Fuck, your ass feels good wrapped around my dick. That's probably why you're the fucking face of the company. Did you take Vince McMahon's wrinkled old dick in your ass to get that Slammy? It sure as hell wasn't for your Five Moves of Doom."

"Fuck you!" John moaned the man's taunting words doing little to quench his lust.

"No, I believe it's me fucking you, Bitch. And I'm doing a damn good job of it am I right?" John only moaned louder as he arched his back. The stranger chuckled. "I'll take that as a yes." John began to fist his throbbing cock but the stranger saw him and batted his hand away. "Nope, I want you to cum just from my dick in your ass. Just let me try something." The man changed angles of his thrusts and struck the sweet bundle of nerves that would drive his partner over the edge.

"Oh Fuck, Sir, don't stop please! It feels so fucking good!" John was going crazy wanting to touch his hot throbbing cock so badly. He gripped the bed sheets in his fingers and put his head down on the mattress ass raised high into the air as the man rode him like a prized stallion. The stranger was panting harder now as he felt himself nearing his end. "I'm going to cum soon, John Cena. I want to see you cum for me. I want to see your face scrunched up in bliss as you come undone. Cum for me now!"

John let out a gasp as he felt his balls tighten and his load shoot out onto the bed sheets. "Oh shit I'm cumming! Fuck yeah, your cock is so deep inside me!"

The clenching of Johns walls milked the stranger's member and he released a moment later filling Joh's ass with his warm seed. "You're so good John! FUUUUUCK!" He collapsed on top of the sweaty and panting John.

"That was hot, Randy." John turned around smiling his dimpled smile and knocked Randy off his back. "But if I hear you making fun of my wrestling skills during one of our role plays again I'm going to give you an Attitude Adjustment you'll remember."

"Don't you mean a FU?" Randy teased his lover. "Our role-playing sessions aren't exactly PG you know."

"Randy, nothing with you is ever PG. You could make drinking a glass of water look like sex. I love our role-playing Monday nights except I want to know why I am always the one playing the poor little bitch and you get to be the big bad Viper?"

"It's the unspoken rule of gay sex, Johnny Boy." Randy jumped up on the bed doing his Viper posed with his now soft cock eye level with his boyfriend. "The dude with the biggest cock always gets to top. And the guy with the uh biggest ass is the bottom. And since your ass is bigger than J Lo's I think you're the bitch."

John pushed Randy down on the bed in mock anger and the two began to wrestle, there sweaty bodies fighting for dominance. "Give it up, Viper. You know you are no match for the Champ."

"The Champ of what a bad blowjob? I don't see any gold around your waist." Randy jumped up and ran for the bathroom his boyfriend hot on his heels. "You are going down, Orton! The Champ is Here!" Randy grinned broadly from behind the bathroom door. Oh how he loved Mondays.

(Hope you enjoyed. More soon.)