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If there is one thing you should know about Vikings, it's that they aren't a very patient people. This is kind of odd when you consider all the farming and fishing that goes on. Unfortunately, patience was probably the most lost on the chief of the tribe, Stoic the Vast. Whether it is spoiling for a good fight, preparing for the winter, or starting his day, he liked to begin early. And that trait showed in his most recent decision…

"You WHAT!?" Hiccup gasped as he jumped three feet in the air, stumbling over his wooden chair at the table.

"I told you, son. I spoke to the Hoffersons today and arranged a marriage contract between you and Astrid. I'm not blind, son. I see how you and the girl act around each other." Stoic smirked, thinking that he needed a pat on the back for picking up on the relationship he just knew his son was in. And to think, all it took was a kiss in front of him to figure it out. Heck, he was probably the only Viking that thought they were in a relationship; it was so quick of a kiss. Yep, he definitely deserved a pat on his back for his chief like observation skills.

"Why would you DO that?" Hiccup started to panic and hyperventilate at the same time. Toothless, who had been chowing down on some fish behind the two men, perked up to see his rider chocking on air. He shifted over slightly and moved closer to his friend, worry evident in his eyes.

"What? I was married around your age. And I think Astrid would make a great match. You two are already seeing each other, which is dangerous I might add, so I thought I'd do the safe thing and marry you two off before anything bad happened." Stoic, smug look and all, sat back in his chair with a grin. He knew Hiccup didn't know the law about dating. He figured now would be a perfect time to let him know.

Hiccup had calmed down somewhat at his father's explanation. And something kept nagging him in his head after he listened to him. "Dangerous? How is dating Astrid dangerous? I mean, aside from the punching and yelling and… you know you might be right. But that's aside from the point! We're not dating! What gave you the idea that we were?" Hiccup started to get a tad angry at his overconfident father.

"Oh, you may have fooled the rest of the island, but nothing happens on this island without me knowing about it. Now, Hiccup, as future chief, you need to know all the laws of this tribe. And there has been a lot of them that you need to learn. So you might want to start with this one. In our tribe, dating is fine to do, however, if the girl is found to have lost her purity before her wedding, the father of the girl has the right to behead the boy that took her purity from her. So you see son, I'm just protecting you. So I went and told Angnir that we should not risk you two dating very long. He likes you, son, and he said that he would regret beheading you if something happened." Stoic stretched a little as he leaned back a bit. His back was starting to ache, that meant that the cold was on the way. He thought about the storage for the village food for a second, then looked back at Hiccup. His son's mouth was open and all the color was drained from his face. "Are you alright, son?"

"Ah…uhh… I-I had no idea that law was there. But still! I'd never do that to her! I don't have enough courage to do that to her! How could you think that?" Hiccup was starting to feel overwhelmed. He wasn't panicking anymore, just sort of numbed instead. All this was hitting the poor boy too fast and he hadn't caught up with his feelings yet. His mind too busy trying to process the fact that him and Astrid were engaged. And his eventual death at her hands when she found out.

"You don't have the courage to love a woman, but you have the courage to face that beast of a dragon without fear? I find that hard to believe. Well, either way, what is done is done. The contract has been drawn up and finalized. It will all be alright. The wedding won't happen until the storms have passed, and if my back is telling me the truth, they will be here for a while." Stoic got up from his seat, dumped the remainder of his food in Toothless' pile of fish and then started to walk to his bedroom. "Best get some sleep, son. You'll have a long day tomorrow." And with that, the big chief was out of sight.

"Oh, the gods hate me." Hiccup slumped into his chair and stared at his half eaten mutton. If he was honest with himself, this could have been worse. Astrid and her family could have been over or his dad could have told him in the great hall or Snotlout could have been here to overhear it. The possibilities of this being worse were still there, but the impending anger that would inevitably come from Astrid just about made up for all of it. He looked over at Toothless, who after making sure that Hiccup was indeed capable of breathing, went back to eating his fish. "Well, bud, at least you'll be here." Hiccup grabbed his salmon and dumped it next to Toothless. He then sat down and waited for his best friend to finish.

After a few minutes, the fish were gone and Toothless was curled around his friend, having his chin scratched. Hiccup let his thoughts swirl around in his head for a bit, thoughtlessly scratching Toothless when it came to him. Yeah, sure, he'd thought about marrying Astrid. He had for a long time, but not so soon. Never in his imagination had he thought that he'd marry her after their second kiss. Heck, he didn't even know if they were dating. Sure, she kissed him twice and he knew that there was something there between them, but he didn't really know if it was considered dating or not. They never really broached the subject. But now, he has to think about marrying her. And probably without her consent.

No. He would not marry her if she didn't agree to it. He knew that if he did, it would not only kill any feelings that she might have for him, but also kill their friendship as well. Above all else, he knew how to cherish a hard earned friendship. Toothless, who was purring half asleep and in total bliss, was a case in point. He knew he didn't have a say in the matter. And to be fair, he didn't really mind that it would be Astrid he was marrying, compared to another girl that his father could have picked out for him. However, his feelings came secondary to Astrid's. Hiccup grit his teeth and slowly stood, waking Toothless up. He steeled his resolve and trudged up to his room. Regardless of what his father and chief had done. He would make things right. After all, him and tradition never really got along…

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