Hello everyone! I sincerely apologize for my unexplained absence. I wanted to get back with you all because some of you really do deserve the best of anything I have to offer. I cannot express the gratitude for the heartwarming reviews and the kick in the pants reviews that I sorely needed.

I took about a year sabbatical from writing because I wanted to focus on my family and keeping them as close to me as possible. You never know if the time you say goodbye to them will ever be the last, so I made it a point to treasure them as much as I could over the last year. Unfortunately, I took an unexpected break from my writing as it seriously bit into my time and efforts towards bringing my family closer together. Still, all of you deserve more than I have offered in the past year and again I apologize.

I will endeavor to update before the end of this month and update at LEAST once a month until POL is finished. I shall try to put out more than one chapter a month, as my loyal reviewers deserve at least that much.

One final word that I would like to say. There is a reader out there that truly deserves a moment in the spotlight. I honestly loved the reviews that I got to encourage me to continue, but this reader above the others stood out for the loyalty, concern, and dogged attempts to get me to write more. I would personally like to thank CJS for keeping me in line and telling me like it is. I would love to PM with you, so please create an account so I can talk with you there. Again, thank you for everythihng, CJS. You are one of the main reasons I picked the pen back up after so long.


Valor Grim