In my next life

KB: "This entire situation blows…"

*KB walks down the nature path to try to escape from everyone.*

KB: "How many bloody times has the same day been repeating? How many time must I witness my friends die, and I can't do a single thing about it…"

*KB starts crying.*

KB: "I've done NOTHING to deserve this! Aya… Logan… Is there anything I can do?"

*A breeze passes by.*

KB: "Of course there isn't anything I can do… even when I try to do something, they still die… All I can do is try to run away…"

*An animal whimpers in the background, KB turns and walks toward it and sees it's a small bunny that has it's foot stuck in a trap.*

KB: "Aw little buddy… At least I can save you."

*KB releases it from the trap. The small animal runs off.*

KB: "Of course I don't get any thanks."

*KB gets up, and heads back to his house.*

KB: "No amount of running will let me escape time…"

*KB stops in his tracks.*

KB: "The only way this will stop… is if something different happens, something un-expected…"

*KB looks up to the sky.*

KB: "Though it's probably too late today… there's always tomorrow…"

*KB Heads back to his house, He steps inside.*

KB: "I'm home!"


KB: "Of course no one is here, no one is ever here… I'm all alone…"

*KB goes to his room, takes off his clothes and head to his bed.*

KB: "When I wake up, I can finally do something about this… that is if my hunch is correct."

*KB falls asleep, He starts dreaming.*

KB: "Ow…"

*KB gets up and looks around, he sees nothing but forest.*

KB: "Oh, it's this dream again… Let me guess."

*KB looks at himself to see that he's six.*

KB: "Yep… this is my earliest memory…"

*KB walks through the forest. He arrives at an abandoned mansion, and the front door is unlocked. KB steps inside, and looks around.*

KB: "This is my house…"

*KB goes to the kitchen where he tries to get some water from the sink, though the water lines must have been cut off from this house for a long time, since only mud comes out of the facet.*

KB: "Yep, just as I remember… I'm going to go over to the refrigerator to see if there's any food inside."

*KB walks over to the fridge and opens it, nothing but dirt and REALLY moldy food is inside.*

KB: "Yep… there is nothing here as usual… this always happens when I have this dream…"

*Flash forward a couple hours, KB finds his way into the town. He proceeds to beg for food, though no one ever gives him any.*

KB: "…"

*KB starts crying again, everyone stays away from him.*

?: "Why are you crying?"

*KB looks up to see a little girl offering him a handkerchief, she couldn't be older than five.*

?: "Here, you can use this."

KB: "Thanks…"

?: "My name is Aya, what's your name?"

KB: "My name is… I don't remember…"

Aya: "Where are your parents?"

KB: "I don't have any… I'm alone…"

Aya: "… is that why you were begging for food… because you don't have any?"

KB: "Yeah…"

Aya: "… Here, I'll take you to my house, we have food there."

KB: "Really?"

Aya: "I have no reason to lie."

*KB holds Aya hand and the two of them start to walk back to her house.*

KB thinking to self: "Her hand is soft…" *Blush*

Aya: "We are almost there, okay."

KB: "Ok…"

*Flash forward to inside Aya's house.*

Aya's father: "Who's this? He's filthy! He's tracking mud everywhere!"

Aya's mother: "Is he a friend of yours from school?"

Aya: "… I don't really know him… he was begging for food."

Aya's father: "Begging for food? He's six, where are his parents?"

KB: "I don't have any… or at least they aren't with me anymore."

Aya's Parents: "…"

Aya: "He was begging for food and he's obviously homeless… can't we give him food?"

Aya's Mother: "I guess I'm okay with that…"

*Aya's mom leads KB to the kitchen where she prepares him food. KB looks up at the calendar to see that the date is the twenty third of June. After eating, KB gets up to leave.*

KB: "Thank you for having me over… but I must take my leave."

Aya: "But… why?"

KB: "It would be rude for me to ask for anymore from you guys…"

Aya: "But you could stay with us… you could live with us…"

Aya's mom: "AYA! You can't say that… we don't have the space nor do we have the funds for it."

KB: "It's okay… I'm not actually homeless… I live in an abandoned house I found a little while ago…"

Aya: "But… it's just so un-fair…"

KB: "What ever happened to make to parentless… I probably deserved… bye…"

*KB rushes out of the house, but Aya grabs his hand.*

KB: "!"

Aya: "… promise me that…"

KB: "What?"

Aya: "Meet me at school… Anyone can enroll in a public school… so it's free… Promise me that we'll go to school together…"

*KB turns back to her.*

KB: "… I promise! …"

Aya: "…"

KB: "Aya…"

Aya: "Hm?"

KB: "I'll see you later…"

*KB runs off. Only to wake KB wake up in his bed and took a look around…*

KB: "… I remember that like it was yesterday… that was the day I first woke up and meet Aya… but she has her focus on Logan now more than… more than me…"

*KB looks at the clock to see that's its almost time.*


*KB rushes out of the house to meet up with Logan and Aya. Logan is being careful trying to keep Aya alive.*

KB thinking to self: "I made it on time… but it looks like it's Aya's turn… I can't let her die!"

*A loud crash sound come from the top of a building as lead pipes come falling down straight toward Aya.*

KB: "!"

KB thinking to self: "I can't let it happen again… … …"

*KB rushes off to push Aya out of the way, and is successful… though he gets impaled through the stomach and torso, and is slowly bleeding out.*

KB: "Please let this work…"

Logan: "KENNETH!"

Aya: "But… why?"

KB: "It just kept repeating no matter who died… I Thought that… if I took the fall then it would just stop…"

Logan: "But…"

KB: "No buts… I wasn't meant to be anything… I meant nothing to Aya as soon as you came into the scene, so if I died keeping you guys alive… the time loop would stop and you two will live together and break out of this time loop."

Aya: "Kenneth… I didn't know…"

KB: "Aya, Logan can be much more to you then I could ever hope to be. I'm no one…"

Logan: "Much more than… what's that supposed to mean?"

KB: "Before I go…"

*KB is breathing heavily and his skin is pale due to lack of blood.*

Aya: "Kenneth…"

KB: "I loved you ever since that day… I… Lov… y…"

*KB stops moving.*

Logan and Aya: "KENNETH!"

KB thinking to self: "I'm too weak to talk anymore… I just feel like falling asleep…"

*KB's eyes slowly start to shut.*

Aya: "NOOO!"

KB thinking to self: "Hopefully in my next life… I can have a close family and good friends… In my next life… I want to be happy… I want things to be different…"

*KB's eyes shut completely and KB exhales as he dies.*

Aya: "Kenneth…"

*Aya starts crying and clings to KB's dead body.*

Logan: "Damn it…" *punches the ground.* "Why, why do I have to keep seeing my friends die… I can't take it this has been going on for decades in my brain, I don't want this, I'd rather be dead if it could make this finally stop."

*KB's body starts to glow.*

Aya: "Wh… What?!'

*KB's body completely disappears as the bloody lead pipes fall over on to their side.*

I'm my next Life; I want things to be different.

*KB wakes up at the hospital, KB then looks around.*

KB: "I didn't die? I DIDN'T DIE?!"

*KB looks at the calendar in his room, he sees that the date is different.*

KB: "But… did it stop?"

?: "Did what stop?"

KB: "!"

*KB turns to see a really sexy nurse talking to him, then he proceeds to wonders why he didn't notice her before.*

Sexy nurse: "I see you finally woke up."

KB: "Finally? How long was I out?"

Sexy nurse: "About a week, not to long…"

KB: "Eh… okay."

Sexy nurse: "I don't know how… but you seem different…"

KB: "!"

Sexy nurse: "I can't quite put my finger on it…"

KB: "Ok, look… I don't have any money, so I can't pay for anything…"

Sexy nurse: "Don't worry, we have free health care."

KB: "… then I guess I'm no longer in America… now am I?"

Sexy nurse: "OH! You're American, I guess that's what was different about you… impressive that you understand Japanese perfectly…"

KB: "Japanese?"

*KB looks back at the calendar as he realizes that there are Japanese characters, but those quickly change to English.*

KB: "!"

Sexy nurse: "I welcome you to Japan."

KB: "Oh… no, I must get home…"

Sexy nurse: "Well, while health care is free, airplane tickets are not… and since you don't have money, I guess you'll have to stick around for a while…"

*The nurse starts blushing un-controllably.*

KB: "Why are you blushing?"

Sexy nurse: "I don't know…"

KB: "You're acting like you've never met a guy before."

Sexy nurse: "It's just… your smell is so…"

KB: "?"

*KB then proceeds to smell him self.*

KB: "Well, I guess that I haven't put on deodorant for about… A WEEK. So I guess I do kind of stink…"

Sexy nurse: "It's not a stinky smell… it kind of like…"

*KB gets out of the bed.*

KB: "I'm not quite sure that I like this situation, you're acting like you never met a guy in your life, and somehow… I doubt that."

Sexy nurse: "But… don't leave me…"

KB: "Sorry, now's not the time for sex."

*KB grabs all of his stuff off a shelf and leave the room, he quickly puts on his clothing and leaves the hospital.*

KB thinking to self: "That entire situation was odd to say the least… now… time to see what I can do to earn some money."

*KB opens the door to the outside world, to only see that everyone on the street is a girl, they all look up at KB with questioning eyes.*

KB thinking to self: "Wait… that's a lot of girls… and with what the nurse said about never meeting a guy… are there no men in this world…"

*The girl closest to KB walks up to him and starts talking, the girl is in a shrine maiden outfit.*

Shrine maiden: "Excuse me… who are you?"

KB: "My name is Kenneth… but you can call me KB…"

KB thinking to self: "So… wait, what's going to happen to me?"

Shrine maiden: "Well… my name is Kaienji…"

KB: "Well Kaienji, what did you want to talk about?"

Kaienji: "Well… it's dangerous here… you need to come over to my shrine where it's safe."

KB: "What do you mean dangerous?"

*Kaienji points out all the girls, who by the way are now blushing heavily.*

KB: "I think I see what you mean… but your definition of dangerous is very different from mine."

*Kaienji glares at KB.*

KB: "Or I can just do what you say, either way it's okay with me."

Kaienji: "Good."

*Kaienji takes KB's hand and starts to walk to he shrine.*

KB: "Whoa, hang on a second… how do I know that you're not one of them?"

Kaienji: "It's harder to seduce shrine maidens, plus you don't see me blushing now do you?"

KB: "… I don't, so you have a point there… but seeing how much everyone else is blushing I'm surprised that I haven't been tackled yet."

Kaienji: "They're girls, they are waiting for you to make the first move."

KB: "Of course they are… but the one in the hospital didn't…"

Kaienji: "What was that?"

KB: "Oh, nothing…"

*KB and Kaienji make it to the shrine.*

Kaienji: "Well, welcome to my home."

KB: "Nice… uh… house?"

Kaienji: "Oh, sorry… I forgot to mention it on the way here."

KB: "You definitly forgot something! What is this?"

*KB points to a house the size of a bird house, it's shaped like a regular shrine, it's just small.*

Kaienji: "Well, Shrine maidens in this district are fairy's… I'm just using magic to make myself bigger so I go out and buy groceries."

*Kaienji holds up her bag to show the food she bought.*

KB: "With what you bought, it looks like you are going to make leek stew tonight."

Kaienji: "Yep, now…"

*Kaienji grabs hold of KB's hand as she uses magic to resize herself and KB down to the normal size of a fairy. Though it doesn't work on KB.*

Kaienji: "Strange, how come it didn't work?"

KB: "Maybe because I'm not a fairy like you… maybe fairy magic like that doesn't work on humans."

Kaienji: "No, it does… you're just special…"

KB: "That's something that every girl I've met today has said to me."

Kaienji: "No, I'm not talking about your gender, I'm talking about your special abilities… who are you exactly?"

KB: "I told you, I'm Kenneth, why would I lie about my name?"

Kaienji: "No… are you human?"

KB: "Yes!"

Kaienji: "No… there has to be something…"

*Kaienji fly's around KB examining his body.*

KB: "I don't feel comfortable about this…"

Kaienji: "Oh come on, you're like nineteen or something… it's not your first time someone did this type of thing to you… is it?"

KB: "I'm fifteen, and yes it is…"

Kaienji: "Then I promise that it won't last much longer… what's this."

*Kaienji pulls out an escort card.*

Kaienji: "…"

KB: "When you have to gamble in order to feed yourself, you end up with a lot of different strange things…"

*Kaienji hand glows as the card burst into flames.*

KB: "NO!"

Kaienji: "You shouldn't have smut like that!"

*Kaienji sees the scar on KB's hand.*

Kaienji: "What's that?"

KB: "What's what?"

Kaienji: "That mark on your hand."

KB: "Oh, that's just a birth mark… I think…"

Kaienji: "Ah… Ok, well if the spell didn't work, then try a potion."

*Kaienji gives KB the potion.*

KB: "Are you sure?"

Kaienji: "I imagine it'll work…"

KB: "I have a bad feeling about this…"

*KB drinks the potion, he immediately burst into flames.*


Kaienji: "Hang on, I got this!"

*Kaienji grabs a water bucket and splashes it on KB, but since she's a small fairy, the bucket is not that big and therefore doesn't have enough water.*


Kaienji: "Sorry, I'll find something to…"

?: "Idiots!"

*? Uses a fire extinguisher to put out KB, he's not burned, but his clothes are all burned off.*


Kaienji: "Eh, AH!"

*Kaienji covers her Eyes.*

?: "This is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen."


Kaienji: "Oh, Hello Domoka."

Domoka: "Just bring him inside and give him some clothes."

Kaienji: "I tried… we can't shrink him though, I even tried a potion."

Domoka: "Did you use the right potion?"

Kaienji: "…"

*Kaienji looks at the potion bottle she handed KB.*

Kaienji: "No, I gave him magical lighter fluid."


Domoka: "Here, I'll give you the right potion."

*Domoka hands over a potion to KB, KB examine to make sure that the potion is the right one.*

KB: "It does say that it is a shrinking potion… so I think that it is safe."

*KB drinks the Potion; he shrinks down to the same size as the fairies.*

KB: "I'm tiny!"

Domoka: "See, it works if you use the right potion."

Kaienji: "Yeah, but it still doesn't explain why my magic didn't work to begin with…"

Domoka: "I don't really care, bring him inside."

KB: "Ok… what the hell is going on?"

Kaienji: "Ok, I'll bring him inside."

*Kaienji tugs on KB's arm and drags him inside.*

KB: "I don't like where this is going."

Domoka: "Why? Two girls are inviting you inside their home, what's wrong with that?"

Kaienji: "?"

KB: "Well… Everything AND nothing at the exact same time…

Domoka: "…"

*Domoka is staring angrily at KB while Kaienji is still confused.*

KB: "What?"

Kaienji: "?"

Domoka: "Are you sure he isn't a bad guy?"

Kaienji: "Well… Maybe he is…"

KB: "Even if I was, I couldn't do shit when I'm out numbered now can I?"

Domoka: "Yeah…"

KB: "I'm just a human, not a necromancer or anything close to that."

Kaienji: "Well, I trust him. I've never doubted him for a moment."

Domoka and KB: "Yes you did."

Kaienji: "Anyway, let's go inside."

*Kaienji grabs both Domoka and KB and drags them inside forcefully."

KB thinking to self: "Why do these kinds of things always happen to me?"

*Kaienji pulls them inside and KB looks around the fairy's house.*

KB: "It looks like a Japanese shrine…"

Domoka: "Of course, that's what fairy houses look like for the most part."

KB: "Neat."

Kaienji: "I want to make dinner!"

Domoka: "Please do, I'm tired…"

Kaienji: "OK!"

*Kaienji leaves to room leaving KB alone with Domoka.*

KB: "So you live in a shrine?"

Domoka: "Fairies are very closing being with the gods, we know a lot about them and we are very religious."

KB: "Know what?"

Domoka: "I'll show you."

*Domoka leads KB into a room, inside the room there's giant statues with a strange language written on them.*

Domoka: "Lucky for you, this shrine is special, my family built it thousands of years ago around this statue, we don't know why it here, but I'm sure it's a creation of one of the gods."

KB: "That's cool, this god looks cocky."

*KB points to the statue in the center of the room.*

Domoka: "Yeah, you kind of look like him."

KB: "HEY!"

Domoka: "I was kidding. You look nothing alike."

KB: "That wasn't funny…"

Domoka: "Yes it was, you're quite the funny guy KB."

KB: "Heh?"

Domoka: "You're… different then all the other guys I've met…"

KB: "What do you mean by that? I thought all the guys were cast out from society…"

Domoka: "Yeah… But since we fairies are holy figures we are sometimes sent out to exorcise some of the undead the necromancer create… so I know a couple…"

KB: "Yeah… but they're necromancers, aren't they evil?"

Domoka: "Not exactly… they're just kicked out because they're guys; they aren't even given a chance…"

KB: "Oh… I see…"

Domoka: "But you're different, you're a guy and somehow you didn't even know this stuff… I was wondering… how is that?"

KB: "Well… my backstory is different than everyone else's. I'm not a necromancer nor am I associated to them in the least, I'm myself and I lead my own story... Even if I don't remember my first six years of life…"

Domoka: "That answers nothing I asked. Are you different because you came from America?"

KB: "Well… yes and no, I did in fact come from America…"

Domoka: "But I heard America is just the same as here…"

KB: "That's my point… where I came from, fairies and necromancers are fictional, made up stories to entertain people… I did come from America, but I don't think it's the same America that you are thinking about…"

Domoka: "How could that be?"

KB: "I wouldn't know, I just simply don't know how I got here and I'm afraid I can't answer something I don't understand."

Domoka: "… Just who are you?"

KB: "I'm Kenneth Baumgart; I'm just a simple orphan."

Domoka: "I don't think the term "simple" applies to you anymore…"

KB: "That may very well be."

Domoka: "What was the last memory that you had before you came here, that might answer something."

KB: "The last memory I have is dying to end what I can only describe as pure madness and event that can corrupt the mind of any man…"

Domoka: "Sounds pretty bad… but it might not be too farfetched…"

KB: "What do you mean?"

Domoka: "You do see that this room has three statues, right?"

KB: "Yeah, you made a joke about me looking like the one in the center."

Domoka: "Yeah, but focus on the one on the far left side of the room."

*KB looks over to the statue.*

KB: "What's so special about it?"

Domoka: "That's a god my people call "Corruption.""

KB: "Let me guess what he does…"

KB and Domoka: "He corrupts the mind of men."

Domoka: "I know it's silly going to a religious stand-point, but…"

KB: "I don't believe in any gods or goddesses. So yeah, it's silly!"

Domoka: "Don't believe in… why?"

KB: "Look at where I am now, I suffered throughout my life and that only changed when I gave up on the girl of my dreams and killed myself to save her. Sorry, but I simply can't believe in a god that would do that to someone who doesn't deserve it."

Domoka: "HEY! Look, you said you didn't remember you're first six years of life; maybe you did something then to deserve it. You can't blunt say a god can't exist for a flawed reason like that!"

KB: "I never said that I was the one who suffered the most now did I?"

Domoka: "Well… no. but you implied it!"

KB: "My friends suffered more then I… that's why I sacrificed myself to stop it."

Domoka: "… But did you stop it?"

KB: "OF COURSE I DID! I wouldn't be here if I didn't"

Domoka: "Ah…"

*Kaienji walks into the room.*

Kaienji: "Dinners ready."

Domoka: "Ah… I… Okay."

KB: "Okay…"

Kaienji: "Huh? What were you guys talking about?"

KB: "Stuff, Un-important stuff."

Kaienji: "Oh, Okay! Let's eat!"

*Kaienji grabs KB's arm and drags him in to the kitchen. Domoka tags along and walks to the kitchen. Kaienji motions her arm towards the food that she made.*

Kaienji: "I worked hard on it sis, what do you think about it?"

Domoka: "You actually did a good job today, I'm so proud of you."

KB: "Actually? Is she a bad cook?"

Domoka: "Normally her food is lackluster, but today's food turned out good… I think…"


Domoka not caring about what her sister said: "But today it seems that she actually had a motive to make the food good."

KB also not really caring: "What do you mean?"

Domoka: "Well, what I mean is that she felt that it was important to make it good instead of feeling that it was an obligation like she normally does…"

Kaienji: "STOP!"

KB, whom wasn't paying attention to Kaienji: "What caused her to change her mind?"

Kaienji in the style of Jontron: "STOP!"

Domoka, whom is too infatuated with KB to notice Kaienji: "I don't know… unless… !"

*Domoka turns to her sister and she grows a big grin on her face.*

Kaienji: "It's not what you think!"

Domoka: "Sure it isn't…"

KB: "? What's going on?"

Domoka: "Oh, just teasing my sister, nothing special."

Kaienji: "Can we please stop…"

Domoka: "Fine, let's get too…"

*Domoka notices that Kaienji has a lot of bandages on her hand.*

Domoka: "What happened to your hand?!"

Kaienji: "Oh I just… I just cut my hand a little."

Domoka: "You cut your hand while cooking?"

Kaienji: "It's nothing major…"

*Kaienji looks off to the side embarrassed.*

Domoka: "Oh Kaienji… you're as silly as ever."

*Domoka walks up to Kaienji and pats her head.*

Domoka: "Here, let me see your hand."

*Kaienji reluctantly holds out her hand to Domoka. Domoka's hands hold onto Kaienji wounded hand and they start to glow brightly. The Band-Aids fall off Kaienji's hand and her cuts heal on the spot.*


Domoka: "Yeah, but it doesn't heal major wounds…"

KB: "But still!"

Kaienji: "We're fairies, we can do basic magic… you didn't know that?"

KB: "Well… Uh…"

Domoka: "Let's not worry about it sis."

Kaienji: "… Well… okay, thank you for healing me sis."

KB thinking to self: "wait…"


Young KB: "Seriously Aya… you have to stop hurting yourself like this…"

Young Aya: "I can't help it, I'm clumsy…"

Young KB: "That's no excuse… here…"

*Young KB puts a Band-Aid on Aya's scraped hand.*

Young KB: "Try to be more careful next time…"

Young Aya: "Okay… Thank you for helping me."


KB: "…"

KB thinking to self: "Kaienji… she kind of reminds me of Aya…"

Kaienji: "Shall we get eating?"

KB: "Oh… Ah… yeah."

*KB, Domoka, and Kaienji start eating dinner, and after they finish Kaienji goes to the fridge and pulls out a boxed lunch.*

KB: "What's that for?"

Domoka: "…"

Kaienji: "A lot of people saw me bring a man back home to our house… I'm sorry but you can't stay here for much longer…"

*A loud knock is coming from the door.*

?: "We know you're harboring a necromancer! BRING HIM OUT TO US!"

KB: "…"

*KB walks to the front door and goes through it, raising his hands in the air. Domoka and Kaienji leave the house as well. There's a giant Mob of people waiting for them."

Mob leader: "Why where you harboring a necromancer! SCUM LIKE HIM BELONGS OUTSIDE!"

Domoka & Kaienji: "…"

Mob leader: "ANWSER ME!"

KB: "It's my fault, I barged in and took advantage of their hospitality…"

Domoka & Kaienji: "…"

Mob leader: "Oh, Look. A necromancer that's honest, how rare."

Domoka & Kaienji: "…"

Mob leader: "I'll make sure you're death isn't painful since you're SOOO Honest."

Kaienji: "… He isn't a Necromancer…"

Mob leader: "What was that?!"

Kaienji: "He isn't a necromancer!"

Mob leader: "Not a necromancer? HA! All men are evil, all men are pervy backstabbers whom care for no one but themselves, and we don't need Neanderthals ruining our image!"


Mob leader: "SHUT YOUR FACE!"

*Mob leader punches Kaienji in the face, braking her nose.*


*KB rushes to Kaienji side.*


Mob leader: "The fuck you think you doing?!"

KB: "You can't hurt people like that!"

Mob leader: "Oh yes I can, she's associated with a Necro! You're going to pay the price for not following simple instructions!"

*Mob leader pulls out a hunting knife and makes to stab KB, KB tried to block it with his hand. In the end, she ended up stabbing straight through KB's hand.*

KB: "I… Can't… let you harm her…"

Mob leader: "And why not?"

KB: "Because…"

*KB starts crying…*

KB: "She reminds me of someone who's now gone… I care for her…"

*KB's hand starts glowing over Kaienji's face. Healing her nose.*

Mob leader: "Wh… White magic? Necromancers can't use white magic!"

Domoka: "Because he isn't a necromancer… he's something special you see…"

*Kaienji stands up now completely healed from her wounds.*

Mob leader: "Only fairies can use white magic like that… and he obviously isn't a fairy…"

KB: "…"

Mob leader: "… What are you?"

KB: "This is just too much…"

*KB runs away from the mob and flees into the woods leaving behind Kaienji and Domoka. He runs as far as he can and makes it into the deepest parts of the woods.*

KB: "… why…"

*KB contemplates about his life up to thus far.*

KB: "Why does my life have to suck…"

?: "If your life sucks that hard, we can end it for you."

KB: "!"

*KB looks around, only to find a couple of men in robes.*

KB: "Necromancers!"

Necromancer 1: "Yep, now hand over that boxed lunch you've got there."

KB thinking to self: "Boxed lunch?"

*KB looks to see that he still has his Boxed lunch that Kaienji gave him.*


Necromancer 1: "Aw, gross…"

Necromancer 2: "Let's just take his lunch and leave."

Necromancer 1: "Yeah…"

KB: "If you take my lunch I'll kill you…"

Necromancer 1: "I'll like to see you try!"

*KB stands up and pulls the knife out his hand.*

KB: "It's the last think I have to remember her by."

Necromancer 1: "Who?"

*KB charges the necromancer and pins him to a tree.*

KB: "None of you god damn business!"

*KB takes the knife and stabs the area next to his throat, pinning the robe to the tree. He lets go and faces the second necromancer.*

KB: "Anything you want to say?"

Necromancer 2: "Um… we were never here…"

*Necromancer 2 pulls the knife out from Necromancer 1's robe and ran off.*

Necromancer 1: "…"

KB: "Why are you still here?!"

Necromancer 1: "If I can't have it, neither can you bro."

*Necromancer 1 cast a fire spell and sets the boxed lunch on fire, then teleports off with necromancer 2.*


*KB runs over to the fire and try's to blow it out, it just makes the fire go faster.*

KB: "NO! NO! NOO!"

*KB falls to the ground. But then he notices that there's something unburned in the ash.*

KB: "A note?"

*KB takes the note and reads it.*

Dear Kenneth: By the time you read this, you're probably far away… I just wanted to let you know that… if you ever decide to come back I'll be waiting for you… no matter how long it takes… when you get back… I have something I would like to say to you…


KB: "… I'm afraid that I won't be back for a while Kaienji… not with the situation I've gotten myself into…"

*A portal opens from behind KB, and a man steps out.*

?: "About time I found where you are!"

KB: "Who… Who are you?"

?: "No one of importance my friend. You have a destiny of which you must follow, and that starts with a single step forward."

KB: "Will that step lead me home, or into more trouble."

?: "One step closer to home, one step away from suffering, this is YOUR path, how you make of it isn't my concern, but you have to follow it either way. So take my hand and start your story."

KB: "And what story is that?"

?: "Your story, The story of Kenneth Baumgart."

End of Chapter