As she picked up her duffel bag she looked around at the place that she had called home for the past few years. Turning to her mother she saw the concern in her eyes

"I promise I'll call at least once a week and make it back for all the major holidays" she said.

As much as she loved her mother this was what she felt she was meant to do with her life.

"Love you mom"

Going to her car, a deep, graphite-dark grey '67 Shelby Mustang that she had a mechanic friend of hers' fix to some very special specifications, especially the trunk. Under it's false bottom were weapons of all kinds.

In plain view were seemingly harmless items like rock salt, gallon jugs of holy water ( although it looked like plain water ), even a small jar of holy oil. Though she hoped she'd never have to use the latter. She wanted nothing to do with angels.

She had taken many classes and trained in every fighting style she thought would be useful.

She excelled in them all. Learning to use all weapons, she was especially good with guns. They felt like an extension of her body. A part that was deadly and beautiful.

As she ran her fingers through her short cropped hair (nothing for an attacker to grab ahold of) excitement and a feeling of destiny coursed through her.

Gripping the steering wheel firmly she began her new life.

Beware monsters the daughter of an angels vessel was going to make a difference. No one was going to be terrorized like her family had been if she could help it.

Claire Novak was hunting.