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Chapter 1

"Calm down, Ms. Campbell. Getting worked up isn't going to make the train arrive any quicker." Serena huffed in response and continued pacing the length of the platform.

"This is ridiculous! I still don't see why we couldn't simply drive there!" Hanssen took a deep breath, willing himself to remain calm. They hadn't even left Holby yet and she was already driving him mad.

"You know perfectly well why not, Ms. Campbell. This is the more logical and environmentally friendly solution to our transport concerns. We will be forced to travel a fraction of the time it would take us to drive." She spun around to face him and snorted.

"That's if the train even shows up!" Hanssen smirked as she began to get more irate the more minutes that passed. He leant back against the bench and closed his eyes for a moment. Serena turned towards him and was about to launch into another tirade when she saw he appeared to be relaxing. Scoffing incredulously, she went and sat beside him, heavily, causing him to open his eyes and turn his head slowly towards her. She crossed her legs and folded her arms, visibly angry with the situation they were in. As Hanssen was about to speak, a voice came over the station speakers alerting them to the imminent arrival of the train. "Finally!" she grumbled as she stood up, grabbing her bag and pulling it onto her shoulder. Hanssen smirked to himself as he stood beside her, watching the carriages glide by slowly until a doorway stopped near them. Serena, not waiting for anyone or anything, marched towards the doors.

"Ah, Ms. Campbell?" Hanssen said loudly, causing her to stop suddenly and turn to him, frustration etched on her face.

"What!?" Hanssen held up their tickets and glanced at their seat reservations.

"We're in Coach D." he explained, pointing in the opposite direction to where Serena had been heading. Rolling her eyes, she sped towards the correct carriage, Hanssen hearing her muttering under her breath as she did so. Glad to be out of the cold, Hanssen headed down the carriage, checking their seat numbers again. "Ah, here we are Ms. Campbell!" She watched as he took the seat next to the window and simply stood, arms folded, in the aisle.

"Are you really not going to give me first choice of seat?" she asked, surprise in her voice as Hanssen turned his head and glowered at her.

"If you require a window seat, there is one opposite me." he said stonily as she shook her head and took the seat, facing him.

"Well, at least you get a lovely view for the journey." she smirked as he stared at her, then returned his gaze out the window. Serena rolled her eyes at his sense of humour bypass and began rummaging in her bag for her notes. Opening the file and settling down to work, she noticed Hanssen was busy staring out the window and hadn't made any move to begin his own work. "Umm hello...Earth to Mr. Hanssen." she joked as she waved her hand in front of his face, causing him to flinch backwards in alarm. "I thought one of the reasons for taking this god-forsaken train journey was so we could work on the way?" Hanssen stared at her and nodded.

"Indeed, Ms. Campbell...but seeing as the journey is not yet underway, I believe I will wait a few more minutes...if that's alright by you?" he asked condescendingly as she sat back grumpily.

"Absolutely fine by me." she spat, returning her attention to the page in front of her. They were both heading to a Surgical Conference in Glasgow where Hanssen was to deliver the keynote address and she had agreed to discuss a few policies implemented during her time at Holby City. Shifting in her seat slightly, she felt her knees brush against Hanssen's and noticed him visibly stiffen and his eyes darted towards her worriedly. "Sorry." she said quietly as he nodded and turned to remove his own work from the briefcase on the chair next to him. She watched him and thought if she wasn't very much mistaken...no, he was...Henrik Hanssen was blushing! She smirked to herself as she purposely let her knees touch his again and his head snapped towards her. She held up her hands in surrender and exhaled before smirking to herself and leaning back over her work. The train began to move and Serena looked up to see Hanssen absorbed in the copy of his speech, his eyes flitting back and forth across the page quickly. She reached into her bag and pulled out a packet of polo mints, taking one and placing it in her mouth before leaving the pack in the centre of the table. After a few minutes, she watched from the corner of her eye as Hanssen reached out and took a mint absently, his focus still on his speech. She smiled to herself as she settled back in her chair, re-reading the same sentence she'd been trying to read for the past 5 minutes.

"Hi, is this seat taken?" asked a rather low, silky voice, causing Serena to look up from her work. She felt her heart skip momentarily at the very handsome man stood before her dressed in a smart suit, her eyes casually drifting over his body until she heard him clear his throat and she realised she hadn't answered him.

"What? Oh, no...no..." she stammered, reaching for her bag and taking it off the seat, placing it under the table out of the way.

"Thank you." the man said as he smiled at her, allowing his eyes to drop to her cleavage momentarily, which was slightly more on show than usual due to the heat in the train which had caused her to open an extra button on her shirt. She felt herself blushing and squirmed under his gaze until his eyes met hers again. He held out his hand and she took it gently. "I'm David." he said, shaking her hand slowly.

"Serena." she replied, suddenly realising who was sat opposite her. She turned to face him sharply and caught the look of amusement on his face. "This is Mr. Hanssen..." she said quickly as David held out his hand and Hanssen shook it unenthusiastically.

"So, business or pleasure?" he asked as Hanssen simply stared at him before looking back at his document. David turned to Serena and raised his eyebrows.

"We're on business." she answered, shooting Hanssen a disapproving look.

"What sort of business are you in?" he asked causing Serena to sigh inwardly, she didn't really want to spend the entire train journey making small-talk with a perfect stranger, even if he was rather easy on the eyes.

"We're both Surgeons." she said, turning her body back to the work in front of her, hoping he would get the hint, but he pressed on.

"Well it's a tough job!" Serena turned back to face him and her eyes drifted to his smile...his lips...

"Yes it is!" she agreed, smiling in return and tilting her head slightly. "Unfortunately, we do have a mountain of work to get through before we arrive at our destination, so if you wouldn't mind..." she nodded her head towards the file and David shook his head, holding up his hands.

"No problem at all! I should be getting on with some work myself." He reached into his briefcase and pulled out a thick folder marked 'Vascular Surgery - Rosa's Green Hospital - NHS. FAO Mr. D. Holt'. Serena watched in surprise as he opened the folder and began flicking through the pages, pausing as he came to the place he'd left off at earlier and began reading. She sat staring at him, until he felt her gaze on him and looked up. "Can I help you?" he asked softly, noticing how impressed she looked.

"No I just...I have experience in the Vascular area myself...your folder interested me." she smiled as she turned back to her own work but noticed him push his file closer to her.

"Interested enough to read with me?" Serena chuckled as she indicated her own work in front of her.

"I think I'd better get this done first!" she laughed, glancing over at Hanssen and noticing his disapproving look. She looked at him and remembered how he had reacted to their knees touching earlier...maybe she could have a bit of fun with him. Smirking and turning back to face David she smiled. "Okay, let's do it." Hanssen frowned as he saw David's eyes wandering once again to Serena's chest. That must have been the third time they'd done that in the space of as many minutes. Hanssen watched closely as Serena leant closer to him, listening to what he was talking about and reading a section he was pointing out to her. She giggled and looked up into his eyes, the pair of them sitting incredibly close together. Hanssen shifted uncomfortably in his seat, shuffling his papers and attempting to reign in his concentration. Trying to focus on the words in front of him, he found his gaze drifting upwards again to Serena and David as they continued to talk animatedly. He had to admit that Serena, when in full 'charm and flirtation mode' was electrifying to watch. The way she had David hooked on her every word, drawing him in only to throw him back again. Hanssen had seen her do this many times before but it still left him in awe of her...of the way she could manipulate anyone around her by using her charm. She leant and whispered something and David cleared his throat nervously as his cheeks turned red. Serena looked across the table and her eyes met Hanssen's. She flashed him a smile, quirking an eyebrow as she turned back to David and continued talking. Hanssen sat back in his chair and wondered what she was up to.