Author Note 6/11/2014-Letting new readers know that at the beginning of writing this story I hadn't actually written anything extensive for nearly twelve years, so please don't mind the early chapter wonkiness it gets better as I taught myself how to properly weave a story again. There are formatting errors and some typos throughout and I apologize for that, I just hope you can enjoy the story.

A brief explanation: So while writing my other story 'I Remembered Tomorrow Today' I had a thought on Lelouch's general attitude and how its effected by his environment. Simply put the Lelouch in that story already had his answers, knew of the betrayals and was well aware of how to make the world his plaything while still accomplishing his goals and having fun. In canon Lelouch is cold, distant, and arrogant mostly due to the fact that he is surrounded by people who are no where near as smart as he is so no one can really call him on his BS unless he is actively going down to their level, add being saddled with a crippled kid sister you have one cynical young man. So my idea this time around was what if he had someone there his entire life who was just as sharp as he was, just as protective of Nunnally, but was just different enough to consistently smack his ego down. Simply put he'd still be the same charismatic and brilliant strategist but the more glaring personality flaws would be tempered and his journey would not be so lonely and...paranoid. I also discovered that there is an entire community revolving around Lelouch being a female named 'Luluko' so I decided to roll with that being his twin sister and partner in crime, although my auto correct keeps changing it to "Luluka' which I happen to like more so you all will just have to deal with that, without further ado I give you-Code Geass-Let Me Share the Burden

Edit 4/23/2014-Slowly going back and reformatting older chapters, its a bit rough but easier to read, enjoy.

Excerpt from the Britannia Journal of Medical Science, circa October 2, 1980 A.T.B.

Dr. Alius ZImmerman of the Pendragon Institute of Medicine has recently announced a breakthrough in nanobot induced genetic alteration and physiological enhancing implants to a stunned scientific community. No other parties were aware of the development of such cutting edge and morally questionable technologies but there are very few questioning the viability of these new breakthroughs, it is speculated that the project may have been authorized by the Emperor himself as shortly after the announcement he ordered all future royal offspring to receive the benefits of implants and gene alteration...

Pendragon: Undisclosed office inside N.B.D January 27, 2000 A.T.B

V.V was for lack of a better word, furious, no scratch that he was absolutely livid, not only was Charles shifting his attentions to that whore he had regulated V.V. to be custodian of the Nobility Bio-engineering Division. An insult if there was ever one, his job was to sift through each embryos DNA and make sure they didn't come out retarded, hoo-bloody-ray, and as if the job wasn't tedious enough royal decree from Charles predecessor demanded fertilization had to occur naturally. So his days were spent overseeing Charles tramps, playing an over glorified gynecologist, removing their stupid feeble embryos, cleaning up their garbage DNA and implanting them back into said tramps, it was vexing to say the least.

Sighing to himself wondering for the tenth time in the past hour what on Earth he had done to earn this he looked through today's itinerary,

"Lets see, slut, bimbo, floozy, another slut, and...THE fucking whore...interesting". V.V. tapped his fingertips together in contemplation while staring at the scan, all told the child to be had promise, very little wrong with this one actually, as hard as it was to admit she and Charles had produced an excellent specimen. Pity. Mulling the idea of making the kid blind or having sickle cell anemia he had to remember that the end result would reflect directly on him, and if nothing else his ego demanded that he not make an inferior product. So that begged the question, how could he strike back at the uppity commoner harlot without it coming back at him and further the distance between he and Charles...

"Hmm...well... Marianne was discussing how she was worried about gaining weight and stretch marks from the pregnancy, and the amount of calories she has to consume for the implants to develop in the embryo are staggering..." Eyes widening at his idea he double checked the scans and grinned wickedly, oh yes this could work, it was petty, childish and beautifully enough untraceable. The short term pain he would cause that woman would be worth any reproach from Charles anyway, making the proper tweaks to the embryo he hit "Apply Changes" and leaned back with a smile, this ought to be fun.

Pendragon: Palace Aries Residence 3 months later

"TWINS?!" Lady Marianne screamed for what Emperor Charles Vi Britannia believed was the sixth time in as many minutes, he sighed inwardly then looked towards his beloved consort, and did his best to keep his composure.

"Yes my dear, again, twins, the first in the past fifty years actually, you should be honored." She spun around and glared at him with pure malice, 'Oh shit' he thought, wrong thing to say. She stalked forward and stared him directly in the eyes,

"I. Am. A. Knight. Of. The. Round. Table. I am a fighter and a one child pregnancy would have been difficult enough to maintain my duties, but two at once?! I'll be a whale!" she bellowed.

'Ah...yes her concerns about her figure..this is not going to be pretty' he mused, secretly he cursed V.V. for somehow botching the procedure. As if Marianne was reading his mind she threw her hands in the air and continued to rant,

"I bet that creepy little hobgoblin had a hand in this, his obsession with not sharing you gets more intense as time rolls on, its weird hon admit it!" Charles scowled and was prepared to defend his brother but staring at her enraged violet eyes he decided that it probably wouldn't be worth it, especially since he shared her suspicions. Sighing he took her into his embrace and lowered his face into her hair and inhaled her scent, she relaxed against him as he soothed her,

"My dear, it will only be for six more months, after that you may resume your regular duties." He paused contemplating something then asked "Would it appease you if we have another down the line I make sure V.V. isn't involved in the development?" Marianne considered this briefly then nodded on his chest.

'Booyah' he thought to himself, crisis averted.

Pendragon: Royal Family Hospital September 13, 2000 A.T.B

V.V. was giddy, after the birth of 11th Prince Lelouch Vi Britannia and 3rd Princess Luluka Vi Britannia Lady Marianne had gained over thirty pounds in excess weight. Nine months was a long time to wait for petty revenge but when you're immortal its the little things in life that keep you going, grinning like a madman the diminutive man child observed the raven haired violet eyed twins in their bassinets. 'Odd, most children don't open their eyes this soon', V.V. had the unsettling feeling that the newborns were somehow observing him, somehow...judging him. Shaking off the creepy feeling he spun on his heel and left the maternity ward, 'Whatever, mission accomplished lets see if brother still loves that whore now that she's fat'.

Pendragon: Palace Aries Residence November 3, 2003 A.T.B.

Three year old Luluka was excited, almost as excited as her brother Lelouch, while she didn't fully understand the process she did understand the end result, today she would have a little sister. The twin toddlers ran to their mothers room with more coordination then any child should have, but that was just normal for them, they could do anything together and the odd bond that none of the big people believed ment they were never alone either. Making eye contact with her brother she thought,

'Knock Knock!', Lelouch smiled as he activated his implants broadcast protocols,

'Who's there!', their little ritual complete she grinned back,

'What do you think her name is?'

Lelouch looked thoughtful for a moment then shrugged 'I dunno, but whatever it is I'm sure it will be pretty', approving the answer Luluka turned the corner and saw a group of big people and sighed

'Ok we gotta act like dumb kids and talk out loud for them'. Lelouch looked irritated then said,

"I really hate acting dumb", Luluka could only agree, sadly most three year olds were learning to not eat crayons much less hold thoughtful conversations, best to blend in. Approaching the door the twins looked to the guards and stated in unison "See baby!", the guard laughed at the childish statement and let them in, both doing their best to not roll their eyes they ran up to their tired mother who looked a bit too thin to be healthy but still radiated happiness.

"Lelouch, Luluka, I'd like you to meet your little sister, 5th Princess Nunnally."

The giggling children rushed up to their new sibling and made cooing noises to the slumbering newborn nestled in her mothers arms, both showing complete adoration for the new addition. Luluka laughed and turned to Lelouch,

"You were right brother, it was a pretty name" nodding sagely Lelouch continued to stare at the little form,

"We gotta make sure she stays safe, always". The twins made a mental agreement to protect their little sister at all costs and lady Marianne basked in the glory of it all,

'Lost 5 pounds in this pregnancy on top of the 30 from last' she grinned broadly 'Suck it V.V.'.

Pendragon: Palace Aries Residence July 6, 2009 A.T.B

Lelouch felt pain, the indescribable pain and regret rushing through his mind startled him to wakefulness and caused him to panic, which for Lelouch meant waking his favorite guard Jerry and screaming,

"MY SISTER IS HURT!" Lelouch liked Jerry alot, he never talked down to him and his sisters and he actually believed him when he explained his connection to Luluka, that unfortunately meant he started freaking out. Grabbing his radio he contacted Lelouch's big sister Cornelia and told her to bring the troops in the royal family was in danger, they then rushed out into the main hall to see...horror. His sisters were sprawled on the stairs, pinned beneath their bloodied mother, before Lelouch could move forward machine gun fire blasted through the front windows and sprayed down the entire area. Jerry being Jerry grabbed Lelouch and threw him down to the ground, both noticing that the fire was aimed everywhere BUT at the downed royals.

The fire ended abruptly but they lay prone for another minute, seemingly all clear they rushed down to his injured family, grabbing his mother Lelouch frantically shook her "Mother, Mother!" but alas, he could tell she was dead...and cold...why is she already cold? Jerry rolled mom off his sisters to see that Luluka was passed out with three gun shots stitched up her side, he could see that her implants were already regenerating her flesh and she was breathing evenly. Before he could turn to Nunnally he heard Jerry sob, looking quickly he could see she had been shot repeatedly in the stomach and her eyes were staring off into space, "No No No we were supposed to protect you,". Jerry put his arm around Lelouch and tried to comfort him,

"My lord...have faith her implants are working on overdrive to keep her alive and the ambulance is almost here, she will survive," wiping away tears the young prince scowled.

"Yes...yes you are correct she will...she has to.." Lelouchs analytical mind pushed through the sorrow long enough to scan the room and take in all the details. This...none of this makes sense, I've read enough coronary books to know the human body takes hours to cool...mothers bloody is already coagulated but his sisters was still warm, then there was those machine didn't make sense. "Jerry...what exactly just happened here?" Jeremiah Gottwald gazed upon the room as well and muttered,

"I may be out of line here my lord but...this was no work of terrorists", at this Lelouch only nodded grimly while still applying pressure to his sisters wounds.

"That's why I like you Jerry, you're just as paranoid as I am."

Pendragon: Royal Family Hospital 24 hours later

Luluka was rather cross at the moment, being shot while trying to protect your kid sister from a maniac midget then having your dead mother thrown on top of you will do that, the weirdest part of the whole situation is that she distinctly recalled her Father telling her she was to believe some insane tripe about terrorists. It was all so muddied, none of it made sense and the two scenarios kept warring in her mind for dominance, if she were to be honest if Lelouch hadn't kept a standing vigil in her mind she probably would have gone insane.

'I think your mind was somehow altered' her brother said 'nothing at the crime scene adds up, Jerry and I showed up far earlier then we would have otherwise since your pain awoke me and I rose the alarm'. Luluka pondered this for a second then responded,

'I have the strangest feeling we inadvertently mucked up someones scheming' she received a feeling of agreement as she continued 'Lou...I'm scared'. Her brother remained silent for a moment too long,

'I...I am too, there is so much wrong with this, did you know mother called off the guard a few hours beforehand? Cornelia is beside herself in grief, she feels she has failed but I saw the order myself, in mothers handwriting.' Luluka digested that for a moment,

'Pardon my language brother but why the bloody hell would she do that?' His response was agitated

'I have no clue, her enemies are lining up to try and take apart her entire network of allies, this is feeling more and more like a setup, I did manage to throw a wrench in their machinations by the way, released the Ashfords from their vows and publicly declared our disassociation'. She actually laughed out loud at that one immediately regretting it with the wracking pain,

'Oh nice one, they'll be damaged politically but they'll still retain their titles and investments' she received a responding shade of cockiness,

'Indeed.' After a moments awkward silence,

'Any news on Nunnally?' she finally asked the question she dreaded the answer to, but his response was surprising,

'She'll likely make a full recovering, her spine had been severed by the bullet fragments but her regenerative implants were able to keep her stable enough for surgery, the weird part is shes...blind'. Luluka gasped at this,

'Wait what? How?' that makes no sense she wasn't hit in the head,

'How indeed, doctors say its psychological trauma but...well just like everything else from last night it makes no sense at all, Jerry by the way is ready to shoot any noble who comes near this wing aside from the Li Britannia's, you were right about him he's a keeper'.

'Good man, now what do we do?' Lelouch sent a wave of bitterness through their link,

'I'm going to attempt to talk to father, for some reason he has called off the investigation and I want answers', oh hell, not good.

'Lelouch don't do anything rash, please'. A none committal noise was all she heard, 'Lelouch I'm serious you do anything stupid like renouncing your inheritance or flipping off the nobility I will personally kick your ass' Lelouch's grouchy response of,

'Yeah yeah ok' was all she got before he severed the connection. Oh bloody wonderful.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter, and yes I did purposely make Marianne and Charles amusing in their own thoughts, I find the idea hilarious for some reason