So bring me the night, send out the stars
'Cause when I'm dreaming we don't seem so far
Darken the sky and light up the moon
So that somehow you'll be here with me soon
Bring me the night
Bring me the night
That brings me to you
(Bring me the night by Sam Tsui)

Chapter 1

Time ticked away, it was nearing midnight when she had finally found the open bar. It was a little more out of town than she had remembered, but that had always felt more like a perk than a drag. The further she had drove, the more freedom had followed. She felt a sudden thrill race through her. Though she didn't quite understand why, she was going with it. It felt great. She could feel it all dissipate, the anger the misery, and most of all the confusion. It felt like her hometown, if she could even call it a home, had been suffocating her. She had felt trapped. For the longest time she hadn't been herself.

She got good grades, good enough to please her parents. She had the honour of head cheerleader and was dating the leading quarterback. She had it all. On paper, it had looked great, sounded fantastic. However the reality of it all just didn't live up to it. Nothing was perfect, her life wasn't the exception. Nor did she want it to be. She didn't want the perfect life. She didn't want to settle down. She was only eighteen, and he was already talking about college, marriage and kids. So she had done it. She broke free. She didn't want to cheer anymore. She quit. He wasn't the one. She let him go. Breaking free had felt empowering. She hadn't known just how much everything had weighted down on her. It hadn't always been that way. At one point she had honestly thought she wanted those things, but somewhere along the way something in her had changed and so here she found herself alone, in a small bar miles away from home.

The bar wasn't bursting with people but at the same time it wasn't completely empty. Upon entry she had seen a group of rowdy teens to her left surrounding a pool table as they cheered each other on, to the far back she could make out a few couples in booths and a few out on the dance floor, which left the bar open to her right. Perfect. Approaching the centre she occupied an empty stool and ordered herself a beer and a bowl of peanuts. Her parents had always advised her to drink responsibly. Though they had also advised her not to drink and drive. She would make an exception this one time. She had some cash with her, she'd stay at the bed and breakfast across the road, already having booked a room. At least it didn't look sleazy, like the motel she had passed on her way into town. She had texted her parents that she was staying at a friend's house, they wouldn't say much about it. After all it was Friday night. Besides she was allowed to have fun here and now even if it had taken a bit of a rebellious turn. Lying to her parents about her exact whereabouts, probably not what the old Elena would have done. But the new Elena wanted to have fun. She wanted to experience something new, something different.

The noise seemed to have dissipated in an instant as the teens had left the building. Smiling to herself as a passing thought filtered through her; different town, same players. The group had reminded her of her friends, making the most of their Friday night in a small town. How many times had her and her friends spent Friday's at The Grill, before moving onto some wild party that was being thrown. She let out a small laugh, as she remembered some of her wilder moments. She'd always have fond memories to look back on, and while she didn't regret her past actions, she was ready to move on. It was time for a change, and it had already begun.

The look on Caroline's face earlier today when she had uttered the words, I quit, brought another smile to her face. Though it hadn't been funny at the time, now seemed ten times more hilarious. Covering her mouth as a round of laughter tumbled over. She let it loose. She probably looked like a crazy person laughing by herself. She didn't care though. She was over it, people could say what they wanted, she didn't care anymore. She could sense the rumours already whirling in action back in the Falls. By Monday everyone would know that poor Matty got dumped by the 'Queen Bitch'. She knew how the school worked, the names they would throw at her. 'Cause how could anyone dump someone as good as Matty Blue Blue.

She wouldn't deny it Matt and her, had had their moments. But things started moving too fast, and then she started feeling more and more disconnected from him. They weren't clicking anymore. She couldn't do this to him. He had been one of her closest friends. She couldn't drag this on anymore. Not when she didn't feel the same as he did. The longer she dragged this, the more hurt he would be. That wasn't right. He was hurt now but she hoped that in the not so distant future they could rebuild their friendship and move past this. Wishful thinking, Elena.

Taking a sip of her cold beer she notices another drink placed in front of her. Confusion washes over her face and she begins to look around to see who the culprit behind the drink was. As she looks to her left she sees what has to be the most gorgeous man made to mankind. He's dressed in a black suit, minus the tie that should have accompanied it. The top few buttons of his shirt are undone and she swears she could see some unruly hairs on his chest. His raven hair sits at all ends as if a hand had been running through it all day messing it up. It was definitely sexy. She could see the five o'clock shadow on his chin which drew her attention to his defined jaw, making her insides disintegrate into a pool of nothing. It was his eyes that had practically made her jaw drop, they were the darkest shade of blue she had ever seen but she also saw something familiar in them, a spark, a fire; adventure. He was a god. And she was struck.

Hearing him chuckle at her expense, snapped her out of her dazed moment. A blush made its way across her face when she had become aware that he knew she had been ogling him. Nothing about him screamed boy. He was a man.

He moved down a few seats till he was sitting right next to her. Leaning over right next to her ear, he whispers cockily, "Do you come with Coffee and Cream? 'Cause you're my sugar." He then plants a wet sloppy kiss on her cheek.

"Damon! Stop!" she shrieks, pushing him away playfully, bringing his arm up to her cheek and wiping away his slobbery mess, with the sleave of his jacket. Did she forget to mention the man she had been ogling was none other than the notorious, Damon Salvatore, aka top-shot lawyer. She had met him six months ago, at one of her father's work things, where she had accidently ran her glass of champagne into his suit. Oh how she remembered that night. She could still feel how red her cheeks had been painted. After apologising profusely she ran off and stayed cleared of him the entire night. However fate wasn't as kind as she had hoped. She ran into him a couple months back, at this exact bar. What are the chances, that the bar in the middle of nowhere and a long way from Mystic Falls just happened to be a few streets away from his office. Regardless, the second time they met, things seemed to hit off better, at least she didn't flee at the sight of him or so he had teased. They had talked. Repetitively. She had visited the bar a couple more times than she probably should have. She couldn't help it. She was drawn in. Sometimes without even realising it, she'd end up there. She felt connected to it…or maybe it was him she was connected to, after all, he was always there. They weren't what you'd call best of friends who contacted each other, but they weren't acquaintances either. Too much had been shared. Let's just go with, it's complicated.

"So what brings you to town, this time, Elena?" He knew her enough, that she only ventured this far when she really needed the space.

"Just celebrating." she rolls off as casually as she can, before taking a sip of her beer. "I quit cheerleading."

"Ahh…so no more cheer dances in those little cheer outfits. Damn, I missed out."

"Perv." she shoves him lightly.

"You know it." he smirks.

"Aren't you like fifty, Mr. Salvatore?" she adds, her eyes glistening with mirth.

"I think, Miss Gilbert, you are in desperate need of an eye check-up especially if you're mistaking me for my father. Which might I add is a deep insult to this wonderful, sexy voice, unless…you are also in need of a hearing check-up?"

She fumbles over her words trying to respond with a comeback but fails. When she sees the smirk that befalls his lips, she doesn't know if it's his most irritating feature or his most sexiest. Definitely sexiest, Elena. Taking another sip of her beer, she realises that her bottle is empty.

"Huh…that went fast." And proceeds to grab the drink Damon bought for her, and drowns it down in one go. She grabs the side of lemon that accompanied the shot and sucks on the slice, moaning as the juice mingles on her tongue with the alcohol.

"Woah there, Elena. Take it easy, you're a lightweight." He jokingly warns.

"I'll have you know my tolerance is way up here." She jumps up high showing him exactly how high and possibly how tipsy she already is when she stumbles slightly and loses her balance. She chuckles holding on to his arm with a tight grip, making sure she has a stable footing before releasing her hold. She attempts to make her way back to her barstool when he pulls her back into him, situating her on his lap. Letting out a small gasp as her back hits his chest with an oomph, his touch is electrifying, sending sparks all over her body and she can't help but rub her thighs together slightly, hoping to calm the insides of her core.

How had things escalated so quickly? She couldn't pretend that what she felt wasn't real, because the butterflies that fluttered around her stomach were proof enough, they had formed a connection, and in the process the attraction was driving her wild with want. She wanted him, bad. She really couldn't deny it anymore. How had it taken her this long to see what was really right in front of her. She really wasn't ready for another relationship, it wasn't what she was looking for. However she would settle for something just shy of one. She wondered if he wanted her too. He had never out rightly made a move on her, she suspected it was the age difference. He was 26 bordering 27 and here she was just barely 18.

"You okay there?" he laughs slightly at her, as she looks at him with a sort of dazed look.

"Dandy." she says breaking out of her trance and taking in his scent. He smells of peppermint and bourbon and some distinct smell of expensive cologne. She can't get enough of it. It's driving her crazy. She tries to focus on anything else, which is when she lets out a set of giggles as she sees his nose scrunch up slightly when he takes a swig at his bourbon. It's just about the cutest thing he's ever done in her presence.

Intercepting his hand as he attempts to place the glass back on the counter, she instead brings his glass up to her lips where she takes a small sip of his drink. Maintaining eye contact at all times, she feels the excitement tingle inside her at the intensity that speeds between them. She has a feeling this night she's not going to end up alone. At least not if she has anything to say about it.

"Let's dance." he says breaking the connection.

He spins her out towards the dance floor only to bring her back into his arms, where they begin to sway to the soft melody that surrounds them. The lateness of the hour, has left the bar practically empty other than the few that continue to linger, finishing up their meals and drinks, before making their way home.

"So, you want to tell me the real reason you're here, Elena?"

She glances up at him, eyes widening, "How'd you know there was something else?"

"I didn't. You just told me." he responds calmly.

She mutters under her breath, something about lawyers and their tricks. Which doesn't go unnoticed by him as he winks at her.

She huffs at him, "If you really want to know, I broke up with my boyfriend. I guess my now ex-boyfriend. He didn't really take it that well."

"I don't think many people take it well when they get dumped. Give it time, he'll move on and things will be okay again."

"I guess" she says. "I just-I know I hurt him, and call it selfish but I wasn't happy with him, it had been a long time coming."

"It wasn't selfish, Elena. You probably did yourself and him a huge favour. Better now than when there are other complications, marriage, kids…" he trails off.

"Thank you, Damon." she smiles genuinely and brightly at him, he really knew the right words to make her feel better, before she even knows it.

"So tell me, now that you're single, who's you're next victim?"

"No victims," she replies instantly. "I don't want another relationship. At least for now." she says casually.

"Why's that?"

"I-I guess, I want a break from it all. These past two years haven't been all that freeing, you know what I mean? I just want to do what I want to do, no questions asked."

"It sounds to me you want, passion, adventure and maybe a little danger." he centres his attention directly on her, his eyes intently focused on her own, as she takes in his words.

"Are you offering?" she smiles coyly taking a step back to assess his body language. When she sees the fire light up in his eyes, all inhibitions go out the door and she slams into him, her lips interlocking with his. She lets out a whimper feeling the wisps of his hair as her hands grasp onto his neck, yanking him down to her level. The scruff on his jaw, tickles her lightly. It's a strange and new sensation for her, after all he's a man, and not a boy. The foreign feeling tugs at the coil winding up in her lower regions eagerly awaiting for release. Rubbing her thighs together, she can feel the dampness coating her panties, and she can't help the moan that falls from her mouth.

She swipes her tongue against his lips, begging him for entrance. He concedes and their tongues set out for battle, their mission; conquering the other's mouth. His hands lock around her waist and pulls her against him and she receives all the confirmation she needs as their hips slide against each other, showing her exactly how happy he is for this to continue. This is a go. He wants her just as bad as she wants him.

She pulls away to catch her breath, standing on the tip of her toes she reaches the outer lobe of his left ear and whispers, "Do you trust me?"

"Lena." he groans when her tongue flicks the tip of his ear, as if bribing him. He should stop this. His body definitely does not want to stop. But he can't do this to her. She's confused and doesn't know what she wants. Grabbing her wandering hands, he stops it. "We can't."

He grabs his jacket and makes his way out of the bar knowing if he had stayed one more second he would have caved and done exactly as her doe eyes requested, and made her question everything she's ever known. The good, the bad and definitely the naughty.

He can hear her calling his name and the pitter-patter of her feet as she runs after him. Fuck him if it's not the most sexiest sound he's ever heard come out her mouth, the desperate call of his name. He rearranges his cock subtlety before she has the chance to catch up to him. Unlocking the door of his car, he throws his jacket inside and turns to face her. He is met with an eye full of her heaving chest as she tries to catch her breath. Her breasts are pushed together so that they are almost spilling out of her not-so-innocent hot pink lace bra, which can be seen peeking through her white top.

"Fuck." he mutters, he can't tear his gaze from the way her breasts rise and fall.

"Damon," she says calmly, "Do you want this?" she gestures to her body, making sure to arch her back slightly pushing her breasts forward, as if she knows the affect it has on him. She watches as he looks her up and down, and in an instant something flashes over her, and ever so lightly she takes his hand and trails the hem of her skirt which is probably two inches away from being inappropriate, as it barely covers her ass. Still controlling his hand, she brings it to the inside of her thigh and as his skin touches hers it's like she's been lit on fire. With her other hand she raises the front of her skirt, so he can see exactly what he's feeling, when she places his hand on the wettest part of her panties. Moaning at his touch she looks up, flashing him her doe eyes and long lashes. Slowly and seductively she speaks, "I want you, Damon."

"Fuck." He abruptly pulls his hand out of her grip, breaking out of this trance that she has over him.

"No. Fuck me, Damon. We're two consenting adults. I want this, you clearly want this." She points down at his bulge. She had to be blind not to see the outline clearly visible in his pants.

"I'm not looking for a relationship, Elena."

"If you paid attention to what I said earlier, you'd know I'm not either."

"Fuck it." He grabs Elena, hoisting her up, her legs wrapping around his slender waist and he slams her against the car. Hearing her moan, as he nips the skin on her neck, send shivers down Damon's back. He can't get enough of this girl. He's never been so turned on. Everything about her has been turning him on. Her seductive measures, her breasts, the way she bites her lip as she tries to control her moans. She's obviously never been able to scream when having sex. He's going to change that.

As he continues to nibble on her neck, she pants in breaths, "Room Number 5, at Leslie's B&B, across the street."

She doesn't know how they make it back to the room, but somehow they manage not to tear each other's clothes off in the process. The same could not be said when they had it made it inside, for from the minute the door closed shut, she had him pressed against the wall and just about destroyed the shirt off of him. Running her hands across his chest, they make their way to his hips and pull him closer to her, wanting to feel every inch of his body pressed up against her own. She moves to undo his belt when she's stopped.

"Ah-Ah-Ah, Elena, we play by my rules tonight." He says drawing out her name. "And I think we need to start by taking this pesky piece of material off." His hands already moving to the hem of her tank top.

In a flash it's off and on the other side of the room. His mouth is quick to descend upon her open skin, and she can't help but whimper as he kisses the slopes of her bra-clad breasts. She has never been this wet before. Which only makes her more wet. Her core pulsating at the thought of having sex with him. This was all new to her. She could feel the passion rolling over her. Matt and her, were never passionate. But here with Damon, she couldn't believe how much fervour burned between them.

It was ungodly, it was absolute.

"God, you are perfect for me." he mumbles between kisses. "See the way you fit into my waiting hands." he says cupping her breasts. "As if these hands were made for your breasts only."

"Kiss me." she demands, forcing his head up from her breasts.

He begins to lead her to the centre of the room and as the back of her knees hit the bed, she's falls onto the mattress, and he's not far behind her, sliding up her body, till their faces are once again leveled. Her legs spread open accommodating the length of his body. She loves how flawlessly they connect. They're perfect, the way he frames her body, with just the right amount of weight, and how he's not too skinny, that she feels like she's crushing him. No, his body is fit for hers.

She pulls away from him, unleashing her breasts from their constraint. The bra had been killing her all day, it felt good to finally be rid of the piece. At the same time he had tugged the rest of his clothes off and had pulled out a condom, ready for use. Standing on top of the bed in front of him, she let the skirt fall down her legs. Leaving her with only her matching pink panties on. Shyly looking at him, she grabs the sides of the offending material and slowly slips them off till they have joined the skirt at her feet. Stepping out of them she was pulled back on to the bed.

"You're a little minx, you know that?" He whispers into her ear, as his hands slides between her soft folds. Checking to see if she's ready.

She lets out a loud moan as his finger touches her inner most haven. She couldn't believe the effect he had on her. How her body was just screaming for his attention.

"You've been a bad girl, teasing me all night. Do you see how hard you've made me. Fuck. Elena, I've never been this hard. This is what you do to me." he says grabbing her hand and making her stroke him as he continues to play with her. " Do you feel that, Elena?"

"God, you're good at this." She groans when he adds another finger inside her, curling his fingers to hit a spot she had never even known had existed.

"There is no God here tonight, Elena. Just me Damon. What's my name, kitten?"

"Damon." she says biting back a scream.

"Don't hold back, Elena. I want to hear you scream." He thrusts his fingers harder against her and he can tell she's close. Which is why he slows down. She's fully ready and stretched. He wants to make her come on his cock.

She whimpers at the change in pace and her eyes widen when he stops all together. A feeling of disappointment washes over her but is quickly displaced, when she watches him roll the condom on his large member. She squirms with excitement, she can feel the wetness dripping between her thighs, and it's just spurring her on even more. She decides to take control of the situation and climbs on top of him.

Pushing him down against the bed, she slides down his body till she's at eye level with his massive cock. Studying him slightly, she can tell he's thicker and longer than Matt was. This was going to feel good. Her muscles are already contracting, anxious to meet its newest guest. Situating herself in position she grabs a hold of him, aligning him with her opening where she watches as they become one. She slides him all the way in till her nether region touches the base of his shaft. She takes a moment to fully comprehend the feeling. Her hands on his torso holding her steady while his are splayed across her hips, rubbing circles on her skin.

"Look at us, Elena. Look how you've taken my thick cock into that beautiful sweet pussy of yours."

He jacks his hip upwards, and she lets out a groan, her head is thrown back as she seems to slide further down him, if that was even possible.

"You're so tight, Elena. Yes just like that." he grips her hips helping her grind against him. "You're doing great sweetheart and you feel so good."

Bucking his hips again he sets up a pace for them, and she's riding him like a pro. She's moaning and wild, and it's the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. Gone was the timid girl who had spilled champagne all over him, and here was the sex kitten that had come out to play.

"I'm so close." she whines, desperately trying to move faster and harder on him, and in that instant he's just a few minutes from blowing his rocks off as well.

Deciding to give her what she came for, he flips them over and thrusts into her with a speed that she unknowingly craves. It's like he can read her mind. His arms on either side of her body, helping him plunge deeper and deeper into her. He watches her face as bliss washes over and he begs her to scream.

"Don't hold back, Elena. Let go." One hand moves to her bundle of nerves and flicks it, giving her what she needs to help finish her off. Begging her to come with him, he rubs her clit furiously. While continuing to propel his hips forward, driving into her again and again, till he can feel her inner muscles contract around him as she screams out his name for all those to hear. His release hits at the same time as her and he's spurting inside as her muscles continue to milk his cock. He falls on top of her, their bodies a mess of sweat and exhaustion. Lazily he continues to rub her clit, pinching it every so often as she rides out the aftershocks of her orgasm.

"Elena. Fuck. You were so fucking great." he whispers into her ear as he pulls out of her and slips the condom off. Kissing her on the lips he thanks her and nibbles on the side of her neck, leaving a soft trail of nimble kisses up and down her chest. His hands lingering on the panes of her back. Her skin is so damn soft. And fuck him, he wants nothing more than to take her again. He wants to take her in every position possible. Knowing that she was flexible enough to attempt some moves he had been dying to try. After all she was a cheerleader.

She sighs in pleasure, having never felt anything like that before. The intensity, ferocity and passion. Her limbs felt like they were on fire, as they burned with an ache. It was a good ache. One that was welcomed. She was still taking it all in. She had never come so hard in her life. It was like he had tightened all her strings, and then had drummed them one by one, like a song. He had a rhythm that had made her blood boil in contentment. And fuck her if he wasn't the best she had ever had.

"So, are you ready for round two?" Her hand already stroking his cock.

"Jesus, I'm fucking going to hell." He nuzzles her nose with his and his heart soars when she giggles, music to his ears. "You'll be the death of me. You know that?"

"Just try to keep up, old man." she smirks at him.

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