I'd be alright, if I could just see you
Come up for air, come up for air
A miracle mile, where does it lead to
Come up for air, come up for air

I feel the air upon my face
Forget the mess I'm in
Hold me again, don't count mistakes
I lost track of them
(Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids)

Chapter 4

School this week, could not have been longer, in the first few days it seemed Caroline had been able to turn practically the entire school against Elena. And while it was hard at times, Elena was showing compelling power, as she restrained her emotions. She didn't bow her head through corridors or hide away at lunch, instead she carried herself in a strong fashion, refusing to let the blonde girl win. She wouldn't let it get to her. She'd made a promise with herself that night, after the fight, that she'd put it behind her, and if Caroline wasn't keen on apologising then she sure in hell wasn't either.

The part that hurt Elena the most, was when Bonnie had sided with Caroline on the matter at hand. Pardon the French but, Jesus Christ, the girl broke up with her boyfriend and quit a cheerleading team, it wasn't the end of the world. However they seemed to be treating it as such. While Elena didn't let on that she was hurt, she was on the inside. Here were the people she'd called her friends since practically the beginning of time, and they didn't seem to care about her anymore. Her social world was imploding and the only seemingly good thing was the distraction Damon provided.

She couldn't help the smile that carried its way across her face as the thought of Damon filtered her mind. They'd started this friends with benefit thing only last weekend, and they'd already met a few times this week, and talked almost every other night. Okay! You caught her. Who was she kidding? They talked every night. He would call her up each night, wishing her goodnight in that southern drawl of his, that had her melting. He was very charismatic and definitely had a way with words.

It was the little things that she could see changing. She could feel her confidence growing and her embarrassment fading. Although the same could not be said about the blush she wore around him. She had come to terms with the fact, when she was with him, it was a permanent fixture. She was chalking it up her arousal instead. What? That was plausible. He was attractive as hell. And he was all hers. Could she get any luckier?

One thing she really had grown to admire, in the short time they've had was that he's become such a positive part of her life. He made her feel good about herself. She supposed it was mutual, but the attention she garnered from him, she couldn't help but feel guilty, like she was using him because of the desperate need for someone to talk to. And now that she didn't have her friends he was the only one that called, who checked in with her, the one person she could talk to. Was it wrong of her to use him like that? But at the same time she wasn't ready to give up on this thing they had, so she had reasoned with herself, that this was what the arrangement entailed, and in a way he was using her just the same. That had pushed away some of her guilt. In the end as long as they were both happy, she'd focus on the benefits and leave the guilt for someone else to worry about.

Easier said than done. But she was working on it.

The last class on Friday signaled its end and she couldn't help but sigh in relief. She crossed her fingers for good luck praying that some god was looking out for her. Hoping that she could get away as fast as possible from the school without having to speak to anyone especially one particular blonde and her brunette friend. She couldn't wait to graduate and move onto better things. This town was too small for the likes of her, she wanted to live in a big city, she wanted the fuss and buss, she wanted life. This town, despite its plentiful events was quite the bore any other day.

It seemed her prays had been answered, she hadn't bumped into anyone. Which shouldn't have shocked her too much that she had escaped unscathed. After the first few days of the week, when Caroline saw that her tactics; of spreading rumours weren't affecting Elena all that much she had changed strategies. Caroline was doing pretty well at ignoring her. Elena couldn't begin to understand the lengths Caroline was going to, as well as her stubbornness. Well, two could play at that game. And maybe that was childish of her, but she couldn't bring herself to care.

She had dropped her brother off at baseball practice, and that was the end of her obligations today. For the rest of the night, she was free to do whatever she pleased. Driving her brother was the only thing her parents really asked of her. That for the time being, while her brother was still license-free that she drop him off to practice, and on occasional times that she'd also pick him up. This was not one of those occasional times, her duties ended with dropping Jeremy off.

Deciding she needed space from this town, she was off to the bar. The same one she had occupied only a week ago. She hoped he'd be there. And if he wasn't, well that's why cell phones existed.

Damon had had business in the falls, this week, and he'd shown her his apartment. It was nothing short of amazing. It wasn't small, but it wasn't too big. It was just right for the likes of him. It was very nicely furnished. She had become exceptionally acquainted with most of the flat surfaces at his place. Much to her embarrassment and well…pleasure. But she learnt quickly, he loved to introducing her to new things. And well the attitude had started to slowly pass on to her, she became less concerned about what he thought, and just accepted the fact that this wasn't something that he would hold against her, ever. She felt it was a start to her new ideology. She wanted adventure. And well she definitely was getting it. In all possible ways. It was exhilarating and exhausting but damn did she feel good. He had a body that worked wonders for her.

Arriving at the bar, her face fell slightly when she didn't see his blue Camaro in the parking lot. He wasn't here. That would mean she'd have to initiate first contact. God help her. She wasn't the one that ever played the first move. Well, other than the time she threw herself at Damon last week…and look at how that had turned out. Maybe she wasn't too bad at playing the first move, she's just never really had a chance to try it out.

Walking in, she noted the aroma that brushed on her, it made her stomach rumble, maybe she should eat? She had barely been able to choke down lunch. Looking down at her phone, her eyes widened when she saw the time. It had taken her one hour and twenty minutes to get into town. It normally only took her forty minutes, sometimes fifty. She didn't think it had taken her that long. It was the traffic and then the rain that had started pouring heavily about fifteen minutes into her drive. Rain always had a way of slowing down the roads.

Sitting at the bar, she fiddled in her seat, pulling her skirt down. Why had she worn a skirt? Despite the summer undertones that should be arriving any moment now, the weather had taken a turn and had become chilling in an instant. At least the bar was comfortable, she'd be warmed up soon.

She was contemplating whether or not to call him yet. Should she ask him if he'd like to join her for dinner, before they have some fun in the sheets? Or maybe that was too date-like. Did a meal add strings to a stringless attachment? This was confusing. She still didn't really know how this worked so smoothly. Was this normal? They were friends with benefits or as Damon liked to call it, 'FWB'. Friends. Friends had dinner, right? That was normal.

"Screw it." she mumbled to herself as she dialed his number. If he wasn't game, well bad luck for him. She'd have a delicious meal without his company. As it rang, she noticed exactly how loud the bar had become when she'd been lost in her thoughts. Grabbing her things she was headed for the door, but before she could make it out of her seat, the phone clicked. He had answered.

"Hello gorgeous."

"Damon!" she gasps, jumping in her seat as she turns to meet him and his gorgeous blue eyes, not only had he answered. He was here. Standing beside her.

"Well, isn't this a surprise?" he expresses putting his phone away, and without a second thought bows his head, claiming her lips with his.

She can feel his tongue swipe across her bottom lip and she can't help the moan that escapes her when she allows him entry. He tastes like strawberries today. And god damn him, she loves strawberries. Grasping a hand onto his shirt, she pulls him closer deepening the kiss. He was intoxicating, leaving her practically breathless and in a daze as he pulled away gently.

"A very nice surprise." he utters, his lips brushing against hers as he speaks.

"I do try." she smirks, shrugging her shoulders.

"You've been hanging around me too much." he taps her lips with his finger, acknowledging her new found fondness for his smirk. "So, you called?" he arches his eyebrow suggestively.

"Are you so sure you're getting lucky today?"

"I don't know kitten, why don't you tell me?" He grins playing with the ends of her hair, watching as her blush extends to the top of her chest. "I love this colour on you." he murmurs seductively caressing her rose-coloured cheeks. His voice changing from his natural confident tone, to a soft spoken volume so that only her ears can hear.

"I'm hungry." she blurts out, trying to change the atmosphere. He was laying it on thick, and it was messing with her.

"Me too." He eyes her up and down suggestively one of his hands making their way down to her bare thighs, his thumb slowly stroking the smooth silky skin.

"Damon!" she shrieks her voice laced in shock at his forwardness. Trying to pull herself together she slides the menu to him, "Well, I actually need carbs if you want me to deliver any action later and possibly a nap. Today was exhausting."

"That bad?" he deduces, as a worrisome look falls upon his face. "Those girls still giving you a hard time? You wanna talk?"

He was genuinely worried for her. It had come to her attention, he was far too kind. This past week she had begun to wonder why no one had snatched him up. He would be the perfect boyfriend. He called often, he was a freaking gentleman with his ways, opening doors and paying for things…like last week, he had paid for the B&B they'd stayed at. He wouldn't take no for an answer when she told him he didn't have to, that she could cover it, but he had insisted and that was the end of that. He had a way with words. She'd figure she'd have to start calling him Charming. Oh! And lastly he gave amazing orgasms…mind-blowing. What girl would pass on that?

"Yeah they are… but it's more of a, I'll-ignore-you vibe. It's just hard, you know? They've been my friends since we were in diapers and they literally just dropped me." she sighs, letting out a heavy breath, "I just want to forget about it." she says looking at him, forcing a smile on her face.

"They don't deserve you." he adds sensitively. "They're being immature, petty and jealous. Friends don't do this to friends. They're not worth a piece of your time." he states frankly.

"You know, you're starting to sound a lot like Jeremy."

"Your brother?"

"Younger. He told me the same thing."

"Well he's right."

"Thanks Damon. Let's just put this behind us. We don't need to talk about such silly things.

"Lena it's not silly-"

"-I know." she cuts him off. "I just need to put this behind me. Nothing good is going to come out of me blabbing about this." Pausing, she smiles up at him this time a real grin. "Let's order, I'm starving. I think I want pancakes."

"Pancakes, kitten? Really?"

"Have you ever had pancakes here? They're like the best I've ever had, but shh don't let my mother hear that." she gushes."I swear they even have the best strawberries-"

"Now wait a second there…" he presses his finger to her lips successfully shutting her up, "You can't say you've had the best pancakes, if you've never tried mine." He leans down towards her and with a hushed whisper continues, "I'll let you in on a little secret, my pancakes kick ass." he smirks at her.

"Nah-uh." she argues teasingly. "There is no way you can make better."

"Is that a challenge I hear? Looks like I have to prove you wrong. Get up, we're leaving. Prepare yourself for a religious experience." he grabs her hand and heads towards the exit with her trailing only a few steps behind him.

"I thought, when you're around, there is no god." she tosses back at him.

"I didn't say what religion, honey. Cause 'Damon' religion is the only one you should be worshiping." He pulls her into the crook of his arm as she laughs at his joke. He steers her towards his car. "We can leave your car here. I'll drive you back, is that okay?" he asks.

"That's fine, let me just grab my bag." She escapes from under his arm and unlocks her car grabbing her overnight bag.

She had decided it was necessary to have a spare change of clothes, a brush and even a toothbrush in her car. After coming home one night, her hair a disarray, she had looked thoroughly fucked. She had been lucky that she had managed to skip by her family before they had a chance to see her. From then on she placed a bag of essentials, ready for times like this.

"I see you've come prepared Kitten." he grabbed her bag placing it in the trunk of the car.

"Well, honey, I can't exactly go home looking like I've been ravished, can I?"

"I ravish you?" he smirks up at her, pulling her flush up against him, his arms wrapped around her waist tightly as he intensely stares into her doe-like eyes.

"Don't do that." She pouts, softly slapping at his chest.

"Do what?" he grins, giving her his lopsided smile. That smile that could melt the entire Arctic Circle.

"Act oblivious, to how amazing you really are." she says softly.

Before this thing between them had began, they had talked quite a bit over the span of a few months. And in the snippets of conversations they've had, she had seen a different side to him, that she was sure he didn't show to others. She knew he was different, she could see past his mask, she just didn't know the full story. He was pretty good at locking that side of him away.

They were making their way to his apartment, when he had pulled over at local grocer, he claimed he needed ingredients. He probably needed a premix packaged or something. However she was still stunned that he was actually serious about making her pancakes. Nobody had ever made her pancakes unless you count her parents, which she's not. Hell nobody had made her a meal like he planned to, period. Walking in to the store, he grabbed a basket while she trailed slightly behind him, in wonder. This man would continue to surprise her, and it was growing onto her. He was an enigma, full of many layers and she felt she had only peeled the first of many.

"Strawberries or blueberries?" he asked her, holding up a punnet of each fruit.

"Duh! Strawberries." she points to the fruit in question. "I love strawberries."

"Is that so?" he argues cheekily, coming up to her till they are only inches apart "Cause I just happen to love them also."

"I can tell." she chuckles,

"And how might you know that?" he arches an eyebrow up at her.

"You taste like them." she says without missing a beat, trying to cover up how much he's really affecting her. Did he not understand the concept of personal space? She wondered if he did it on purpose, or was he always like this. What's worse, she couldn't control the way she flamed up at the closeness. This never happened with Matt. Maybe it had to do with his attractiveness…or how well he was in the bedroom. Who knew?

"Do I?" he grins playfully, realising how she had come to know that piece of information.

"Yep." she says popping the last letter.

Elena starts for the next aisle, leaving him behind trailing her. Looking at the signs, she grumbles when she can't see the category she wants.

"What are you looking for?" Damon drawls from behind her, startling her.

"Jesus, Damon. I swear, start wearing a bell or something. Maybe we should stop by the kitten collars section and find you a nice one. You'll give me a heart attack one of these days." she spurts out, a hand on her chest as she tries to mollify her racing heart.

"Kinky. Didn't know you were into that stuff."

"I didn't mean it like that." she places a hand on her face mortified with how easily she set that up for him.

"Oh come on, I had too. Besides I'm sure I can convince you to give it a go." he grins, placing an arm around. "Now what were you so deeply searching for?"

"What." she sputters out, if she wasn't embarrassed before she definitely is now. "You're into that?" she questions shocked that he had just let that slip casually in a store.

"Do you really want to have this conversation here?" he gives her a pointed look.

Gawping at him she quickly looks around to see if anyone had heard their conversation but the closest people were an elderly couple who were mindlessly in their own world deciding on which cheese they wanted, not giving them a second glance. But still she was sure that would change soon enough, especially if Damon's looks had anything to say about it. You just needed the right audience. Like the tall lean blonde that just had turned into their aisle.

"I guess not." she concedes, though she can't help the worried look that crosses her face. She knew he was very experimental, but this was just really different.

"Hey." he soothes, "Look, I can control my urges, you don't have to do something you don't want to do. Besides I'm not so much into the collars. Restraints are a whole different story though." he reveals smoothly.

She really doesn't know how he does it. He just told her he likes kinky stuff in a grocery store and he's acting like it's nothing different then saying he liked the colour red. Maybe it is nothing. Maybe it is a normal thing. Is it normal? She guessed she'd have to ask him later.

"I was looking for the chocolate sauce." she voices, dropping the subject for the time being.

"Come on, Elena." he exasperates. "Chocolate Sauce. Do you know how unhealthy that is?"

"Are you serious? She looks at him, gawking. "Please tell me you're kidding." she begs.

"What?" he asks confused.

"You're a health junkie!" she remarks. "Aren't you? Oh god. You're one of them." she states in a hushed tone.

"I'm… sorry?" he replies not sure how to respond.

"No-no-no, we need to fix this pronto." she responds, latching onto his hand and pulling him towards the confectionary aisle she passed earlier.

"Elena." he whines, when he catches onto her plan. "I refuse to eat this." he declares, a look of utter disgust when he sees a bunch of unhealthy items make their way into the basket.

"You need to be educated." she protests, her hands on her hips. "You've been missing out."

"No I haven't." he grumbles. "They're filled with a bunch of calories and sugars, it's not good for you. How do you think I keep this amazing, hot, sexy figure of mine?"

She looks him up and down, "You could do with a few pounds. Look at you, you're rock solid. Not a soft spot to be found." She pinches his side for emphasis. She grins not expecting him to flinch under her fingers. "Looks like someone is ticklish."

"No I'm not." he says convincingly, He's got a good poker face. But she isn't falling for it.

"You wanna say that again?" she chimes cheekily, her hands threatening to attack again.

"Don't you dare!" he retorts defensively. His hands trying to grab hers before they can come into contact with his sides.

"Buy the junk and I'll stop. " she argues playfully, attempting to slide her fingers back towards him, only to be captured by his hands.

"How about I just…" he pushes her up against the shelves, her hands pinned to each of her sides by his. He leans down to her ear and huskily whispers, "This is why we need restraints, Kitten." He lets her go, picking out the junk putting the items back on their respective shelves.

"No fair." she mumbles under her breath, "You're stronger than me."

"That's cause I don't inhale this disgusting processed crap." he cocks his head at the confectionery items. "Plus I work out." he smirks at her. "Now come on. I promised you pancakes."

Making sure he's not watching she quickly sneaks back a bar of Lindt strawberry flavoured dark chocolate. She'd convince him. Starting small, she already knew he loved the fruit. She was already half way there.

They were finally on their way back to his house. She let out a chuckle, remembering his face, when he saw the chocolate pass through the scanner. It was one she would remember for a really long time. She'd gotten it past him. Keeping him occupied till she no longer needed to. She felt stealthy. Although, never had she met a person who didn't like to indulge in the occasional piece of chocolate or candy. She just knew that when he tried a piece, he'd be in love. He was just being stubborn.

"So, do you just not have chocolate? Do you have take-out?" she asks curiously. "Do you eat bread?" she gasps as she questions him teasingly as if he was committing a sin.

"You know, I never would have pegged you to be so playful?"

"Really? Well you've only really seen the gloomy Elena-who's-had-enough-of-her-town. There's a fun Elena too, you know?" she says seriously. "Now answer the question. You're evading." she chirps back at him, eyeing him with a teasing glare.

The car turns swiftly and they've stopped in an empty parking lot. She looks up at him confused, but before she can speak, he silences her with a searing kiss.

"God you're hot." he unbuckles his seat belt, pulsing forward, his lips meeting hers once again. "I can't wait anymore." he says clicking open her seatbelt.

"N-now?" she stutters. "In your car?"

"Yes." he growls. "Get in the back." he commands.

She doesn't fight his demand. It was dark, nobody would be able to see anything calming one of her more predominate fears the other being, how at ease she had come around to the idea of having sex in his car but then again there was a part of her that knew she couldn't deny that she hadn't wanted to do the deed in his car from the first moment she saw his Chevy Convertible.

Climbing into the backseat she shed her cardigan, and plopped her shoes off and before she could remove any more items she was accosted by Damon's wondering hands. They slipped under her skirt caressing her bare thighs warming them up before skating lightly over the wet patch on her panties, rubbing her gently, making the spot even damper. His other hand began to unbutton her white oxford shirt, her breasts clad in a hot pink bra, that had him all kinds of hot and bothered. She was so innocent in his eyes and he couldn't help as he murmured dirty thoughts into the shell of her ear.

"Fuck!" he growled when she straddled him, rubbing their clothed centres together. His hands grasping onto her bare hips from under her shirt. He sets out a rhythm one that elicits a pleasured sigh from her mouth, a sound that goes straight to his head and not the one that rests on his shoulders.

"I need more." she pants in his ear, her breath coating the very tip of his right ear, sending a shiver down the length of his body. He responds bucking his hips forward while his hand presses against her lower back, and moans as he feels her arch at his mere touch, their cores come into contact again, gaining the friction they both desperately crave.

When he begins an onslaught of kisses starting their descent on her lips and making their way to the sweet spot behind her ear to the juncture of her neck she can't help the sounds that he draws from her mouth. She's noticed she's becoming more vocal. And she's decided to embrace it. She loves letting loose. Everything just feels better when you're not restraining yourself by trying to be quiet.

She begins to mindlessly unlatch the belt that is keeping him at bay. Succeeding, she pops open the button of his grey cotton slacks the zipper sliding open. Her mouth slackens when she's met with his patch of dark unruly curls. Seems someone been going commando. She wondered if he did this often? This hadn't been the case before hand. So she definitely wasn't expecting it, but it was a good surprise, one less item restricting her to him. Sliding her fingers further down she takes him in the palm of her hand, stroking him gently. She rubs the tip of his cock, spreading his pre-cum against her fingers, lubricating them. Continuing on with her ministrations she sucks a gasp of air when he starts to return the favour, pushing the scrap of lace aside as his fingers slid against the folds of her pussy.

Unable to control the moan that gurgled its way forth she convulses on top of him, begging him to go faster. All the while, following her own commands on his member. He doesn't displease her, obeying her simple demands. His mouth finding hers again in a blazing kiss.

The car had begins to fog up extensively due to the heated coupling taking place. It was beginning to look a lot like the famous titanic car scene, all that was needed was their hands to hit the window and slide down together slowly in a single motion. She wondered possibly if anyone could tell what they were doing. The rocking motions she was sure were visible to an observer, but before she could hold on to the thought for much longer she was once again brought back to the pleasure that soared through her.

Deciding enough was enough of this torture, she let go of his hard pulsating cock, and raised her hips, his fingers also trailing to a stop at the uproot in position she was currently in. With aims to slip her panties off, her hands made their way to her hips. But before her fingers could come into contact with the elastic band, he had beat her to it. His hand slipping under the material, caressing the smooth skin of her ass as he pulled her matching pink panties down the slopes with one swift movement. Pushing her back down into his lap he pulled one of her legs out of the panties making sure to kiss the toe of her foot before slipping the material entirely off of her.

She giggled when he attempted to shimmy out of his pants and they had both bumped their heads on the ceiling of the car interior. But the laughter instantly faded away when he grabbed her hips forcefully slamming into her. Her head flung back at the rough sensation while her hands found their way around his shoulders bracing herself as he controlled the movement of their hips. She was extremely wet, it felt like her insides were gushing speeding up the inevitable. The lubrication the condom provided, only helping it along, allowing him to move faster and deeper. It was surprising to her how immensely this felt. It was rougher than they normally went for, but she loved it, the heated passion she could feel radiating from him just spurred her on more. Her insides were contracting around him, the feeling deepening as their cores met thrust for thrust.

"That's right, baby. Right there." he encouraged her as she swiveled her hips, changing the speed of the rhythm.

"I'm so close." she moaned between breaths. Her heart racing forward and her skin flushed reaching the innermost of her cleavage. She was a mess. Sweaty and clammy skin, just as he was. The hair on the back of his neck were slick and wet with perspiration as she clutched onto the strands. Bringing his head up, a low moan leaves her lips as he abandons his attentive measures to her collarbone and neck in favour for her lips.

"I know." he growls, pushing her flush up against him. "Me too."

They were both still wearing their shirts, only a few buttons undone. They were into too much of a hurry to dispose of them fully. The same could be said of her black flow skirt which was bunched at the midsection of her stomach.

"Damon!" she cries, frustration coating every syllable as he pounds into her with a strength that rocks her to the core. She felt the risings of her climax, the sensation overtaking her. Thrusting her hips upwards she felt his thick member rub against her g-spot causing her to spiral, losing any semblance of the word control, as she screamed his name. She fell in a heap against him. Her head nestling itself into the nook of his neck, as she caught her breath. Her chest heaving as she let the sensation dwindle away slowly. He continued to rotate her hips gently as he rode out the remnant of his orgasm all the while growling her name softly against her ear, sending chills up and down her back.

He held her tightly to him. His arms wrapped gently around her waist, refusing to let her get off of him, till he was ready. Which she was more than okay with. She soaked it all up, his warmth, his scent, his beating heart beating against hers, it was calming. Everything about this moment was incredibly tranquil. She didn't want to leave. But she knew sooner rather than later they'd have to head back. She sighed softly clearing her head of thoughts that she need not to worry about and instead closed her eyes, choosing to enjoy the rest of the moment snuggling into his embrace.

After successfully calming their pulsating hearts, the real world knocked itself back into their orbit. She slipped off of him and the search for their clothes began. Dressed they sat side by enjoying the peace. She started to shiver as the cold air hit against her slightly heated skin, prompting him to give her his jacket, which was entirely too big for her. Wrapping an arm around her he inched her closer and ran a hand up and down her arm, attempting to warm her up.

"You know." she mumbles into his side, enjoying the comfort he was providing her, "You still owe me pancakes."

Her only response from him was the rumble of his chest as he let out a sound she vowed she'd make her life mission to hear again. He had a stunning smile and a contagious laugh.

"I'm serious!" she replied.

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