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"Tails, Tails, Tails!"

"Ahhh!" Tails woke up from his sleep drenched in sweat and shivering all over. Tails looked around to see that he was alone in his house. "Oh, must have had a bad dream." Tails said to himself as he calmed down.

"Tails!" Tails heard a loud voice coming from behind his front door with a knocking sound to go with it. "Tails, you alright?" The voice asked. "Oh, it's Sonic." Tails said to himself. "Yeah, i'll be right there." Tails informed as he got out of bed and went over to the door. Tails opened the door and saw the blue hedgehog standing in front of him.

"Well looks like I startled someone from his sleep." Sonic was poking fun at Tails's messy bed fur. "Oh, yeah, I guess I did get a little shaken up." Tails replied to Sonic. "So do you remember what today is?" Sonic asked. Tails was still half-asleep and just gave Sonic a confused look as he tried to remember.

"Uh, no I don't, sorry." Tails apologized. Sonic laughed and ruffled with his fur a little. "Guess you're still asleep in there." Sonic teased. "I know." Tails grunted. "Hey, don't be like that, after all this is the anniversary of the day we first met." Sonic reminded. It took Tails a minute to process the info until he remembered that it was there friendship anniversary. "Oh yeah, that's right." Tails said in surprise as Sonic laughed.

"What a day that was." Tails said to himself. "It didn't start out that great, but it was an unforgettable day none the less." Tails thought to himself as he remembered the day he first met his blue best friend.


"No guys, let me go!" Tails yelled as he struggled against the bully's as he held Tails against his will. "Alright guys, smash it into tiny pieces." The lead bully instructed. As the bullies began to smash Tails's machine Tails began to cry and scream. "Stop it!" Tails yelled. Once they were done the lead bully let go of Tails and began to leave with his gang.

"What a freak." The bully said as he left. "Tails looked at them in anger and hatred with tears rushing down his face, and without thinking, Tails picked up a rock and hurled it at the back of the lead bullies head, hitting it dead center.

Tails immediately ran from the area into the depths of the forest without giving a look back. "They're really gonna let me have it now." Tails said in fear as he ran through the forest. Tails eventually found a canopy camouflaged in leaves. "This will do." Tails said as he flew up into the leaves and hid from the bullies.

Tails hid inside the canopy for what seemed like hours just to make sure that he was no longer being followed. "You know, I don't even know if they were chasing me to begin with." Tails said to himself in fear. "I was such a coward that I couldn't turn and face my fear, instead I just ran away from it." Tails said to himself in sadness.

Suddenly Tails noticed something coming his way. "Oh no, have they found me?" Tails hid in the trees and tried to conceal his breathing so he wouldn't be found out. All of the sudden a blue hedgehog came our from the bushes and stopped in the middle of the forest. "Woah, who is that guy?" Tails asked himself.

The blue hedgehog looked around the area as if he was looking for something. "I wonder what he's doing?" Tails asked himself. Suddenly the blue hedgehog took off faster than Tails could see him. "Who was that guy?" Tails asked as he left the canopy and began to follow him.

"I'm sure he went this way." Tails said as he followed the direction that the blue hedgehog may have gone. Tails kept running through the forest until he eventually arrived at the seashore and found a small, red airplane sitting in the sand and the blue hedgehog running from the airplane.. "Is this the blue hedgehog's?" Tails asked himself as he inspected the airplane's hood.

"Hm, the engine doesn't seem to be running properly." Tails said to himself. "Maybe if I fix it for the blue hedgehog, we could be friends." Tails said to himself in excitement. Tails quickly flew back to his house and grabbed his toolbox and a can of blue paint and flew back to fix up the airplane.

After Tails fixed up the plane's engine to make it run properly, Tails began to put a coat of blue paint over the plane. "The exterior was pretty rough looking, so a coat of paint should make it look a lot nicer, I can't wait till he." "What do you think you're doing?" Tails stumbled from the plane's wing and fell onto the sand.

When Tails sat up, he saw the blue hedgehog staring at him. Tails was a little nervous so he tried his best to explain everything. "Well I saw that your plane's engine wasn't running properly, so I decided to fix it up to where it could run a lot smoother and faster." Tails explained. "Well I like your idea, I also like what you did with the color." The blue hedgehog complimented.

"Yeah, it looked a little rough and faded, so I thought I could fix it up for you." Tails explained. "Well I appreciate it." The blue hedgehog thanked. "You see, I thought if I fixed it up for you, I could be your pilot and maybe we could me friends, if you want to." Tails said to the blue hedgehog.

"Well I could always use a pilot, and a friend." The blue hedgehog replied. "What's your name kid?" The blue hedgehog asked. "Oh, Miles Prower, but you can just call me Tails." Tails introduced. "Well Tails, it's nice to meet ya, i'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog." Sonic introduced." "Great to meet ya Sonic." Tails replied. "Tails, Tails, Tails."

Tails woke up from his daze and snapped back into reality." "Oh sorry, must've dozed off." Tails apologized. "I guess you're not fully awake for our traditional race." Sonic teased. "I'm fine Sonic." Tails grunted.

Sonic and Tails have a race to see who gets to buy dinner that night, Sonic wins most of the time but he usually takes it easy on Tails. "Alright, let me get ready and i'll meet you at the starting point, where is it anyway?" Tails asked. Sonic turned and raised his finger at the mountains covered in forest. "Over there Tails, meet me at the entrance to the forest."

Sonic took off leaving Tails behind in the dust. "Ok, i'll be right there." Tails said as he went to go get ready. After Tails changed out of his pajamas and combed his fur he began to go outside but looked back at his wallet. "I should probably take that, I mean, i've only ever beaten Sonic once." Tails said as he was heading out the door.

"You know what, no, it's not about the money, it's about having a good time with a great friend of mine who took me up when I was at my lowest." Tails said as he left his house and headed towards the mountains. "But I will win this time." Tails said to himself in confidence. "Never hurts to win."

Tails ran over to the mountains and wandered around for a while. "Where is he?" Tails asked in frustration. "Yo Tails, over here!" Tails turned around and saw Sonic stretching over by the entrance to the mountains. "There you are Sonic!" Tails replied as he hurried over there.

After Sonic was done stretching Tails lined up right beside Sonic and did some warm up stretches himself. "Alright buddy, this year, the first person to reach the other side of the mountains wins." Sonic explained. "But Sonic, wouldn't that only take a few seconds for you to complete?" Tails asked.

Sonic nodded in agreement, but Tails could tell something was up. "You're right, this would only take a few seconds for me if it were normal mountains." Sonic said to Tails. "What do you mean by that?" Tails asked. "Just fly up and see for yourself." Sonic said to Tails.

Tails flew up high into the sky and was in shock. "Woah!" Tails said in aw. The mountains covered with forests ranged for miles, what looked like a months journey by normal foot. "Now you see what I mean!" Sonic shouted. "Yeah, I do." Tails replied as he flew back down. "I knew this would be a great place to start since every year we do something easy." Sonic explained.

"So you wanted to take it up a level, didn't you?" Tails said to Sonic. "You know me better that anyone else buddy." Sonic said as he ruffled with his fur a little. "Ya know, I heard an old legend about these mountains." Sonic said to Tails. "What is it Sonic?" Tails asked.

Sonic turned to Tails and began to make a creepy smile as he told the old legend. "They say, that these mountains are cursed." "Cursed? Tails asked trembling slightly. "They say whoever goes in, can never find their way out and will slowly starve to death until the predators come and feast on your carcass."

Tails stopped trembling and sighed in relief. "That's it, wow, I can't believe some people actually fall for some stupid fairy tale." Tails said in disbelief. "Yeah, that's all it is." Sonic said to Tails. "So, are ya ready to get this race started?" Sonic asked Tails. Tails looked at Sonic and geve him a cocky smile. "Are you kidding, of course I am." Tails replied.

"Ok then Tails, you take distance from me, about 20 meters would be perfect." Sonic instructed Tails. Tails ran over about the approximate distance Sonic asked and turned to his direction. "Is this good?" Tails asked. "That's perfect Tails!" Sonic replied. "Alright, now then, i'm gonna light this firework rack here."

Sonic pulled out a firework rack and set it on the ground. Tails noticed that it had a large fuse on the bottom. "When this goes off, the race starts, do you understand?" Sonic asked. "Yes Sonic, I understand!" Tails replied.

Sonic lit the fuse and ran over to his starting position. "Ready Tails?" Sonic asked. A burning passion was flaming inside Tails's mind. "Today, i'm going to win." Tails said to himself as he faced himself in the direction of the forest. "I'm ready Son." Suddenly, Tails had a chill go down his spine and he had a evil vibe try and work his way into his mind.

"Wait a minute, this doesn't seem like such a good idea." Tails thought to himself. However this thought wouldn't matter anymore, for the firework rack had fired it's first blast of colored flames, thus igniting the start of the race.

Tails and Sonic ran into the forest without thinking or any reasoning whatsoever. Tails kept running through the forest without any second thought of the warnings he was given. And it would not be until later on until Tails found out that he had made a terrible mistake, and the consequences would be insufferable for what is to come.

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